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Spiers Thomas B. Duchal terrace
Stenhouse Mrs. Craigard
Stewart Sir Michael Robert Shaw- bart.
(lord lieut. pf Renfrewshire), Duchal ho
Stewart Matthew, Anfield
Stewart William, Larchmonfc
Stirrat William B. Westmarch
Syme Campbell, The Lea
Symington Mrs. Broomie knowe
Tannahill Miss, Barlogan
Taylor Alexander, Shieldhall
Todd David, Greyneuke
Todd Gourlay W. Rosslea
Todd Robert John, Blairnaim
Tupman Mrs. XJlverscroft
Waddel James, Invereck
Wallace Archibald C. Heathery knowe
Watson Matthew, Cedar hill
Wilkinson Oswald, Tweedside
Wilson Mrs. George villa
Wood William, Ardgowan
Wood Alex. C. Hill view
Woodrow Peter
Arnott Bessie (Mrs.), china dlr. & fruitr
Brodie Andrew, watch maker
Buntaine John, veterinary surgeon
Caldwell Archibald, joiner
Campbell Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner
Campbell Hugh, boot maker
Clarke James, fruiterer & grocer
Currie John, cycle agent & plumber
Daggerman J. & E. drapers
Davidson David, boot maker
Dodd James, grocer
Doig William, fruiterer, Carmiehael place
Eilert William, hair drssr. & tobacconist
Ferguson Andrew, grocer & baker
Gibb James, grocer
Gibb Jane (Mrs.), confectnr. & fruiterer
Gordon James, slater
Greenlees John, boot maker
Hattrick John, painter
Huie John 0. agent for the Royal Bank of
Scotland & clerk & treasurer to the
school board
Hunter James, draper
Kilmalcolm Gas Co. Limited (A. M. Cun-
ningham, manager)
Kilmalcolm Golf Club (W. L. Walker,sec. ;
J. C. Huie, treasurer
Kilmalcolm (The) Hydropathic Co. L'mited
(Alexander Murray, sec. ; Arthur E,
Odell, manager)
Laird Andrew, ironmonger & saddler
Laird John, coach owner & carting contrctr
Laird Peter Alexander M.B., C-M. sur-
geon. Dorema
Lang James & George, joiners
Lang John, Buchanan Arms hotel
Lochead John, joiner
Love Geo. & Alex, millers, Margaret's mill
McAulay Walter G. baker
McCallum Hugh, blacksmith, Finlayston
(letters through Langbank)
McCallum John, inspector of poor, col-
lector of rates, clerk to heritors & regis-
trar of births, deaths & marriages
McCrindle Robert, blacksmith
McCunn Donald A. coal merchant
M'llwraitli David, plumber
McKee Thomas, grocer
McKillop Annie (Mrs.), draper
McLean Bennett, chemist
M'Nab Thomas, boot maker
McNaughton DuncanC. tobacconist & statnr
Mennons Jemima (Miss), ladies' school
Miller John, fishmonger & stone mason
Morelli Diminic, ice cream dealer
Morrison Isabella (Miss), dress maker
Munn William B. ironmonger
Murray Robert & Son, millers, Pacemuir
Murray James, grocer
Murray John, grocer
Nicholson James, station master
Odell Arthur E. manager Kilmalcolm Hy-
dropathic Co. Limited
Paterson William, butcher
Parker James M.B. & C.M.G-las. surgeon,
Reading Room (William Richardson, sec)
Reid Margaret & Mary (Misses), hosiers
Ritchie John, painter
Robertson John, supt. Sailors' Orphan
Rogers James, grocer & spirit dealer
Ross Hugh, blacksmith
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) (John
Cleghorne Huie, agent) ; draw on Lon-
don office, 123 Bishopsgate street within
E C; Coutts & Co. W C & Bank of
England E C, London
Sailors' Orphan Homes (Jn. Robertson, supt)
Savings Bank (J. Crawford, treasurer;
open mon.evening from 7 to S), Parish schls
Scott John, joiner
Scott Joseph, coal merchant
Scott Robert Laird, spirit dealer
Shepherd John, stone mason & news agent
Sheridan Joseph, butcher
Steven David, builder
Syme Campbell L.R.C.P., F.R.S.Edin. sur-
geon, The Lea
Telfer David B. boot maker
Whiteford John, coal merchant
Whyte John, grocer
Wilson John, spirit dealer
Wilson Miss, spirit dealer
Woodrow Peter, builder
Wylie & Madell, stationers & printers
\dam Alexander, Parklea
Baxter James, Burnbank
Black Donald, Auchenfoyle
Black Hugh, Giblaston
Blair James & Bobert, Lawparks
Blair Robert, Craiglinsheugh
Brewster Alexander, Hatrick
Brown Thomas, Killochree3
Buntain William, Pomillan
Carruth John, Bridgeflat
Carson R. & T. Blacksholm
Carswell J. & Sons, Timber ponds
Crawford J. & W. Dippany
Crawford James (reps, of), Townhead
Crawford R. Burnside
Crawford Robert, East Kilbride
Douglas Peter, Mathernock
Duff Archibald, Dykefoot
Duff John, West Langbank
Gibb Matthew, Peacemuir
Holmes Matthew, Bardrainey
Holmes Peter, Priestside
Hunter Robert, Timber ponds
Kennedy Robert, Bank brae
Kerr Alex. Mansfield
Kerr John, Mains & Mount Stewart
Kinloch James & John, Branchal
Laird George B. Newton
Laird John, Faulds
Laird John, Cairncurran
Laird John, Lady Muir
Lang A. & J. West Kilbride
Lang Arthur, Plaintree yettes
Lang James, Barnshake
Lang John (reps, of), Carsemeadow
Lang Robert, Mid Auchinleck
Love George & Alexander, Margaret's mill
Love J. & R. Westside
Lyle James. High Auchinleck
McDougall Duncan, Auchentibber
M'Dougall John, Pennytersal
Millar James, Milton
Miller James, Castlebill
Neil John, Slaemuir
Scott George, Hillside
Scott James, East Green
Scott William, Barnshake
Smellie Alexander, Garshangan
Smith John, Bulrossie slates
Taylor Alexander, Branchal
Telfer John, Branchal
Walker William W. Knockbuckle
Watson John, Parkhill
LANG-BANK, or Lady Bank, is a village
and quoad sacra parish, formed from the
parish of Erskine, about 3£ miles south-
east from Port Glasgow. It is pleasantly
situated on the Clyde, and has a station
on the Caledonian railway. The Estab-
lished church, built in 1865, is a plain
edifice of stone, with a bell tower, and
has sittings for 400 persons, and the
United Free church has a tower and spire
In 1901 the ecclesiastical parish had a
population of 503, and the village 336.
Post, M. 0. & T., T. M. 0. & E. D. &
S. B. <fc A. & I. 0. ; David Templeton,
postmaster. Letters received through
Port Glasgow. Arrivals, 7 & 8.15 a.m. &
4.30 p.m.; dispatches, 8.10 & 8.40 a.m.
& 12.30, 5.6, 5.30 & 7.45 p.m
Established Church, Rev. Wm. Alexander
United Free Church, Rev. Archibald Alex-
ander B.D
Board School, James M. Wilkie, master
Railway Station, John Taylor, station mastr
Alexander Rev. Archibald B.D. (TJ. F-),
The Manse
Alexander Rev. William (Established),
Morningside East
Ballantyne Misses, Morluig
Beveridge David, Homefield West
Bond Charles Frank, Wood view
Browning James, Lilybank
Charters John, Woodside
Clark Malcolm Turner, Craigengower
Couper John, The Hollies
Cross Mrs. East bank
Douglas Andrew, Rosebank
Dun'.op Thomas, Waterside
Fleming William T. Helmhurst house
Fotheringham Adam, Hazelwood
Gilchrist Robert, Dunrowan
Gilchrist William, Westmount
Hardie John, Anchor villas
Herriot William, Janefield
Hutton Mrs. Riversdale
Ingram Mrs. Fairdene
Jack Andrew, Canema West
Johnstone William, Morningside West
Law Thomas, Birkenshaw
Lithgow William T. The Drums
McAllister John, Canema East
McEwan Robert, Garmoyle
M'Gurfie Mrs. Rossendale
Mcintosh Mrs. Craig-Ian
M'Kellar Mrs. Holmefield
Paisley George, Euroa
Paisley Peter, Eildon
Rowlay Thomas, Beaconsfield
Seath Thomas B. Sunny Oaks
Sillars Mrs. Ravenswood
Wylie William, Holmefield
Boyd Isabella (Mrs.), grocer
Craig John, joiner
Dempster James, nurseryman
Docherty John, cartage contr. Clydeside
Fraser Wm. spirit dealer (West Ferry P.H)
Gas Works (James Renfrew, manager)
McCallum Hugh, blacksmith
Templeton David, grocer, Post office
LEVERN is a quoad sacra parish,
formed in 1895 from the old civil parish of
Abbey of Paisley and Eastwood parish,
and comprises Hurlet, Nitshill and a part
of Barrhead.
Hurlet and Nitshill are small villages
within the newly-constructed civil parish of
Paisley, and 3£ miles south-east from Pais-
ley, on the Barrhead road. Nitshill has
a station on the Glasgow, Barrhead and
Kilmarnock line of the Glasgow and South
Western railway, and also large chemical
works, and lime, asbestos and iron works.
The population of the ecclesiastical parish
in 1901 wa-s 3,021, and of Nitshill, 1,242.
Post & T. 0. Nitshill; John Feickney,
sub-postmaster. Letters received through
Glasgow. Deliveries, 7 a.m. &â–  6 p.m. ;
dispatches, 11.30 a.m. & 3.45 & 8.45
p.m. Postal Orders are issued here oc
paid. Barrhead is the nearest money
order office
Established Church, Hurlet, Rev. Thomas
Cook M.A
United Free Church, Nitshill, Rev. Wm.
School Board Office (Levern parish), Hur-
let, Robert Stewart, clerk
Board Schools: —
Hurlet, John Wood, master
Roman Catholic School, Nitshill, William
Chalmers, master
Railway Station, Nitshill, George Blair,
station master
(Letters through Glasgow.)
Aikenhead Misses, Woodneuk cottage
Brownlie James, West Hurlet
Brownlie James Russell, West Hurlet
Cochrane Archibald, East Hurlet house
Cook Rev. Thomas M.A. (EsUib.^The Manse
Forrest Thomas, Levernshields
King Colonel Robert, Levernholm
Logan Thomas, Houshill
M'Gregor Mrs. Wellington cottage
Middleton William, Mount Satterland
Niven John, Levernshields
Omand Rev. William, United Free Church
Robinson Thomas, Hurlet villa
Waddell William, Shatterland villa
Cameron Robert, joiner
Clark Ellen (Mrs.),, grocer
Currie James, gas manager & collector,
Gas house
Gebbie Jean (Mrs.), spirit dlr. Waterside
McDonald Alexander, shopkeeper, Househill
Middleton John, spirit dealer, Househill
Nitshill Gas Light Co. Limited (Thomas
Robinson, sec. ; James Currie, manager
& collector)
Renfrew Colin, blacksmith & joiner
Rodden Matthew, builder, Househill
Scottish Asbestos Co. Lim. asbestos mnfrs
Wood Henry, traveller, Woodend cottage
(Letters through Glasgow.)
Brownlie David, Albany house
Dunlop James, Woodfort cottage

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