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MacKay Eneas, bookseller & statnr. 43 Murray pi. & Birkhill rd
.M'KayJohn, tailor, 49 Port street
"McKean Helen {Mrs.), householder, 37 Millar place
JlcKean Jean (Mrs.), householder, 10 Millar place
McKsrEie Alexander, chief clerk at P.O. 5 Eosebery place
Mackenzie ID-, K. professor of dancing, 6 Maxwell place
Mackenzie James, tailor, 50 Cnwane street; res. 13 Glencoe road
Mackenzie Wm. watch ma. 7 Baker street; res. 16 Miller place
"McKercher Donald, commercial traveller, 16 Allan park
M'Kerracher Daniel fie Son, coal merchants, 7
Thistle street
M'Kerracher Daniel, jun. coal merchant (Daniel M'Kerracher &
Son) ; res. Bridge lane
'Mackie David, inland revenue officer, Commercial Bank build-
ings, Murray place ; res. Forth crescent
"Mackie James F. solicitor (Davidson & Stevenson), 15Handolph rd
.'Mackieson Joseph, hair drssr. 6 Barnton st. ; res. 6 Park lane
McKlllop Donald, temperance hotel, The Arcade
& restaurant, 61 Baker street
McKinlay J. & Son, military & livery tailors &
outfitters; Gadie3' coats, gowns, riding habits,
61 & 03 Murray place; telephone 0182
"McKinlay George, tailor (J. McKinlay & Son), Park vil.Park pi
MKinlav Matthew, saddler, 5 Friars street
Mackintosh & Mackintosh, scotch whisky
blenders, 10 Thistle street
Mackintosh Alexander, engineer P. 0. 1 Douglas terrace
Mackintosh William Alexander M.B., CM. surgeon,3 Park ter
IM'Lachlan Archibald, Son & Co. cement, lime, Are clay goods,
agricultural drain tiles & artificial & other manureB, 16 View-
field- street
^I'Lachlaa & Brown, milliners, 8 Murray place
M'Lachlan John, milliner (M'Lachlan & Brown), 25 Victoria pi
McLaren Alexander, private gardener to Mrs. CunllfEe, of Carl-
ton house, 1 Snowdon place
McLaren Christina (Mrs.), householder, 2 Forrest road
McLaren James, blacksmith, Lonehead
McLaren William, assistant superintendent railway permanent
way, 7 Coburg avenue
.Maclean & Henderson, stock & share brokers & accountants, 53
Murray place; T N 2; T A "Bonding, Stirling"; res. Nor-
wood lodge, Bridge of Allan
'M'Lean John, The Bridge Custom House P.H. TJnion street
McLean Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 93 Lower Bridge Btreet
"M'Leod Annabelle (Miss), dress maker, 63 Port street
McLeod Margaret (Miss), dress maker, 2 Dumbarton road
"McLeod Simon, manager The Bannockburn Hosiery Co. ; res.
8 Park avenue
McLuckie & Walker, architects & civil engineers, 15 Dumbar-
ton road
"McLuckie Andrew, architect &c. (McLuckie & Walker) ; res. 18
Vewforth place
"Macluckie James M. solicitor (firm, Mathie, Macluckie & Lupton),
22 King street; joint clerk & treasurer to the Central District
Committee of the County Council of Stirling ; res. 6 Boyal gdns
Macluckie Robert, solicitor (Mathie, Macluckie & Lupton), solicitor
to the Forth & Clyde Railway Co. & joint clerk & treasurer to
the Guildry incorporation, joint clerk & treasurer to the cen-
tral district committee of the County Council of Stirling, 22
King street ; res. Gladstone place
"MacMillan Donald, governor of combination poor ho. TJnion st
"M'Nab Peter, bellhanger (Lockhart & M'Nab) & inspector of
weights & measures, 38 Upper craigs
McPherson James, reporter " Dundee Advertiser " & " People's
Journal," 43 Murray place; res. 21 Wallace street
'McPherson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 22 Broad street
'Macpherson Thomas, glazier, 16 Dumbarton road
"McPherson William, joiner & builder & manufacturing cabinet
maker ; all orders promptly attended to & personally super-
vised, Barnton joinery works; Telegrams, "' McPherson, Joiner,
Stirling"; res. Dean crescent
'Macmaster Donald, commercial traveller, 13 Rosebery street
'MacMillan Donald, governor of combination poor ho. TJnion st
M'Nab Thomas, joiner, 20 Friars street; res. 6 Queen's road
"M'Nanghton William, millwright & engineer, Park lane; res.
59 Wallace street
"M'Nicol Peter B., M.D. surgeon, 10 Pitt terrace
Macpherson Wm. caretaker & bar officer, County bldgs. Barnton st
"M'Queen John, dairyman, 21 Itroad street
"Macquillian Agnes (Mrs.), confectioner, 87 Baker street
MacBae James, inspector of Forth Salmon Fisheries, Kildean
cottage, Deep road
MRorie C. & J. (Misses'), blunderers, 44 TJpper Bridge street
llailer William, cabinet makers, 72 Baker street
"Mann Frederick George, clerk, 9 Coburg avenue
"Marcantonio Lorenzo, ice cream vendor, 77 King street
Marchant Arthur William Mus.D. teacher of music, lOGlebe cres
"Marriott Elizabeth Forbes (Mr3.). news agent, 62 Cowane street
Marshall William & Thomas, blacksmiths, 16 Dumbarton road
Mnrshall David M'Farlane, dentist, 1 Melville terrace
"Marshall Helen (Mrs.), dairy, 38 Forth crescent
Marshal! Thomas, confectioner, 14 Arcade
"Marshall William, smith, 16 Dumbarton road
Masonic Lodges (Royal Arch, No. 76), Stirling Ancient No. 30,
Royal Arch Chapter (Stirling Rock, No. 2); Royal ArK
Mariners' Lodge & Council of Red Cross Knights of Babylon ;
meet at Masonic hall, King street
"Mather Agnes (Miss), confectioner, 26 Arcade
"Mathie, Macluckie & Lupton, solicitors, 22 King street
Mathie Huch Glen, hatter, 4 Barnton street
Mathieson Brothers, engravers, 25 Port street
Maypole Dairy Co. Limited, butternlen, 15 Murray place
Meiklejohn Alexander, ironmonger (Virtue & Co.), 3Snowdon pi
Meiklejohn Wm. draper (W. & A. Johnston), 9 Clifford road
"Menzies John & Co. news agents, Railway station
Menzies Robert & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 22 Bow street
Menzies Thomas A Co. drapers, 36 & 38 King street
Menzies Elizabeth (Mrs.), householder, 20 Nelson place
Menzies Margaret (Mrs.), householder, 7 Viewfield place
Menzies 3?fitor C. grocer & spirit dealer, 20 Upper craigs
Menzies Robert, grocer (Robert Menzies & Co.), 7 Viewfield pi
Menzie3 Thomas, draper (Thos. Menzies & Co.), 1 Abercromby pi
Menzie3 William John Milne, manager of a public company, Ash-
field house, Park place
Merrilees John, plumber, 14 Friars street; res. 16 King street
Micklejohn Alex, ironmonger (Virtue & Co.), 3 Snowdon placo
Middleton Margaret (Miss), apartmentB, 40 Queen street
Military Hospital (Thomas Beard, principal medical officer),
Castle wvnd
Millar James & Sons, bakers, 17 Murray place; TN 20; TA
" Millarsons, Stirling"
Millar A. D. inspector of schools, Parkgate, Victoria place
Millar Annie M. (Miss), dress maker, 15 Friars street
Millar Ebenezer, hair dresser, 74 Baker street
Millar Samuel ±'. baker (Jas. Millar & Sons), 6 Abercromby pi
Millar Walter, carter, Shiphaugh
Miller J. & J. (J. C. Miller, proprietor), brewers, maltsters Sc
aerated water manufacturers, St. Ninians Well brewery
Miller Robert & Son, blacksmiths, 62 Upper craigs; res. Cam-
Miller Agnes (Mrs.), cowkeeper, Shiphaugh
Miller Alexander, coal merchant, North British Railway station,
Shore road; res. 19 Forth place
Miller James Cairns, brewer &c. (J. & J. Miller), 61 Wallace Bt
Miller William, blacksmith, 4 Park lane
Milne William, slater, 5 Upper craigs
Milner Kate Lucy (Miss), dress maker, 13 Wallace street
Mitchell James, grocers' assistant, 18 Prince's street
Mitchell John, spirit dealer, 16 Baker street
Monteath Thomas, secondhand clothes dealer, 6 Bow street
Monthly Tract Society (of London) (John Macfarlane, sec),
17 Dumbarton road
Moore William J. & Son, chemist & druggist, 24 Murray place
Moore ThomaB, chemist (William J. Moore & Son), Wellwood,
Albert place
Moorhouse James Ernest M.D., M.A., B.Sc. surgeon, & medical
officer to Stirling combination poor house, 1 Glebe avenue
Morgan George, draper, 67 Port street
Morgan R. Douglas hotel, Murray place
Morris David B. solicitor, town clerk & clerk to the commis-
sioners of the Forth navigation & clerk to water works,
Municipal buildings. King street ; res. 15 Gladstone place
Morrison John & Son, joiners, 31 Dumbarton road
Morrison &â–  Taylor, solicitors & notaries, 46 Barnton street
Morrison Ebenezer, solicitor & assessor of property & income
tax for the Stirling district of the county & clerk to Town
Council of Bridge of Allan (Morrison & Taylor), 13 Allan pk
Morrison Janet (Miss), dairy, 22 Upper craigs
Morrison Robert, confectioner, 62 Upper craigs
Morrison Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 11 Viewfield place
Morrison William, joiner (Morrison John & Son),2Abercromby pi
Morton Robert, ironmonger (Graham & Morton), 17 Victoria pi
Mowat Thomas, butcher, 77 Baker street
Moyea Alexander, head, master of Elementary High School, 11
Doucias terrace
Muir Thomas, Son & Patton Limited, coal merchants (James R
Christie, agenti. 5 Thistle street; T N 12
Muir Peter, jobbing gardener, 8 Viewfield place
Muir Thomas, spirit dealer, 47 Murray place
MuirheadThomas & JamesC.solicitors,4Port st. ; res.23Princess st
Munro & Jamieson, printers & stationers, 26 to 32
Upper craigs
Munro John J. printer (Munro & Jamieson"), 2 Dumbarton road
Murphy Neil Maclean, insurance agt. 52 Upper Bridge street
Murray James, pawnbroker, 6 Bank street
Murray James Hay M.D.Edin. medical officer to Stirling Parish
Council, 19 Glebe avenue
Murray John, Venetian blind maker, 32 Baker street
Murray John B. joiner, 1 Park lane ; res. 5 Park lane
Murray John G. solicitor (Brown & Murray) ; res. 5 Royal grdns
National Bank of Scotland Limited (branch) (Daniel Ferguson,
agent), 66 Murray place
National Benefit Trust Limited (David Chalmers, local supt.),
23 Wallace street
National (The) Telephone Co. Limited (branch), 33 Friars street
Neil James, baker &c. 13 Port street & 15 Broad street
Neil James, butcher, 3 Bow street ; res. 17 St. John street
Nelson James & Sons Limited, butchers, 43 Baker street
Nelson Thomas, locomotive supt. N. B. R. 76 Wallace street
Nicol James, clothier, 69 Kinc street
Nisbet Hugh C. dairyman, 8 Barnton street
Noble Wm. (Mrs.), grcr. & provisn. dlr. 39 Lower Bridge street
Norrls Alexander, Lome restaurant & tea
rooms, 6 5 Murray place
North of Scotland Bank Limited (branch) (Hill & Whyte, soli-
citors, nuenrs), 4 King street
O'Brien Timothv, boot maker, 1 Bow street
Observer Newspaper Office (Munro & Jamieson, publishers), 28
to 32 Upper craigs
Oliphant Archibald, biscuit agent & confec-
tioner, 14 Bavne street; res. 20 Union street
Oliphant James, manufacturing confectioners,
Forth street; res. 26 James street
Orr Thomas Paterson, draper, 21 King st. ; res.l2Drummond pi
Oswald Agnes (Miss), confectioner, 42 & 44 Arcada
Oswald Andrew, slater, 82 Spittal street _
Oswald John F. bookseller (Crawford & Co.), 23 Randolph ter-
race, Sc. Ninians
Owen George, blacksmith, engineer & millwright, 24 Uppsr
craigs; res. 55 Wallace street
Owen George, cycle agent & dealer, 69 Port street; res. 54
Port street; II" Owen, Stirling "
Page James, Star hotel. 2 Baker street
Palmer William S. umbrella maker, bags &c. 44, 46 <£ 48 Port
street; res. 21 Randolph road
Park Brothers, manufacturers of high class household, toilet,
saddlery & paint brushes &c. ; orders promptly attended to,
Biush factory; TA "Park Brothers, Stirling"
Park Alexander C. brush maker fPark Bros.), 31 Millar place
Park James, brush maker (Park Brothers), 9 Craig view

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