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Goudie Annie (Mrs.), stationer & news agent, 24 High street;
res. 91 High street
Goudie Humphrey, coach proprietor, 25 Maxwellton street
Goudie John, plumber (Hunter & Goudie), 39 Mill street
Goudie William, accountant (Kirkwood & Goudie), 5 Mavisbank
terrace, Blackball
â– Gould Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, 14 Storie street
Govan Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 16 Gilmour street
â– Gowan James, dairy, la, Clarence street
Graham & Caskie, smiths & scale makers, 20 Moss street
Graham T. &> R. lithographers, 4 Bridge street; T A " Litho,
Paisley "
Graham Angus, dairyman, 8 South Croft street
•Graham James, grocer, 70 Love street
Graham Thomas, confectioner, 6 Storie street
â– Graham Thomas M.D. surgeon, 3 Garthland place
Graham William. (Mrs.), confectioner, 46 George street
Grandage William, grocer, 19 New Stock street
â– Grant Donald, station master, St. James station, Greenhill road;
19 Greenhill road
Gray Alexander, tea dealer, 8 Moss street
Gray Archibald, brass founder, 67 Back Sneddon street; res.
5 Murray street
•Gray John, confectioner, 25 Argyle street
Gray John, dairyman, 35 Well street
Gray Robert, carrier, 91 Causeyside street
Greenlees A. & J. W. yarn & cloth agents, 13 Causeyside street
Greenlees James & Sons, boot makers, 21 High street
Greenlees Matthew & Son, manufacturers, 167 George st. ; IN
198; T A " Greenlea, Paisley"
Greenlees Alex, yarn merchant (A. & J. W. Greenlees), Corrie-
ville, Calside
Greenlees Jane (Miss), news agent, 10 Old Sneddon street
Greenlees Robert, boot maker (James Greenlees & Sons), 15
Greenlaw avenue
Greig Robert & Co. auctioneers, 13 Causeyside street
Greig Eobert, painter, 40 George street
Grey Agnes (Mrs.), confectioner, Inchinnan road
Gribben Duncan Cameron, printer, 5 Causeyside street; res. 26
Seedhill road
Grierson B. & Co. carting agents for -the Glasgow & Paisley
Joint Railway (Robert Towart, agent), Greenlaw goods station
Grimble & Co. Limited, vinegar makers (J. McKinlay, agent),
6 Buchanan terrace
Groves Henry, insurance agent, 35 Wellmeadow street
Guthrie Eobert & Co. muffler manufacturers, 6 Causeyside street
Guthrie Elizabeth (Miss), draper, 67 Broomlands street
Guthrie Mungo, working Jeweller, 1 Old Smithhills street
Guy James, weaver, 2 Espedair street
Haddow Agnes (Mrs.), confectioner, 26 Williamsburgh
Haine Joseph William, inland revenue officer, 8 St. Mirren st. ;
res. 32 Williamsburgh
Haldane Maggie (Miss), confectioner, P West Campbell street
Halden Rebecca (Miss), dress maker, 109 Causeyside Btreet
Hall Robert, house factor, 93 High street ; res. 35 Great
Hamilton street
Hamilton Adam & Sons Limited, dvers, bleachers, calenderers &
finishers, Blackland mill; TN 70; TA " Blackland "
Hamilton Agnes (Miss), china & hardware dealer, 2 Neilston st
Hamilton Alex, baker, 18 Broomlands street; res. 10 Broom-
lands street -
Hamilton Alexander, draper, 16 Wellmeadow street
Hamilton Alexander, tailor &c. 3£ George st. ; res. 1 George pi
Hamilton Andrew, accountant, house factor & insurance agent,
93 High street; res. 2 Greenlaw avenue
Hamilton David, school teacher, Belle vue, Meikleriggs
Hamilton Elizabeth (Miss), eating house, 32 Broomlands street
Hamilton George, bleacher (A. Hamilton & Sons Limited),
Hamilton George, butcher, 5 George st. ; res. 3 Stirling street
Hamilton George, spirit dealer, 105 George street
Hamilton George, jun. bleacher (A. Hamilton & Sons) .Whiteleigh
Hamilton Hugh, accountant, Glaisnock. Bank street
Hamilton Hugh, teacher of languages, 4 Bank street
Hamilton James, spirit dealer, 96 Causeyside st. & 168 George st
Hamilton James, traveller, Netherpark, Calside
Hamilton James K. (Mrs.), grocer, 16 Well street
Hamilton Jane (Mrs.), draper, 3£ George street
Hamilton Leanore ''Mrs.), dairy, 58 Causeyside street
Hamilton Maggie (Miss), draper, 93 Causeyside street
Hamilton Peter, assistant manager, Newhall villas, Glenfield
Hamilton Robert, baker, 55 Causeyside street
Hamilton Eobert, grocer â– & -spirit dealer, 5 Carriage hill
Hamilton Eobert, ham curer &c. (Burnet & Hamilton), 8
Townhead terrace
Hamilton, Robert, house factor, 43 Lady lane; res. 9 Douglas st
Hamilton Robert, tailor, 5 Giimour st. ; res. 8 Greenlaw avenue
Hamilton Robert A. architect, 93 High st. ; res. 21 Caledonia st
Hamilton Sarah (Mrs.), confectioner, 18 Springbank road
Hamilton William, dyer & french cleaner, 18 Abbey street;
les. 1 Hnsted place
Handyside C. H. & Co. oil refiners, Macfarlane street
Hanna, Donald & Wilson, engineers & steam engine makers,
boiler & gas apparatus makers & iron & steel bridge builders
Abbey works; TN 72; TA "Donald, Paisley"
Hannah William & Son, hardware dealers, 80 High street
Hannah Henry, chemist, 44 Moss street & 1 Crossflat terrace,
Glasgow road; res. 1 Caledonia street
Hannah William, timber mer. (Hawson & Hannah), 47 Love st
Haran Neil G. & Sons, plumbers & gasfitters, 99 Causeyside st
Haran Alexander, plumber (Neil G. Haran & Sons), 17
New Stock street
Haran John Neil, plumber (Neil G. Haran & Sons),83Seedhill rd
Hardie Eobert, warehouseman (Glover & Hardie), 10 Green-
law avenue
Harding Captain Charles, chief constable for Renfrewshire,
County buildings; res. Carisbrooke, Fort Matilda, Greenock
Harkins Annie (Miss), confectioner, 30 Thread street
Harley John M. manager, Falstde cottage, Falside
Harper David Carswell, bookbinder (David Carswell & Son),
3 Mansfield place
Harper Henry, tailor, hatter & clothier, 52 High st. & 17 Moss st
Harper Hugh, coal merchant, Boneen, Hawkhead
Harris John, inland revenue officer, 3 Mansion House road
Harris William, watch maker & optician, 70 High street; res.
22 Oakshaw street
Hart, Abercrombie & Lang, writers, 13 St. James pi. ; T N 330
Hart Annie (Miss), dress maker, 10 St. Mirren street
Hart Catherine (Miss), dress maker, 16 George street
Hart George, writer (Hart, Abercrombie & Lang) & notary
public & procurator fiscal, Sheriff Court ho. ; res. Deanside,
Craw road
Hart Jane (Miss), hair dresser & tobacconist, 3 Moss street
Hart Jennie (Miss), tobacconist, 24 Wellmeadow street
Hart Margaret (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 3 St. James street
Hart Eobert, spirit dealer, 1 Carriage hill
Hart Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 George street; res. 5
Greenlaw avenue
Hart William, spirit dealer, 52 Storie street
Hartland Edmund, foreman pattern maker, 9 Whitehaugh ter-
race, Glasgow road
Harvey James & Co. Limited, wine & spirit merchants, King st. ;
i'A "Harvey, Paisley"; TN 146
Harvey Robert, spirit dealer, 23 Williamsburgh
Hastie William, tailor, 10 Orchard street
Hawley John, clerk, Peveril, Whitehaugh drive
Hawson & Hannah, timber merchants &. packing case makers,
Springbank road ; T N 203
Hawson William, timber merchant (Hawson & Hannah), Gil-
mourlea, Greenock road
Hay George, station master, Canal Street & Paisley (West) stns
Hay RobertBlair, writer, 14Moss st. ; res.Barshaw cot.Arkleston rd
Hayes Mary (Mrs.), stationer & news agent, 8 St. James place
Henderson & Agnew, drapers, 102 Causeyside street
Henderson George, greengrocer &, confectioner, 7 Whitehead st
Henderson John, fruiterer & florist, 1 Old Smithhills street & 35
Causeyside street
Henderson John, fruiterer, 29 Caledonia street
Henderson Marion (Mrs.), confectioner, 5 Mill street
Hendrie Annie (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 50 Caledonia St.;
res. 7 Buchanan terrace
Hendry James, traveller, 32 Williamsburgh
Hendry Robert, spirit dealer, 12 Old Sneddon street
Hendry William D. messenger-at-arms & sheriff's officer, 4 M039
street; res. 4 Greenlaw avenue
Henry & Gait, iron founders, 89 New Sneddon street; TN 302
Henry Charles, tobacconist, 41 Wellmeadow street
Henry John, tailor, 11 Broomlands street
Hepworth J. & Son Limited, clothiers, 90 High street
Herd & Buchanan, plumbers, 36 Old Sneddon street
Hsrd Alexander, nlumber (Herd & Buchanan), 20 Abbey street
Herd Alexander Henderson, grocer, 5 George street
Herd Charles, jun. painter, 1 Neilston street
Herd John, plumber, 11 Gauze street
Higgen George, grocer, 16 Lawn street
Highgate Hugh & Co. oil refiners & manufacturers, Greenhill oil
works, Murray street; T N 101: TA" Highgate, Paisley"
Highgate John & Co. timber merchants & saw mills, Caledonia
& Baltic saw mills, Murray street; TN 49; TA "High-
gates, Paisley "
Highgate David, oil refiner &c. (Hugh Highgate & Co.), M03S-
giel, Blairmore
Highgate H. G. timber merchant (John Highgate & Co.), Wester-
field, Calside
Highgate Hugh, oil refiner (Hugh Highgate & Co.), Blairmore
house, Blairmore
Hill & Adam, joiners, Hunter street
Hill R. & J. grain merchants, 45 Well street
Hill Alexander, slater, 135 George street & 3 Sir Michael st. ;
res. 6 Townhead terrace
Hill James, accountant, 13 St. James place
Hill John, tobacconist, 39 Old Sneddon street
Hill John Phillip, boot maker, 4 Garthland street
Hill Thomas, grain merchant, 22 Maxwelltown street; T N 33 ;
res. 43 George street
Hill William, solicitor & notary, 3 Gateside, Renfrew road
Hill William, joiner (Hill & Adam), 2 Tannahill place
Hillcoat William, builder, 3 Russell street
Hislop R. & G. gas engineers, 13 St. James place; TN 331
Hislop Alexander, spirit dealer, 10 Moss street
Hislop George R. engineer & manager Gas works, Blackstoun
road; res. Craigilea, Blackstoun road
Hislop Robert Findlay, gas engineer (R. & G. Hislop), 13 St.
James place; res. Craigilea, Blackstoun road
Hodge Mitchell & Son, house furnishers, 94 Causeyside street
Hogarth James, club master, 101 High street
Hogarth James, cycle manufacturer, 32 Carriage hill
Hogg Archibald, secretary, 2 Whitehaugh terrace
Hogg John, writer, 13 Moss street; Telephone 4X3 Paisley;
res. 6 Buchanan terrace
Hogg William, carting contractor, Harbour lane; res. 5 New
Sneddon street
Holden Lawrence , confectioner, 30 Canal street
Hollis John, engineer, 3 Wallace st. ; res. 30 New Sneddon st
Hollis Maggie (Miss), confectioner, 92 New Sneddon street
Holmes Elizh. (Mrs.), berlin wool & fancy repository, 97 High st
Holmes James Donald M.B., C.M. physician & surgeon, 63
Causeyside street; T N 11 XI
Holmes Matthew, butcher, 16 Kilnside road
Holmes Robert, greengrocer, 72 Canal street
Holmes William, hutcher, 21 Sandholes
Holmes William, dairyman, 15 Back Sneddon street
Holms John M.D. surgeon, 21 Wellmeadow street & 24 Gauze
street ; res. 50 High street
Holms John, jun. L.D.S. dentist, 50 High street
Holrovd Albert, teacher of music, 31 Gauze street
Holt Head, fruiterer, 30 High street
Holt James, horse dealer, Henderson street
Home (The"! & Colonial Stores Limited, tea dlrs. &c. 14 Moss st
Home for Incurables (Miss Barbara Craig, matron), Meikleriggs
Homo Tea Co. (T. R. Grosvenor, mangr.), 68 Back Sneddon st
Hood James, spirit dealer, 28 Back Sneddon street

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