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Cram William, 13 "West Stewart street
Crawford & Kerr, 6 Bogle street
Crawford John, 34 West Blackball street
Crawford William, 12 Vermel
Duncan, Sharp & Maconie, Port Glasgow rd
Fairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 West breast
Ferguson William, 2 Inverkip street
Graham J. Grieve & Co. Terrace road
Graham James, 19 Cathcart street
M'Jannet John, 62 Inverkip street
McQuoid William, 31 Sir Michael street
Mitchell James & Son, 5 West Stewart st
Morrison Duncan D. 10 Charles street
Mossman William, 68 Eegent street
Ritchie J. & J. 7 Duff street
Smith Alexander, jun. East Blackhall st
Thomson Henry, 39 Nicholson street
Tytler M. & Sons, 8 & 10 Laird street
Walker Robert, 32 Roxburgh street
Williamson William A. M.13 Dellingburn st
Pork Butchers.
Smith Henry, 20 Ann street
Smith Henry, 45 Vennel
Waddell Bobert D. 16 West Blackhall street
Potato Merchants.
â– Chalmers John, 4 Princes street
Howie Matthew, 5 West breast
Munn & Howie, 13 Charles street
Bmillie & Bobson,39Hamilton st.&3 Manse la
Poulterers & Game Dealers.
M'Kechnie Allan, 19 West Blackhall street
& 13 Union street
Paterson John, 7 William street
Preserve Manufacturers.
Macneills Limited, Glebe
Baird Et. A. Municipal bldgs. Hamilton st
Baxter Brothers, 19 Shaw street
Blair David, 40 Cathcart street
Campbell A. & Son, 46 Hamilton street
Campbell Charles & Son, 28 Nicholson st
Hutchison William, 23 Nicholson street
McKelvie James & Sons, 4 West Black-
hall street
Orr, Pollock & Co. 14 Charles street &
6ugarhouse lane
Pollock John Mitchell, 7 West breast
Rae Thomas, 32 Hamilton street
Smith Albert, 29 Shaw street
Storer J. & Sons, 12 Kilblain street
Private Schools.
See Schools — Private.
Property Investment Societies.
See Building & Property Investment
Provision Dealers.
Carmichael Mrs. Ann, 24 South street
Clark James S. 36 Shaw street
Cooper & Co. 18 Hamilton street
Duncan William, 33 Hamilton street
Ferguson Daniel, 5 West Stewart street
Ferguson Hugh, 23 Charles street
Graham James Tweedale, 43 Boxburgh st
Hardie John, 16 West Blackhall street
Hardie Robert S. 29 Charles street
Home & Colonial Stores Lim. 13 Hamil-
ton street
Johnston Samuel, 77 Roxburgh street
Kelly William & Co. 72 Eldon street
Lipton Lim. 44 & 46 Hamilton street &
32 Cathcart street
McEwan Bobert, 35 Nicholson street
Martin Robert, 28 Charles street
Maypole Dairy Co. Lim. 17 Hamilton st
Muir John & James, 25 Vennel
6hearer Hugh, 52 Shaw street
Wallace Miss Ellen, 64 Vennel
Provision Merchants.
Black Thomas, o Dock breast
Brighton, Loudon & Mathieson, 1 Tobago st
Lipton Lim. 32 Cathcart st.& 44 Hamilton st
Paterson Alexander & Son, 39 Hamilton st
Public Companies.
Greenock Model Lodging House Co. Lim.
(Bobert Macpherson, sec), 33Cathcart st
Shipping (The) Federation Co. Limited,
Cnstom House place
Public Halls.
See Official.
Registrars of Births, Deaths &
Baird Arthur R. Municipal buildings
Johnston William, Municipal buildings
Baird Miss Jane, 11 Cathcart street
Buntain Mrs. Annie, 23 Rue-end street
Chalmers Hume (Wheat Sheaf hotels, 4
Church place
Crawford Alex.17 Charles st.& ISCathcart st
Devlin Miss Catherine, 5 West Blackhall st
Lawson William, 41 Hamilton street
McArthur Miss Agnes, 39 Cathcart street
McCormack James, 37 West Blackhall si
McCormack William, 31 West Blackhall st
Refreshment Room3 (Margaret Gilchrist),
Caledonian Eailway station, Cathcart st
Refreshment Rooms (John Thomas, mgr.),
Princes pier station, Brougham, street
Ritchie John, 24 Cathcart street
Stewart Misses Maggie & Janet, 63 Inver-
kip street
Rope Manufacturers.
Appleton Thomas, 23 Port Glasgow road
Gourock Rope Works Co. 1 Cross Shore st
Stewart T. & J. Leitch &, Co. Lim.; works,
Drumfrochar road
Tough Alexander & Son, Palmerston build-
ings, Brymner street
Sack & Bag- Manufacturers.
Connolly P. & Son, 7 West Stewart street
Muir & Weir, Upper Ingleston
Sack & Bag- Merchants.
Bannigan Mrs. Bella, 18 Cathcart street
Muir & Weir, Upper Ingleston
Petrie James, 5 George avenue
Barr Alexander, 29 Sugarhousc lane
Lauder Alexander, 19 Cathcart street
Park Matthew, 58 Rue-end street & 33
Nicholson street
Sail Makers.
Black Thomas, 5 Dock breast
Ferguson & Co. Roslin street, Glebe
McCallum Neil, 12 West breast
Pennell J. & Co. Lim. (James Bowman,
jun. manager), Boyd street
Whyte James, 5 East breast
Sail Cloth Manufacturers.
Gourock Ropework Co. 1 Cross Shore st
Salt Merchants.
Wilson Edward & Son, 25 Charles street
Saw Manufacturer.
Duguid John, 6 Cathcart street
Saw Mill Owners.
Agnew James, 32 Crawfurd street
Allison & Brand, 1G West Burn street
Black James, 5 West Stewart street
Cameron George & Co. Limited, Ladyburn
saw mills
Cartsdyke Saw Mills Co. 6 East Hamilton st
M'Lean James & Co. (patent), 27 Main st
Miller & Co. 64 Inverkip street
Murray James, 30 Market street
Scale & Beam Maker.
Edmistou Thomas, 6 Tobago street
Schools & Colleges.
See Official.
Schools— Private.
Beale Miss Mary E., B.A. 54 Union street
Graham John B.A. (collegiate), 95 Brisbane st
Gregor James, 61 Regent street
Purves Misses E. & M. 51 Forsvth street
Select School of the Franciscan Sisters,
The Convent, Bank street
Slater James B.A. 15 Kilblain street
Baird William, 7 Brougham street
Seed Merchants.
Gatherer Peter & Son, 21 & 23 Crawfurd st
Laing Robert, 33 Hamilton street
See Nurserymen & Seedsmen.
Sewing- Machine Makers & Dealrs.
Gay Walter, 77 Roxburgh street
Singer (The) Manufacturing Co. (branch),
26 West Blackhall street
Wright Alexander, 48 Ann street
Sheet Iron Manufacturers.
See Iron Manufacturers^
Ship Brokers.
See Brokers — Ship & Insurance.
Ship Builders.
Brown George & Co. (& repairers), Garvel
Caird & Co. Limited, Arthur street &
Dalrymple street
Dunlop David J. & Co. (& en-
gineers), Inch works, Port
Glasgow road. Postal address,
Port Glasgow. See advertisement
Grangemouth &, Greenock Dockyard Co.
(& repairers), Main street
Kincaid John G. & Co. Clyde foundry;
T A "Kincaid "; T N 95
Scott & Co. Lim. East Hamilton street
Ship Chandlers.
Black Thomas, 5 Dock breast
Buchanan Henry & Co. 11 West breast
Lyle A. R. & Co. 3 & 4 West breast
Macalister & Fyfe, 4 East breast
M'Kiver William M. & Co. 12 Cross Shore st
Wilson A. & J. 65 Hue-end street
Ship Owners.
Adam, Hamilton & Co. 1 Cathcart street
Baine & Johnston, 19 West Blackhall street
Burns G. & J. (Glasgow) (William Sinclair,
agent), Excise buildings
Caird Colin S. 4 Argyll street
Carmichael A. & J. H. & Co. 13 Hamilton st
Carron & Co. (D. Cunningham, agent),
Sugar exchange
Clink John Daniel, 4 Brymner street
Clyde Shipping Co. Limited (Allan Swan,
manager), Clydesdale Bank buildings,
Cathcart street
Cowan C. Gordon & Co. 2 Church place
Crawford W. & J. 3 East breast
Denholm J. & J. Sugar exchange
Finlay, Campbell & Co. 12 Bogle street
Gardiner James & Co. 4 East breast
General Steam Navigation Co. (A. M'Killop,
agent), Custom House quay
Glasgow, Dublin & Londonderry Steam
Packet Co. Limited, Custom House quay
Glasgow & Greenock Shipping Co. Custom
House quay
Greenock Towing Co. (John Buchanan,
manager), 8 Brymner street
Hill Robert, 2 East India breast
Lady Armstrong Steamship Co. Limited
(Adam, Hamilton & Co. managers), 1
Cathcart street
Lang & Pulton, 56 Hue-end street
Langlands M. & Sons (Glasgow) (D. Mac-
readie, agent), 4 Brymner street
Leitch & Muir, 5 West Blackhall street
Leitch William O. 2 Hamilton street
Little James & Co. Excise buildings
Lyle Shipping Co. Lim. 12 Clarence street
Macdonald, Adams & Co. 11 William street
McGillivray Duncan, 10 Cross Shore street
Bussell James, 73 Union street
Shankland Dugald & Co. 21 Cathcart street
Shankland Robert & Co. 21 Cathcart street
Walker William & Co. 2 Church place
Ship & Shipping- Agents.
See Agents — Ship & Shipping.
Ship Riggers.
Blair Brothers, 4 Baker street & Palmer-
ston buildings, Brymner street
Ship Smiths.
Buchanan Henry & Co. Dock lane
Smith T. & Son, 20 Shaw street
Ship Store Merchants.
Currie & Co. 4 Bogle street
Kelly William & Co. 9 William street; 72
Eldon street & Cardwell road
Lyle A. & R. & Co. 3 & 4 West breast
Lyle John & Sons, 6 West Quay lane & 17
Sugarhouse lane
M'Kiver William M. & Co. 12 Cross Shore st
Shirt Makers.
Jamieson, McGlashan & Co. Waverley lane
Niven Alex. 6 West Blackhall street
Shoe Makers.
See Boot & Shoe Makers.
Shoeing- Smiths.
See Smiths, Blacksmiths &c.
Anderson Mrs. Jemima, 52 Ann street
Banks Harris, 16 Cathcart street
Barron Miss Alice, 1 William street
Birt John, 4 Bearhcpe street
Black Mrs. Elizabeth, 54 Shaw street
Bowes David, 16 Dalrymple street
Boyle Miss Bridget, 4 Kilblain street
Boyle Mrs. Jessie, 40 Holmscroft street
Boyle Michael, 89 East Hamilton street
Bray Mrs. Mary, 4 Ingleston street
Bruce Miss Barbara, 15 John street
Bryce Neil, 1 Springkell street
Carse George, 40 East Hamilton street
Carson David, 92 Drumfrochar road
Church John, 18 Arthur street
Colquhoun Mrs. Esther, 15 Antigua street
Connell John, 103 Port Glasgowroad
Curtis Francis, 36 West Burn street
Dallas Mrs. Mary, 6 Belville street
Docherty Mrs. Barbara, 36 Inverkip street
Dolan Patrick, 1 Lauriston street
Doris Patrick, 36 Shaw street
Duncan Miss Martha, 1 East William stretb
Erskine William, 43 Crawford street
Finnie Miss Christina, 7 Ea. Crawford st
Galloway Charles, 16 Cartsburn street
Gilmour Mrs. Nellie, 6 Watson's lane
Glenny James, 66 Drumfrochar road
Green Mrs. Mary Ann, 19 Market street
Green Matthew, 38 Shaw street
Haggarty Miss Alice, 5 East Shaw street
Hair Miss Catherine, 25 West Stewart st
Hall Mrs. Elizabeth, 39 Nicholson street
Hannah Andrew, 21 Regent street

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