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1166 PERTH.
Photographic Material &c. Dlrs..
Grieve George, 29 Scott street
Mackenzie Alexander, 42 Scott street
Hae Brothers, 147 High street
See Medical List.
Pianoforte Warehouses.
Paterson, Sons & Co. 10, 12, 14 & 16
Princes street
Picture Dealer.
Murray David B. 22 South street
Picture Frame Makers.
Stewart Eohert & Sons, 39 St. John street
& 18 Princes street
Thompson & Son, 20 Meal vennel
Plane Makers.
Malloch David & Son, 50 South street
â– Campbell Donald, 38 Main street,Bridgend
Mackay John & Son, 22 Mill street
McKitchie Alexander, Foundry lane
Peebles John, Rose crescent
Peebles William, 9 Spens crescent
â– Sharp John, St. Catherine's road
Plumbers & Glaziers.
Alexander Charles, St. John'B place
Bruce Andrew, 158 South street
Davidson Alex. & James, 5 & 7 New row
Denhain Adam, 80 High street
Bow Charles, 52 Main Btreet, Bridgend
Duthrie Peter, 288 High street
Fraser John, 30 Watergate
Frew, "Watson & Co. Limited, Mill street
McGregor Duncan, 25 to 31 Kinnoull street
Maconochie Edward, 215 South street
Menzies JameB, 236 South street
Miller Brothers, 7 to 26 (works), Gowrie st
Miller Alexander, 26 Gowrie st. Bridgend
Munro David, ]'un. 200 South street
Murray J. & P. 5 South St. John's plaoe
Robertson James, 40 North Methven street
•Welsh John & Co. 59 South street
Pork Butcher.
Waddell James, 262 High street
Potato Merchants.
â– Gardiner James, 40 Caledonian road
Henderson Robert, 264, 266 & 268 High st
Robertson William, 11 St. Paul's- square
Wood James & Son, Prlarton
Poultry & Game Dealers.
Coull William, 66 Scott Btreet
Eggo William F. 12 Hospital street
3?ord Thomas, 9 St. Paul's square
Henderson Robert, 264, 266 & 268 High at
Laing Miss Jane I. West Bridge street,
Jjeutfoot James, 8 Atholl street
Mailer Mrs. Christina, 54 & 56 South Bt
Miller Mrs. Eliza, 1 Gowrie St. Bridgend
Mitchell Robert, 201 South street
Powrie David, 62 South Methven street
Robertson Mrs. Margaret, 60 Princes Btreet
Speedie Alexander, 17 St. John street
Stobie Mrs. Isabella, 187 High street
Preserve Manufacturer.
Lindsay Alexander, St Catherine's road
•Cowan & Co. Lim. Victoria bldgs. 38 Tay st
Hunter Thomas, South St. John'B place
Leslie D. 20 St. John street; works, 32
to 38 Canal street
Miller & Smail, Canal street
Milne, Tannahill & Methven, Horse croBS,
Mill street
Taylor William & Co. 25 High street
Wood & Son, 62 High street; works, 27
Skinner gate
Young James & Sons, 66 to 70 Watergate
Private Schools.
See Schools — Private.
Property, Building & Investment
Aberdeen Heritable Securities & Invest-
ment Co. Limited (W. S. Davidson, agt.),
22 St. John street
Perth Economic Building Society (R. Mac-
gregor Mitchell, sec), 42 George street
Perth Model Building Society (Edward
Jackson, solicitor), 20 Scott street
Perth Working Men's Building Society (A.
Wright, sec), 48 Scott street
Standard Property Investment Co. Lim.
(Edinburgh) (Skeete, Chalmers & Mac-
kenzie, district agents), 42 Tay street
Provision Dealers.
Bayne James, 3 Leonard Btreet
Campbell Mrs. Christian, 1 Main st. Bridgend
Chalmers Mrs. Jane, 2 Leonard place
City of Perth Co-operative Society Limited
(John Clark,, manager), 70 to 86 Scott st
Clyne Alexander D. 28 South street
Cooper & Co. 40 & 42 South Methven st
Cuthbert James, 120 South street
Dingwall Alexander, 36 St. John street
Edward James, 13 South Methven street
Fraser John, 40 High street
Gowans J. & D. 19 High street
Graham Alexander, 31 South street
Kennedy Alexander J. 250 High street
Laing A. & Co. 72 St. John street
Lawson John, 55 Priory place, Newtown
Lipton Limited, 112 High street
Low William & Co. 124 High street
M'Callum John W. T. 12 & 14 Main street,
McDiarmid Donald, 164 to 170 South street
M'Diarmid Jn. 3 Hospital st.& 4 County pi
M'Ewan Thomas, 44 Long causeway
McLagan Mrs. Annie McNeil, 51 Strath-
more street, Bridgend
Macmaster Miss Catherine, 124 High street
M'Neill Peter, 286 High street
Moir Mrs. Mary Ann, 1 Leonard street
MoncriefE Thomas, 8 Leonard Btreet
Morgan John, 5 Main street, Bridgend &
1 Scott Btreet
Paton John, 240 High etreet
Robertson Robert & Co. 21 George street
Scrimgeour David, 17 South Methven st
Smith David, 23 Hospital street
Smith Peter, 191 South street
Stewart Charles C. & Sons, 43 South
Methven street
Stewart James, 7 Kinnoull street
Tainsh James, 90 High etreet
Thomson John, 26 Caledonian road
Wright James & Son, 2 South Methven st
Provision Merchants.
Leltham & Davidson, 11 & 13 Kinnoull Bt.
See advert
Lipton Limited, 112 High street
Public Houses.
See Spirit Dealers.
Leslie D. (publisher of Perth Directory),
20 St. John street; works, 32 to 38
Canal street
Rag Dealers.
See Marine Store Dealers.
Bag merchant.
Ramsay Alexander, 132 to 138 South street
Refreshment Booms.
See also Dining Rooms.
Flight George, 10 Watergate
Kaye David, 7 George street
McLean Miss Annie, South St. John's pi
Ross Mrs. Annie, 1 St. Paul's square
Registrar of Births, Deaths &
Bridges James, 14 Tay street
£. Registry Offices for Servants.
See Servants' Registry Offices.
See Refreshment Rooms.
Bine Makers.
See Gun & Rifle Makers.
Rope & Twine Manufacturers.
Banks James & Sons, 141 High street &
St. Catherine's rope works
Coates Brothers & Co. Balhousie works
M'Cormack C. & Sons,17 Kirk gate ; works,
South Inch
Ballantine James, 50 George street
Ferguson & Walker, 15 Princes street
Mason W. & P. 44 New row
Nicoll Brothers, 24 Caledonian road
Stirton S. & Son, 7 High street
Sanitary Engineers.
Frew, Watson & Co. Limited, Mill street
Savings Bank.
Savings Bank of the County & City of
Perth (William A. Barclay, actuary &
cashier ; George C. Roy, accountant ;
open from 10 to 3 & on Saturday from
10 to 12 & 6 to 8), Tay street
Saw Maker.
Dowie Donald, 66 South street
Saw Mill Owners.
Cameron Brothers, Shore
Henderson & Shaw, Victoria street
Sinclaira & Co. Lim. St Catherine's road
School Furniture Manufacturers.
Leith T. & Co. Fair City steam joinery
works, Victoria street. See advert
School s — Private .
Mitchell Miss Margaret, Arnbrae, Rose cres
Steele Misse3 Alice & Jessie, 1 Rose terrace
Scho ols — Public .
See Official.
Beveridge David & Son, York place
Christie George, 2 6 York place;
works, Caledonian road
Thompson James L. 64 Princes street
Seed Merchants.
Alexander & Brown, 189 High street
Campbells, M'Lagan & Co. 107 High street
Chalmers JameB. 58 Victoria street
Galloway D. & J. 9 St. John street; storeB,
James street
M'Cash John & Son, Dovecotland
Whittet J. & T. 67 High street
See Nurserymen &c. ; also Florists.
Servants' Registry Offices.
Mechie Charles J. 1 South St John's street
Sewing MachineMakers & Agents
Menzies James F. 46 St. John street
Morton John, 18 Scott street
Singer Manufacturing Co. (Frederick
Treasure, agent), 18 Scott street
Sheep Dip Agent.
Donald & Co. Victoria street
Ship Owners.
Perth & Dundee Shipping Co. 40 Tay st.
See advert
Perth Shipping Co. Limited (George Rorie
C.A. see.)j Royal Bank buildings
Shoe Makers.
See Boot & Shoe Makers.
Shop & Office Fitters.
Leith T. & Co. Fair City steam joinery
works, Victoria street
Allan Archibald, 37 Castle gable
Allan Mrs. Christina, 194 South street
Ames William, 15 Castle gable
Anderson Andrew, Cherry bank
Barrett Mrs. Sarah, 59 Meal vennel
Baxter William, 84 South street
Bell Mrs. Rebecca, 10 Kirkgate
Bisset Mrs. Christina, 21 Castle gable
Campbell Mrs. Jane, 6 Leonard street
Campbell John, 97 Glover street
Cardinal Luigi, 80 South street
Cassidy JameB, 94 South street
Crawford Mrs. Margaret, 22 Hospital st>
Crombie Mrs. Margaret, 47 Leonard street
Crow Lewis, 28 New row
Deucher Jamea, 6 South street
Dewar JameB, 25 Canal street
Dufl! Miss Lily, 339 High street
Ferrier Miss Margaret, 275 High street
Findlay John, 49 Princes street
Gair Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 Bridge lane
Gillispie William, 13 Market street
Hay Mrs. Isabella, 214 South street
Herd James, 317 High street
Hood Robert, 16 Leonard street
Johnstone Mrs. Betsy, 59^ Leonard street
Johnstone Miss Christiana, 14 Market st
Keay Mrs. Catherine, 3 Crieff road
Kennedy Mrs. Jane, 16 Kirkgate
Laing Mrs. A. 21 Commercial st. Bridgend
Louis Mrs. Annie, 15 Paul street
McBain Mrs. Ann, 6 Bridge lane
McFarlane Mrs. Margaret, 19 Glover street
M'Gillivray David, 28 Princes street
McGregor Miss Elizabeth, 323 High street
Mackenzie Mrs. Charles, 300 High street
McLaren Mrs. Jessie, 15 Skinnergate
McLaren Mrs. John, 31 Mill street
McLauchlan Mrs. Ellen, 23 Kinnoull street
McNab William, Barnhill
Macpherson JJ.rs. Elizabeth, 14 Kirkgate
McWan Mrs. Margt. 17 Gowrie st. Bridgend
McWhannel Miss Jessie, 59 Strathmore
street, Bridgend
Malcolm Mrs. Alexander, 14 Atholl street
Marshall Mrs. Jessie, 299 High street
Meade Mrs. Bridget, 39 Meal vennel
Melloy Michael, 43 Meal vennel
Moir Mrs. Catherine, 26 Main st. Bridgend
Mullen Mrs. Bridget, 33 Skinnergate
Murray Alexander, 79 Leonard street
Murrie Mrs. Elizabeth, 68 South street
Oliphant Mrs. Janet, 335 High street
Oliver Mrs. Janet, 15 Watergate
Panton David, 9 South street
Paton Mrs. Robert, Craigie place
Peters MissElizh.l East Bridge st. Bridgend
Pirrie David, 2 Marshall's bldgs. Crieff rd

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