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ABBEY OF PAISLEY is a civil parish, a part of which is now included in the burgh of Paisley, the remainder com-
prising Elderslie and Ltvern, quoad sacra parishes.
Smellie "William, 13 Treespark avenue
BARRHEAD is a town, police burgh
and quoad sacra parish in the parish of
Neilston, and in Paisley small debt court
district and poor combination, with sta-
tions on the Glasgow, Barrhead and Kil-
marnock joint railway, and on the Glasgow
and South Western railway, 4 miles south-
south-east from Paisley and 7 south-west
from Glasgow. The town consists chiefly
of one principal street, with several
smaller ones diverging from it; it is lighted
with gas by a limited company,
and, together with the suburbs of Grahams-
ton and Dunterlie, is the centre of a manu-
facturing and thickly populated ne : ghbour-
faood. It was constituted a police burgh in
1S02, and is governed by a provost, two
bailies and six commissioners. In the
district are several large bleach fields, a
number of extensive calico printing estab-
lishments and milla for cetton spinning and
power loom weaving, besides collieries, en-
gineering works and iron foundries. Here
also are the sanitary engineering works of
Messrs. Shanks and Co. Limited. There
are branches in the town of the Bank of
Scotland, the National Bank of Scotland
ILimited, and also of the Union Bank of
Scotland Limited. The trustees of Z. Heys
•esq. of South Arthulee, Mrs. Glen, of Car-
libar, Matthew Locke, of Barshagra and
Henry Barclay Dunlop esq. J. P., D.L. of
Arthurlee, are the chief landowners. The
area of the burgh is 529 acres; rateable
value, £50,700; the population of the town
in 1891, 8,215, and in 1901, 9,855, viz.
(first ward, 4,354; second ward, 2,048
third ward, 3,453. The population of the
ecclesiastical parish in 1901 was 9,257.
Post, T. & M. O. O., T. M. O., P. P. &
S. B. & I. & A. 0. 159 Main street, Barr-
head ; James McGrouther, postmaster.
Letters through Glasgow. Deliveries,
7.30 a.m. & 2.40 & 6.45 p.m.; dis-
patches, 8.30 & 11 a.m. & 1, 5.50, 7.10 &
8.30 p.m. ; Sundays, dispatched at 1.30
Town Sub-Post Office, 188 Cross Arthurlie
street; Miss Agnes Allison, sub-postmis
tress. Box cleared 8.20 & 11.5 a.m.;
12.30, 4.20, 5.5, 6.50 & 8.40 p.m .
Municipal offices, Main street.
Provost, John Cochrane
Town Clerk, John Pattison
Burgh Fiscal, William Bowie
Treasurer & Collector, Hector Phillips
Survevor, Alexander W. Bryson
Medical Officer of Health, Robert Corbett
M.B., CM
Cross Arthurlie street.
Chairman, Zachariah Pollard
Clerk & Collector & Inspector of Poor,
Matthew A. Haig
Registrars of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
for Barrhead & Levern District, Alexan-
der Watson, Main street ; John Watson,
assistant registrar, 157 Main street
Barrhead Public Hall Co. Limited, Main
street, Joseph Watson, sec
Constabulary Station, 61 Cross Arthurlie
street, John Tosh, inspector ; Hugh
Cameron, sergeant
Good Templars' Hall, Cross Arthurlie st
Telephone Public Call Office, 172 Main st
3rd (Renfrewshire) Volunteer Battalion
(Princess Louise's) (Argyll & Sutherland
Highlanders) (B, P & K Companies),
Henry Heys & F. W. Heys, captains ;
Rev. Robert Barr M.A. acting chaplain;
Stephen Patterson, drill instructor
Established Church, Main street, Rev.
Thomas Buchanan
Evangelical Union Church, Arthurlie street,
Rev. Edward Bruce Kirk
South United Free Church, Rev. William
Arthurlie United Free Church, Main st.
Rev. David Small Brown M.A
Roman Catholic Church, St. John's, Prior
park, Rev. Bernard Tracy
Wesleyan, Cross Arthurlie, Rev. Cecil N
Board Schools: —
Barrhead. Allan Rodger, master
Cross Arthurlie, Thos. Ferguson, master
Grahamston, Robert McConnachie M.A
Roman Catholic School, Darnley rd. Edward
Gallagher, master
Railway Stations: —
Grahamston, for Barrhead, John W. Farr,
station master
Barrhead Central, James McCallum, sta-
tion master
Carriers to Glasgow, daily, H. & D. Camp-
bell, Muriel street
Alexander Andrew Allan, The Knowe,
Carlibar road
Alexander John, Gowan-lea, Carlibar road
Alexander John, Belgrade, Carlibar road
Ansell Herbert, 10 Treespark avenue
Baillie James, 9 Treespark avenue
Brown Rev. David Small M.A. Arthurlie
U. F. C. Manse, Aur's road
Brown David, Seafield, Lowndes street
Brown James, 1 Treespark avenue
Brownlie James Archibald, Woodlands
Brownlie Mrs. Tower Rais
Buchanan Rev. Thomas (Estab.).The Manse
Calderwood John Alexander, Ferndean
Caldwell William, 2 Treespark avenue
Cameron James, 14 Treespark avenue
Carmichael James, Stair cot. Lowndes st
Carswell Mrs. North park, Lownes street
Clark Archibald, 11 Treespark avenue
Clews Mrs. Treespark, Paisley road
Cochrane John, East park
Cochrane Mrs. 107 Cross Arthurlie street
Cochrane William, Burnbank
Coltart David, 5 Treespark avenue
Corbett Mrs. Gowan bank. Bank street
Corbett Robert M.B., C.M.37 Cross Arthur-
lie street
Craig Daniel, Craig-gowan, Neilaton road
Craig Mrs. Cogan street
Cunningham Duncan Watson, Hall place
Duncan Mrs. Millbank, Lochlibo road
Dunlop Henry Barclay J. P., D.L. Arthurlee
Elder David, 7 Treespark avenue
Ferguson John, Gordonleigh, Carlibar road
Fife William, Eastfield, Carlibar road
Fraser George, 6 Treespark avenue
Gibson Robert, Wesb Arthurlie cottage.
Neilston road
Glen Mrs. Carlibar
Grandison Peter Baird, Etdrig cottage,
Lowndes street
Grier Thomas, Craigpark
Guy Hnch, 4 Treespark avenue
Heys Miss, Moor house
Heys Mrs. Redbait
Heys Robert, Woodneuk
Heys Z. George, Springfield
Heys Z. Henry, Rockmount
Heys Mrs. Stonehouse, Bank street
Hutcheson Joseph, Hillside cottage
Hutcheson Mrs. Janeville, Kelburne street
Ivory John, Wardside, South Arthurlie rd
Jack John, Olive bank
Keith Daniel, 8 Treespark avenue
Kirk Rev. Edward Bruce (Evangelical
Union), Dunterlie villa, Carlibar road
Ligat David, Hillside house
Liggat Alexander, 20 Henry street
Logan Mrs. Craigiebar, Paisley road
Love Robert, Rockwood
McCorkindale Andrew, Corrie cottage,
Lowndes street
McCubbin John, jun. Ralston cottage
McDougall Alex. The Trees, Paisley road
Macfarlane Walter, Foxhill
McGregor Donald, Craigdonald, Lochlibo rd
M'Kinlay John, Meadow bank, Lowndes st
McLeanAlexander.Meadow view.Lowndes st
McLellan Alexander, 1 Bank street
M'Leod Allan Paul, 82 Cross Arthurlie st
M'Nab William, Dunterlie vil. Carlibar rd
Maxton Mrs. Beechwood
Muir Zachariah, Heys, Morton vil. Lowndes st
Muir Morton, Riversdale, Carlibar road
Orr Mrs. 150 Main street
Osborne Miss, Janeville, Kelburne street
Osborne Alexander, Capriheath
Osborne David, Daisylea
Osborne Robert, Forebrae
Pasley John, Braeside cottage, South Ar-
thurlie road
Paton Hugh, West Arthurlie
Paton James B. W aimer cottage, Carlibar rd
Paton John M. West Arthurlie
Patrick John, 12 Treespark avenue
Peters Mrs. Gowanlea, Neilston road
Pollard Zechariah, Wellbrae
Pollock James, Bank house, Main street
Rodger Allan, Greenbank cot. Carlibar rd
Saunders Thomas J.Emenscraig.Carlibar rd
Scott John, West Arthurlie ho. Lochlibo rd
Shanks Miss, Tubal lodge
Shanks William, Arthurlie
Sharp John, Lochlibo road
Smith James, Strathmore, Carlibar road
Speirs James, Choice Lea, Neilston road
Stewart Matthew, Fairfield, Carlibar road
Stewart Mrs. Levern house, Main street
Taylor James, Craig-ie-know, Lowndes st
Thomson Thomas, Westlea
Thomson William, Treigard, Neilston road
Tracy Rev. Bernard (Rom. Cath.),Priory pk
Turner John H. Park house
Watson Joseph, Chappell
Weeks Rev. Cecil N. (Wesleyan), Millbank,
Lochlibo road
Young Rev. William (South United Free
Church), Manse, Paisley road
Early closing day, Monday,
Alexander & Co. engineers, Muriel street
Allan Catherine (Mrs.), stationer & con-
fectioner, Cross Arthurlie street
Allison Agnes (Miss), stationer & sub-post-
mistress, 188 Cross Arthurlie street
Allison Jessie (Miss), confectioner, 131
Cross Arthurlie street
Anderson M. & Son, solicitors, 175 Main st
Anderson John, solicitor (M. Anderson &
Son), 175 Main street
Anderson Matthew, solicitor (M. Anderson
& Son), 175 Main street
Anderson William, plumber, 199 Main st
Anderson Thomas, solicitor (M. Anderson
& Son), 175 Main street
Anthony Agnes & Marion (Misses), dress
makers & milliners, 126 Cross Arthurlie st
Armour James, cooper, 49 Main street
Arthur Ann (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 29 Kel-
burn street
Arthurlie Engineering Co. engineers, 199
Main street
Baillie William & Co. printers & stationers,
46 Main street
Bain William, tobacconist & hair dresser,
240 Main street
Balfour Hugh, spirit dealer,19 & 21 Main st
Bank of Scotland (branch) (James Archi-
bald Brownlie & Joseph Watson, joint
agents), 54 Main street; TN 3; draw
on London office, 19 Bishopsgate street
within EC; Coutts & Co. W C & Bank
of England E C, London
Bannerman Mary (Mrs.) & Co. carriage
hirers, 137 Cross Arthurlie street
Bar William, confectioner & tobacconist,
29 Main street
Barrhead Agricultural Society (James Pol-
lock, treasurer; Wm. Fife, sec), 56Main st
Barrhead Bowling Club (James McGown,
sec), 170 Main street
Barrhead Co-operative Bu'lding & Land
Society Limited (Thomas Dykes, sec),
Gertrude place
Barrhead Co-operative Society Limited
(William George, sec), 6 Graham street
& branches; TN 16
Barrhead Hydraulic Lime Works (Alexan-
der McAra, proprietor), lime burners &
cement merchants, Aur's road
Barrhead (The) News & Renfrewshire Tele-
graph (The News Publishing Co. Pollok-
shields, printers & publishers; published
weekly), 146 Main street
Barrhead Nursing Association (Miss R.
Morrow, matron), 5 Bank street
Beasley William, confectioner, 132 Cross
Arthurlie street
Beckett William M.A. solicitor & notary
public (Brownlie, Watson & Beckett), 56
Main street
Bell Joseph, joiner, Aurs road
Bell Janet (Mrs.), draper & hatter, 174
Main street
Bell John, photographer, 176 Main street
Birtwell & Graham, dress makers, 18 Pre-
toria terrace
Blackwoods Limited, bleachers, Arthurlie
bleach works
Blair Adam, stationer & new3 agent, 88
Cross Arthurlie street
Bohn & Co. drapers & tailors, 130 Main st
Boyd Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer,
158 Main street
Brown James, joiner, 13 Arthurlie street
Brown John, boot maker, 85 Main street
Brownlie, Watson & Beckett, solicitors &
notaries public & secretaries & collectors
to the Gas Co. Lim. 56 Main st. ; T N 3
Brownlie James Archibald, joint agent,
Bank of Scotland, 52 Main street
Brownlie James & Son, bakers & grocers,
132 & 136 Main street
Brucciani A. & Co. confectioners, 234
Main street & 70 Cros3 Arthurlie street
Bryson Alexander W. burgh surveyor, Muni-
cipal buildings, Main street
Burgess James, plumber, Paisley road
Cairnduff James, music seller, 104 Main st
Calderwood John, dairyman, Glen street

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