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Dowell Mary Ann (Miss), confectioner, 50 Barnton street
Drew John M.D., CM. surgeon, 28 Dumbarton road
Drummond Robert & Son, watch mas. & jewellers, 5 Murray place
Drummond W. & Sons Lim. nurserymen & seed merchants,
Murray place; nurseries, Coney park
Drummond's Tract & Book Depot (John Macfarlane, manager),
17 Dumbarton road
Drummond Gregor T. watch maker (R. Drummond & Son), 3
Melville terrace
Drummond James, seed merchants' manager, Bellevue, Upper
Bridge street
Drummond James W. nurseryman & seed merchant (W. Drum-
mond & Sons Limited), Westerlands
Drummond Jane (Mi6s), beer retailer, Lonehead
Drummond John T. jeweller, 39 Arcade; res. Dumbarton road
Drummond Peter, nurseryman & seed merchant (W. Drummond
& Sons Limited), Albert place
DufF J. & J. plumbers, grasfitters & sanitary en-
gineers, sanitary work a speciality ; also electrical engineers.
Estimates on application, 29 Dumbarton road; T A
" Duff, Plumber" ; TN 1 x 3 ; house 0!>3. See advert
Duff James, plumber (J. & J. Duff), 36 Up. Craigs, George st
Duff John, plumber & tire master to the burgh (J. & J. Duff),
28 Upper Bridge street
Duffin Jessie (Mrs.), antique & modern furniture, curios &c.
dealer, 17 Friar street; store, 6 Baker street
Duffirs J. W., M.B. house surgeon, Royal infirmary, Spittal street
Duguid James, dairy, 80 Baker street
Duncan Archibald, manager, 5£ Newhouse villas
Duncan James, mineral water manufacturing, Drip road
Dnncanson & Raffan, druggists, 38 Port street
Dundee Advertiser & Evening Telegraph (branch office), 43
Murray place ; literary dept. 11 King street
Dundee Evening Telegraph (branch office), 43 Murray place
Dunlop J. & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 12 Bow street
Dunn Bros. & Co. timber merchants, Abbey road
Dunn & Wilson, milliners, 24 Port street
Dunsmore Alexander, family grocer, 58 Port etreet
Eadie George, cashier, 18 Forth crescent
Eadie James, commercial traveller, 3 Viewfield place
Eadie John, commercial traveller, 18 Forth crescent
Eadie William, brewers' manager, 10 Irvine place
Easson William, grocer &c. 102 Baker street; res. 9 Randolph rd
East Church Institute, Spittal street
Eastmans Limited, butchers (branch), 46 Baker street
Edgar John, collector of taxes, Inland Revenue office, Commer-
cial Bank buildings, Murray place
Elder Thomas & Sons, bakers & confectioners, 54 Port Btreet ;
bakeries, St. Ninian's well & Main st. Doune R.S.O. Perthshire
Elder Adam, goods agent, North British railway, Shore road
Elder William, baker~(Thomas Elder & Sons), '21 George street
Esson Charlotte (Miss), apartments, Mar-gate, Victoria place
Ewing T. A. pianoforte warehouse, 27 Friars street
Faculty of Solicitors & Procurators (Andrew C. Buchanan, dean;
Robert Whyte, sub-dean; Charles Wingate, sec. & treasurer;
James Brown, curator of library; David William Logie, fiscal;
William McPherson, officer), County buildings, Barnton street
Faithful, Wilson & Somers, joiners, 81 Port street
Fairful Robert, joiner, 17 George street
Farfor Alexander, bank accountant, 25 King street; res. Bell-
field road
Fehrenbach Charles, watch material dealer, 22 Millar place
Fenton John Henderson, watch maker, 11 Bruce street
Ferguson Brothers, grocers & spirit dealers, 62 Baker street
Ferguson Hugh & Son, boot & shoe makers, 2 Port street *
Ferguson & Struthers, drapers, 4 Baker street
Ferguson Thomas &, Son, tailors, 2 York place
Ferguson Daniel, agentNational Bank of Scotland Lim. 66 Murray pi
Ferguson Daniel, potato merchant, Upper craigs
Ferguson Hugh, boot maker (Hugh Ferguson & Son), 5 Albert pi
Ferguson Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 30 Nelson place
Ferguson Peter, dairy, Crofthead
Ferguson Thomas, chief constable, billet master & procurator
fiscal for the burgh, Broad street
Ferguson Thomas, joiner, Thistle street
Finlayson Jane & Margaret (Misses), dress makers, 20 Baker st
Finlayson M. & Sou. wheelwrights &c. Springfield
Finlayson Catherine (Miss), dairy, 26 Bow etreet; res. 9 St.
John street
Finlayson Matthew, joiner (M. Finlayson & Son); res.HNelson pi
Fleming & Buchanan, solicitors, 26 Port etreet
Fleming, Reid & Co. Limited, spinners of knitting worsteds &c. ;
depot, 23 Port street; & at Greenock
Fleming James Stark, solicitor (Fleming & Buchanan), 26 Port st
Forgan David, commercial traveller, 13 Randolph road
Forgan David, music seller (Sowdan & Forgan), 25 Forth place
Forrest A. & W. cabinet makers &c. 13 John st. & 9 Friars st
Forrest Archibald, cabinet ma. (A. & W. Forrest), King street
Forrest William, cabinet maker (A. & W. Forrest), 13 St. John Bl
Forrester Arthur (Mrs.), fishmonger, 42 Barnton street
Forester David, fishmonger, 3 Friars street
Forrester Jessie (Miss), householder, 6 Forrest road
Forsyth George, forwarding agent, 3 Thistle st. ; res. 25 King st
Forsyth George Forbes, teacher of music, 3 Newhouse
Forsyth William, butcher, 21 Dumbarton road
Foster Robert, plasterer & cement worker, Burghmuir
Fotheringham John, builder. 43 Lower Bridge street
Fowler Andrew, poultry dealer, Crofthead
Fraser Grace (Miss), dress maker, 10 Wallace street
Fraser James, shopkeeper, 52 Lower Bridge street
Fraser Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 11 Broad street
Fraser William, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 Broad etreet
Frater Robert, brass founder, registered plumber, gasfitter &
sanitary engineer &c. 73 Port street
Free North Church Hall, 16 Arcade
Fullerton James, dairy, 32 Baker street
Fyfe John, sanitary inspector to the burgh, 15 Spittal street
Galashan David, upholsterer, 44 Broad street
Galashan Johnston, hair dresser, 10 Arcade
Galbraith Alexander, manager, 5 Newhouse
Gall William Ramsey, contractor, Thistle street
Gallatly Charles, evangelist, 21 Upper Bridge street
Galloway Alexander, householder, 35 Millar place
Galloway John R. cl^rk, 16 Forth crescent
Gardner Henry, coal merchant & toy dealer, 41 Murray place ;
res. "i Allan park
Gardner Jane (Miss), milliner, 63 Barnton streei
Gardner John, tobacconist, 59 Baker street
Gas Light Co. (Incorporated) (Ebenezer Gentleman, sec. ; James
D. Smith, manager), Thistle street
Gasser Thomas, confectioner, 38 Barnton street
Gavin Hugh & Sons, tourists' complete outfitters, correct High-
land costumes ready made or to order, endless variety in clan
tartan silk goods, woollen goods & scotch novelties, The
Tourists' Emporium; res. 11 Pitt terrace
Gavin James, draper (Hugh Gavin & Sons), 1 Coburg avenue
Gentleman Ebenezer, solicitor & commissioner for taking oaths
in the Supreme Court of Judicature in England, registrar of
births, deaths' & marriages for the burgh of Stirling, 6ec. to
Stirling Gas Co. & collector of burgh assessments, 2 Dumbar-
ton road; res. 9 Abercromby place
Gentles J. & W. slaters, 40 Barnton street
Gentles Thomas & Son, saddlers, 31 Port street
Gentles James, saddler (Thomas Gentles & Son), Bellfield
George Margaret (Miss), confectioner, 69 Barnton street
Gibson Charles M.D. surgeon, 11 Park terrace
Gibson James A. solicitor, 47 Port street; res.
Strathlynn, Callander
Gilfillan Robert, wool merchant, Burghmuir
Gillespie Janet (Miss), spirit dealer, 46 Upper craigs
Gillespie John, grocer & spirit dlr. 51 Port et. ; res. 10 Park aven
Gilmour David, shoe maker, 37 Barnton street
Gilvear Marion (Mrs.), dairy, 22 Lower Castle street
Ging Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 27 Broad street
Giuliani Raffaello, ice cream saloon, 31 Baker street
Golden Lion hotel (Stevenson Bros, proprietors), 8 & 10 King
street ; T N 37. See advert
Good News (Drummond's Tract Depot, publshrs.),17Dumbarton rd
Gordon Jessie (Mrs.), hardware dealer, 17 Upper craigs; res.
2 Nelson place
Gordon Jn. Alexander, chemist, 12 Barnton st. ; res. 23 Millar pi
Gordon William, news agent, & post office, 120 & 122 Baker
street & 36 Forth crescent
Gospel Trumpet (The) (Drummond's Tract Depot, publisher!),
17 Dumbarton road
Goudie Andrew H. master of works & burgh surveyor & supt.
of water works &c. King street ; res. 27 Millar place
Goudie William, confectioner, 73 King street
Gourlay William, builder, valuator & contrac-
tor; drains given special & careful attention to, 13 Forth
crescent; TA "Gourlay, Stirling"
Govan R. J. Cecil, manufacturing confectioner (Kennedy & Co.),
1 Victoria square
Gowans Alexander, tobacconist, 2 Maxwell place
Graham & Morton, ironmongers & electricians, 47 to 51 King
etreet & complete house furnishers, cabinet makers & uphol-
sterers, 8 to 12 Dumbarton road; works, Burghmuir; TN 10;
TA "Morton, Stirling
Graham Misses, private school, 10 Abercromby place
Graham Alexander M.A.Edin. teacher of classics, High school
Grant Gordon, deputy chief constable; res. 3 Rosebery street
Gray James & Co. seed & manure merchants, 7 Upper craigs ;
& at Jamestown; TN 1; TA "Gray, Stirling"
Gray James, corn merchant (James Gray & Co.), 15 Melville ter
Gray Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 62 St. Mary's wynd
Gray John, corn merchant (James Gray & Co.), 4 Gladstone place-
Gray Mary (Miss), smallware dealer, 17 Port street
Greenhorn! Robert & James, butchers, 16 Upper Bridge street;
res. Bridge of Allan
Greig Andrew Sommerville, spirit dealer, 42 Broad street
Grieve Agnes (Mrs.), berlin wool repository, 9 Murray place
Guildhall (Robert M'Lay, officer), St. John street
Haldane & Co. coopers, Forth cooperage; T A "Cooperage,
Stirling "
Haldane James, commercial traveller, Allan Park house
Halden Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 57 Baker street
Hall Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 36 Abbey road
Hall John, shopkeeper, 40 Forth crescent
Hamilton Agnes (Mrs.), Castle hotel, Esplanade
Hamilton Bessie (Miss), confectioner, 40 Arcade
Harlnan Michael, boot & shoe maker, 24 Arcade
Hanson A. C. electrical engineer to the burgh, Colquhoun street
Hardie David C. plumber, gasfitter & sanitary
engineer &c. ; estimates given; 6 6 Upper craigs;
res. Springkerse
Harley Allan Cameron, ironmonger, 26 Barnton street
Hart Margaret (Mrs.), dress maker, 37 Murray place
Harvey & Hunter, jewellers & watch makers,
5 3 Kfng street
Heatly Alice (Miss), confectioner, 71 Baker street
Henderson Thomas & Son, cabinet makers, 43 Port street;
res. 28 Upper Bridge Btreet
Henderson A. Deans, umbrella maker (A. Baird & Sons), 1
Rosebery Btreet
Henderson Alexander, 6tationer, 28 Bow street
Henderson Christian, grocer & spirit dealer, 110 Baker street
Henderson Gilbert, painter &c. 20 Viewfield st. ; res. 18 Queen st
Henderson Hugh, 6tock & share broker (firm, Maclean & Hen-
derson) ; res. Norwood lodge, Bridge of Allan
Henderson Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 89 St. Mary's wynd
Henderson Sarah (Airs.), dairy & provision dealer, 6 Cowane st
Hepting Lambert, watch maker &c. 11 Murray place; res. 32
Queen etreet
Heron John W. schoolmaster, St. Mary's wynd
Hetherington Robert, manufacturer of high class furniture, re-
movals conducted by road & rail; workshops, 6 Baker street;
TN 58
Hetherington Wm. grocer &c. (Cowbrough & Mercer), 12 Port gt
Hill & Whyte, solicitors, & agents for North of Scotland Bank
Limited, 4 King street

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