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Robertson Margaret (Miss), fancy repository,
Alba place
Robertson Susan (Miss), baby linen wareho
"Robertson William, chemist & druggist
Rogers William, baker, Main street
Roy Thomas, saddler
Russell Thomas, cycle builder &
agent ; cycles built to order;
cycles on hire : motor spirit &
Savings Bank (J. & H. Mitchell, agents)
Scotland's Family & Commer-
cial Hotel & posting estab-
lishment (John Scotland, proprietor)
Scott Thomas, grocer
Scott William, apartments, Mosshill
Scougall Annie (Mrs.), apartments, Haywd
Seaton James, apartments, 1 Oakfield
Seaton James, fishing tackle maker
Skinner William Irvine, mason, & sheriff
officer, Delta cottage
Smith J. & Sons, cooks, confectioners &
Stewart, Jamieson & Forbes, masons &
Stewart Annie (Miss), grocer, East Haugh
Stewart Christina (Miss), dress maker
Stewart Duncan, family grocer,
glass & china merchant &
ironmonger; list of apartments, Grant pi
Stewart Henry, joiner
Stewart Robert, stationer,news
agent & fancy goods, Arcade
Stewart Robert H. reporter, Bank buildings
Stobie George, fruiterer, The
Arcade & fishmonger, poul-
terer & game dealer, West end
Stuart Charles G. & Son, bakers, grocers
& spirit merchants
Taylor William, bobbin manfetr
Tennis Club (Buckham W. Liddell, sec)
Thomson Alexander, boot &
shoe maker, Main street
Union Bank of Scotland Limited (branch)
(Hugh Mitchell, agent; James Robertson,
sub-agent) ; draw on London office, 62
Cornhill E C, Bank of England E C &
Coutts & Co. W C, London
Veitch John, plasterer
Walker James, dairyman
Walker James, family butcher
& game dealer
Walker John, dairyman
Watson Alexander postmaster
Whannel William, coal merchant
Whitton Alexander, apartments, Fern cot
Winton Edward Charles, coach owner
Wordie & Co. carriers
PORT OF MENTEITH (or Monteith)
is a parish in the ancient district of Mon-
teith, in Dumbarton poor combination and
Dunblane small debt court district, and is
bounded on the south by the river Forth,
which separates this county from Stirling-
shire. The Goodie water, a tributary of the
Forth, rises in the Lake of Menteith and
flows through the eastern portion of the
parish. The church stands on the high road
from Dunblane to Dumbarton, 4 miles north
from the Port of Menteith station on the
Stirling and Balloch section of the North
British railway, 4£ north-east from Gart-
more station and about the same dis-
tance from Aberfoyle terminal station,
both on a branch from Buehlyvie on
the same section, and 15 north-west from
Stirling. The Lake of Menteith ..
beautiful sheet of water near the centre
â– of the district, adjoining the church and
manse. It is about 9 miles in circum-
ference, and contains the small island of
Inchmaholme, where stand the fine remains
of a priory, or monastery, founded in 1238,
including the ruins of the church and the
•cloisters, and a portion of the structure has
been for ages the place of sepulture of
many noble and ancient families. These
ruins are sequestered in overhanging woods
of considerable age and growth, and some
of the trees are said to be upwards of three
centuries old. In this vicinity, on a gentle
eminence, are the remains of what is still
known as " Queen Mary's Bower," where,
after the disastrous battle of Pinkie, 10
Sept. 1547, the young princess found a
safe asylum till her departure for France.
On a smaller islet, called Tala, a little
distance from Inchmaholme, stand the
-emains of the princinal residence of the
Earls of Menteith. Dog Island, another
islet, is the place where the Grahams had
their kennels. The church contains a very
fine peal of 8 bells, presented by the Rev.
Henry A. G. Sheppard, of Rednock. The
Menteith Hotel adjoins the loch, and .affords
excellent accommodation. There is a saloon
motor launch on the lake, belonging to the
Hotel, for visitors and others wishing to
visit the island. Robert Bontine Cunning-
hame-Graham esq. D.L., J.P. of Gartmore
House; Henry David Erskine esq. C.V.O.,
D.L., J.P. of Cardross; the Duke of Mont-
rose K.T. ; the Rev. Henry Alexander
Graham Sheppard M.A. of Rednock; George
Crabbie esq. of Biairhoyle ; John Graham
esq. (sheriff), of Perth, and James Carnegie
esq. D.L. of Stronvar, are the principal
landowners. Acreage of the parish, 22,238;
rateable value £13,411; population 1891,
1,092, and in 1901, 1,088 in the civil and
542 in the ecclesiastical parish.
Gartmore is a village in this parish, but
is given under a separate heading.
Ruskie is a small hamlet in the parish of
Port of Menteith. Kippen, 4 miles south-
west, is the nearest railway station. Popu-
lation returned with the parish.
Post & T. O. Port of Menteith; Mrs.
Catherine Keir, postmistress. Letters
from Port of Menteith Station R.S.O.
Stirlingshire. Deliveries, 7 a.m. & 9.15
a.m.; dispatches, 7 a.m. & 5.15 p.m.
Postal Orders issued here & paid. The
nearest money order office is at Aberfoyle,
5 miles distant
Post & T. 0. Railway station, Fort of
Menteith i(looally in Kippen parish).
(Railway Sub-Office. Letters should
have R.S.O. Stirlingshire added to
them) ; Miss Janet Keir, pastmistress.
Letters are delivered to callers ; dis-
patches, 11.35 a.m. & 4.30 p.m. Postal
Orders are issued here & paid. The
nearest money order office is Kippen, 4
miles distant
Post Office, Ruskie; John M'Naughton,
postmaster. Letters received through
Port of Menteith Station R.S.O. Stirling.
shire. Deliveries, 6 a.m. & 12 noon. ;
dispatch, 5.50 a.m. & 5.35 p.m. The
nearest money order & telegraph office is
at Thornhill, 3 miles distant
Chairman, Andrew Wood J.P. Easterhill,
Gartmore station
Clerk, Alexander Cross
Councillors, Se^en
Medical Officers, RohertW. Lindsay L.R.C.P.
6 S.Edin. Buchlyvie, Stirlingshire;
Duncan Macdiarmid M.B., CM. Kippen,
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
John Hunter
Inspector of Poor & Sanitary Inspector,
Alexander Cross
Police Office, Port of Menteith, William
Myles, officer-in -charge
Established Church, Port of Menteith, Rev.
Charles Edward Stuart M.A. 12 a.m
Chairman, Rev. Charles Edward Stuart M.A
Clerk, Alexander Cross
Members, Five
Board Schools : —
Port of Menteith, John Hunter, master
Ruskie, James Kennedy, master
Dvkehead, Samuel Lardner
Railway Station, Port of Menteith, in
Kippen (Stirlingshire) parish, William
Dow, station master
Crabbie George, Biairhoyle
Erskine Henry David C.V.O., D.L., J.P.
Grahame Alexander M.B. Arntamie house
MacKeith Alexander, Burnside, Ruskie
Sheppard Rev. Henry Alexander Graham
M.A. Rednock
Stuart Rev. Charles Edward M.A. (Estab.),
The Manse
Thompson Mrs. Blacklands
Cater James G. inspector Glasgow Water
Works, Loch Vennachar cottage
Fisher Peter, cattle dealer, Lennieston
Hunter John, registrar of births, deaths &
M'Alpine John, mason & builder, Ruskie
McGregor John; Lake of Menteith hotel.
See advertisement
M'Kay John, factor for Henry D. Erskine,
of Cardross D.L., J.P. Brucehill
M'Kerracher Daniel, cattle dlr. Colamoan
M'Nee Peter, blacksmith, Ruskie
McNicol John, cattle dealer, Arthurfield
Mitchell William, cattle dealer, Gartrenich
Napier Alex, joiner & cartwright, Dykehead
Stewart Daniel, blacksmith, Dykehead
Burnet Andrew, Newton
Burnet James, Cassafuir
Chalmers Peter, Ballingrue
Cowbrough Alexander, Mailing, Gartmore
Dougall James, Blaircessnock
Ferguson Duncan, Inchie
Ferguson William, Auchinsalt
Fisher Peter, Eastertarr
Gardiner Duncan, Union farm
Gow James, Lower Tarr
Graham George, Farraway
Hamilton Alexander Portend & Gartur
Hyy Fred, Wester Borland
Henderson Mrs. Janet, Ballabeg
Johnston James, Dunniverig
McCall Duncan. East Lennieston
McDonald Archibald, Lennieston
McFarlane Charles, Mondhine
McGregor John
McLaren John, Westerthird
M'Kay John, Rinicalch
M'Kerracher Daniel, Colamoan
M'Kerracher Duncan, Whitehill
M'Naughton John, Easter Dollartur
M'Nicol John, Arthurfield
McQueen John, Polder
Mair Andrew, Lochend
Mitchell William, Gartrenich, Ballanucater
& Nether Shannochill
Moir Wm. Carse of Shannochill, Gartmore
Mores Moses, Castle of Rednock
Paterson Daniel, South Flanders
Robb Richard, Hilton
Wood Andrew, Barbadoes, Gartmore
RANNOCH, see Fohtingall.
KATTRAY-NEW and OLD form a
police burgh and parish, adjoining Blairgow-
rie, its nearest railway station on a branch
of the Caledonian railway, and approached
by a bridge of four arches which spans the
river Ericht. The surface is hilly and the
land on the banks of the river arable and
fertile, while the higher grounds are only
suitable for pasture. By the " Local
Government (Scotland) Act, 18S9 " (52 and
53 Yict. c. 50, sections 44 to 55), boundary
order 72, a portion of Rattray parish,
consisting only of the Bleaton estate, and
having a population of 20, has been trans-
ferred, to Kirkmichael. The burgh is in
the poor combination of Perth and in the
small debt court district of Blairgowrie,
and is governed by a police commission,
consisting of one bailie, two junior bailies
and six commissioners. On the banks of
the river Ericht are flax and jute mills,
which give employment to a large number
of persons. An Isolation Hospital is now
(1903) in course of erection. Within the
parish is Craighall, the seat of Lieut.-Gen.
Sir James O. Rattray K.C.B., J.P., D.L.
who is lord of the manor and chief land-
owner; the mansion is said to have been
visited by Scott in 1793, and was one of the
prototypes of " Tullyveolan " in Waver-
ley ; it is of modem construction and
stands upon a summit of a perpendicular
rock about 250 feet above the bed of the
river and is open free on Tuesdays and
Fridays. To the south-east of the burgh is
an oblong mound called the Castlehill, sur-
mounted by vestiges of the ancient castle
of Rattray. From Hatton Hill, on a clear
day, Perth can be seen, and it was at the
Hatton of Rattray that the Scottish martyr,
Donald Cargill, a Scotch covenanting
divine, was executed in 1681. Acreage,
5,382; rateable value, burghal, £G,619;
landward, £4,834; population in 1891, 2,667
in the civil parish and 2,225 in the police
burgh, and in 1901, 2,462, of which 443
were in the landward portion.
Post Office, Old Rattray ; Alexander Robert-
son, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from
Blairgowrie at 8.30 a.m. & 8 p.m. & are
dispatched to all parts at 6.30 & 11.30
a.m. & 1.50 & 4.40 p.m. Postal Orders
are issued *fc paid here. The nearest
money order office is at New Rattray, £
mile distant & telegraph office is at Blair-
gowrie, 1 mile distant
Post & M. O. 0., S. B. & A. & I. 0. New
Rattray ; John F. Grant, sub-postmaster.
Letters arrive from Blairgowrie at 8 a.m.
& 6.30 p.m. & are dispatched to all parts
at 11.20 a.m. & 2, 4.50 & 9 p.m. The
nearest telegraph office is at Blairgowrie
Post Office, Westfield, Rattray; William
Mitchell, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive
from Blairgowrie at 8.25 a.m. & 7.15 p.m.
& are dispatched to all parts at 9 a.m.
& 1.15 & 4.50 p.m. Postal Orders are
issued & paid here. The nearest money
order office is at New Rattray, 1 mile
distant, & telegraph office is at Blair-
gowrie, 2 miles distant
Burgh of Rattray.
Provost, John Jamieson
Bailies, Alexander Adamson & Alex. Sim
Councillors, Six

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