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Calderwood John Alexander L.R.C.P. & S.
Edin., L.F.P. & S.Glas. physician &
surgeon, Ferndean & 100 Main street
Caldwell William, iron founder, Dunterlle
1 iron foundry, Glen street
Cameron James L.D.S. surgeon-dentist, 14
Tree spark avenue
Campbell H. & D. carriers to Glasgow
(daily), Muriel street
Campbell Donald, provision dealer, 46 Cros
Arthurlie street
Campbell Neill, grocer & provision dealer,
G2 Cross Arthurlie street
Carmichael James, gas manager. Stair cot-
tage, Lowndes street
Carnduff Andrew & Co. drapers & tailors,
29 Cross Arthurlie street
Carnduff Jane (Mrs.), draper, 35 Cross
Arthurlie street
Carswell James, grocer, 2 Darnley road
Carswell William, butcher, 88 Main street
Chambers Thomas, watch maker,l Kelburn st
Chapman Joseph, dairy keeper, 7 Cogan st
Clark James, spirit dealer, 247 Main street
Clark William, spirit dealer, Cross stobs
Cleland Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 101
Cross Arthurlie street
Club (The) (Duncan Watson, hon. sec)
Cochran Elizabeth &Agnes(Misses), drapers,
166 Main street
Cochrane John, engineer, boiler maker,
iron founder & pump maker, Graham-
ston foundry; T N. 6 ; T A " Cochrane,
Barrhead "
Constitutional Club Limited (William Fyfe,
, hon. sec), 1 Cross Arthurlie street
Cook Elizh. (Mrs.). confectioner,309Main st
Cook Isabella (Miss), confctr. 53 Paisley rd
Corbett Robert M.B., CM. surgeon & med-
ical officer of health to police commis-
sioners & certifying factory surgeon, 37
Cross Arthurlie street
Cowan Jas.& Co.carting contractr S.Henry st
Craig William, butcher,27 Cross Arthurlie et
Cunningham Alexander, hosiery manufac-
turer, Cross Arthurlie' factory, Cogan st
Davidson Wm. cycle agent, 65 Glasgow rd
Davidson William, fruiterer, 5 Kelburne st
Dinning Maggie (Miss), fruiterer, 64 Cross
Arthurlie street
Dobbins Thomas, hair dresser, 307 Main st
Donnelly ,Mary(Mrs.), clothes dlr.208Main st
Drummond Jane (Miss),draper,279 Main st
Duguid Janet (Mrs.), grocer, 83 Kelburn si
Duguid John, fishmonger, 230 Main street
Duguid William, joiner, 17 Cross Arthurlie st
Duncan Andrew, shopkeeper, Lochlibo rd
Duncan Archibald, spirit dealer, 67 Cross
Arthurlie street
Duncan James, slater, Chappell street
Dunsheath John, tobacconist & news agt.
85 Cross Arthurlie street
Easdon John, confectioner, 14 Main street
Elliott Matthew, ironmonger & mill fur-
nisher, 263 Main street
Ewing Isabella (Mrs.), confectioner, 51
Graham street
Farr John W. station master, Grahamston
Ferguson D. & Sons, coal merchants; & at
Potterhill, Paisley; T N 5;T A "Fer-
guson, Barrhead "
Ferguson Marion (Miss), china & hardware
dealer, 49 Cross Arthurlie street
Ferguson Thomas, painter. Cross Arthurlie st
Fife William, solicitor (Brownlie, Watson
& Beckett), 56 Main street
Fred Francis P. confectioner, 174 Cross
Arthurlie street
Gardner John & Son, millers, Wraes mills
Gas Co. Limited (Brownlie, Watson &
Beckett, sees. & collectors ; James Car-
michael, manager), Main street '
Gilmour Allan, dairy, 30 Dovecothill street
Gilmour William, confectioner, 101 Main st
Good Templars' Hall, Cross Arthurlie st
Gray John, cartage contractor, Graham st
Gray Nicholas (Mrs.), coal merchant, Gra-
hamston & confectnr.31 CrossArthurlie st
Gray William, carting contractor, 112 Cross
Arthurlie street
Graydon Robert, slater, 179 Main street
Grey William, watch maker, 193 Main st
Grier Thos. grcr.&spirit dlr.52Craighead st
Haig Matthew Anderson, inspector of poor
& clerk & collector to Neilston Parish
Council, 39 Cross Arthurlie street
Hamilton Peter, blacksmith, 123 Cross
Arthurlie street
Hart James, shopkeeper, 256 Main street
Hart Robert Joseph, clothier 246, & shop-
keeper 299, Main street
Haughey John, clothes dealer, 372 Main st
Hay Robert, dairy, 171 Main street
Heys Zechariah & Sons Limited, calico
printers, South Arthurlie works ; T A
" Heys, Barrhead "
Houston Hugh, builder, Cogan street
Houston Wm. spirit dealer, 287 Main street
Howatt Allan O. veterinary surgeon &
blacksmith, 44 Main street
Hutcheson Crawfurd & Sons, joiners, under â– 
takers & packing case makers
Ivory Ellen A. (Miss), dress maker & mil-
liner, 198 Main street
Jack Alex. & Son, coal mers. Grahamston
Johnston James, boot maker. 332 Main st
Johnston Jane (Miss), fruiterer & confec-
tioner, 142 Main street
Johnstone Isabella (Miss), tobacconist, 172
Cross Arthurlie street
Keith Christina (Miss), milliner, 8 Main st
Keith Mary & Agnes (Misses), dress makers
& drapers, 92 Cross Arthurlie "street
Keith David, blacksmith, John street
KennedyArchibald & Son, tailors, 108Main st
Killoch William, fruiterer, 244 Main street
Leggat William & Co. saddlers, 182 Main st
Leggat Hugh, builder, Gladstone avenue
Leitch Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 63
Cross Arthurlie street
Liberal Club (John Faickney, sec), 155
Main street
Liggat Alexander & Co. sanitary engineers
& brass founders, Caledonian brass
works; T N" 6612; warehouse, 72 Vir-
ginia street, Glasgow
Lindsay Jessie (Mrs.), dairy keeper, 54
Paisley road
Lochrie & Neilson, registered
plumbcrs& sanitary engineers,
copper & tin smiths, 105 & 121
CrossArthurlie street
LoganAgnes(Mrs.), spirit dealer, 10 Paisley rd
Love James, spirit dealer, 61 Glasgow road
Lynas John, hair dresser, 176 Cross
Arthurlie street
Macalister & Goldie, solicitors, Cross
Arthurlie street
Macanally Francis, tobacconist & news agt.
12 Pretoria terrace
M' Arthur Margaret (Miss), spirit dealer, 19
Cross Arthurlie street
McAvov Michael, spirit dlr. 3 Darnley rd
McBride Gilbert, spirit dealer, 228 Main st
McCaig Jn. boot ma. 128 Cross Arthurlie st
McCaig Robert, hair dresser, 10 Main street
M'Callum Dugald, plumber, copper & tin
smith. Glen copper works, John street
McCallum James, painter, 214 Main street
McCallum Jas. stn. mstr. Barrhead central
McCartnev George, boot ma. 222 Main st
McCormick John, spirit dealer, 212 Main st
McCowatt James, tailor. 192Cross Arthurlie st
McCreadv William, hair dresser, 3 Mill road
McDermi'd George, blacksmith, 17 Cross
Arthurlie street
M'Gregor Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 35
Kelburn street
McGowan Thomas, boot maker, 204 Main st
McGregor Mary (Mrs.), milliner & dress
maker, 95 Main street
M'Hugh John, spirit dealer, 314 Main street
M'Intyre, Hogg, Marsh & Co. shirt finishing
works, Chappelfield
M'Intyre Ann(Mrs.),boot maker. 316 Main st
McKay Alexander, spirit dlr. Carlibar road
McKay Alice (Mxs."h confectnr. 55 Main st
M'Kean Charles, fishmonger, 74 Cross Ar-
thurlie street
McKechnie Wm. confectioner, 315 Main st
McKenzie Alex.B. spirit dealer,179 Main st
McKenzie Archibald, confctnr.323 Main st
Mackenzie William, cycle agt. 51 Paisley rd
Mackinlay & Stewart, writers, 194 Cross
Arthurlie street
M'Kinlay John L.R.C.P.Edin., L.F.P. & S.
Glas. surgeon & parochial medical &
vaccinator for East district of Neilston,
152Main street&Meadow bank.Lowndes st
Mackinlay John, jun. writer (Mackinlay &
Stewart), 194 Cross Arthurlie street
M'Kinnon Neil, slater, 27 Cogan street
McLaughlan Chas. spirit dlr.46 Craighead st
M'Lean Alexander, grocer, 50 Main street
McLellan Thos.ironmonger,114 & 116 Main st
M'Leod Allan Paul L.R.C.P.Edin., L.F.P.
& S.Glas. surgeon, 18 Main street & 82
Cross Arthurlie street
McMeeken Janet (Miss), fruiterer & confec-
tioner, 14 Pretoria terrace
McMillan Robert, spirit dealer, 143 Main st
McMonigall Patrick, confectioner,271 Main st
McNair Janet (MrB.), hardware dealer, 26
Pretoria terrace
Mncwhannell & Rogerson, architects, 139
Cross Arthurlie street
Martin William, butcher, 20 Pretoria ter
Miller Agnes(Miss),china dealer, 243 Main st
Miller Hugh, grocer, 180 Cross Arthurlie st
Miller John, news agent, 178 Main street
Miller John, painter. 52 Main street
Miller John, tailor, 267 Main street
Miller William, baker, 80 Cross Arthurlie st
Moffat James, boot maker, 138 Main street
Moodie James, house factor, 23 Cross
Arthurlie street
Morrison Brothers, joiners & undertakers,
292 Main street
Morrison John, boot maker, 167 Main street
Morton John, spirit dealer, 253 Main street
Munro Martin, boot maker, 7 Kelburn st
Murray Andrew Graham B.L. solicitor
(Brownlie, Watson & Beckett), 56 Main st
Murray James Joseph, shpkpr.165 Main st
Murray Robert, bookseller & stationer, 148
Main street
National Bank of Scotland Ltd. (The)
(Mackinlay & Stewart, agents), 194 Cross
Arthurlie street ; draw on London office,
37 Nicholas lane E C, Bank of England
E C, Glyn, MUIb, Currie & Co. Union
Bank of London & Coutts & Co
Nelson James & Sons Ltd. butchers, 162
Main street
Neil Robert, dairy, 290 Main street
Nicol John, spirit dlr. 59 Cross Arthurlie st
O'Hara John, fruiterer & confectioner, 9^
Cross Arthurlie street
Orr William, watch maker, 96 Main street
Pasley Jessie (Mi8S),confectioner,194 Main sfe
Pasley John, auctioneer & cycle dealer, 120
Main street
Paterson Brothers, ironmongers, plumbers
& cycle dealers, 170 &â–  172 Main street
Paterson George, contractor, 199 Main st
Paton Jas. B. solicitor, 186 Cross Arthurlie slj
Paton John & Sons, skinners, West Ar-
Pattison John, writer & town clerk, Muni-
cipal buildings, Main street
Perry & Co. laundry, Cogan Btreet
Peters John, draper, 60 Cross Arthurlie sir
Peters Jn.cabinet ma. 95 Cross Arthurlie st
Phillips Hector, treasurer & collector to-
the police commissioners, 90 Cross Ar-
thurlie street
Pigott David, shopkeeper, 23 Craighead st
Pollock James, factor for Allan Graham
Barns-Graham esq. J.P., D.L. of Craig-
allian, 112 Main street
Pollock Margaret (Mrs.), grcr. 43 Grahm.sfc
Price James, provision dealer, 297 Main st
Public Hall Co. Ltd. (Joseph WatsonjSec.)^
Main street
Quin Sarah (Miss), confectioner, 173 Main sfc
Ralston Alexander, news agent, 270 Main st
Regan William, boot maker, 98 Cross
Arthurlie street
Reilly Eliza (Miss), dress maker, 188Main st
Ritchie William, shopkeeper, 362 Main st
Robertson David, spirit dealer, 236 Main sit
Rochford Michael, hardware dlr.92 Main st
Rodie & Co. joiners & timber merchants,
47 Main street
Russell Margt. (Mrs.), spirit dlr. 164 Main st
Scott & Anderson, plumbers,
copper & tin smiths, Cross
Arthurlie works, Cogan st
Scott John, yarn twister, West Arthur-
lie mill
Scott John, teacher of music, Daisybank>
Carlibar road
Scottish Co-operative Laundry Association:
Limited, Barnes street
Scottish United Loan Co. Ltd. (The),
pawnbrokers, 183 & 187 Main street
Scouse Alexander, butcher, 68 Cross Arthur-
lie street
Shanks & Co. Limited, sanitary engineers*
& brass founders, Main street; TN 7;
TA "Shanks, Barrhead"
Shaw John, fruiterer, 43 Cross Arthurlie sir
Simpson Jas. photographer, 94 Kelburn st
Simpson Joseph, joiner & wheelwright .Kel-
burn street
Smith & Saunders, sanitary en-
gineers, sanitary appliances &
bath manufacturers, brass &
iron founders* Sanitas works.
Telegraphic address " Sani-
tas, Barrhead "
Smith Andrew, tailor,182 Cross Arthurlie 6t
Smith Thomas, provision dlr.91 Glasgow rcE
Speirs James, joiner, Dunterlie
Speirs James, plasterer, 291 Main street
Sproul Matthew, spirit dealer, 53 Cross
Arthurlie street
Stevenson Agnes (Miss), dairy keeper, 22"
Pretoria terrace
Stevenson Jane (Mrs.), refreshment rooms,
184 Main street
Stewart J. & M. cotton weavers & thread!
manufacturers, Levern mills, Main street
Stewart Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer & spirit
dealer, 57 Main street
Stewart Janet (Mrs.), dairy keeper, 7$
Cross Arthurlie street
Stewart Jeanie (Mrs.), provision dealer &.
dairy keeper, Carlibar road
Stewart Robert S. (Mackinlay & Stewart)-,.
writer, 194 Cross Arthurlie street
Stirling Alice (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 143 &
145 Cross Arthurlie street
Stirling James, draper, 241 Main street
Strang Mary (Mrs.), butcher, 168 Main Bt
Strang Robert, butcher, 259 Main street
Tavlor James, grocer, 156 Main street
Telephone Public Call Office, 172 Main st
Thomlinson George, saddler, 90 Main st
Thomson Mrs. coal merchant, Grahamston

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