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1172 -BHVND.
KHYKB is a small parish, in the small
debt court district of Perth, about 3 miles
east from Bridge of Earn station on the
Kirkcaldy and Perth section of the North
British railway.and the same distance south-
east from Perth. It is 4 miles in length,
and one in breadth, bounded on the west by
the parishes of Dunbarney and Perth, on
the north and east by Kinfauns and St
Madoes, from which it is separated by the
Tay, and on the south by the parish of Aber-
nethy, from which it is divided by the Earn,
and is locally at the confluence of those two
rivers. The church stands on an eminence,
nearly in the middle of the parish, and
commands an extensive view of the carse
of Gowrie and Lower Strathearn. The
Castle of Elcho, now in ruins, was originally
of great strength. The Earl of Wemyss
A D.C., V.D. is chief landowner. The
parish has an area of 2,457 acres ; rateable
value. £5,025; population in 1891, 270,
and in 1901, 183.
Post Office; William Hay, postmaster. Let-
ters received through Perth. Delivery, 9
a.m. ; dispatch, 12 noon. The nearest
money order & telegraph office is at
Bridge of Earn, 3 miles distant
Chairman, Eev. James Ballingal M.A., B.D
Clerk, George Craig
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages &
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Kates.
George Craig
Established Church, Eev: James Ballingal
M.A., B.D
Chairman, Eev. James Ballingal SI. A., B.D
Clerk, Alexander Cairns
Board School, George Craig, master
Ballingal Eev. Jas. M.A., B.D. (Estab)
McDonald John, Elcho park
Christie Brothers, blacksmiths
Craig Geo. schoolmaster, clerk to the
parish council, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages & inspector of poor & col-
lector of rates
Hay William, joiner, cabinet ma.& postmastr
Chisholm Colin, Grange of Elcho
Gray George, Fingask
Hay Thomas, Easter Ehynd
Pitcaithlv George, Wester Bhynd
Powrie Robert, Elcho
Robb David, Balhepburn
Stark Mrs. (reps, ofi Coates of Fingask
ROSEMOXJNT, see Blairgowrie.
ST. DAVIDS, see Madderty,
ST. FILLANS, see Comrie.
ST. MADOES is a parish in the carse of
Gowrie and on the Firth of Tay, varying In
distance from 5 to 7 miles east from Perth
and about 1 mile from Glencarse station on
the Perth and Dundee section of the Cale-
donian railway. By the " Local Govern-
ment (Scotland) Act, 1889 " (52 and 63
Vict. c. 50, sections 44 to 60), boundary
order 71, a part of Kinnoull, with a popu-
lation of 121, has been added to St. Madoes.
Pifcbur Castle, now (1903) unoccupied, is
the property of Sir Edward Austin Stewart
Eichardson'bart. who is the principal land-
owner. The area is 1,561 acres; rateable
value, £5,311; the population in 1901 was
Chairman, George Davie
Clerk, Eegistrar of Births, Deaths & Mar-
riages & Inspector of Poor, John
Leitham M.A
Bruce Archibald, Priorland
Drunmond William, Pitfour farm
Fairweather David, Cairnie
Fraser Robert, Cairnie mill
Jack Peter, Tayfleld
Morrison Peter, Cairnie pier
Eeid George, Pitcoag
Speedie David, grazier, Nether mams
Todd James, Inchyra
Established Church, Rev. Walter Tait
Chairman, Eev. Walter Tait
Clerk, Wm. Goodall, Union Bank, Errol
Board School, John Leitham M.A. master
Tait Rev. Walter (Established)
Forman Lilv (Miss), grocer
Gilmour William & James, managers at
Pitfour brick & tile works, Hawkstone ho
Leitham John M.A. schoolmaster, clerk to
Parish Council, inspector of poor & regi
trar of births, deaths & marriages
Storrie & Stbrrie, nurserymen
Strachan William, joiner & Wright
ST. MARTINS is a parish and village,
5£ miles north-east of Perth and 2i south-
west from Stanley station on the Cupar-
Angus and Perth section of the Caledonian
railway, and in the small debt court district
of Perth. The parish is of an irregular
shape, being about 5 miles in length from
east to west and 2J broad. Under the pro-
visions of the " Local Government (Scot-
land) Act, 1889" (52 and 53 Vict. c. 50,
sections 44 to 50), by boundary order 71,
a portion of Kinnoull parish (Balbeggie),
containing a population of 208, has been
transferred to this parish. The soil
black moorland. Guildtown is a small
village in this parish. At Cairnbeddie are
the remains of a castle, once occupied bv
Macbeth, and from which, as tradition
states, he removed to the celebrated hill
of Dunsinane. where he fortified' another
castle. About a mile from his old resi-
dence, a place called " The Witch
Stane " (where a remarkable stone still
stands), is pointed out the spot where he
was met by the witches (" Macbeth, "
Act I, Scene iii.). William Montague Mac-
donald esq. is the principal landowner. The
area comprises 7,017 acres ; rateable value,
£8,308; population in 1881, 741, and in
1901, 850 in the civil and 629 in the eccle-
siastical parish.
Post Office, St. Martins; Lawrence Brown,
postmaster. Letters received through
Perth, delivered from Balbeggie; dis-
patch, 12.15 a.m. The nearest money
order & telegraph office is at Balbeggie,
1 mile distant
Poet Office, Guildtown; David Croll, post-
master. Letters received through Perth.
Delivery, 9.10 a.m.; dispatch, 12.45 p.m.
Postal "Orders are issued & paid here.
The nearest money order & telegraph
office is at Stanley, 3 miles distant
Post, M. O. & X. O., T. M. O., P. P.,
S. B. & I. & A. O. Balbeggie; Eobert
Dudgeon Torbet, postmaster. Letters re-
ceived through Perth. Delivery, 8.10
a.m. only; dispatches, 1 & 3.15 p.m
Chairman, John M. Matthew
Clerk, Alexander T. Paterson, Perth
Medical Officer, T. K. Douglas M.B., CM.
Collector of Bates, Inspector of Poor & Re-
gistrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Alexander T. Paterson
5th (Perthshire Highland) Vol. Batt. (Black
Watch) (Roval Highlanders) (F Co.),
Hon. Major, Capt. A. M. B. Grahame ;
Sergt. J. Scott. drill instructor;
Surg.-Capt. E. L. Paton M.B. medical
officer; Rev. R. S. Davidson & Eev.
G. N. Dods M.A. acting chaplains
Established Church, Rev. A. Scott, M.A.,
United Free Church, Cargill, Rev. George
Chalmers Baxter M.A
United Free, Balbeggie, Eev. Eobert
M'Master M.A
School Board: —
Chairman, Eev. A. Scott M.A., B.D
Clerk, Eobert H. Miller M.A., LL.B. Perth
Guildtown, John Meldrum, master
Balbeggie, Eobert Clarke, master
St. Martins.
Neilson George, St. Martins abbey
Brown Lawrence, tailor & postmaster
Forrest John, miller, St. Martins mill
Kidd James, blacksmith
Stewart John, land steward to W. M.
Macdonald esq
Bruce George, Rosefield, Balbeggie
Bruce James, Bogs of Melginche
Bruce Robert T. Williamston, Guildtown
Bullions John, Byers, Guildtown
Cameron T. & J. Cairnsbeddie
Clarke William, Westfield
Cromb David, Bush, Balbeggie
Davidson William, Mavis bank, Guildtown
Donaldson James, Newlands, Guildtown
Donaldson Stewart, Blackfolds, Guildtown,
Donaldson Thomas, Boghall, Balbeggie
Forrest John, St. Martins mill
Grant Peter, Pitskelly, Balbeggie
Mann Peter, Home farm
Matthew John M. Auchmaque, Balbeggie
Miller David & Robert, Gairdrum
Ower John, Rashiehall, Balbeggie
Peebles Peter, Townhead, Balbeggie
Scott Alex. Middleton
Strachan Mrs. Ellen (trustees of),Guildtowin
Stewart Misses, Loanhead, Guildtown
Wilson John, Redfield
Baxter Rev. George Chalmers M.A. United.
Free Church manse
Scott Eev. Alex. M.A., B.D. (Established).,
The Manse
Bullions John, spirit dealer
Cameron James (Mrs.), grocer
Croll David, postmaster
Drummond David, tailor
Gairns Eobert, blacksmith
Meldrum John, schoolmaster
Paterson Alexander T. inspector of poor;,
collector of rates & registrar of births,
deaths & marriages
Stewart Mary Ann (Miss), refreshmentrms
Suttie William, grocer
Thomas Alexander, joiner & cartwright
Watt Annie (Miss), confectioner & drapes
M'Master Rev. Robert M.A., U. F. manse-
Beedie George, baker
Cromb David, builder & mason
Dixon John, saddler
Gardiner Robert, blacksmith
McCourtie Alex, joiner & wright
Scott John T. market gardener
Stewart Alexander, McDonald Arms hotell
Stobie William, joiner & wright
Torbet Robert Dudgeon, postmaster, grocer
& tailor
SCONE is a parish and small village, 2j
miles north-east from Perth; the parish,,
which extends 5 miles from east to west bw
2J broad, is in the small debt court district
of Perth, the nearest railway station being:
in that city. Under the provisions of the-
" Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1889 "'
(62 and 63 Vict. c. 50, sections 44 to 50),.
by boundary order No. 71, a part of Kin-
noull, with a population of 46, has been*
transferred to Scone, and a part of Scone,
containing a population of 80, transferred to-
Cargill and to Kinnoull, with 39 population.
A little westward of the village is the site-
of the Royal Palace, founded here by Ken-
neth II. when he removed the seat of the-
Scottish monarchy from Dunstaffnage
Castle about A.D. 850, and deposited here-
the Stone of Destiny, which subsequently-
rested in the abbey until its removal to
Westminster, London, by Edward I. ; the
abbey, which stood close to the palace, was
founded by Alexander 1. 1114 : John
(Ruthven) 2nd Earl of Gowrie, who
lost his life at Perth Castle, 5 Aug.
1G00, for the alleged attempt to im-
prison King James VI. (known as the-
" Gowrie Conspiracy "), began the palace-
which preceded the present fabric on the
site of the old palace of the Kings of
Scotland, and it was completed in 1606
by Sir David Murray, of Gospertie, cup-
bearer of the king, who received the grant
of these estates, together with the titles of
Baron Scone and Viscount Stormont, for
the effective support he rendered to James
VI. in the conspiracy above mentioned';
it was tin a church on the Mote Hill, hare!
by, that King Charles II. was crowned
King of Scotland in 1651; the present
mansion, which is mosttly modern, occu-
pies the same site overhanging the Tay,
and contains a little of the o'.d furniture,
including some bedhangings embroidered!
by Queen Mary: the old gallery, 160 feet
in length, is included in the modern palace,
now the seat of the 5tn Earl of Mansfield,
D.L., J.P. who is also 10th Viscount
Stormont and Baron Scone in the Peerage
of Scotland. Near the house stands the
old market cross of Scone, surrounded by
a wilderness of pleasure grounds, which
have usurped the site of the ancient vil-
lage ; it has been aptly observed that
" there are many instances of towns losing
their market crosses, but this is the only
cross which has lost its town." The Earl
of Mansfield is the principal landowner.
The area of the parish comprises 6,963

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