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Post & M. O., T., T. M. O., E. D., P. P., S. B. & A. & I. O.
Vicars s oreet
Donald MacPherson, postmaster.
Arrivals.— Prom all parts at 7 a.m. ; Edinburgh, Glasgow &
Stirling at 11.15 a.m. & 1.15 p.m.; Edinburgh, Glasgow &
the North at G.15 p.m.; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling &
Bo'ness, 7.56 p.m
DispatcheB.— To Stirling &, the North at 4 a.m. ; to *Grange-
mouth at 5.45 a.m. ; to *Edinburgh & the East, Glasgow & the
West at 7, 8.30 & 11 a.m. & 12.45 p.m.; to *Polmont
& Polmont Station at 11 a.m. ; to ^Linlithgow at 3.45 p.m.;
to London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling & the South &
Denny at 2, 7.45 & 9.5 p.m. (on Sunday box closes at 4.30);
to *Grangemouth at 4.50 p.m. ; to *London & South, Stirling
& North, 4.30 p.m.; Edinburgh & East, Darlington & New-
castle at 8 p.m.; to *Glasgow & West at 4.46 p.m.; Edin-
burgh, Glasgow & Carlisle at 10 p.m
Those marked thus * are not dispatched on sunday.
Town Sub-Post & M. O. O., S. B. & A. & I. 0. Grahamston ;
Miss Margaret S. Paul, sub-postmistress. Deliveries from
Falkirk; dispatches, 8.10 & 11.5 a.m. & 1.20, 3.35, 5.30,
' 5.45, 7.5 & 9.30 p.m. Telegrams can be handed in only at
this office & telegraph money orders are issued, but not paid
Post, M. 0. & T. O., T. M. 0., E. D., P. P., S. B. &
A. & I. 0. Laurieston; Mrs. Mary Binnie, sub-postmistress.
Deliveries from Falkirk; dispatches, 9.30 a.m. & 3.30 &
7.30 p.m
John Wilson esq. D.L., J. P. Airdrie house, Airdrie, Lanark-
shire; & Reform & Devonshire clubs S W, London; New &
Imperial Union clubs, Glasgow & Liberal club, Edinburgh
Town hall, Newmarket street.
Provost, John Weir
Bailies, Capt. James Bogle, J. G. Russell, James Fnirlie &
Robert Whyte
Police Judges, A. Christie & E. Flannigan
Hon. Treasurer, A. Mitchell
Dean of Guild, Robert Baird
Councillors, R. H. Lochhead, W. W. Neilson, Henrv Russell,
Alex. Stevenson, John WiJkie & William Webb
Town Clerk, A. Balfour Gray
Burgh Chamberlain, James Robertson
Procurator Fiscal, William Gordon
Assessor to the Magistrates, A. Balfour Gray
Justice of Peace Clerk, Alexander Gardner
Medical Officer of Health, John Thomson Prangnell M.D., CM.,
Public Analyst, Andrew Wilson
Burgh Surveyor, David Ronald
Inspector of Cleansing', Thomas M'Kee
Inspector of Lighting. John Buchan
Sanitary Inspector, John Brycc Hamilton
Burgh & County Police Office, Hope slreet, William Gordon,
superintendent & inspector of weights & measures; Alexander
Davidson, inspector
Held in the County Buildings every monday & Wednesday.
Sheriff, John M'Kie Lees
Sheriff Substitute, Russell Bell
Honorary Sheriff Substitutes, M. Cockburn, James Wilson &
B. rWa'tson D.L
Sheriff Clerk, vacant
Sheriff: Clerk Depute, Alexander Gardner
Procurator. Fiscal, W. K. Gair
Depute Fiscals, William John Gibson & Jas. Robertson Hislop
Bar Officer, Henry Walker
Messenger-at-Arms & Sheriff Officer, Charles E. H. Wann,
John Hill
Sheriff's Officer, John Stuart
Held in the County Buildings when necessary.
Judges, The Justices of the Peace in the district
Clerk, Alexander Gardner
Fiscal, James M. Wilson
Held in the Burgh Buildings when necessary.
Judges, The Provost, Bailies & Judgee of Police
Clerk, A. Balfour Gray; Dep. Clerk, J. R, W. Ferguson
Procurator Fiscal, William Gordon
Held in the Burgh Buildings first & third thursday in each month.
Clerk, A. Balfour Gray
Surveyor, David Ronald
Burgh buildings, Newmarket street.
(All the Members of the Town Council.)
Chairman, The Provost
Clerk, James Wilson
Collector & Treasurer, James Robertson
Gas Works, Grahamston, James Kincaid, manager
Chairman, The Provost of Falkirk
Clerk, A. Balfour Gray; Assistant Clerk, J. R. W. Ferguson
Treasurer, William B. Allan
Collector, James Robertson
Superintendent, Charles Massie
Auditor, Alexander Gardner
Offices, Vicars street.
Chairman, Alexander F. Thomson
Clerk, Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates, John Beeby
Medical Officer, Alfred Griffiths M.B., CM
Assistant Inspector, Joseph Geddes
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages (Falkirk parish), Tho&.
Gentles, King's court, High 6treet
Governor, John MacPherson
Matron, Mrs. Isabella MacPherson
Surgeon, Alfred Griffiths M.B., CM
Inspector, John Beeby
Assistant Inspector, Joseph Geddes
Vicars street.
Collector, John Westacott
Principal Clerk, 6. H. Cosh
Clerk, John McAulay
Supervisor, W. J. Bond
Officer, James Andrew
Assembly Hull, Wilson's buildings, High street
Burgh Buildings, Newmarket street, A. Balfour Gray, Stronnicti-,
Falkirk, town clerk; J. R. W. Ferguson, Graham's road r
Falkirk, deputy town clerk
Cemeterv, Dorrator, William M'Rae, superintendent
Cottage Hospital, Thornbill road, Miss H. E. Glendinning, matron.
County Buildings, Hope street
Falkirk Public Library, Hope street, George Chapman, sec.
& librarian
Fire Station, Newmarket street, George Summers, captain
Lome Hall, Burn's court, James Wilson, caretaker
Masonic Hall, Newmarket street, Andrew Hunter, solicitor
Oddfellows' Hall, Western avenue, Grahamston
Procurators' Library, County buildings, T. Callander Wade,-
treasurer & sec
Public Slaughter House, Kerse lane, Tho3. Fotheringham, supt
Town Hall, Newmarket street
Amateur Photographic Association, Newmarket street
Eastern District of Stirlingshire Agricultural Association, Wm.
Wright, sec. & treasurer, Auction mart, Newmarket street
Grahamston Working Men's Home, 268 Graham's rd. Grahamston.
Society of Solicitors of the Eastern District of Stirlingshire, W.
K. Gair, dean; T. Callander Wade, sec. & treasurer
Young Men's Christian Association, Newmarket street, Robert
Paul, sec
Lanarkshire (Queen's Own Royal Glasgow & Lower Ward o$,
Lanarkshire), D Squadron, Major A. Neilson, commanding;.
Squad.-Sergt. -Major C Farrell, drill instructor, 100 High street
4th (Stirlingshire) Volunteer Battalion Princess Louise's (Argyll
& Sutherland Highlanders) (D Co.), Capt. F. D. Ferguson;
(E Co.). Capt. J. M. Wilson; (F Co.), Capt. A. Black; Surg.-
Major A. D. Fraser M.D. medical officer; Sergt. J. Brown,,
drill instructor
PLACES OF WORSHIP & their Clergy.
Established Churches: —
Falkirk, Kirk wynd, Rev. Alexander Lowdon B.D ,
Grahamston, Rev. Andrew Ross Taylor
Laurieston, Rev. John A. Dron
United Free Churches: —
Falkirk, Rev. James B. Johnston B.D
Bainsford, Rev. Duncan M. Munro
Grahamston, Rev. Thomas Taylor
Laurieston, Rev. James Hunter B.D
Erskine (East), Silver row, Rev. James Aitchison
West, Rev. James Aitken M.A
St. James', Thornbill road, Rev. John D. Buchan
Episcopal (Christ Church), Rev. Fras. Ellington Wright (Camb)'
St. Modden's, Bank street, Rev. J. D. M'Lean
Roman Catholic, Hope street, Very Rev. Canon Patrick Morris &r
Rev. Francis O'Brien, priests
Baptist, Orchard street, Rev. Alexander Paterson M.A
Trinity Congregational, Meeks road, Grahamston, Ray. Alexander
Pollock M.A
Wesleyan, Grahamston, Rev. T. W. Jamieson
Salvation Army Hall, 109 High street
Town Mission Room, High Station road
Mission Hall, Bainsford
Chairman, Rev. A. Ross Taylor
Clerk, Thomas Gibson
Chairman, James Anderson
Clerk, Borthwick Watson
Board Schools: —
Falkirk (Central), George Nelson, master
Falkirk (Northern), -William Gilfillan, head master-; Miss
M'Keand, head mistress ,
Falkirk High School, Alexander McKay, rector
Falkirk High School (junior department), Wm. Erskine, master
Science & Art School, Park street, William Cormack MLA,,
B.Sc. science master; Peter Wright, drawing master
Bainsford, James Hunter, master

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