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1384 KIPPEN.
Kippen, David Dingwall, station master
Port of Menteith, Wm. Dow, station master
Anderson Mrs. Shirgarton house
Cameron David Y
Campbell Jas. Wm. J.P. Glentirran lodge
Carmichael Mrs. Ivy dene
Clark Misses, Benview
Combe Mrs. Glendarrocb
Dickson Rev. John Gavin M.A_ (Estab-
lished), The Manse
Finlayson John, Beech cottage
Forrester WilUam, Arngibbon
Gordon George, Ambruach
Hunter Rev. Henry W., M.A. United Free
Church manse
Kilpatrick Rev. Daniel Ross, Dun Allan
Lightbody Mrs. Howdenlea
McDiarmid Duncan M.B., J.P. Oakbank
Mather Mrs. Kirkhill
Miller Mrs. Arndarroch
Monteath Mrs. Wright's park
Morrison Miss, Helensfield
Rankin John, Kephill villa
Rennie Mrs. Elmbank
Stirling James J.P. Garden (postal address,
Port of Menteith Station R.S.O.)
Blair Alexander (Mrs.), grocer & genl.dlr
Blair James, grocer
Boquhan Saw Mills (Stephen Mitchell J.P.
Boquhan Tile Works (Stephen Mitchell esq.
Boquhan, proprietor; Thomas Hall, over-
seer), Kippen Station
Buchanan D. & W.vine leaf & fern growrs
Buchanan James, grocer & spirit dealer
Buchanan Robert, Cross Keys P.H
Cameron David Y. artist
Curling Club (Robert Buchanan, see)
Curling Club (Cardross & Kepp) (James
Gardner, sec)
Dougall Robert, cattle dealer, Castle hill
Dougall Robert, watch maker
Duncanson Jnhn, Crown hotel
DuncanBon Will am, blacksmith
Fairfield (The) Farming Co. Limited (John
Drysdale, manager), dairy farm, creamery
& cattle dealers, Arngibbon
Forrester James, coach builder
Gilchrist John, tailor
Jones & Livingstone, butchers
Kenny James, glass merchant & hawker
McDiarmid Duncan J.P., M.B., C.M.Edin.
surgeon & medical officer for the parishes
of Kippen, Fintry & Gargunnock,Oak bnk
McGregor David, plasterer
M'Laren Christina (Miss), apartments
M'Queen William, butcher
Mason John (Mrs.), grocer, ale & porter &
general dealer
Memorial Hall (Rev. John Gavin Dickson
IM.A. hon. sec)
Public Hall (James Hunter, sec. & treas.),
Rennie John, blacksmith
Stewart James, coal dealer
Stirling Jessie (Mrs.), grocer, general dlr.
& postmistress, Kippen Station
Stirling William, horse hirer, Kippen Statn
Stirlingshire Creamery Co. dairymen
Syme Thomas, mason & quarry owner,
Kippen muir
Walker George, boot & shoe maker
Watson John & Son, bakers
Welsh John, wright
Welsh Thomas, joiner
Baird Thomas, farm manager to Stephen
Mitchell esq. West Dasher
Blair Archibald M. Hill of Arnmore
Buchanan Robert, Bogside
Crawford James, Jenny Woodston
Dunlop John, Clonie
Dewar Andrew, Arnprior
Edmond John, Balafork
Fairfield (The) Farming Co. Limited (John
Drysdale, manager) ; head office, Arn-
gibbon & Muirton & Townhead
Hallum William, Crawfordstone
Harvev John, Heights, Buchlvvie
Kay William. Little Kerse
Keir John, Tipperdarroch
M'Alister Robert. Easter glinns
M'Callum John, Thorntree
M'Ewen Thomas & James, Dighty & Settia
M'Farlane Donald, Gribloch
M'Farlane James, Oxhili, Buchlyvie
M'Gibbon Mrs. Easter Garden
M'Keracher George, Hardieston
Mackie James (reps, of), Parks of Garden
McKerracher John, Mye, Buchlyvie
M'Lay James, Blackhouse & Newburn,
Port of Menteith Station
M'Niven Mrs. Mary, Westertown
McOnie Thomas, Easter Culbowie.Buchlyvie
M'Queen William, Shirgarton
Main Andrew, Strewiebank
Malcolm Robert, Angus step
Mattson John, Thirds. Buchlyvie
More John, Fordhead & Cnlbow'e
More Moses, Backside, Buchlyvie
More Mrs. Margaret, Mains of Buchlyvie
Muirhead Alexander, Middleton, Port of
Menteith Station
Muirhead Robert, Cauaewayhead, Port of
Menteith Station
Murdoch Mrs. Margaret, Laraben
Paterson Daniel, Drum
Rish James, Gowston, Buchlyvie
Scoular Alexander, Middle Ker6e
Stewart Alexander, Blairgorts, Port of
Menteith Station
Turnbnll Georee, Badenkep. Buchlyvie
Weir James, Whiteleys, Buchlyvie
Wilson William. Fairfield & Blackhouse
Young Robert, Claylands
Armstrong Peter, blacksmith
Robertson Robert, miller
Taylor Jessie (Mrs.), grocer & postmistress
Wright John, wright
LARBERT (or Larbet) is a parish in
Falkirk small debt court difitrict, and is
3£ miles broad by 3 long, and bounded on
the north by St. Ninians, north-east by
Airth, east by Bothkennar, south by the
river Carron, which divides it from Fal-
kirk, and west by Dunipace. The village is
situated on the side of a hill, on the north-
ern bank of the Carron. and on the road
from Falkirk to Stirling, and has a station
on the Glasgow and Stirling section of the
Caledonian railway ; it is 3 miles west from
Falkirk and 8 south-south-east from Stir-
ling. The civil parish of Dunipace is- in-
cluded in Larbert ecclesiastical parish. The
present established church, erected in 1822,
from designs of Mr. Hamilton, of Glasgow,
is an edifice of Btone in the Tudor Gothic
style, with a square tower, containing
one bell, and has upwards of 1,000 sittings.
The Falkirk cattle trysts are held on Sten-
housemuir in this parish in August, Sep-
tember and October, when 20,000 to 30,000
head of cattle and great numbers of sheep
are exposed for sale. Close to Larbert
station are the works of Messrs. Dobbie,
Forbes & Co. and Messrs. Jones & Camp-
bell, for the manufacture of stoves, grates
and ranges. Near this place the great
Roman road or causeway passes, and
about a quarter of a mile to the west the
foundation of a bridge is visible when the
Carron river is low. Kinnaird House,
standing in a park of 120 acres, is now
the residence and property of Robert Orr
esq. ; it formerly belonged to James Bruce,
the celebrated traveller, who was born in
this house in 1730, and died here in 1794;
his remains are interred in the parish
churchyard, and a monument of iron, cast
at Carron, is erected over his grave. Car-
ron Hall is the seat of Capt. Robert Dun-
das Orr; Stenhouse. the property of the
Dundas family, is now unoccupied, and
Dunipace House, ie the property and resi-
dence of John A. Harvie-Brown esq. J.P.
George SherrifE esq. of Carronvale, John
H. N. Graham esq. of Larbert House and
Robert Orr esq. J.P., F.S.A.Scot. of Kin-
naird, are the principal landowners. Acre-
age of the parish, 3,971 ; rateable value,
£40.500; population in 1891, 8,340, and in
1901. 11,694, viz. : landward, 6,500 and
Stenhousemuir Town, 5, 184. Included in
the total population are 56 officials and
264 inmates of the Scottish National Insti-
tution for Imbecile Children and 107 offi-
cials and 669 inmates of Stirling District
Asylum. The population of the village in
1901 was 1,442 and of the ecclesiastical
parish, 13,694.
Stenhousemuir is a small town about half
a mile east of Larbert, in the same parish.
Another half mile distant is the hamlet
of North Broomage, near which Ls the Scot-
tish National Institution for the Education
of Imbecile Children. In this locality is
also the Stirling District Lunatic Asylum
for the counties of Stirling, Dumbarton,
Linlithgow and Clackmannan. In July,
1893, a new hospital block was opened, at
a cost of £20,000, from designs by Messrs.
A. & W. Black, architects, of Falkirk.
Dobbie Hall, Stenhousemuir, was presented
to the parish by Major Robert Dobbie,
and will seat 1,000 persons. Population of
Stenhousemuir in 1891, 3,718, and in 1901
Post, T., M. 0., T. M. O., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. Larbert; Mrs. Janet
McLachlan, postmistress. Deliveries, 7
a.m. & 1.50 (satnrdays excepted) & 5.50>
p.m.; dispatches, 4.30 & 8.20 & 11.40"
a.m. & 12.15, 4.40 & 7.40 p.m. ; Sundays,.
8 till 10 a.m. to callers; Sunday dis-
patch, 4.40 p.m
Post, T. & M. O., T. M. O., E. D., P. P.,.
S. B. & A & I. O. Stenhousemuir; Mtb.
Janet M. Walker, sub-postmistress. Let-
ters received through Larbert. De-
liveries from Larbert, 7 a.m. & 1.50 &
5.50 p.m. ; dispatches, 8 & 11.20 a.m. <5a
4.15 & 7.20 p.m
Chairman, John Hatt Noble Graham
Medical Ofncer.John Gilfillan Ronald M.Ev,.
CM. Stenhousemuir
Clerk, Rate Officer & Registrar of BirthB 5 .
Deaths & Marriages, Alexander Smith,
Stenhousemuir, James Sirket, sergeant
Reading Room, Larbert
Dobbie Hall, Stenhousemuir, Michael Gra-
ham, keeper
Public Library, Stenhousemuir, now m\
course of erection, has been gifted £3,000-
by Mr. Carnegie
District Board of Lunacy, Philp & Dobbie^
writers, Stirling
Medical Superintendent, George M*
Robertson M.B., CM., F.R.CP.Edin
Assistant Medical Officers, Leonard D..
Baugh M.B., Ch.B. ; Miss Hilda M. Mc-
Farlane L.R.C.P., L.R.CS. & Miss Agnes-
House Steward, Robert Kerr
Matron, Miss Gambley
Farm Overseer, James Sim
(For the Education of Imbecile Children).
Acting Secretary & Treasurer, A- J. Fitcb^
Virginia buildings, Glasgow
Superintendent, Alexander A. Skene
Medical Officer, Robert Durward Clarkson.
M.B., CM
Matron, Miss Shepherd
4th (Stirlingshire) Volunteer Battalion^
Princess Louise's (Argyll & Sutherland!
Highlanders) (I Co.), "Stenhousemuir,.
Capt. R. D. Orr; â– Surg.-Capt. J. G.Ronald'j
M.B. medical officer
Established Church, M'Laren Memorial,.
Stenhousemuir, Rev. David S. Merrow
Established Church, Larbert, Rev. John.
United Free Churches: —
Carron, Rev. John Yellowlees
Larbert, Rev. Colin M. Gibb M.A
Stenhousemuir (vacant)
Calvinistio Methodist Chapel, Stenhouse-
muir (ministers various)
United Free Church Hall, Stenhousemuir
Plymouth Brethren Meeting Room. Sten*
Gospel Hall, Stenhousemuir
Mission Hall, Stenhousemuir
Chairman, Robert Dobbie esq
Clerk, Robert Taylor
Board SchoolB : —
Larbert Village, built in 1894 at a cost of!
£4,500, William Ross Young, master
Stenhousemuir (Larbert Central), built iiu
1885 at a cost of £8,000, Hugh Martin,,
master; Miss A. McDonald, mistress
Railway Station, Andrew Smythe, station,
master & goods agent; Mark Robertson <fc
Alexander Petrie, assistant station mas-
ters; Wordie & Co. carting agents
Adam Allan, Dunallan
Aitken James, Glenbervie
Aitken Mrs
Aitkenhead James, Edina cottage
Baillie William, Struan cottage
Bennie William, Poplar place
Binnie George, Poplar place
Bogie Rev. A. N., M.A. (U. F. C), Manset-
Bolton Edwin, Carbrook
Brown Matthew, Heathcote
Brown Mrs. Burnbank
Campbell Mr9, Lome villa-

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