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Mayors Thomas H. cabinet maker (Rowan & Co.), Harvey lane;
res. 34 Nelson street west
Maypole Dairy Co. Limited, provision dealers, 17 Hamilton st
Mechan Jessie (Mrs.), clothes broker, 16 Market -street
Mechanics' Institution, Library & News Room (Robert N. Smith,
sec.; William Young, treasurer: John Palmer, curator &
librarian), Sir Michael street & 11 Tobago street
Mellon Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 3 Sir Michael street
Melville Wm. butcher & egg dlr. 32 Charles st, ; res. 7Newton st
Melville William, oil & color dealer & painter, 3 Manse lane &
18 Charles street; res. 83 Newton street
Menzies John & Co. booksellers, Caledonian Railway station
Menzies W. & J. dairy keepers, 9 Newton street ; 40 Lynedoch
street & 42 Ann street
Menzies Alexander, ship owner (J. & J. Denholm), 21 Brisbane st
Menzies Nellie (Miss), dress maker 20, res. 43, Lynedoch street
Menzies Robert, watch maker, 27 West Burn street; res. Chisel-
hurst, Gourock
â– ^fenzies William, architect (Boston, Menzies & Morton), 11
William street
Merry lees Catherine(Miss), tobacconist & newsagent, 13Cathcart st
.'Mill Alex, grocer, 95 Roxburgh st. ; res. Thrushhill, Grourock
' Millar Alexander, pawnbroker, 38 Hamilton st. ; res. 29 Ann st
'Millar Arthur A. spirit dealer, 17 Regent street & 3 West Quay
lane ; res. 62 Forsyth street
Millar James, solicitor (Marquis & Millar), 46 Regent street
Millar John, marine engineer, 33 Kelly street
Millar William, steamship agent, Custom House quay
Millar William H. spirit dealer, 18 Sir Michael street
' Miller J. & A. joiners & builders, 20 West Blackhall street
Miller N. & M. (Misses), ladies' & children's outfitters, 41
West Burn street; res. 8 Ardgowan street
" Miller Thos. & Son, who. cnfctnrs. & biscuit mers. 15 Charles st
Miller & Co. contractors, joiners & builders, timber merchants
& saw mills, 64 Inverkip street
Miller Archibald, builder (J. & A. Miller); joiner, 21 West
Blackhall street ; 8 Ardgowan street west
~Miller David, spirit dealer, 26 East Shaw street; res. 30
Nelson street west
"Miller David Aitken, postmaster, Head Post office, 34 Cathcart
street; res. 167 Eldon street
'.Miller Frank W. draper & milliner, Municipal buildings ; res.
8 George square
Miller Hugh, hosiery dealer, 29 West Burn st. ; res. 2 Fox street
Miller James, basket maker, 8 Kilblain street
Miller James, eartwnght, 18 Duncan st. ; residence, 29 Ann st
Miller James, rope & twine merchant, Upper Kelly street;
res. 4 South street
"Miller John, builder (J. & A. Miller), 19 Nelson street west
'Miller John, builder (Miller & Co.), 34 Brisbane street
Miller Rt. engnr. & boiler ma. Arthur st. ; res. 10 Bedford st
"Miller Thos. biscuit mer. (T. Miller & Son), 2 Fox street
"Miller Thos. grcr. &c. 11 West Blackhall Bt. ; res. 25 Robertson st
Miller William, master mariner, 18 Eldon street
Miller William Sterling, watch maker, 3 Hamilton street; res.
6 Finnart road
Mitchell James & Son, plumbers, 5 West Stewart street
Mitchell Angus, oil & colour dealer, 34 West Burn street
Mitchell Angus, painter, 37 Wellington street
"Mitchell Elizabeth (Miss), grocer, 40 Nelson street west
Mitchell James C. tobacconist, 23 Rue-end st. ; res.60Lynedoch st
Mitchell John, coach builder, 5 Brougham street
Mitchell Matthew (James Mitchell & Son), plumber, 29 Ard-
gowan street west
Mitchell Robert E. greengrocer, 14 Lynedoch st. ; res. 27 Lyle st
"Mitchell Thomas, draper & clothier, 23 Cathcart street; res.
27 Lyle street
Mitchell Walter, dairyman, Barnhill, East William street
Mitchell William, shorthand & type writing offices, 18 Hamilton st
Moffat Jessie & Mary (Misses), milliners, 39 West Blackhall st
Moffat Gilbert (Morton & Young), tea dealer, 36 Brisbane street
Moffat Jessie (Miss), milliner, 39 West Blackhall street; res.
36 Brisbane street
"Moffat Robert, baker, 16 (& res. 7) Lyle street
Mcmdon Giovanni, hair dresser, 26 Venn el ; res. 24 Hamilton st
"Montague George, news agent, 7 Cross shore; res. 9 Palmer-
ston buildings
Montgomery R. & Son, engineers &c. East Stewart street;
res. 14 St. Lawrence street
Montgomery Hannah (Mrs.), confectioner", 6 Chapel street
Moran Hugh, shopkeeper, 21 Market street
Morgan Andrew, foreman engineer, 8 Kelly street
Morgan John William, inland revenue officer, 18 Bentinck street
"Mories Alexander S. timber merchant (James M'Lean & Co.),
157 Eldon street
Morison James B. & Co. grocers &c. 29 West Blackhall street
Morison George, grocer, 27 Cathcart street
Morison James B. grocer (James B. Morison & Co.) ; res.
55 Forsyth street
"Morison John, accountant & house factor, 29 West Burn street;
res. 23 Brisbane street
Morison Neil, tailor, 33 West Burn street
Morison William, broker, 23 Tobago street
Miorrison F. D. & D. A. solicitors. City bldgs. 32 Cathcart street
Morrison James & Co. tailor-s, 4 East breast; res. 49 Brisbane st
"Morrison John & Sons, booksellers, bookbinders & engravers,
67 Rue-end street
Morrison Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 13 Regent street
"Morrison Daniel Andrew, solicitor (Morrison F. D. & D. A.),
Alt-na-Craig, Lyle road
"Morrison Duncan D. plumber & gasfitter, 10 Charles street;
rea. 5 Fox street
Morrison Finlay D. solicitor (Morrison F. D. & D. A.); res.
Alt-na-Craig, Lyle road.
Morrison James, baker & confectioner, 17 Antigua street &
19 Regent street
Morrison James, butcher, 7 West Blackhall street
Morrison James, fishmonger, 49 Shaw street
Morrison John F. bookseller(John Morrison & Sons),29Mearns st
Morrow Robert, news agent, 32 Shaw street; res. 12 Brymner st
Morton & Kidd, iron mers. ironmongers & smiths, 24 Hamilton st
Morton & Young, tea dealers, 30 Hamilton street
Morton George, architect (Boston, Menzies & Morton), 11
William street
Mossman William, joiner & glazier, 68 Regent street
Muir John & James, grocers & provision dlrs. 25 "Vennel
Muir Robert & Sons, grain merchants & hay & straw dealers &
millers, 6 East Stewart street
Muir & Weir, sack manufacturers & merchants, Upper Ingleston
Muir & Co. bakers & confectioners, 15 West Blackhall street
Muir & Co. lath splitters, 9 Terrace road
Muir Alice ('Mrs,'), fruiterer, ^.Inverkip street
Muir Ernest, ship broker (Leitch & Muir), 63 Eldon street
Muir Eva (Miss), baker (Muir & Co.), 22 Union street
Muir George, butcher, 42 West Burn st. ; res. 49 Brougham st
Muir James, fruiterer & greengrocer, 19 Regent street
Muir James, miller (R. Muir & Sons), 4 Binnie street
Muir James D. provision dealer (J. & J. Muir), 25 Vennel
Muir John, miller (R. Muir & Sons), Ash tower, Victoria
road, Gourock
Muir John L. provision dealer (J. & J. Muir), 5 Robertson st
Muir Maggie (Miss), grocer, 14 South street; res. 68 Kelly street
Muir Robert G. sack merchant (Muir & Weir), 43 Esplanade
Muir Robert W. mer. (T. 0. Hunter & Co.), 32 Brisbane street
Muir William, baker, 12 Caiheart st. ; res. 34 West Blackhall st
Muir William, motor & cycle dealer, 23 Nelson street west;
res. 68 Wellington street
Muir William, spirit dealer, 46 Lynedoch st. ; res. 24 Bank st
Mulholland Patrick, spirit dealer, 4 Bearhope street
Munn & Howie, potato merchants, 13 Charles street
Munn Agnes Campbell (Miss), hatter & hosier, 19 Cathcart
street; res. 97 Roxburgh street
Munn Richard, potato merchant (Munn & Howie), 21 South st
Munn Robert, deep sea pilot, 60 Regent street
Munro & Devlin, messenger-at-arms, 13 Hamilton street
Munro Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 26 Dalrymple street
Munro Archibald Dunlop, grocer, 42 Crawfurd street
Munro Mary (Miss), dress "maker, 23 LynedoCh street |
Munro William, messenger-at-arms (Munro & Devlin), 13 Hamil-
ton street; res. 31 Robertson street
Murchie Robert & Co. painters, 29 Regent st. ; res. 46 Kelly st
Murphy Margaret (Mrs.), news agent, 10 Manse lane
Murphy Rose (Mrs.), marine store dealer, 10 Cartsburn street;
res. 17 Brougham street
Murray A. Douglas, solicitor (A. Cameron & Murray), town
clerk of Gourock & organising sec. Greenock Unionist Socty.
14 Hamilton st. ; res. Dalveen, Barrhill road, Gourock
Murray Euphemia (Miss), oil & color dealer, 38 East Hamilton
street; res. 36 East Hamilton street
Murray George, solicitor & clerk to East Landward school board
(Neill, Clerk & Murray); res. 25 Bentinck street
Murray Hannah (Miss), confectioner, 25 East Shaw street
Murray James, wood turner & saw mills, 30 Market street ;
res. 4 Robertson street
Murray James D. (iate Adam Leisk, jun. &. Co.).
slaters, 12 Laird street
Murray Robert S. solicitor & depute clerk of peace & depu^
sheriff clerk (Fyfe & Murray), Clydesdale Bank buildings, 50
Cathcart street; res. 27 Union street
Murray Thomas, spirit dlr.20 Sugarhouse la.; res.lC Mearns st
Murray Thomas, stevedore, James Watt dock; res. 12 Charles st
Murray Timothy B. wine & spirit merchant, 5 Mansion House
lane & spirit dlr. 13 Cross Shore st. ; res. 5 Houston street
Nairn Cuthbert M.B., CM. surgeon, 19 Ardgowan square
Napier Agnes (Miss), oil & color dealer, 18 Ann street; res. 1
23 West Stewart street
National Bank of Scotland Limited (branch) (John Campbell
Hart, agent), 29 Cathcart street; draw on London office, 37
Nicholas lane E C, Bank of England, Glyn, Mills & Co.
Coutts & Co. & Union of London & Smiths Bank Lim
National Electric Wiring Co. Ltd. electrical engineers & con-
tractors, 9 Wallace square
National (The) Telephone Co. Limited (J. Sinclair Terras, dis-
trict manager), Wallace place
Neil Margaret (Mrs.), haberdasher, 82 Belville street
Neill, Clerk & Murray, writers & notaries public, 2 Argyle st
Neill, Dempster & Neill, sugar refiners, 78 Drumfrochar road
Neill Hugh R. & Co. grocers, 27 West Blackhall street
Neill George D. sugar refiner (Neill, Dempster & Neill), Drums-
lea, Newark street
Neill Hugh R. grocer (H. R. Neill & Co.), 44 Brisbane street
Neill John J. P. sugar refiner (Neill, Dempster & Neill), Glen-
field, 1 Bedford street
Neill William James, sugar refiner (Neill, Dempster & Neill),
Lawthorne, Octavia, terrace
Neilson Matthew, clerk, 42 Brisbane street
Neilson Wm. who. grcr. (Robt. Lusk & Co.), 38 Brisbane street
Nelson James & Sons Ltd. butchers, 28 Cathcart street
Nelson Mary (Mrs.), greengrocer, 44 Lynedoch street
Netherlands Consulate (Lietke & Co. consular agents), City
buildings, 32 Cathcart street
Newall Charles, grocer, 44 Lynedoch street; re's. 5 Demnster st
Nicholson Alexander, clothier, 7 Cathcart st. ; res. 37 Kelly st
Nicholson Alex. Neil, tailor & outfitter, 7 Cathcart street; res.
37 Upper Kelly street
Nicol Duncan &. Co. coal merchants, 55 Rue-end
street & 20 Brougham street
Nicol Duncan, coal merchant (D. Nicol & Co.1. 2 Octavia terrace
Nicol Gavin tailor 35 West Burn st. ; res. 2 Ford pi. Finnart st
Nicol Jeanie (Miss), shopkeeper, 8 Cnrwood street
Nicol John S. coal merchant (D. Nicol & Co.), 34 Forsyth street
Nicol Margaret (Mrs.), dress maker, 13 Nelson street west
Nicol I & Carmictoaeli agents, accountants, house factors
& stock & share brokers, 2 Bank street
Nicoll James, accountant (Nicoll & Carmichael), 32 Margaret st
Nicolson Angus Donald, examining officer, H.M. customs, 1
Sandringham terrace
Nicolson Norman, spirit dealer, 22 Cathcart st. ; res. 27 Ly!e st
Nimmo Andrew, assessor & clerk to dean of guild court, Muni-
cipal buildings ; res. 48 Eldon street

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