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Eandeman Frank Stewart & Sons, cotton
spinners, bleachers & finishers & cotton
belting manufacturers, Stanley mills ;
TA " Sandeman, Stanley"; & Baltic
buildings, Dundee
Sibbald Thomas Eedpath Scott M.B., CM.
physician & surgeon & medical officer
for Eedgorton
?mith Alexander L. butcher
Stewart Christiana (ifiss), shopkeeper
Temperance Hall (.Tames H:i?crart, sec)
Torbet Peter D. tailor & clothier
Turnbull James, joiner
Watson John, inspector of poor, collector of
rates & clerk to Parish Council, regis-
trar of births, deaths & marriages &
clerk to school board of Eedgorton, Park
house, James street
Watson Jane (Mrs.), grocer
Watt Euphemia (Mrs.), boot maker
While William, White's Stanley hotel â– 
Young Ebenezer, painter & decorator
STRATHFII/LAN, see Killin.
STEATHTAY, see GranttjllY.
STEATHYEE, see Balquhidder.
STRTJAN (or Strowan), see Blair
TENANDEY is a quoad sacra parish,
formed from the civil parishes of Blair
Atholl. Dull and Moulin, and is 1 mile
from Killiecrankie station on the Perth and
Blair Atholl section of the Highland rail-
way about 15 north from Dunkeld, and
about 4 south from Blair Atholl. The Es-
tablished church was opened July 17th,
1836. Aubrey Alston Stewart is the prin-
cipal landowner. The population in 1001
was 355.
Post & Telegraph Office, Fineastle; Miss
Isabella M'Glashan, sub-postmistress
Letters received through Pitlochry
Postal Orders are issued & paid here.
Delivery, 9 a.m.; dispatch, 3.10 p.m.
Nearest money order office is at Pit-
lochry, 5 miles distant
Established Church
Chairman. Eobert M'Gilliwie
Clerk, John Marshall
School, Glen Fineastle, Miss Catherine
Stewart, mistress
Barbour Mrs. E. W. Bonskeid
Wood Lindsay, Allean
M'Glashan Helen (Mrs.), grocer & post-
mistress, Fineastle
Ainslie John, glass & china dealer
Ballingall David, juh. factor for Meikle-
wood, Blairhoyle & Boquhan
Blairdrunimond CurlingClub (Eobert Bowie,
Blairhoyle Masonic Lodge (Chas. Moir, sec)
Cameron George, plasterer & slater
Doig John, joiner
Dow Thomas B. boot & shoe maker
Ferguson John, Crown hotel
Ferguson William (four in hand
coach, large & small brakes &
conveyances of every descrip-
tion ; stabling: accommoda-
tion ; 'bus between Thornhill
& Dounc station daily, at
usual hours & Stirling on
Thursday), posting establish-
Forrester & Sands, joiners
Forrester William, inspector of poor, sanitary
inspector & clerk to Parish Council
Fyfe James, stone mason
Graham Peter, grocer
Jack James, butcher (
Jenkins James, grocer & mason
McArthur Alexander, ground officer
Macdiarmid John, slater & plasterer
Mackison James, miller
M'Lay William, blacksmith
McNab James, tailor
Masonic Hall
Millar John, butcher
Moir Charles, watch maker
Montgomery Alexander, grocer
Murray Elizabeth (Miss), seed & grain mer
Sands 'William H. postmaster, joiner (For-
rester & Sands), grocer & general dealer
& clerk to school board & assistant in-
spector of poor
Sorley Eobert, commercial hotel
THORNHILL (or Thornhill-in-Men
teith) is a village, in the northern part of
the parish of Kincardine, and included in the
quoad sacra parish of Norrieston. It consists
chiefly of one street, nearly half a mile
in length, and is 2£ miles Uom the river
Teith, about 4 miles south-west from Doune
station on the Dunblane and Oban section
of the Caledonian railway, 3£ miles north
from Kippen station on the Forth and Clyde
branch of the North British railway and
9^ miles west by road from Stirling. The
Masonic Hall, built in 1893, at the corner
of Callander and Thornhill roa-ds, iB a
structure of brick in the Scottish domestic
style, and consists of vestibule, lodge room
and private room; over the entrance is a
clock tower, the upper storey of which is
used as a belvedere and smoking room ;
it was built from designs of Mr. S. Henbest
Capper M.A., A.B.I. B. A. architect, at the
cost of George Grabbie esq. of Blairhoyle,
and occupies a site given by Lieut. -Col.
Stirling-Home-Drummond, of Blair Drum-
mond. The population in 1901 was 457.
Post, T. & M. 0. O., T. M. O., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. ; William H. Sands,
postmaster. Letters received through
Fuppen Station R.S.O. Stirlingshire;
also from Stirling direct by mail gig.
Delveries, 7 & 9.20 a.m. ; dispatches
5.45 a.m. & 6 p.m
Masonic Lodge ("Blairhoyle''), William
McLay E.W.M. ; Charles Moir, sec
Board School, John Greig Home, master
(Postal address for names marked thus *
is Kippen Station E.S.O. Stirlingshire.)
•Arnott David, East Frew
*Inglis John, Midfrew
•Mailer John, Goodiebanks
Sands James. Moss side
Syme Miss, Moss side
Williams Rev. George M.A. United Free
Church manse
TIBBERMORE (or Tibbermuir) is
parish in the small debt court district of
Perth, bounded on the north by the river
Almond, and is 1£ miles south from Al-
mondbank station on the Perth and Crieff
section of the Caledonian railway, and
about 5 west from Perth. By the " Local
Government (Scotland) Act, 1389 " (52
and 53 Vict. c. 50, sections 44 to 50),
a part of Tibbermore parish, with a popu-
lation of 853, has been transferred to
Perth, and part of the latter parish, with
572 population, added to Tibbermore.
The parish contains two extensive bleach
fields belonging to Messrs. Lumsden and
Mackenzie. Tibbermore has given its name
to the first battle that was fought here,
1st Sept. 1G44, between the Marquess of
Montrose and the Covenanters, though the
conflict occurred more within the parish of
Aberdalgie; in this sanguinary engagement
the covenanting forces were totally routed.
The ancient castle of Huntingtower, for-
merly known as Euthven Castle, :
Tibbermore, and is worthy of notice as being
formerly the seat of the Gowrie family, and
the Dlace where James VI. was confined by
William Euthven, Earl of Gowrie, and other
conspirators, after the " Eaid of Ruthven,"
in the year 1582; it is the property of
Maior William Lindsay Mercer. The area
of the parish is 7,131 acres; rateable value,
£17,574; population in 1891, 1,692, and in
1901, 1,943, of which 700 are included in
Che royal burgh of Perth. The population
of the ecclesiastical parish in 1901 was
Post Office, Tibbermore ; Eobert Jack, post-
master. Letters through Perth. De-
livery, 8.30 a.m.; dispatch, 2.5 p.m.
Postal Orders are issued & paid here.
The nearest telegraph, money order &c.
office is at Almond Bank, 2 miles dis-
Post Office, Huntingtower;- Mrs. Margaret
Anderson, sub-postmistress. Letters
through Perth. Delivery, 8 a.m. ; dis-
patch, 2.15 p.m. The nearest money
order & telegraph office is at Almond
Bank, 1£ miles distant
Schools : —
Tibbermore, Eobert H. Meldrum, master
Euthvenfield, Adam Mackie ML A. master^
Other Schools: —
Tulloch, Miss Ina E. Scott, mis-tress*
Adamson David
Buchan David, Cawdor cottage
Ferens Eobert
Hay Alexander, Mains of Cultmalundiff-
Hope Mrs. Huntingtower cottage
Hutchison Eobert
McDonald James, Woodlands
McLaren Peter, Beulah
McLaren Miss
McNab Miss, Black Euthven house
Pople George J. P. New house
Pullar James
Pullar Burns D. Brahan
Eobertson James, Sunnybank
Scobie James. Mafeking
Smith Eev. Harry M.A. (Established) 1
Thomson Miss, West mains
Jack Eobert, cartwright & postmaster
Lornie Alexander, grocer, Hillyland
Lumsden & Mackenzie, bleachers, Stormont-
field, Pitcairnfield (T A" Pitcairnfield "),
Huntingtowerfield, Euthvenfield & Crom-
well park, near Perth; TA "Hunting-
towerfield. Almond Bank "
McFarlane David, blacksmith
Mackie Adam M.A. schoolmaster, inspector-
of poor, registrar of births, deaths &-
marriages, rate collector & clerk to the-
Parish Council
Meldrum Robert H. schoolmaster
Eobertson Isabella (Miss), grocer
Eobertson James, cattle dealer
Allan John, Greenhill
Blyth James, Euthven house
Boag Mrs. Alexander, West muir
Donaldson Andrew & James, Gloagburn.
Donglas David, Hill of Ruthven
Hay Alexander, Mains of Cultmalundie
Henderson Eobert, Hillyland
Hope Robert, Mains of Huntingtoweir
McDougal John, Goodly Burn
M'Ewen James, Newton
Peattie Henry, Marlefleld
Pople George, Newhouse
Sutherland William, Peel
Waterson James, West Cultmalundie-
Chairman, George Pople J.P
Clerk, Registrar of Births, Deaths & Mar-
riages & Inspector of Poor & Rate Col-
lector, Adam Mackie M.A
Established Church, Rev. Harry Smith M.i
Tibbermore Parish Church Hall, West
Chairman, Alexander Hay
Clerk. Robert Jack
Blyth Mrs. Ruthven house
Lumsden James D. Huntingtowerfield
Mercer Major William Lindsay, Hunting-
tower house
Anderson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper &.
Brough David, blacksmith
Clark John & William, bakers
Drummond Colin, cartwright & joiner
Duff John, grocer
TORWOOD, see Little Dunkeld.
TRINITY GrASK is a parish, bounded*
on the south by the river Earn, in the
Upper Strathearn poor law combination and'
small debt court district of Crieff, and is 4*
miles south from Madderty station on the
Perth and Crieff branch of the Caledonian
railway, and about 13 south-west from
Perth. The area fis 5,689 acres ; rateable-
value, £5,455; population in 1891, 386,.
and in 1901, 381.
Post Office, Kinkell Bridge, Daniel Easson,
postmaster. Letters through Auchterar-
der. Delivery. 9 a.m. ; dispatch, 1.50-*
p.m. Postal Orders are issued here &.
paid. Auchterarder, 3 miles distant, is- :
the nearest money order & telegraph-
Parish Council, Alexander Murray, clerk>.
inspector & collector
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages-
Alexander Murray
Established Church, Rev. George W. Kemp-
United Free Church, Rev. Geo. Duthie.
Chairman, Arthur Drummond" Forbes J.B~
Clerk, Malcolm Finlayson
Board School, Alexander Murray, master.-
Alexander Major-General Eobert R.A
Duthie Rev. George, United Free Churclfr
Forbes Arthur Drummond J.P. Millearne
Kemp Eev. George W- EatabJisked mansa

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