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of Scotland
Black R. B. managing director of the Eubber Co,
Limited, Forthvale
Blackburn John, refreshment rooms, Railway station
Blackett Ralph, supt.Prudential Assurance Co.Lim.9 Viewfleld pi
Blair James M. hair dresser, 31 Murray place
Blair Thomas, slater, 25 Port Btreet
Blyth Susan (Miss), confectioner, 30 Baker street
Borland Mary (Mrs.), baker, 82 Baker street
Bos-well William, boot maker, 18 Baker street; res. 13 Albert pi
Bowling Club (Peter Douglas, jun. sec), Albert place
Boyes Edward, maltster, Upper Bridge street
Brash John, apartments, 1!) Murray place
Brass John, shopkeeper, 102 St. Mary's wynd
Bremner Kate (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 107 Baker street
Bremner Sutherland, fruitr. fish & game dlr. &c 24 Barnton st
Bremner William, eating house, 115 Baker street
Bridge of Allan Gazette (Munro & Jamleson, publishers), 26 to
32 Upper craigs
Bridge of Allan Reporter (Jame9 Hogg & Co. publishers; pub-
lished Saturday), 9 King street
Brisbane Thomas, wood merchant, Wallace St.;
res. Park terrace
British Linen Co. Bank (branch) (Arthur Brown, agent; John
Johnston Cameron, teller), 2 King street
British Messenger (The) (Drummond's Tract Depot, publishers),
17 Dumbarton road
Brock David, innkeeper, 18 Broad street
Brodie Peter, baker oc confectioner, 34 Port street ; res. 1
Clifford road
Brown & Murray, solicitors, 10 Barnton street
Brown Archibald, fruiterer & confectioner, 6 & 8 Arcade
Brown Arthur, agent British Linen Co. Bank, 2 King street
Brown James, railway contractor, 5 Allan park
Brown Jamesi (Brown & Murray), solicitor, notary publio & town
chamberlain, clerk & treasurer to burgh school board & ses-
sion clerk to the parish of Stirling, 10 Barnton street; reB.
11 Windsor place
Brown John, general draper, 3 7 Baker street;
reB. 1 Allan park
Brown John, general dealer, 112 & 79 & 81 Baker street
Brown John, grocer & spirit dlr.51 Murray pi. ; res.27 Forth cres
Brown Mary (Miss), boarding house, 16 Melville terrace
Brown Robert, painter &c. 34 Murray place
Brown Samuel Lambert, commercial traveller, 5 Park place
Brown Thomas, commercial traveller, 15 Victoria place
Brown Thomas Johnston Young, solicitor, factor & treasurer
for the Stirling Educational Trust, town clerk to the burgh
of Alva & session clerk for parish of St. Ninians (Arm, Archi-
bald & Brown), 53 Port street; res. 17 Randolph terrace
Brown William, clothier, 2 Arcade
Brown William M. factor, Spittal hospital, 10 Prince's street
Brown William S. dentist, 7C Port street
Bryce William, cabinet maker, 33 King street
Buchan David, lath splitter, 21 Seaforth place
Buchanan Andrew, aerated water manufacturer, wines & Bpirita
& provision merchant, 9 Baker street; res. 17 Abercromby
place; TA "Treasurer Buchanan, Stirling"
Buchanan Andrew, dairy, Lower Castle street
Buchanan Andrew Chrystal, solicitor & clerk of the peace for
Stirlingshire & sec. Stirling Conservative Association (Flem-
' ing & Buchanan), 26 Port street; res. Whitehouse
Buchanan Anne (Miss), apartments, 10 Albert place
Buchanan David, dairyman, Glencoe street
Buchanan James, fishmonger, 13 Barnton se. ; res. 7 Park lane
Buchanan John, grocer & spirit dealer, 7 & 9 Broad Btreet
Bulloch George, general dealer, 90, 99 & 101 Baker street
Burden Peter, brewer & maltster, Irvine place
Burgh School Board Offices (James Brown, clerk & treasurer),
10 Barnton street
Burt James (Mrs.), boarding house, G Melville terrace
Cairns Helen (Miss), dress maker, 5 Bruce street
Cairns John, commercial traveller, 41 Millar place
Cairns Rt. accountant Union Bank of Scotland Lim. 22 King st
Cairns William, plumber, Orchard place ; res. 5 Bruce street
Caledonian Carpet Co. Limited ill. Yellowlees,
managing director; J. Jenkins, sec); registered office, Port
street; factory, Forth bank
Caledonian Railway Ambulance Corp (R. Ohristie, sec), Rail-
way station
^Callander Advertiser Office (Munro & Jamieson, publishers), 26
to 32 Upper cralgB
Cullender Cable Construction Co. Limited (William Douglas
Reid, engineer), Balmoral place
Cameron Alexander, confectioner, 42 Spittal street
-Campbell & Welsh, solicitors, County buildings
Campbell J. W. agent Bank of Scotland, King street
Campbell James William, collector of county rates, Friara at
Campbell Parlane, carrier, 33 King street
â– Carson William & Son, high class painters, decorators & paper-
hangers, 54 Port street
Carson Alex, shopkeeper, 11 St. John street
'Carson David, painter (W. Carson & Son), 10 Clifford road
Cassels William, sanitary engineer & patentee
of the Clarlfont Lavatories, Park place
Catholic Young Men's Institute (M. Hare, sec), St. Mary's wynd
Cattanch James, tobacconist, 13 Bow street
Cemetery (Peter Lees, sexton), top of St. John street
Chalmers David, local supt. of the National Benefit Trust Lim.
23 Wallace street
Children's Home (Annie Croal, matron), Whin Well house, Upper
Bridge street
Christie & Macdonald, grocers, .14 Bow street
Christie George, draper, 96 Cowane street; res. 18 Union street
Christie James, grocer, 22 Cowane street.
Christie James R. coal agent, 20 Forth crescent
Christie Robert, vintner, 55 King street
Christie Thomas, contractor, Rosebery street
Christie William, watch maker, 36 Port street; res. 2 Brighton
place, George street
Church Annie (rMs.), householder, 20 Millar place
Clay Asa, commercial traveller, 15 Forth crescent
Chrystal David, solicitor & notary public &
clerk to seven incorporated trades of Stirling, 2 7 Murray
place; T N 23; T A " Chrystal, Stirling"; res. 19 Vic-
toria square
Clydesdale Bank Limited (The) (branch) (William M. Reyburn,
agent), King street
Collier Simon Limited (branch), boot & shoe dealers, 32 King
Btreet & 64 Port Btreet; & at Glasgow
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited (branch) (Hugh S. Rob-
son, agent), 79 Murray place
Comrie Peter, dining rooms, 26 King street
Cook & Wylie, booksellers & stationers, printers & publishers of
the " Stirling Sentinel " & the " Visitor for Bridge of Allan,
Dunblane, Doune & Callander," 9 Barnton street
Cook William B. stationer &c. (Cook & Wylie), 28 Queen street
Cooper & Co. tea merchants, 33 Murray place ; & at Glasgow
Copley Richard, fruiterer, 59 Barnton street
Cormack Annie (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 8 to 16 St. Mary's wynd
Corn Exchange, Spittal street
County Buildings (Wm. Macpherson, caretaker & bar officer),
Barnton street
County Club (Mungo Cochran, sec; John Sloan, steward),
Murray place
County Police Office (John, D. Sempill, chief constable), County
buildings, Barnton street
Cowan & Co. railway carriers, Goods station, Shore road
Cowan Donald, sheriff clerk depute, County buildings, Barnton
street; res. 21 Princes street
Cowbrough & Mercer, grocers & wine & spirit merchants, 14
Port street; 35 Wallace street & 42 North crescent
Craig John, nurseryman & florist, 3 Murray pi. ; res. Laurelhill
Craig John Harkes, fancy repos. 17,19&21Arcade ; res,38Queen st
Crawford William & Son, grocers, 9 Lower Bridge street
Crawford & Co. booksellers & stationers, 7
King; street
Crawford William, glass & china dealer, 21 Murray place ; res. 15
Clarendon place
Orichton William G. glazier, 71 Port street
Croal Annie (Miss), Children's home, Whinwell
Crockart David & Sons, gun & fishing: tackle
makers, 35 King street
Crockart David B. gun maker (D. Crockart & Sons),l Windsor pi
Crockart George B. gun maker (D. Crockart & Sons),l Windsor pi
Crocket James (Mrs.), bookseller, 71 King st. ; res. 30 Queen 8t
Crockett David (Mrs.), leather & grindery dealer, 22 Spittal st
Cromwell Duncan, grocer, 67 Baker street
Crowe & Rodgera, photographic artists, 57 Murray place
Cullens W. & J. butchers & ham curers, wholesale & retail;
patent chill rooms ; orders by post promptly attended to &c.
10 & 12 Baker St.; Telegrams, "Cullens, Stirling"; T N 32
Cullens James, butcher (W. & J. Cullens), Ashfield ho. Park pi
Cullens James, butcher, 11 Port street; res. Park place
Cullens John, butcher (W. & J.Cullens), Ledview cot.Cambusbrrn
Cullens William, butcher (W. & J. Cullens), 18 Albert place
Cumming Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 28 Baker street ; res.
12 Princes street
Cunning & Co. hardware dealers, 13 & 15 Baker street
Cunnington Maria (Miss), boarding house, 11 Albert place
Currie James, joiner, 16 Dumbarton road ; res.:
Dumarton road
Currie John, Royal hotel, Barnton street
Currie Robert Muir, carriage hirer, 43 Murray place
Currie Thomas, burgh assessor & valuator, 16 King street
Curror John G. solicitor & clerk to the commissioners of income
tax for the county of Stirling, sheriff clerk & auditor of
court, sec. to Stirling industrial school & clerk to the Ban-
nockburn educational trust (Wingate & Curror), 5 Gladstone pi
Cuthbert John, tailor, 60 Baker street
Cuthbert William, cooper (Haldane & Co.), 16 Clarendon place
Dale John T. hair dresser, 30 Port street & 25 Friars Btreet;
res. 5 Pitt terrace
Dalgetty Henry, boot maker, 97 Baker street
Dallas James, supt. of insurance agents, Forth Bank house
Danskin Annie (Miss), fancy goods dealer, 12 Arcade; res. 31
Upper Bridge street
Danskin Jane (Miss), dress maker, 30 Upper Bridge street
Darling Thomas Crow LL.B. solicitor (Davidson & Stevenson),
15 Melville terrace
Davidson & Stevenson, solicitors, 27 Murray place
Davidson & Co. boot makers, 25 Murray place
Davidson Andrew, blacksmith, 32 Baker street
Davidson Jennie (Miss), dress maker, 40 Barnton street
Davie James & Sons, engineers & iron founders, Stirling foundry,
Orchard place; TA "Davie, Stirling''
Davie James, iron founder (James Davie & Pons), 27 Forth pi
Dawber Ralph A. commercial traveller, 11 Rnsebery street
Dawson Robert, teacher at high school, 2 Park place
Dempsey William, boot maker, 100 Baker street
Dempster John A. tobacconist, 6 Port street ; res. 6 Albert place
Derrick Oliver P. sheriff officer & accountant, 11 Baker street
Dewar & Son, joiners, 2 Park lane & 10 Maxwell place
Dewar John, colliery agent, Wallace street
Dewar M. Wilson (Mrs.), picture frame maker, 35 Arcade
Dewar Peter (exors. of), farmers, King's Park farm
Dick Sarah (Miss), shopkeeper, 12 Broad street
Dickson James, boot maker (branch), 31 Arcade ; & at Glasgow
Dickson James, boot & shoe maker, 38 Baker 'street
Di Ponio Benedette, refreshment rooms, 88 Baker Btreet
Dobbie James, solicitor (Philp & Dobbie), clerk & treasurer to
Stirling district lunacy board, St.Ninian's school board & Stirl-
ing Royal infirmary, Bannockburn
Doig Elizabeth (Mrs.), toy dealer, 37 Arcade
Donaldson Maggie (Miss), dealer in fancy goods, 50 Baker street
Donaldson William, solicitor (Morrison & Taylor) ; res. 8 Park ter
Donaldson William, stone mason, Barnton street
Dougall Archibald, grocer & provision dealer, 86 St. Mary's wynd
Dow James, hatter, 19 King street; res. 14 Melville terrace
Dow John, blacksmith, Raploch
Dowell James, tailor, 56 Barnton street ; res. 6 Lower Castle hill
Dcwell John, painter, paperhanger, picture frame maker,
glazier &c. 27 Dumbarton road. See advert

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