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Board Schools : —
High School, Spittal street; accommodation, 600; average at-
tendance, 400; George Lowson M.A., LL.D. rector; Mrs.
Katherine P. Hagemann, lady superintendent
Elementary High School, Spittal street; accommodation about
300; average attendance, 189; Alexander Moves, master; Miss
J. Coutts, mistress
Craigs; accommodation for 75-1; average attendance, 607; Wm.
Yule, head master ; James H. Hastings, assistant master;
Miss Annie Hay, mistress
Spittal street (Allan's), accommodation for 846; average at-
tendance, 719; Charles Johnstone, master; Miss Margaret
McCalluni, infant mistress
Territorial Board School; accommodation for 783; average at-
tendance, 543 ; John Jamieson, master
Cambuskenneth ; accommodation for 65 ; average attendance,
52; Miss Hannah Reid, mistress
St. Mary's wynd (Episcopal), accommodation for 370; average
attendance, 275; John W. Heron, master; Miss C. Drummond,
infant mistress
Roman Catholic School (mixed & infants), Irvine place; accom-
modation for 380 ; average attendance, 276 ; Miss Jane Thom-
son, mistress; Miss Eleanor Conway, infant mistress
Industrial School (boys), Baker street, Andrew Smith, master
Industrial School (girls), Spittal street, Miss Agnes Monfries
Mitchell, mistress
On; the Central Section of the Caledonian Line.
Murray place, James G. Samuel, superintendent
On the Stirling & Dunfermline Section & on the Forth & ClydV
Section of the North British Line.
Murray place, James G. Samuel, superintendent
Caledonian Railway Goods Office, Railway station, William WiU-
son, agent
North British Railway Goods Office, Shore road, Adam Elder,.
Wordie & Co. agents & carriers to the Caledonian Railway Co^-
3 Thistle street, George Forsyth, agent
To & from Bridge of Allan, from Murray place & St. Ninians^
every 15 minutes •
To & from Bannockburn & Barnton street, every 40 minutes
Cowan & Co. Shore road, agents & carriers to the North British'.
Railway Co
To Leith West pier, the Galloway Steam Packet Co.'s steamers
daily, during summer, calling at Alloa, Charleston, Norths
Queen's Ferry, Crombie Point, Bo'ness, Kincardine & Dunmore-
John Wilson's cargo boat, to Leith
Stirling 1 .
Adam Alexander, 5 Douglas terrace
Adam George, 3 Royal gardens
Adam Mrs. 11 Royal gardens
Agnew Rev. William, 26 Snowdon place
Aikman Mrs. Thomson, 21 Snowdon place
Aitken Miss, Southfield, 14 Snowdon place
Aitken Mrs. Craigs house, Upper craigs
Alexander Thomas, Brentham park
Alexander William, 15 Park place
Allan John, 32 Dumbarton road
Allan Miss, 32 Dumbarton road
Allan Mrs. 17 Allan park
Allum Charles E. 10 Glebe crescent
Anderson Misses, 8 Melville terrace
Angus Rev. James (U. F. C). Upper
Bridge street
Arbuthnott Donald S. 9 Clarendon place
Archibald Mrs. 29 Snowdon place
Arnold Rev. John A. 5 Randolph road
Arnott Rev. John (U. F. C.), 12 Park ter
Bailey J. Ashbury, 21 Abercromby place
Bain Miss, 5 Balmoral place
Baker Edmund, 16 Albert place
Baker Leonard, 22 Albert place
Bald Mrs. 17 Randolph road
Barr James, 10 Victoria place
Barrett Capt. H. P. Moulton-, 17 Claren-
don place
Beard Thomas, 6 Glebe crescent
Beath Lieut.-Col. (Hon. Dep. Surg. -Gen.)
John Hy. C.B., M.D. (Army Med. Service,
retired), J. P. 14 Park terrace
Bell Col. William, 26 Albert place
Bell Charles, 36 Dumbarton road
Bell George Albert, 1 Gladstone plac*
Blakey Mrs. 17 Melville terrace
Bolton Miss, The Elms, Snowdon place
Brisbane Thomas, 6 Park terrace
Brown Arthur, 2 King street
Brown James, 11 Windsor place
Brown Robert Aitken, 19 Victoria place
Brown William S. 76 Port street
Buchan Miss, 24 Snowdon pluce
Buchanan Andrew, 17 Abercromby place
Buchanan Andrew (J. Whitp house
Buchanan George, 35 Snowdon place
Buchanan Miss Griffiths, 22 Snowdon place
Burden Mrs. 12 Irvine place
Bush Capt.Henry W., A.O.D. 33 Forth cres
Calder Bev. James, 1 Clarendon place
Cameron Mrs. 19 Victoria square
Campbell Dermont, 3 Drummond place
Campbell Jjiraes W., J. P. Bank ho. King st
Campbell Miss, 18 Abercromby place
Campbell Miss, 8 Windsor place
Campbell Miss Neil, 7 Park terrace
Campbell Mrs. 14 Drnmmimd place
Carmichael Mrs. 14 Prince's street
Carrick Miss, 1 Glebe crescent
Cave Horatio Tyler, 20 Victoria place
Chalmers Rev. John M.A. (U. F. C.), 2
Gladstone place
Christie Mrs. 25 Snowdon place
Christie Mrs. Southfield house, Snowdon pi
Chrystal David, 16 Victoria square
Clarke William J. 12 Forth crescent
Cochran Mungo, 16 Melville terrace
Cochrane William. Moss bank, Park place
Colquhoun Miss, 8 Royal gardenft
Colville Alexander. Park place
Cowbrough Miss, 7 Randolph road
Cowbrough William, 19 Snowdon place
Crawford David, 15 Clarendon place
Crawford William, 20 Dumbarton road
Crockart David, 1 Windsor place
Crowe Alexander, 19 Abercromby place
Cullens James, 4 Drummond place
Gumming Mrs. 2 Melville terrace
Cunliffe Mrs. Carlton house, 15 Snowdon pi
Cunningham William, Mar Place house
Curror John G. 5 Gladstone place
Curhbert William, 16 Clarendon place
Cuthbertson David M.D. 22 Park terrace
Dawson W. 9 Park terrace
Denholm Capt. John, 6 Victoria place
Dixon Alexander John, Springbank
Dobbie William A. 24 Clarendon place
Dobson William Henry, 9 Windsor place
Donaldson William, 8 .Park terrace
Dougall Mrs. 21 Newhouse
Doule Mrs. 10 Drummond place
Dowell Mrs. 12 Queen street
Drew John M.D. 28 Dumbarton road
Drummond Gregor T. 3 Melville terrace
Drummond James W., J. P. Westerlands
Drummond Miss, 2 Clarendon place
Drummond Mrs. Glenelm lodge
Drummond Peter, Albert place
Durfus J. W., M.B. Royal Infirmary,
Spittal street
Duiicansnn Mrs. 15 Aberc-nmby place
Dunlop Mrs. 2 Queen's road
Dunlop Mrs. Mary, 8 Forth crescent
Dunsmore Alexander, 12 Windsor place
Eadie Mrs. 10 Forth crescent
Easton Miss, 4 Clifford road
Edgar John, 19 Randolph road
Ewing Rev. William (U.F.C.),3 Victoria sq
Faulds Miss, 23 Snowdon place
Fearnside Mrs. 8 Pitt terrace
Ferguson Daniel J. P. National Bank house
Fleming Miss, 7 Roval gardens
Flint Miss, 12 Pitt terrace
Forrester Miss, 30 Snowdon place
Forrester Robert, 10 Park terrace
Forsyth Mrs. 7 Pitt terrace
Fraser Charles, 4 Snowdon place
Fraser Mrs. 17 Victoria square
Fraser Robert, Thrushville
Frater Robert, 1 Park terrace
Frew Rev. Robert D.D. 12 Melville terrace
Galbraith Major, 11 Gladstone place
Galbraith Miss, 11 Laurel Hill place
Galbraith The Misses, 5 Glebe crescent
Gall Mrs. 4 Randolph road
Galloway Mrs. 14 Forth crescent
Gavin Hugh, 11 Pitt terrace
Gemmel Henry Stewart, 22 Clarendon place
Gentleman Ebenezer, 9 Abercromby place
Gentleman Miss, 17 Albert* place
Gibson Charles M.D. J.1 Park terrace
Gilchrist Miss, 18 Melville terrace
Gilfillan Mrs. Bellevue, Upper Bridge at
Gillespie John, 10 Park avenue
Goodfellow Miss, Woodcliffe
Gourley Mrs. 16 Glebe crescent
GovanJohn, 17 Forth place
Govan R. J. Cecil, 1 Victoria square
Graham Alexander Gordon, 3 Gladstone pi
Graham James, 9 Gladstone place
Graham Miss, 20 Allan park
Graham Mrs. 10 Abercromhy place
Graham Mrs. 27 Princes street
Gray James, 15 Melville terrace
Gray John, 4 Gladstone place
Gray Mrs. Glengowan villa, Coburg avenue
Greig Miss Margaret, 4 Park avenue
Grieve James, 16 Snowdon place
Guthrie Mrs. 52 Upper Bridge street
Hadaway Alexander, Randolphfield
Hadwen Mrs. Fredinnock, 7 Park avenue
Harmane Cornelius. 1 Royal gardens
Harrison. Thomas Soutbwood, 25 Albert pi
Harvey Miss, 4 Albert place
Harvey Mrs. 26 Park terrace
Harvey Mrs. 19 Upper Bridge street-
Henderson Hamilton George, Snowdounho
Henderson Henry, 19 Albert place
Henderson James, 18 Snowdon place
Henderson John, Dunard, Causewayhead rdi
Henderson Mrs. Cruickshank, 2 Victoria pi
Hepburn George, 9 Royal gardens
Higginbotham Mrs. 13 Gladstone place
Highet Rt. Campbell M.B., CM. 6 Pk. av
Hockley Thomas Crush, 38 Dumbarton rd^
Hogg Mrs. 33 Snowdon place
Holmes-Kerr William, Park ,jlace
Hunter William, 8 G'ebe crescent
Hunter William, 12 Victoria place
Jackson James Edmunds, Caerleon villa,.-
Laurel Hill place
Jenkins John, 11 Clifford road
Jenkins William, 23 Allan park
Jenkins William. 23 Forth crescent
Johnson Rev. Robert (curate of Holy
Trinity), 4 Douglas terrace
Johnston Duncan, Barnton ho. Barnton stv
Johnston James, '2i Forth place
Jobnston James, 13 MMville terrace
Johnston James, ^ Park terrace
Johnston Miss, 11 Randolph road
Johnston Mrs. 3 Pitt terrace
Johnston Thomas William Reid, Inclosurez
house, Windsor place
Kay Mrs. Bellfield, Upper Bridge street
Keith:Common Rt. 9 Pitt terrace
Keyden Theodore E. 32 Snowdon place
Kidston Misses, 24 Victoria place
Kidston Robert, 12 Clarendon place
King John, 27 Snowdon place
Kinross George, 4 Victoria square
Kinross Henry, 23 Park terrace
Kinross James, 11 Allan park
Kinross Mrs. 5 Windsor place
Laidlaw Miss, 3 Randolph road
Laird Misses, 2 Glebe crescent
Lamb Thomas, 4 Allan park
Landell John, 5 Clarendon place
Lang Rev. James P. (Estab.),6 Park avenue-
Lang Miss, 2 Ro*hI gurdpns
Law Rev. William G., M.A. (Estab.) r
Lawson Robert, Annfield
Lawson William, 9 Victoria square
Ledward Capt. George Herbert, Sutherland;
house, Glebe crescent
Leishman Mrs. 25 Park terrace
Liddel Robert, 4 Queen's road
Lister Misses, 4 Windsor place
Logan James G. 18 Victoria place
Logan Miss, 36 Snowdon place
Logie David W. 26 Dumbarton roll
Lowson George M.A., LL.D. (rector of
High school), 14 Park place
Lupton Thomas, 16 Abercromby place
McAlpine Mrs. 7 Snowdon place
Maclean Mrs. 3 Clarendon place
McColl Edward, Killorn cottage, Park pi
McCubbin Hugh, 10 Windsor place
M'Diarmid Thomas, 20 Melville terrace
Macdonald Duncan, 2 Windsor place
Macdonald Miss, 3 Park avenue
Macdonald Mrs. Tredinnock, 7 Park avenue
Macdougall Patrick W. 24 Albert place
MacEwen Andrew, Allan Park lodge
McEwen Rev. John, 12 Clifford road
McEwen Angus, 13 Pitt terrace
McEwen Daniel, 5 Drummond place
Macewan Miss, South lodge
M'Ewen Misses, 15 Albert place
MacEwen Robert. 2 Albert nlace
Macewen Robert M. Allan Park house
M'Fadyen Donald M.D. 2 Park avenue
Macfarlan Paryan, 28 Forth crescent
M'Farlane John, 2 Clifford road
Macfarlane John, 27 Victoria place
McFarlane Miss, 19 Prince's street

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