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British Linen Company, bankers (James M. Wilson & David
M. Wilson, agents), Vicars st. ; draw on head office, Thread-
Jieedle street EC & Bank of England E C, London
"British Workmen's oc General Insurance Co. Limited (James
Kerr, district supt.), 6 Melville street
Brodie William, butcher, "Vicars street
Brown & Son, boot makers, 6 Kirk wynd
Brown Andrew, spirit dealer, 185 High street
Brown Charles J. P., F.S.I, factor to the Marquis of Zetland,
Dundas lodge, Kerse
Brown Sergt. J. drill inst. D, E & F Co.'s 4th (Stirlingsh.)
Vol. Batt. Princess Louise's (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders)
Volunteers, Drill hall
Brown John, Blue Bell inn, 105 High street
Brown John H. baker, 18 Graham's road, Grahamston
Brown Joseph Collier, photographer, Vicars st. ; res. Park street
Brown Robert, plumber & gasfitter, 16 Bank st. ; res. Rennie at
Brown Thomas, Swan inn, 39 High street
Bruce Alexander, baker, 197 High street
Bruce Alexander, fruiterer, 177 Hicrh street
Bruce William grocer, Bankside, Bainsford
Bryce ChriBtina (Mrs.), dress maker, 2 Melville street
Bryce James, chemist, 226 Graham's roid, Grahamston
Buchan David, bird dealer, Station road
Buchan David, lath splitter, Bleachfield
Buchan John, inspector of lighting. Town hall, Newmarket st
Buchanan Alexander, coal dealer, Cistren lane
Burgh & County Police Office (William Gordon, supt. ; Alex-
ander Davidson, George Smith & John Howard Sempill, in-
spectors). Hope street
Furnbank Foundry Co. (established 1860), iron founders, manu-
facturers of ranges, stoves & general castings &c. Burnbank
foundry (James Wright, sole partner); T X 25; TA "Burn-
bank, Falkirk "
Burns J. H. & J. W. solicitors, 61 High Btreet
Burns James H. (J. H. & J. W. Burns), solicitor & notary, clerk
â– & treasurer to the Eastern district committee of the county
council of Stirlingshire & collector of county rates for the
Eastern division of Stirlingshire, 61 High st. ; res. Arnot hall
Burna James William, solicitor (J. H. & J. W. Burns), 61High st
Callander John, bookseller & stationer, 97 High street & printer,
Baxter'a wynd
Callander William Brown, watch maker, 130 High Btreet
Callendar Coal Co. Limited, coal masters & fire
brick &c. makers ( David Welsh, manager i,
Glebe cham bers, Vicars street ; & works at
Denny. T N 52
'Callendar Iron Co. iron founders; manufac-
turerfl of rain water pipes, light & heavy soil pipes & fittings,
-& close ranges, hot air register grates, baths &c. Callendar
Iron works; TN 29 j TA "Callendar, Falkirk."
See advert
Camelon Iron Co. Limited, general iron found-ers & manufacturers
of registers, ranges, rain water & hot water pipes &c. Camelon
- iron works ; TN39; TA" Camelon, Falkirk "
Campbell & Co. fire brick &c. makers & ganister grinders, Bough
Castle fire clay works
Campbell Helen (Mrs.), Railway inn, High Station road
Campbell John, coal merchant, Springfield sidings, Grahamston
Campbell Mary (Mrs.), fancy repository, Vicar street
Campbell Norman, Woodside inn, High Station road
Campbell William, grocer & wine & spirit merchant, 84 High st. ;
res. Isaville, South Pieasance avenue
Cape William B. goods agt. N. B. rlwy. Grahamston station
Carlew James, boot maker, 19 High street
Oarmichael Janet (Mrs.), Red Lion inn, Bainsford
1 Carmuirs Iron Co. Limited (John Wilkie, sec)
Carr John, music seller, 29 Graham's road, Grahamston; rea.
George street
Carswell Brothers, butchers, 148 Graham's road, Grahamston
Cars well James Stewart, hatter & hosier, 33 Graham's road,
Catholic Institute, Manor street
Caw John, Bpirit dealer, 199 High street
Cemetery (William M'Rae, supt.), Dorrator
Chalmers & Ormiston, musical instrument dealers, Glebe street
Chisholm John, french polisher, Manor street
Christie & Miller, cabinet manufacturers, Burnfoot
Christie John, slater, Dundee court
Clapperton Thomas, tailor, 139 High Btreet
Clark Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Cockburn street
"Clark James, timber merchant, Graham's road, Grahamston ;
TA "Clark, Falkirk"; res. Dunaile
Clark John, spirit dealer, 214 Graham's road, Grahamston
Clark Michael, egg mer. & grocer, Manor street & Wooer street
Clarkson James, tobacconist, 93 High street & 172 Graham's
road, Grahamston
Clarkson Robert D., M.B., CM. surgeon, 48 Graham's road,
'Grahamston; res. Reres, High Station road
Clydesdale Bank Limited (branch) (Fergus David Ferguson,
agent), 133 High street
Coast Transit Co. Limited, steam ship owners, 42 Newmarket
street; TN 189
"Cochrane & Co. chemists, Glebe buildings, Vicar's street
Cockburn M. & Co. & Springfield Foundrv Co. general iron
founders, Gowan bank; T N 56 ; T A "Springfield, Falkirk"
Cockburn & Co. Limited, chemists, 166^ High Btreet
Cockburn William G. & Son, undertakers & carriage proprietors,
Dalderse avenue, Graham's road & Howgate
Cockburn Barbara (Mrs.), confectioner, 10 Wallace Bt.Grhmgton
Colvin R. & G. bakers & confectioners, 162 Graham's road,
Grahamston & Vicars street
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited (branch) (Robert Hill
Xochhead, agent), 133 High street & Graham's road, Graham-
ston; draw on London office, 62 Lombard street E & Coutt3
& Co. WC, London
Condie William *to Co. clothiers, 9 Glebe street
Conochie Daniel, spirit dealer, 136 High street
Cooper & Co. grocers & provision dealers, 2 Vicars street
Copland Thomas M., C.E. architect & surveyor, 76 High street
Cormack William M.A., B.Sc. principal science department &
analytical chemist, Park street; res. Cochrane st. Comely park
Cosh S. H. principal clerk inland revenue office, Vicar's street;
res. Strathendrick, Majors Loan
Cottage Hospital(MissHannahE.Glendinning, matron), Thornhill rd
County Council Sanitary Inspector's Office (Eastern District
Committee) (William Stewart, for Southern division, & Alex-
ander Bremmer, for Northern division)
Cowan & Co. carting agents to the North British Railway Co.
Grahamston station, Grahamston
Cowan Adam, solicitor (see Wylie & Cowan), Manse pi. Vicara 8t
Cowan James, accountant, Commercial Bank of Scotland Lim. ;
res. Duncraggan
Cowan Peter, joiner, Cistren lane
Cragie George, cartwright, Main street, Bainsford
Craig's Limited, coopers, Bleachfield cooperage
Craig Andrew M., M.A. schoolmaster, Booth place
Craig Francis, cartwright, Boyd Btreet, Grahamston
Crawford Andrew, blacksmith, 146 High street
Crawford Isabella (Miss), confectioner, 46 High Station road
Crawford Jane (Mrs.), confectioner, 13 High Station road
Crawford John, spirit dealer, Callendar road
Cross's Chemical Co. Lim. manufacturing chemists, Camalon
Crozier Margaret (Miss), draper. Kirk wynd
Cullen David, cabinet maker, 77 Graham's road, Grahamston
Cumming James, moulders' blacking manufacturer, Sunnyside
b'acking mills
Cumming Peter, dentist, 44 Graham's road, Grahamston
Currie Ralph, gas collector, 10 Alma street, Grahamston
Cuthbert3on Edward, coal mer. Springfield sidings, Grahamston
Dalziel J. & W. jewellers, 176 Graham's road, Grahamston
Dalziel John L. chemist, 168 Graham's road; re3. Alma street,
Danish Butter Co. 176 High street
Darnley Christina (Miss), milliner, 92 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Davidson & Co. boot makers, 98 High Btreet
Davidson Alex, inspector of police, 64 Alma street, Grahamston
Davidson James Noble, solicitor, 30 Newmarket street; res. 3
Victoria road
Davidson William, fruiterer, 264 Graham's road, Grahamston
Davie Laurence, furniture dealer, 165 High street; res. Graham's
road, Grahamston
Davie William C. tobacconist, 180 High street
Dewar J. & P. joiners, Thistle street, Grahamston
Dewar John, station master & goods agent Caledonian railway,
Grahamston station. Grahamston; res. 48 Alma street
Dinmond Foundry Co. gas stove manufacturers
Dick Jas. C cabinet maker & upholsterer, 23 High Station road
Dickson David, boot maker, Robert's wynd
Dickson William, confectioner, Hiph Station road
Dillon Hugh & Son, drapers & clothiers, 143, 147 & 161 High st
Divito Guiseppe, confectioner, 12 Main street, Bainsford
Dobbie Jane (Miss), milliner, 148 High street
Dobbie Janet (Mrs.), china & glass dlr. 101 Graham's rd.Grahmstn
Dolan James, baker, 157 High street
Dolan James, grocer & spirit dlr. 184 Graham's rd. Grahamston
Dolan James, grocer. Manor street
Do'.an James, householder, 31 Arnot Hill gardens
Dorrator Iron Co. Limited, general iron founders & stove &
range makers
Doucall James, carter, High Station road
Douglas Mary (Miss), greengrocer. High Station road
Dow David & Son, nurserymen & seedsmen, 91 High street;
nurseries, Kerse lane & Callendar road
Draper David, plumber, gasfitter & slater, 11 Graham's road,
Grahamston; res. Westfield, Wellside terrace
Drummond Allison (Mrs.), milliner, 28 Graham's rd.Grahamston
Drummond E. (Miss), ladies' outfitter, 190 High street
Drummond R. Gordon, chemist, 95 High street
Drummond William, householder, Arnot Hill gardens
Duffy Michael, clothes broker, Wooer street
Duncan Andrew, boot maker, Dalderse avenue, Grahamston
Duncan Arthur, boot maker, 174 Graham's road, Grahamston
Dunc*an John, session clerk, Clydesdale Bank buildings
Durie & Co. cycle dealers. Vicars street
Durie Thomas, hatter & hosier, Vicars Btreet
Dykes James, butcher, 48 High street
Eastern District of Stirlingshire Agricultural Association (Wm.
Wright, sec. & treasurer), Auction mart, Newmarket Btreet
Eastmans Limited, butchers, 186 Graham's road, Grahamston &
169 High street
Elliot William, butter & egg merchant, tea dealer Sec. Vicars Bt
Erskine & Fleming, grocers & spirit dealers, 174 High atreet
Facan Frances (Miss), schoolmistress, Silver row
Fairlie H. C. & Co. manufacturing chemists, Camelon chemical
works; TN 10; T ^ "Fairlie, Falkirk"
Falkirk Auction Mart (Thomas Binnie Limited, proprietors)
Falkirk Brase & Sanitary Engineering Co. brass founders, Ladys-
mill works
Falkirk Coal Co. coal merchants (David Reid, agent), Graham's
road, Grahamston
Falkirk Corporation Electricity Work3 (John McMillan, resident
engineer). High Station road
Falkirk District" of Burghs & Eastern District of Stirlingshire
Liberal Association, Newmarket street
Falkirk & Grahamston Pawnbroking Co. (Robert Johnstone,
proprietor), 236 & 240 Graham's road, Grahamston
Falkirk Herald (F. Johnston & Co. publishers) ; office, 125 High
street; & at Linlithgow, Grangemouth & Bo'ness
Falkirk Iron Co. iron founders & manufacturers of registers,
ranges &c. Falkirk iron works; T A "Castings, Falkirk "
Falkirk Plate Glass Insurance Co. (Borthwick Watson, sec.), 2
Bank street
Fa. kirk Public Library (George Chapman, librarian & sec),
Hope street
Falkirk Savings Bank (Archibald C. Rennie, actuary), 137 High st
Farrell Squad.-Sergt. -Major C. drill inst. D Squadron Lanark-
shire (Royal Queen' s Own & Lower Ward of Lanarkshire)
Imp. Ten. 100 High street
Ferguson & Bell, painters, paperhangers &c. Newmarket street
Ferguson Fergus D. agt. Clydesdale Bank Lim. ; res. Dunrowan

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