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1168 PERTH.
Timber Merchants.
Cameron Brothers, Shore
Fleming & Barry Limited, Princes street
Henderson & Shaw, Victoria street
Sinclairs & Co. Limited, St. Catherine's rd
Tinplate Workers.
Barlass J. & D. 48 High street
Irvine James, 124 South street
Saunders & Mitchell, 144 South street; SO
High street & York place
Tobaoco Pipe Makers.
Kane & Co. Alexandra street
Anderson Alexander, 55 George street
Cameron Mrs. Jessie, 84 High street
Davidson Miss Mary, 48 Leonard street
Fraser Mrs. James, 242 South street
G-arvie Alexander, 35 South street
Gillen Thomas, 21 North Methven street
Glass James, 301 High street
Halley Archibald, 226 South street
Harris Mrs. Anne, 68 South Methven street
& Glascow road
Howie Thomas. 20 George street
Kidd George, 42 St. John street
Macdonald Peter, 78 St. John street
M Farlane James, 22 & 24 South Meth-
ven street
Mcllwham Miss Christina, 14 Atholl street
McNeill George, 278 High street
Malcolm David, 72 South street
Munro Miss Annie, 25 County place
Paterson Alexander Thomson, 172 High st.
& 3 George street
Paterson Miss Jessie, 25 South Methven st
Patterson William, 46 George street
Eobb James. 37 High street
Bobertson Miss Davina, 35 County place
Sprunt Thomas, 59 Princes street
Taylor John K. 221 High street
Taylor Peter, 263 High street
Taylor Peter, 19 South street-
Young Mrs. Jessie, 43 Scott street
Tool Makers.
Malloch David & Son, 50 South street
Toy Dealers.
Harris Mrs. Anne, 18 Hospital street
Paul James, 46 Scott street
Trade Protection Societies.
Glasgow Guardian Trade Protection Soc.
(Jameson & Mackay, agents), 1 Char-
lotte street
Glasgow Mercantile Association (The)
(Jameson & Mackay, agents), 1 Char-
lotte street
Perthshire Chamber of Commerce & Trade
Protection Society (John Stewart, sec. &
law agent), 68 St. John street
Stubbs' Mercantile Offices
(Stubbs Limited), 16 Tay street
United Mercantile Agency Co. (Jameson
_& Mackay, agents), 1 Charlotte street
Wholesale Traders' Association (Skeete,
Chalmers & Mackenzie, district agents),
Tay street
PITLOCHRY is a thriving village in
the parish of Moulin, parliamentary divi-
sion of West Perthshire, Atholl and Bread-
albane poor combination and Perth county
court district, and has a station on the Perth
and Blair Atholl section of the Highland
railway; it is 13 miles north-west from Dun-
keld and 28 north from Perth, on the banks
of the Tummel, and surrounded by some
of the most beautiful and varied scenery
to be found in the Highlands of Perthshire ;
it is also largely resorted to by tourists and
anglers for the fishing in the river and
Loch Tummel. Spout Dhu, or the black
waterfall, Ben Vracky, one of the Gram-
pians, the falls of Tummel and the Pass of
Killiecrankie are all in the immediate
neighbourhood. There are two hydropathic
establishments — the Atholl and the Pit-
lochry, the first-named, erected at a cost
of over £100,000, occupies a commanding
position in the Vale of Atholl, and its
public rooms are large and richly fur-
nished ; the latter was opened in 1890,
and commands an extensive view of
the surrounding country. The Barbour In-
stitute is a very fine build'ng, erected in
1895, by the Barbour family, in memory
the late Eev. R. W. Barbour. The Estab-
lished church is a structure in the Gothic
style, erected in 1884, on an elevated site,
at a cost of upwards of £2,000. There is
also a United Free church. Holy Trinity
Episcopal church, built in 1858, and en-
larged in 1891, is an edifice in the Gothic
style, about half a mile east of the village.
There is also a Baptist church. Fairs are
Tramway Company.
Perth & District Tramways Co. Limited ;
registered office, 27 South Methven st
Travellers— Commercial.
Boyd James, Rose crescent
Carnegy Lyall C. Needless road
Conochie George, Pentland, Needless road
Dawson Jsph. A.Waverley bank, Glasgow rd
Elliot William, 6 Evelyn terrace, Craigie
Kirkwood James, Eose crescent
Leitch Alexander, Osborne terrace, Wilson
street, Craigie
Lindsay Henry K. 2 Croft park, Craigie
Litster William, Pommern, Needless road
McNaughton James, 5 Rosslyn place
Malloch William,17 Pitcullen cres.Bridgend
Miller James, Strathlee, Glasgow road
Paton James, 5 Evelyn terrace, Craigie
Ritchie John, 4 Moncrieff terrace, Craigie
Eobb Alexander, 8 Spens crescent
Thomson Jn.Joseph,Elibank yil. Glasgow rd
Wickie James, Denoon villa, Craigie road
Tricycle Agents.
See Cycle Agents.
Fechney Institution (James Hutchison,
superintendent). Glasgow road
M'Anhur John. 120 High street
Perth Typewriter Office, 3 South St. John's
place. See advert
Umbrella Makers.
Ellison S. T. & E. 56 South Methven street
Hart & Co. 44 High street
Clark William, 182 High street
Hay & Sims, 61 New row
Macintosh J. & Co. 70 George st. See advt
Marshall R, & J. 52 South Bt. See advert
Robertson David, 35 Watergate
Srang & M'Lagan, 248 High street
Telford Peter & James, 22 Leonard street
& Alexandra street
Cameron James A. & David, 2 & 16
Gowrie street
Crombie Nickel, 20£ Barrack street
Hay Robert, 33 Einnoull street
Love Thomas & Sons, St John's place
M'Donald Jas. & Sons. 186 & 202 South st
Macintosh J. & Co. 70 George st. See advt
Strachan David, 29 Lang street
Beveridge Alexander, New row. See advt
Bradv & Sons, 74 High street
Campbell William (property), 32 North
Methven street
Forrester & Boyd, 66 George st. See advt
Love Thomas & Sons, St. John's place
Veterinary Surgeons.
Marked thus t are Members of the Royal
College of Veterinary Surgeons.
tBalfour George W. 45 York place
fGalloway Peter, Glasgow road
-[Johnston Alexander, 22 St. John street
held annually on the Saturday before Amul-
ree, in May ; on the Friday after Falkirk
tryst, in August (for lambs), and on the
third Wednesday in October (old style).
Messrs. MacNaughton's factory here is
noted for the excellence of its Highland
tweeds and plaids. Whisky is extensively
distilled in this place and neighbour-
hood. There are several good hotels,
and branches of the Bank of Scotinnd,
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited
and the Union Bank of Scotland Limited,
and a branch of the Perth Savings Bank.
Clachnafaire is the seat of Sir Francis Boyd
Outram bart. Population in 1391, 1,230,
and in 1901, 1,541.
Post. T., M. O., T. M. 0., E. D. & P. P.,
S- B. & A. & I. 0. ; Alex. Watson, post-
master. Deliveries, 7.40 a.m. & 3 & 6
p.m. ; dispatches, north, 6.20 a.m. all
parts, 9.50; south, 2, 4.35, 6.15 (summer
months) & 10 p.m.; Sunday north, 9.20
a.m. ; south, 1.50 p.m. Telegraph office
open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. week days &
9 to 10 a.m. Sundays
Barbour Institute, Robert H. Stewart
Constabulary Station, James Grant, sergt
Foresters Ancient Order of, Court " Yal
of Athol," William Henderson, sec
Inland Revenue, William John Howell,
supervisor, Springhill ; Daniel Joseph
Hickey, inland revenue officer, Davaar
cottage, Pitlochry
Public Weighing Machine, Alexander Elder
Recreation Grounds, Hugh Mitchell, treas
fMcArthur Alexander S. Canal street
fReynard James G. 9 York place
ISmail David Cuthbert, 76 Victoria street
Warm in g;& Ventilating 1 Apparatus
Frew, Watson & Co. Limited, Mill street
Watch Makers.
See also Jewellers.
Burnfield David, 53 South Methven street
Cairncross A. & G. 6 St. John street
Clark Eobert M. 260 High street
Crawford Alexander H. 33 George street
Dow William, 26 South Methven street
Drinkwater Alfred Henry, 32 Scott street
Farquharaon Donald, 2 South St. John's pi
M'lntosh Andrew W. 21 St. John street
Miller Peter, 168 High street
Paterson James, 27 County place
Paterson Thomas, 31 High street
Paton Neil, 7 St. John street
Paul James, 130 High street
Smail James, 16 George street
Smail Joseph. 249 High street
Young Miss Eliza, 228 High street
Waterproof Manufacturers.
See India Rubber & Waterproof Manufrsv
Weighing: Machine Manufctrs.
Pooley Henry & Sons Limited (repairing-
depot), Glasgow road
Whisky Merchants.
Bell Arthur & Sons, 4 South St. John's p>
Gloag Matthew, 24 Atholl street
Whiting Merchants.
Law Charles & Son, 70 Princes street &
N. B. E. coal depot, Glasgow road
Window Blind Manufactrs.
Campbell Peter, 68 George street
Weetwood A. & Son, 21 Princes street
Wine & Spii-it Merchants.
See also Grocers.
Bell Arthur & Sons. Victoria street
Bell, Eannie & Co. (Jame3 A. Eollo, agent)^
35 St. John street
Currie J. & T. 165 & 167 High street
Gloag Matthew, 24 Atholl street
Howat Genrge A William, 36 High streei.
Kav Waiiam W. 3 St. John's place
M'Donald C. & J. 74 George street
Smith E. B. & Son, 70 St. John street
Thomson W. B. Limited, Canal street
Wire Worker.
Barnett George, 232 High street
Wood Turners.
See Turners.
Wool Merchants.
Spalding Eobert & Son, St. Catherine's r©
Woollen Manufacturers.
Bell & E!eay (winceys), 85 Leonard street
Garvie & Deas, 63 South Methven street
5th (Perthshire Highland) Volunteer Bat-
talion the Black Watch (Boyal Highlan-
ders) (H Co.), Capt. John Marshall ; Jas.
Birch, sergt. instructor
Sheriff Officer, William Irvine Skinner,
Delta cottage
Session Clerk, William Martin
District Sanitary Inspector, Duncan Forbes,.
Established Church, Eev. D. Macalister
Donald M.A., B.D. The Manse, Moulin
United Free Church, Rev.Charles G.Mackay
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Rev. Canon
Charles Edward Cooke M.A. of Merton
Coll. Oxon
Baptist, Rev. Henry Wheeler Robinson
Mission Room, Birnam place
School, William McGowan, master
Eailway Station, John Grant, station master
To Kirkmichael, a mail gig daily, & a
coach during the summer months
To Tummel Bridge, a mail gig daily, & a
coach during the summer months
To Eannoch Station, via Killiecrankie &
Loch Tummel & Kinloch Eannoch, a
coach leaves Fisher's hotel daily at 9
a.m. during July, August & Sept

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