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1162 PERTH.
Chemists & Druggists— continued.
Glass Alexander, 39 South Methven street
Harley Thomas, 21 High street
Kaye Alexander, 57 South Methven street
Mhne Alexander, Priory place, Craigie
Eeid & Donald, 29 George street
Small James C. 10 North Methven street
Strang Peter, 166 High street
Children's Outfitters.
See Outfitters — Ladies'.
Chimney Sweepers.
Speirs James, 125 South street
Spiers William, 6 Paul street
China, Glass & Earthenware Dlrs.
Anderson Matthew S. 29 St. John 6treet
Baird Walter, 44 Meal vennel
Keegan & McKearney, 187 & 189 South st
McBurney William, 5 Kinnoul street
Hamsay Alexander, 132 to 138 South street
Cigar Merchant.
Noad W. Oranswick, St. Catherine's road
Civil Engineers.
See Engineers — Civil.
See Dyers & Cleaners.
Clothes Brokers & Dealers.
Macdermot Mrs. Mary, 123 South street
McMahon Mrs. Ann, 141 South street
Eeley Philip, 154 & 156 South street
Anderson David C. 31 County place
Brown Andrew W. 30 St. John street
Byars William, S3 High street
City of Perth Co-operative Society Limited
(John Clark, manager), 70 to 86 Scott st
Cruickshank James S. 64 & 66 St. John st
Douglas James, 180 High street
Frazer & Sons. 49 & 51 High street
Greig Brothers, 24 Watergate
Hepworth J. & Son Limited, 83 High st
Heron David, 53 George street
Hunt James, 38 George street
Jamieson John & Co. (wholesale), 8 & 64
George street ; factory, Atholl street
Lawsous Ltd. (John Meldrum, agent), 48
Scott street
Low & Peebles. 18 St. John street
M'Lean Donald, 115 South street
Moore John M. 247 High street
Young David C. 10 County place & 9, 11 &
13 Hospital street
Clothing Manufacturers.
Jamieson Tohn & Co. Atholl Street fac-
tory ; sale shops, 8 & 64 George street
City & County Conservative (The Earl of
Mansfield, chairman ; Alexander Stewart,
sec), 19 George street
City & County Liberal (Sir Robert Pullar
J.P. chairman ; James Barlas, sec.),
George street
Friarton Curling (Wm. McKendrick, sec),
St. John street
King James the Sixth Golfing (James
McCurrach, hon. sec), 4 Blackfriars st
Lawn Tennis (Wm. B. Deas, sec), Glas-
gow road
Licensed Victuallers' Golf (David Eennie,
sec), North port
New (The) (David Thomson, sec), Tay
street ; T N 90
Perth Anglers' (P. D. Malloch, sec), 26
Scott street
Perth Artisan Golf (John Whittet),Nth.port
Perth Bowling (D. Oram, sec), Town &
County Bank buildings
Perthshire Cricket (A. Latto, sec), 42
Tay street
Perthshire Curling (John A. Stewart, sec),
Tay street
Perth Factory Girls' Club (Miss Wilkin-
son, lady supt.), 11 Melville street
Eoyal Perth Golfing Society & County &
City (Eobert ICinloch, see. '& treasurer),
1 Atholl crescent ; TN65; IA " Club "
Coach & Cab Proprietors.
See also Livery Stable Keepers.
M'Arthur Alexander Simpson, 30 Princes st
Marshall R. & J. Salutation stables &
Eoyal George stables. See advert.
Masterson John, 28 Mill st. & 163 High st
Thompson Francis Charles William, 6 Nth.
William street
Coach Euilders.
Keiller John Thomson. Caledonian road
Reid Peter, 48 Princes street
Ross & Malcolm, Murray st. See advert
Thomson William & Co. Canal street
Coal Dealer.
Ballantine Peter, 325 High street
Coal Merchants.
Alloa Coal Co. Lim. (Andrew Hunter,
agent); office, 18 High street & North
British coal depot, Glasgow road
Campbell Alexander & Son, C. K. coal
depot, Glasgow road
Court Daniel Ross, Mill st. & Skinnergate
Duncan Thomas, St. Leonard's Bank
Frame James, C. R. coal depot, Glasgow rd
Gorrie John, South William street
Law Charles & Son, 70 Princes street &
N. B. E. depot, Glasgow road
Lochgelly Iron & Coal Co. Limited (David
N. Milln, agent), 22 County place &
N. B. R. depot, Glasgow road
McRorrie James, N. B. depot, Glasgow rd
Muir Thomas, Son & Patton Lim. (David
Ferrier, agent), C. B. coal depot, Glas-
gow road
Peebles Peter, C.E. coal depot, Glasgow rd
Perth Co-operative Coal Society Limited, 283
High street
Skinner John & Son; office, 9 South Meth-
ven street & N. B. R. coal depot, Glas-
gow road
Starforth William, St. Leonards bank
Wallace Jas. N. B. E.coal depot, Glasgow rd
Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co.Limited(Glasgow)
(Patrick Matthew, agent), C. E. coal
depot, Glasgow road
Coffee Merchants.
Whittet J. & T. 57 High street
Color Itferchants.
See Oil & Color Merchants.
Commercial Travellers-
See Travellers — Commercial.
Commission Ag-ents.
See Agents — Commission.
Adte William, 2 Melville street
Alexander Charles, 65 North Methven st
Campbell Miss Lizzie, 16 South street
Chaplin John E. 5 York place
Dick Miss Catherine S. 45 George street
Donald Miss Cath. 30 Main st. Bridgend
Dunn Mrs. Jessie, 23 King street
Fenwick Andrew & Son, 27 St. John street;
61 South Methven street & 34 & 36 Com-
mercial street, Bridgend
Fra-ser Miss Eobina E. 56 Princes street
Gardiner Miss Mary, 11 South Methven st
Garvie Miss Mary Ann, Barnhill
Gregg William, North port
Guilianotti Bros. 197 South st. ; 14 Hospital
street & 19 & 21 Kixkgate
Henderson Miss Jessie, 150 High street
Kennaway CharlesG.29 High st.&49 South st
Kidd Miss Isabella, 39 Scott street
King James (wholesale), 30 Scott street
M'Donald Mrs. Elizabeth, 99 High street
McIIroy David, 50 North Methven 6treet
Mclnroy Miss Isabella, 17 County place
Mclnroy John, 153 South street
McLaughlan Patrick, 137 South 6treet
M'Lean Peter, 69 Snath Methven street
Magregor Miss Margaret, 217 High street
Manatini Angelo, 55 South street
Meston Samuel, 5 Gowrie street, Bridgend
Miller Mrs. Isabella, 51 Princes street
Milne James, 258 High street
Moncrieff Mrs. Marjory, 58 Main street
Mulholland William 261 High street
Murray John, 39 County place
Paterson Mrs. Jane, 1 Shields place
Paton William, 17 North Methven street &
50 Scott street
Proudfoot David, Cherry bank
Robertson Mrs. Elizabeth, 62 George street
Scrimger Mrs. William, 218 South street
Strachan George, 76 Canal street
Stratton Alexander, 203 South street
Turnbull MissMaryAnn.il North Methven st
Bruce & Sime, Shore
Eraser & Morton, Priory place & St Leo
nards bank
Girrity Peter, Kinnoull street
Hay & Sims, 315 High street
Jack James, 47 Meal vennel
Johnston David, 54 Leonard street
McMahon Michael (drainage), 141 South st
M'Quibban William, 57 Main street, Bridg
end & Shore
Morrison David, St. Catherine's road
Stewart & Macfarlane, 23 Mill street
Taylor D. & R. Balhousie street
Young David S. Craigie
St. Joseph's (Mary Clare, mother supe-
rioress), 10 & 12 Stormont street
Co-operative Societies.
City of Perth Limited (John Clark, mer.)
70 to S6 Scott street ; & branches
Justice Thomas, 13 St. Ann's lane
Thomsoi Alexander, 2i Mill street
Wynd Thomas & Son, 87 High street
See also Tinplate Workers.
Barlass J. & D. 48 High street
Gorrie David & Son, South Methven street.
See advert
Cork Makers.
Campbell Fraser, 39 Skinnergate
Black John, Horse Cross mills, Mill street
Corn Merchants.
Cunningham John G. Canal street
Galloway D. & J, 9 St. John street; stores,
James street
Gardiner James, 40 Caledonian road
Halley E. & D. 1 Bath buildings & Bal-
housie grain mills. See advert
M'C&sh John & Son, Dovecotland
M'Donald James, 52 & 54 South Methven
street ; office for friday, 9 Kirkgate>
from 12 to 4
Eobertson John, 13 James street
Ross David A. 14 Scott street
Sharp William, James street
Smith J. & J. South Methven street
Corset Makers.
See Stay & Corset Makers.
Valentine & Sons, 77 High street
Cycle Ag-ents & Dealers.
Kinnear Bros. 6 Hospital street
McFarlane Jas. 22 & 24 South Methven aft
Menzies James F. 46 St. John street
Nicholson Eichard G. 7 South Methven st
Shaw Malcolm, 137 High street
Taylor Allen, 43, 45 & 68 Princes street
Cycle Manufacturers.
McOmish John (repairer). 170 High streefc
Neilson Cycle Co. Lim. (Harry Christie,
manager), 16 Scott street
Adams Miss Annie, 103 South street
Andrews Miss Margaret, 6 North port
Cadzow John, 19 Skinnergate
Clark Miss Elizabeth, 1 South Methven 6t
Cooper Mrs. Ellen, St. Leonards Ddg.Craigie
Craig David, 81 Watergate
Crawford Brodie, 11 Strathmore street?
Crerar Mrs. Charlotte, 4S South street
Fenwick Mrs. Jessie, 60 Scott street
Flight Miss Isabella, 279 High street
Flynn Miss Mary, 9 Meal vennel
Forbes Robert, 1 Kirkside
Fraser Miss Margaret, 25 King street
Glen Mrs. Margaret, 1 Mill street
Goodhall Archibald, 14 North Methven sfe
Gregor Mrs. Ellen, 7 Hospital street
Guthrie John, 3 Paul street
Halley Robert, 40 Pomarium street
Harrier James, 46 New row
Jeft'ery William, Craigiehaugh, Craigie
Leuchars Alexander, 91 Glover street
Meston Samuel, 5 Gowrie st. Bridgend
Mitchell Alexander, 2 St. Catherine road
Murray Mrs. Ann, 12 Market street
Pearson Miss Isabella, 21 Atholl street
Perth Creamery Co. Ltd. (& who.), Kin-
noull causeway & 31 Scott street
Robertson David, 13 Bridge lane
Robertson William, 6 Barrack street
Sang Mrs. Catherine, 6 Strathmore street,
Strange Miss Kate, 31 Hospital street
Thomson Alexander, 11 Watergate
Thomson Andrew, Craigie haugh
Watson James, 3 Market street
Watson Thomas, 41 Main street, Bridgend!
See Painters & Decorators.
Crichton John Pringle L.D.S.R.C.S.Edjn.
7 Charlotte street
Kelt Andrew P. 28 St. John street
Lawson James R. 30 York place
Reid Bros. New Kinnoull st. See advert
Reid Alexander Duncan, Kinnoull street
Stewart James L.D.S.E.CS.Edin. 19 Prin-
ces street
Stobie Joseph, 14 St. John street
Dining Rooms.
See also Refreshment Rooms.
Cranib David, 25 Mill street
Douglas Mrs. Margaret, 25 Princes street
Hannah Robert, 19 South Methven street
Hewat James & Son. 38 & 40 St. John at
Hill George Battie,28 & 30 Sth.Methven st
Macmaster Charles, 14 Mill street
M'Neill Peter, 188 South street
Menzies Mrs. Elizabeth, 191 High street
Milne James, 6 Market street

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