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MeCracken Alexander Hutchinson M.B., CM. surgeon, 90 Gra-
ham's road, Grahamston
M'Crae Helen (Mrs.), boot mater, Howgate
McCulloch James, editor of the " Falkirk Mail," Woodlands
McCulloch McLay, spirit dealer, 114 High street
Macdonald Alexander, hair dresser, Vicars street
M'Donald Archibald, master mariner, 30 Russell st. Grahamston
Macdonald Donald, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 Wallace etreet,
Macdonald Donald, spirit dealer, Wooer street
McDonald George, plumber, Bells wynd, High street
M'Farlane John, saddler, Garrison place
McFarlane Thomas, furniture dealer, Glebe street
McGown Adam, veterinary surgn. Brockville house, Hope street
McGregor Daniel, news agent, 109 High street
Macgregor Jas. printer & publisher, Manor st. ; res. Wemys cot
McGregor John, shopkeeper, Manor street
McHutcheon William, lodging ho. 69 & 71 Graham's rd.Grahmstn
M'Intosh Gilbert, grocer & spirit dealer, 51 High street
McKay Alexander, rector, Falkirk High school
McKee James, inspector of cleansing, Town hall, Newmarket st
M'Kendrick H. & Son, fishmongers^ SO High 6treet
McKenzie Christina (Mrs. - ), confectioner, Manor street
McKenzie James, grocer & spirit dealer, Glen village
Mackenzie Thomas, painter &c. 151 High street
McKinlay Isabella (Miss), milliner, Glebe buildings, Vicars etreet
M'Kinnie William, biscuit manufacturer & confectioner, Vicars st
McKinnon Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, High Station road
M'Laren Alexander, butcher, 31 High street; res. WoodlandB
MacLaren Alexander, grocer, 71 High street
M'Lay's Commercial School & Academy of Languages, Manse
place. 'See advert
M'Lean Margaret (Mrs.), hair dresser, 172 High street
M'Lellan Helen. (Mrs.), dining rooms, 172 High street
McLuckie John, butcher, see Sharp & McLuckie
McMillan John, supt. Refuge Assurance Co. Limited, 118 Gra-
ham's road. Grahamston
McNab Alexander, tailor, 52 High street
McNab Mrs. householder, Comely park
McNair David, concrete worker, cement merchant ; quotations on
application, Garrison place
McNeil Alec, tobacconist & statnr. 80 Graham's rd. Grahamston
M'Niven James, chemist &c. 146 Graham's road, Grahamston
M'Pherson William & John, chimney sweepers, Robert's wynd
MacPherson Donald, postmaster, Vicars street
McPherson James, hair dresser, 27 High street
Macpherson John, governor, Parkfoot Poor house
McPherson Oswald, chimney sweeper, Howgate
McVey Daniel, wardrobe dealer, Manor street
Main J. & A. joiners, West Bridge street
Main R. & A. Limited, iron founders, Gothic iron works
Main Isabella (Mrs.), milliner, Newmarket street
Mallace George, confectioner, 258 Graham's road, Grahamston
Malley Peter, cycle agent, 78 Graham's road, Grahamston
Mann* Anderson, watch maker, 178 High street
Marshall & Hunter, solicitors, 25 Newmarket street
Marshall James, painter & paperhanger, 8 & 10 Bank street
Marshall John, draper, 92 High street
Marshall Mary (Miss), fancy dealer, 153 High street
Marshall Mary (Mrs.), berlin wool repository, Glebe buildings,
VicarB street
Marshall William, joiner, 27 Main street, Bainsford â– 
Martin Robert, dairy, Howgate
Masonic Hall (Andrew Hunter, solicitor), Newmarket street
Masterton Jane (Miss), dress maker, Meek's road, Grahamston
Mather Robert, Newmarket inn, Newmarket street
Mathieson & Sons, bakers & confectioners, 70 &. 65 High street
& Pleasance
Maxton William, draper, 56 High street
Maxwell John, builder, 22 Meek's road, Grahamston
Maxwell Thomas Baird, glass & china dealer, 20 & 22 High st. ;
res. Broompark cottage, Park terrace
Mellis Mary (Mrs.), greengrocer, Manor street
Melville Charles & Son, boot & shoe makers, 16 Kirk wynd
Melville Robert & Co. Lim. timber merchants &c. St, John's
saw mills, Grahamston ; T N 16 ; T A " Melville, Falkirk "
Melville Charles, boot & shoe maker, 36 High street
Melville Maggie (Miss), stationer, Garrison place
Melville Margaret (Miss), confectioner, 40 High street
Melville Thomas, ironmonger, 157 Graham's road, Grahamston
Methvin Simpson Limited, musical instrument dealers, 20 New-
market etreet
Middleton Euphemia (Mrs.), clothier, 124 High street
Millan William, coach builder, Chapel lane; res. Comley park
Millar J. P. photographer, 8 West Bridge street
Millar James, plasterer & slater, 142 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Miller J. S. collapsible tent house mfr. 135 Glebe st. See advt
Miller James, coal merchant, Springfield siding, Grahamston
Miller James Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 144 High street
Miller Thomas, grocer, 7 High street
Miller William, master mariner, Learmonth street
Milne Elizabeth (Mrs.), butcher, Manor street
Minto John Dochard, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 West Bridge street
Mitchell Alexander, insurance agent, 40 Alma street, Grahamston
Mitchell Charles, tobacconist, 11 Kirk wynd
Mitchell James, hair dresser, 1 Pleasance
Mitchell John, florist, 17 High street
Mitchell John, householder, 2 Pleasance
Monfries Mrs. householder, Comely park
Morrison Bros, greengrocers, 48 High Station road
Morrison Alexander, boot maker, 156 & 158 High street
Morrison John, billiard saloon, Melville street
Morrison William F. Victoria inn, 59 High street
Morton Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Pleasance
Moscardini Brothers, confectioners, 128, 179, 201 & 203 High
street; Manor street & 178 Graham's road
Muir James, spirit dealer, 122 High street
Muir William C. watch ma. & jwllr. 110 High st. ; res. Park ter
Muirhead J. & A. butchers, 41 West Bridge Btreet
Munro John Wilson, temperance hotel, 2 Robert's wynd
Murdoch Alexander, stationer & tobacconist, 12 High street
Murdoch John Oswald, cycle agent, 183 High street
Murker John, general dealer, 32 Main street, Bainsford
Murphy James, cooper & basket maker, 13 Kirk wynd
Murray George Ingles, editor of the " Falkirk Herald," 33 Arnot
Hilf gardens
Mvles Robert, saw mills, Kerse lane
National Bank of Scotland Limited (branch) (William Lees,
agent), Newmarket street; draw on head office, 27 Nicholas
lane EC; Bank of England EC; Glyn, Mills & Co. EC;
Coutts & Co. WC & Union of London & Smiths Bank EC,
National Telephone Co. Limited (call office), Vicars street
Neill William, grocer & spirit dealer, 145 High Btreet
Neilson Brothers, aerated water manufacturers, beer bottlers &c.
The Garthall Aerated Water & Bottling works, Garthall
Neilson James & Sons, auctioneers, Swords wynd ; res. Mt. Pleasant
Nelson James & Sons Limited, butchers, 111 High street
Nelson John (Mrs.), greengrocer, WeBtern avenue, Graham'B road
Nicholson James, watch maker & Jeweller, 142 High street
Nicol William, baker, Kerse lane, Grahamston
Nicol William, tailor, 33 West Bridge street
Nimmo <fe Co. grocers, High Station road
Nimmo John, greengrocer, Rankine lane
Nisbet Thomas, brush manufr. Broomhall; res. Comely Park ter
Niven Thomas, grocer, 32 Dalderse avenue, Grahamston
Niven William, grocer, 29 Gowan avenue, Grahamston
Noble Andrew, dairy keeper, 48 Main street, Bainsford
Norrie James, spirit dealer, 160 High etreet
Norwell D. & Sons, boot makers, 134 High street
O'Brien & Meek, painters, Manor street
Oddfellows' Hall, Western avenue, Grahamston
O'Donnell John, spirit dealer, Manor street
O'Donnell Mary (Miss), news agent, Manor street
O'May Daniel, wholesale & retail glass merchant, designer, em-
bosser &c. Newmarket street & Melville street; res. Orchard!
street ; & at Glasgow
O'May James, householder, 17 Arnot Hill gardens
Owens Stephen & Sons, clothiers & boot makers, Tolbooth st. &r
Wooer street & furniture dealers, Manor street
Owens Agnes (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 15 Wooer etreet
Owens Margaret (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, Manor street
Owens Margaret (Mrs.), pawnbrokers' salerooms, 24 Kirk wynd
Page George Deas C.E. architect & surveyor, Newmarket etreet;
res. Orchard street
Parkhouse & Co. general ironfounders & manufacturers of
open & close fire ranges, Parkhouse iron works; T N 47; T A
" Parkhouse, Falkirk "
Paterson William, glass merchant, see TJre & Paterson
Paul Thomas, bookseller, printer &c. 182 Graham's road,
Pearl Life Insurance Co. (O. Le Britton, supt.), 87 High street
Penman Brothers, tailors & clothiers, Vicars street
Peterkin Charles, refreshment rooms, 189 High street
Phillips W. M. cabinet ma. & upholsterer, 16 High st. See advt
Potter Finlay Mitchell, blacksmith, Bankside, Bainsford
Prangnell John Thomson M.D. & C.M.Glas., D.P.H.Camb. sur-
geon & medical officer of health to burgh of Falkirk Council,
40 Graham's road, Grahamston
Prino'le Andrew, spirit dealer, 114 High street
Procurators' Library (Thomas C. Wade, treasurer *Sc sec.)- County
buildings, Hope street
Proudfoot Geo. saddler, 3 High Bt. ; res. 28 Alma st. Grahamstrr
Prudential Assurance Co. (Ward Thomas Varley, supt.), New-
market street
Public Slaughter House (Thos. Fotheringham, supt.), Kerse lane
Rae Gilbert, aerated water manufacturer, Grahamston
Rae Robert, spirit dealer, 97 Main street, Bainsford
Ramsay & Stoddart, accountants, 91a, High street
Rankine William, tobacconist, 9 High street; res. Viewbank pt.
Wellside terrace
Redding Colliery Co. (Peter Fulford, agent), Springfield sidings
Graham's road
Refuge Assurance Co. Limited (John McMillan, supt.), US
Graham's road, Grahamston
Reid Brothers, manufacturing chemists' & mineral water manu-
facturers, Bankside
Reid Janet (Mrs.), dairy, West Bridge street
Reid William Wilkie, grocer, Bankside, Bainsford
Rennie John, commercial traveller, 14 Alma st. Grahamston
Richmond James, linen &c. draper, 156 High street
Rintoul Laurence, householder, 19 Arnot Hill gardens
Risk Robert B. bone setter, 42 Alma street, Grahamston
Robb David, spirit dealer, Silver row
Roberts William & Son, monumental masons & sculptors,.
West Bridge street
Roberts Margaret (Miss), confectioner, 13 Wallace st.Grahamstc:
Robertson A. & G. plumbers, Pleasance
Robertson Alexander & Sons, granite merchants, 67$ Graham's^
road, Grahamston
Robertson David, baker, 33 Main street, Bainsford
Robertson James, burgh chamberlain & collector to the gas com-
mission, Burgh buildings, Newmarket street
RobertBon Jessie (Miss), butcher, Robert's wynd
Robertson John, baker, 10 Kirk wynd
Robertson Thomas, tailor, 113 Graham's road, Grahamston
Rolland James, football maker & confectioner, Kerse lane
Ronald David, burgh surveyor, Town hall, Newmarket street
Roper George & Son, hosiery manufacturers, Glebe street
Rosebank Distillery Limited, whisky distillers (established 1842)
(James Rankine, managing director); TA "Rankine, Fal-
kirk"; TN 0178
Ross James &Co. manufacturing chemists & tar
distillers, benzole, toluolc, solvent naphtha,
burning; naphtha, carbolic acid, anthracenes
pitch & creosote oils, pitch, coal tar, sulphate
of ammonia, paraffin oil & lubricating; mineral
oils, Lime Wharf chemical works; T N 11 ; T A
" Ross, Falkirk." See advert
Ross Agnes (Mrs.), hatter & hosier, 103 High street
Ross John, cattle dealer. Mid Newlands

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