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Blake Miss Caroline, 31 kelson street -west
Blake Mrs. Nellie, 8 Grey place
Buchanan Mrs. Eobina, 39 Brisbane street
Bushe Miss Maria, 53 Kelly street
Carmichael Miss Mary, 47 Brisbane street
Clark Miss Henrietta, 9 Kelly street
Crawford Peter R.& Co.3West Blackhall st
Cross Miss Jessie, 19 Brisbane street
Cuthbert Miss Jane, 33 Boxburgh street
Dalzell Miss Annie, 14 Brisbane street
Downie Misses B. & M. 68 Kelly street
Ferguson Miss Kate, 30 Tobago street
Galbraith Miss Margaret, 40 Nicholson st
Gillies Miss Mary, 56 Kelly street
Gordon Miss Christina, 28 Ardgowan st.we
Grant Misses Cath.& Janet, 27 Brougham st
Hector Miss Catherine, 13 Ardgowan square
Henderson Miss Mary, 54 Ann street
Lesse Miss Agnes, 3 Kilblain street
Lowton Mrs. Bertha, 15 Newton street west
McArthur Misses Eliza & Hannah, 23
Kelly street
McBride Mrs. Marion, 30 Roxburgh street
M'Caskill Misses Elizabeth & Flora, 98
Roxburgh street
McCullam Miss Mary, 13 Nelson st. west
McCulium Miss Susan, 11 Nelson st. west
Mcintosh Miss Christina, 9 Mnt.Pleasant st
M'Intosh Wm. 27 Ann st.& 16 Lynedoch et
McKechnie Miss Ellen, 42 Brisbane street
Menzies Miss Nellie, 20 Lynedoch street
Munro Miss Mary, 23 Lynedoch street
Nicol Mrs. Margaret,. 13 Nelson street. west
Orr Miss Ellen, 3 Kelly street
Pace Miss Mary, 100 Brisbane street
Park Miss Jennie, 16 South street
Philips Miss Isabella, 21 Lyle street
Prentice D. & A. & Co. 24 Hamilton street
Rennie Mrs. Robina, 12 Patrick street
Russell Andrew, 18 "West Blackhall street
Scott Miss Eliza, 9 Kelly street
Smith Miss Isabella, 26 West Blackhall street
Smith Mrs. Mary, 59 Inverkip street
Stewart Mrs. Mary, 9 Kelly street
Taylor Brothers, 32 Hamilton street
Wilson Miss Rose Ann, 27 Bank street
See Chemists & Druggists.
Malcolm & Co. 21 Shaw street
Wilson Edward & Son, 25 Charles street
Dyers & Cleaners.
Bell A. & Son, 4 Argyle street
Brand & MolHson, 5 Hamilton street
Pullar J. & Sons (Pullars' «fiye
works, Perth), 21 West Black-
hall street
Earthenware Dealers.
See China, Glass &c. Dealers.
Earthenware Manufacturers.
Clyde Pottery Co. Limited, Pottery street
Eating- Houses.
See Dining Rooms.
Egg Merchants & Dealers.
Bradley Joseph, 9 Rue-end street
Devine Mrs. Catherine, 1 Inverkip street
Docherty Hugh, 13 Market street
Pryer Edward, 13 Brymner street
Gallagher William, 29 Market street
Gillen Denis, 23 Ann street
Gillen Denis, 59 Rue-end street
Howie James, 34 Ann street
McGranagan James, 37 Ann street
M'Laughlin Daniel, 4E Yennel
M'Laughlin Patrick, 15 Tobago street
McLoone Francis, 3 Inverkip street
McNeil Mrs. Marv, 24 Tobago street
Melville William, 32 Charles street
O'Kane Jeremiah, 9 Duff street
Williamson Peter S. 9 Highland close
McMorland J. & J. Custom House place
Electro Platers.
McArthur &Orkney,City bldgs.32Cathcart st
Charles street
Engineer — Civil.
Turnbull Alexander J. Municipal buildings
Engineers — Consulting.
M' Arthur &Orkney,City bldgs.32Cathcart st
Engineers — Electrical.
Greenock & Glasgow Electro Co. 16 Charles
street; TN 0593
National Electric Wiring Co. Limited, 9
Wallace square
Engineers — Marine.
Duntop David J. & Co. (& ship
builders), Inch works, Port
Glasgow road. See advert
Kincaid John G. & Co. Clyde foundry, East
Hamilton street ; Telegrams, "Kincaid";
TN 95
Rankin & Blackmore,Eagle foundry.Baker st
Engineers — Mechanical.
Blake, Barclay & Co. Victoria works, Mac-
dougall street
Caird & Co. Limited, Arthur street &
Dalrymple street
Gourley Thos. & Son, 15 Sugarhouse lane
Greenock Foundry (Scott & Co. Limited),
East Stewart street
Hastie John & Co. Limited, 10 Princes st
Houston J. & B. Cartsburn foundry &
Glenburn iron works
McCover Robert Brown, Open shore
McEwan John & Co. (structural), 11 Del-
lingburn street
McFarlane James & Co. 18 Cathcart street
McLarty Patents Syndicate Limited, 2G
Brougham street
M'Onie G. & J. Port Glasgow road
Miller Robert, Arthur street
Montgomery R. & Son, East Stewart street
Scott & Co. Limited (& ship builders), East
Hamilton street
White & Son, 34 Roxburgh street
Engineers— Sugar Refinery.
McArthur &Orkney,City bldgs.32Cathcart st
Boag Andrew (copperplate), 70 Holms-
croft street
Morrison John & Sons, 67 Rue-end street
Itiddoch Joseph, 17 Hamilton street
Steel Matthew, 15 Cathcart street
Brown James (to the Town Improvement
Trust), Municipal buildings
Dunlop Malcom Fraser (to the Gourock es-
tate), 2 Church place
Peile Horatio R. B., J.P. (to Sir Michael
Robert Shaw-Stewart bart. & M. H. Shaw-
Stewart esq. M.P.), Mansion house, 1
Ardgowan square
Fancy Repositories.
See also Berlin Wool Repositories.
Bell Mrs. Agnes, 59 Inverkip street
Bowie Miss Agnes, 27 West Blackhall st
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 65 Ann street
Herbert Robert W. 7 Grey place
McKim Misse3 M. & E. 21 Kelly street
Macnaughtun Mrs. Mary, 29 West Black-
hall street
Taylor & Co. 7 Grey place
Thomson Robert, 27 Hamilton street
Alexander John, Bogston
Barbour John, High Murdieston
Cameron John, Murdieston
Duff Archibald, Auchmugton
Duff John (reps, of), Mawkenhill
Dunlop Gabriel, Strone
Dunlop John (heirs of), Knocknairhill
McAulay Mrs. Annie, Craigs farm
McAulay Peter, High Bond
McAulay Robert, Craigs farm, Lyle road
Mclntyre Donald, Low Cornhaddock
McLachlan John, Drums farm
MeNab Archibald, Glen farm, Lyle road
Miller John, Bawhirley
Mitchell Walter, Barnhill
Neill James, Chapelton
Neill Mrs. Agnes, Southhill end
Orr William, Bridge end & Craigieknowe
Pollock James, Chapelton
Scott Alexander, Berrv yards
Scott Gabriel F. Low Bow
Scott Peter. The Hole
Scott William, Nether Murdieston
See Smiths, Blacksmiths &c.
Felt Manufacturers.
Greenock Felt Work Co. East Hamilton st
Fent Dealer.
Wallace Robert, 6 Inverkip street
Filter Makers.
" Harris " Patent Feed Water Filters Lim.
2 Hamilton street
Fire Clay Goods Manufacturers.
Crsiis J. & M. Lim. Kilmarnoc^-
( John A. Simpson & Co. ag-esmts
10 Brougham street & 6 Tobagc
Firewood Merchants & Dealers.
Boyd Bryce, 55 Regent street
Boyd James, 14 Kilblain street
Western Firewood Co. (Alexander Scott,
manager), 5 Inverkip road
Fish Curers.
McLean Mrs. Annie, 15 Cathcart street
Malcolm & Co. 21 Shaw street
Fish Merchants.
Malcolm & Co. 21 Shaw street
Blair William, 32 Charles street
Calderwood William, 4 Manse lane
Cameron Isaac, 38 St. Lawrence street
Criggie David, 40 Ann street
Dakers George, 21 West Blackhall street
Dougan Alexander, 94 Roxburgh street
Drysdale John, 58 Rue-eud street
Hay William, 9 Newton street
Heard Alexander, 29 Brougham street
Heron Mrs. Mary, 26 Vennel
Macintyre James, 5 Grey place
Mc-Lauchlan Patrick, 17 Ann street
McLauchlan Peter, 33 Charles street
McLaughlin Miss Annie, 43 Yennel
McLaughlin Michael, 33 Rue End street
McMillan Donald, 12 Sugarhouse lane
Matthews Jas. 25 Regent & 25 Lynedoch st
Morrison James, 49 Shaw street
Phillips Mrs. Margaret, 16 Kellv street &
3 West Blackhall street
Sinclair Robert, 41 West Burn street
Wallace Mrs. Margaret, 1 Ratho street
See also Nurserymen & Seedsmen.
Baird Thomas & Co. 27 Brougham street
Laing Robert, 33 Hamilton street
MacGregor Alexander, 25 Union street
Macnish John & Son, 61 Eldon street
Fly Proprietors.
See Coach Proprietors.
Forwarding; Agents.
See Agents — Forwarding.
French Polisher.
Chalmers Henry, 41 Yennel
Fried Fish Dealers.
Anteriuccio Mrs. Dolorosa, 32 Charles st
Carrigan John, 55 Yennel
Pandelus George, 58 Yennel
Yalerio Francis, 9 Cross Shore street
Fruiterers & Greengrocers.
Allan Joseph, 1 Inverkip street
Anderson Miss Catherine, 16 Kelly street
Anderson Robert, 5 John street
Bairfl Thomas & Co. 27 Brougham street
Barr James, 34 Shaw street; 25 Brymner
street & 13 Union street
Bruce John, _ Brachelston street
Bruce John, 83 Holmscroft street
Buchanan Miss Janet. 61 Melville street
Campbell Miss Isabella, 4 Hamilton street
Campbell Miss Mary, 9 East Crawford st
Clark Joseph, 51 Vennel
Devlin Miss Mary, 1 Grey place
Duncan Thomas. 8 Grey place
Ferguson Miss Margaret, 73 Roxburgh street
Gordan Miss Jennie, 26 Bruce street
Granaghan Patrick, 45 Vennel ; 5 Hamilton
street & 34 Inverkip street
Guy Miss Christiana W. 23 Nelson st. west
Hamilton Mrs. Janet, 40 Ann street
Heaney Robert, 1 John street
Henderson Robert, 19 Hamilton street
Irvine Miss Mary, 59 Inverkip street
Kelly Miss Jessie, 1 East Crawford street
Kerr M. & S. 22 Lynedoch street
Kerr Mrs. Helen, 32 St. Lawrence street
Laing Robert & Sons, 33 Hamilton street;
25 West Blackhall st. & 31 Brisbane st
Laird John, 14 West Blackhall street
M'Culloch Miss Elizabeth, 31 Roxburgh st
M'Dougall Mrs. Mary, 57 Rue-end street
M'Eleny James, 1 Kilblain street
McEwing Misses E. & C. 42 Lynedoch st
M'Farlane Mrs. Catherine, 11 Cartsburn st
McFarlane Mrs. Janet, 31 Cathcart street
McFarlane Robert, 52 Holmscroft street
McGHlop Miss Mary, 13 Cartsburn street
McGdgor Robert, 113 Dempster street
McKechnie Misses M. & J. 17 Kelly street
M'Kellar Mrs. Charlotte, 49 Shnw street
McLean Donald, 35 West Blackball street
McLelland William, 35 Lynednrh street
Macnish John & Son, 66 Eldon street
Maloney Charles, 43 Ann street
Marquis Miss Isabella, 85 Roxburgh street
Mitchell Robert E. 14 Lynedoch street
Muir Mrs. Alice, 5 Inverkip street
Muir James, 19 Regent street
Nelson Mrs. Mary, 44 Lynedoch street
Orr Miss Margaret, 39 Ann street
Paton Miss Margaret, 86 Belville street
Rinkin Alexander, 40 Cathcirf street
Smillie&Robson,39 Hamilton ?t.& 3 Manse la
Stewart John, 58 Yennel
Struthers Miss Sarah, 4 Mount Pleasant st
Thomson James, 3 East William street

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