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Highet Robert C, M.B., CM. surgeon, 5 Park avenue
Hill John, shopkeeper, 38 Broad street
Hill R. A. solicitor (Hill & Whyte), Bridge of Allan
His Majesty's Military Prison (Edward Jackson, chief warder-in-
charge; Thomas Beard, surgeon), St. John street
Hodgson Mark, wholesale & retail china dealer & skin, wool &
metal merchant & bone manure agent, 23, 25 & 27 Spittal
street; res. 3 Albert place
HoRan Margaret (Mrs.)i antique furniture &
old china dealer, articles of virtue & old engravings
(patronized by Royalty), 64 & 64* Baker st. See advert
Hogg Alexander, basket maker, 45 King street
Hogg James & Co. publishers of the " Stirling Journal & Ad-
vertiser " & "Bridge of Allan Reporter"; office, 9 King st
Hogg Margaret Murray (Miss), ladies' school, 4 Melville terrace
Holy Trinity Home (Sister Sophia, in charge), 32 Baker street
Hospital (A. Fairlie Wilson, medical officer; Robert Marshall,
caretaker & storekeeper), Drip road
Houston John, temperance hotel, 28 Murray place
Houston Thomas L. veterinary surgeon, Allan Park house
Howat John, tailor, 17 King street
Humes John, laundry, 37 St. Mary's wynd
Hunter & Co. contractors, Abbey road
Hunter Catherine (Mrs.), confectioner, 3a, Friars street
Hunter David, cabinet maker &c. 17 King street
Hunter John, cabinet maker, 8 Bruce street
Hunter John, spirit dealer, 51 Barnton street
Hunter Lawrence, householder, 29 Millar place
Hunter Peter Mclntyre, clerk, 5 Dean crescent
Hutchieson Isabella (Mrs.), dress maker, 55 King street
Hutchinson Thomas, nurseryman, Causewayhead road
Hutton & Turnbull, printers, 45 Murray place
Income & Property Tax, Lands Valuation & Registration of
Voters' Office (John Barr, surveyor of taxes), Commercial Bank
buildings, Murray place
Industrial School (boys') (Andrew Smith, master), Baker street
Industrial School (girls') (Miss Agnes M. Mitchell, mistress),
Spittal street
Inland Revenue Offices (John Edgar, collector; J". W. Roberts,
supervisor), Commercial Bank buildings, Murray place
Irvine Thomas, Rising Sun P.H. 36 St. Mary's wynd
Jack John, joiner, Lonehead
James David T. school teacher, 5 Coburg avenue
Jamieson John & Co. tailors & clothiers, 28 King street
Jamieson Agnes (Miss), fruiterer, & post office, 6 Dumbarton rd
Jamieson Alexander, travelling draper, 1 York place
Jamieson Grace (Miss), refreshment rooms, 12 & 13 Maxwell pi
-Jamieson John, head master of Territorial Board School, 3
Douglas terrace
Jamieson John, publisher (Munro & Jamieson), 26 Upper craigs
Jeffrey Peter, commercial traveller, 22 Albert place
Jenkins A. & J. solicitors, 80 Port street
Jenkins Alexander, solicitor (A. & J. Jenkins), â– St. Ninians
Jenkins Georere Robert, silk mercer, draper,
milliner <& dress maker, 4) King: street; res.
3 Craig View terrace
Jenkins John, solicitor & notary (A. & J. Jenkins) & sec. to the
Macfarlane free library & auditor for the police & water com-
missioners, 11 Clifford road
Johnston W. & A. drapers, silk mercers &
clothiers, 42, 44 & 48 King: street
Johnston Charles, head master of Allan's school, 6Douglas terrace
Johnston James, timber merchant &. saw mills,
Abbey road; res. 13 Melville terrace
Johnston Thomas W. B. editor & printing manager of " Stirling
Journal," 9 King street; res. Inclosure house
Johnstone John & Sons, fishmongers, 7 Port street
Johnstone Adam, painter, 30, 32 & 34 Arcade; res. 19 Millar pi
Johnstone Isabella (Mrs.), fishmonger, 50 Port street
Johnstone John, fishmonger (Johnstone John & Son), 3 Clif-
ford road
Johnstone John Oswald, spirit dealer. 55 Baker street
Johnstone Miss, dress maker. 10 Viewfield place
Johnstone William, householder. 16 Millar place
Jollie Isabella (Tilrs.), dres& maker, 46 Arcade
Kane Mary Agnes (Mrs.), householder, 65 Wallace street
Kane Richard," boot maker, 84 St. Mary's wynd
Keir Alexander, confectioner, 39 King street & fruitr. 78 Port st
Keith A Ralston, cooks & confectioners, 10
Port street
Keith-Common Robert L.D.S.R.C.S. surgeon-dentist, 64 Murray pi
Kellie Henry, jobbing gardener, 21 Lower craigs
Kemp & Nicholson, agricultural engineers, mowing & reaping
machine makers, Scottish Central works; T A "Kemp,
Stirling " ; T N 24
Kemp Alexander, householder, 44 Queen street
Kennedy & Co. chocolate & confectionery manufrs. Old bridge
Kennedy William, manufacturing confectioner (Kennedy & Co.),
Kerr John, tobacconist, 11 Friars street
Kerr Maggie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 50 St. Mary's wynd
Kidd Matthew, general dealer, 91 Baker street
Kilpatrick James, chimney sweeper, 10 Bow street
King John, gardener, 8 Maxwell place
King John, spirit dealer. Bush tavern, 55 Port street
Kinnaird James G. tailor, 4 Port street
Kinross William & Sons (established 1802), carriage designers &
manufacturers, Stirling coach works. See advertisement
Kinross Geo. coach builder (Wm. Kinross & Sons), 4 Victoria sq
Kinross James, coach builder (Wm. Kinross & Sons), 11 Allan pk
Kinross John, dairvman, Cambuskenneth
Kirkwood Hugh M'. & Sons, printers &c. 33 King street
Kirkwood Hugh, printer CHugh M. Kirkwood & Sons),6James st
Kirkwood John, printer(Hugh M. Kirkwood & Sons), 13 Princes st
Kyle E. & B. toy dealers, 8 Baker street
Laing Janet (Mrs.), householder, 14 Millar place
Lamb John, painter & decorator, 25 Port street
Lamb Thomas, cycle agent, 23 & 45 Murray place
Laurie Jane (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 68 Baker street
Laurie Thomas, temperance hotel, 5 King street
Laverock George, scotch, whisky blender (Mackintosh & Mackin-
tosh), Thistle street; res. 11 Forth crescent
Lawsons Lim. complete outfitters, military
clothiers, ladies' tailors, costumiers, furniture
manufacturers, bed & bedding: warehouse-
men, furniture removers &c> 25, 32, 34 & 36
Baker street ; & at Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh &
Glasgow. TA" Lawson, Stirling " ; T N" 25
Lawson Robert, draper (Lawsons Limited), Annfield
Lawson William, draper (Lawsons Limited), 9 Victoria square
Learmouth Archibald, shipping agent, 7 Murray place
Leathley Ellen (Mrs.), greengrocer, 45 Baker street
Leathley Herbert, wholesale fish merchant, 14 Seaforth place
Lees Mary (Mrs.), innkeeper, 94 Baker street
Lennox John & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 27 Port street
Lennox James, Station hotel (family, commercial & posting),
Murray place; TA "Station Hotel, Stirling"; TN 30.
See advertisement ,
Leslie William, agent for the Scottish Legal Society, 12 Union et
Levine & Co. auctioneers, 86 Baker street
Liddel Robert, grocer & spirit dealer & aerated water manu-
facturer, 40 King street; res. 4 Queen's road
Lipton Limited (branch), provision merchants, 26 Murray place
Liston William, commercial traveller, 7 Rosebery street
Livingston Agnes (Mrs.), confectioner, 16 Upper craigs
Livingston Isabella (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 9 Bow street
Livingston William, cabinet maker, 45 King street
Livingstone John, chemist, 58 Baker street
Lockhart & M'Nab, blacksmiths, engineers & bellhangers, 34,
36 & 38 Upper craigs
Lockhart John, coal merchant, North British Railway station,
Shore road; res. 44 Cowane street
Logie David W. solicitor, 20 Murray pi. ; res. 26 Dumbarton rd
Longmuir Alexander, Red Lion P.H. 91 St. Mary's wynd
Lorimer John Eraser, cabinet maker, 63 Cowane street
Love Alexander, commercial traveller, 21 Forth crescent
Lupton Alexander Mackenzie, architect, surveyor & measurer,
37 Murray place
Lupton Thomas, solicitor (Mathie, Macluckie & Lupton), Joint
clerk & treasurer to the GuildryIncorporation,16Abarcromby pi
Lyden Thomas, tobacconist, 93 Baker street
M'Alpine Peter, Waverley temperance hotel, 2 & 4 Murray place
M'Aree Brothers, drapers, 55, 57 & 59 King street
M'Aree David, draper (M'Aree Brothers), 25 Upper Bridge st
M'Aree John, draper (M'Aree Brothers), Balmoral place
M'Arthur Jane (Miss), smallware dealer, 74 Port street
McBatn Christian, tobacconist, 18 Arcade
McCallum Andrew, ironmonger, 35 Baker street & black-
smith, Spittal street
M'Callum William, shopkeeper, 19 Broad street
McCulloch & Young, drapers, 1 Baker street
M'Culloch Margery (Miss), dining room keeper, 42 Baker street
McCulloch Robert, draper (McCulloch & Young), 12 Allan park
McDerrmnt Andrew J. cashier, 11 Millar place
MeDiarmid Duncan & Son3, candle works, Upper craigs; res.
Melville terrace
Macdonald, Eraser & Co. Limited, auctioneers, Thistle street
McDonald Charles, watch maker, 3 Cowane street
Macdonald Duncan, saddler, 15 King street
McDonald Hugh, umbrella maker, 47 Baker street
Macdonald Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9£ St. Mary's wynd
McDonald Peter, auctioneer, 28 Millar place
M'Dougall William & Son, joiners &c. George street
McDougall John, hair dresser, 61 Baker Btreet
McEwan Duncan, grocer & wine & spirit dealer,
36 Barnton street; res. 9 Millar place
McEwan George, grocer, Barnton street; res. 10 Dean crescent
McEwan William B. librarian Public Library, Exchange area
M'Ewen Brothers, grocers & spirit dealers, 16 Barnton street
Macewen D. & J. & Co. wholesale & retail grocers & wine &.
spirit merchants, 40 Port street; T N 16; T A '* Macewen,
M'Ewen & Co. perambulator & Iron bedstead manufacturers,
Abbey Road work3
McEwen Angus, restaurant, 27 King street
M'Ewen Daniel, iron & steel merchant, 23 Dumbarton road;
res, 8 Allan park; T N 33 ; TA "Daniel McEwen, Stirling"
Macewen Daniel, merchant (D. & J. Macewen & Co.), The
Kraesult, Callander
MacEwen Daniel, jun. (D. & J. MacEwen & Co.), 8 Drum-
mond place
M'Ewen James, iron & steel mer. CD. M'Ewen), 8 Allan park
Macewen John, merchant (D. & J. Macewen & Co.}; South lodgft
M'Ewen John, grocer (M'Ewen Brothers), 2 Viewfield place
Macewen R. M. merchant (D. & J. Macewen & Co.), Allan Pk. ho
M'Ewen Robert, grocer (M'Ewen Brothers). 2 Albert place
McEwen William, refreshment rooms, 48 Baker street
McEwen William Clark, iron bedstead maker (McEwen & Co.),
15 Albert place
M'Fadyen Donald M.D. surgeon, 2 Park avenue
Macfarlan Parian, manure & cake merchant,
Shore wharf; res. Shore house
Macfarlane May & Margaret (Misses), dairy, Abbey road
Macfarlane Catherine (Mrs.),' householder, 11 Prince's street
Macfarlane Elizabeth (Mrs.), householder, 28 Kelson place
Macfarlane John, mgr. Drummond's Tract Depot, 27 Victoria pi
M Em-lane Kate (Miss), fancy goods dealer, 33 Arcade
Macfarlane Parlane (dean of Guild), grocer (Robertson &. Mac-
farlane), Darley house, Queen's road
Macfarlane William, commercial traveller, 26 Queen street
McGibbon Duncan, rope maker, Seaforth pi. ; res. 12 Viewforth st
M'Gregor David, slater, 1 George Btreet
M'Gregor John, spirit dealer, 2 Cowane Btreet; reB. 12 Dean crea
M'llvean Christina (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dlr. 56 St. Mary's wynd
Mclnnes Duncan, grocer, 43 Upper craigs
Macintosh James F. boot & shoe maker, 22 Viewfield street;
res. Bellfield road
Macintosh William, hair dresser, 26 Baker street
Macintyre David, commercial traveller, 8 Millar place
McKay Catherine (Mrs.), confectioner, 21 Upper craigs

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