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PERTH. 1155
McDiarmid Donald, grocer & spirit dealer, 164 to 170 South st.
& 1 Glover street; res. Clifton, Glasgow road
McDiarruid Hugb, spirit dealer, 7 South street
M'Diarmid Jn. grcr. 3 Hospital st.& 4 County pi. ; res.37 York pi
"M'Donald C. & J. wine merchants, 74 George ttreet
Ma.cdona.ld, Ffaser & Co. Limited, auctioneers,
live stock salesmen & land surveyors, Perth
auction market, Caledonian road; T EM 11 ; TA
" Fraser, Perth "
M'Donald James & Sons, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 186 &
202 South street
M'Donald William & Robert, meal & flour dealers, 39 South st
Macdonald Angus, supt. & deputy chief constable cf county
police, County buildings, South st. ; res. Star bidgs. Canal st
M'Donald Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, 99 High street
M'Donald James, cabinet maker & upholsterer (James M'Donald
& Sons), 4 King's place
M'Donald James, grain & flour merchant &
miller, 52 &. 54 South Methven street & 9
Kirkgate, on f riday ; & City mills, West Mill street;
T N 42 ; T A "Macdonald, Perth;" res. Woodlands, near
Perth : T N 34
M'Donald James, joiner, Low street
M'Donald John,meal & flour dealer (William & Robert M'Donald),
41 South street
M'Donald John, wine mer. <C. & J. M'Donald), 3 Atholl place
MacDonald Murdoch, builder, 40 Commercial street, Bridgend
Macdonald Peter, tobacconist, 7» St. John street
McEwen James & Co. drapers & silk mercers, 56 St. John st
McEwen James, draper (JamesMcEwen&Co.), Craigiebnk.Craigie
M'Ewan Thomas, grocer, 44 Long causeway; res. 5 Spens creB
â– Macfarlane Agnes (Miss), milliner, 37 North Methven street
M'Farlane James, news agent, tobacconist & cycle agent, 22 &
24 South Methven street
McFarlane John, boot maker, 210 South street
Macfarlane John, joiner (Stewart & Macfarlane), 1 Rose cres
McFarlane Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 19 Glover street
M'GUlivray David, shopkeeper, 28 Princes street
M'Glashan Jane (Mrs.), greengrocer, 10 Eirkside
McGlynn Richard Patrick, teacher of music, 31 King street
McGraw Geo. tailor, 44 Scott st. ; res. 1 Rosslyn pi. Glasgow rd
M'Gregor Alexander & Thomas, bookbinders, 21 Bridge lane
"Macgregor D. & Co. engravers, jewellers & silversmiths, 40
George street
McGregor John & Co. bookbinders, 20 Mill st
Macgregor Malcolm & Co. hay, straw & manure merchants, Perth
North station, High street
McGregor Alexander, spirit dealer, 11 Mill street
McGregor Andrew, nurseryman, Craigie
-M'Gregor David, naturalist & fishing tackle maker, 37 South st
McGregor "Duncan, plumber, blacksmith & ironmonger, 25 to
31 Kinnoull street
McGregor Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper, 323 High street
Macgregor John C. artificial teeth manufacturer, National Bank
buildings, South Methven street
Macgregor Malcolm, hay &c. merchant (Malcolm, Macgregor &
Co.) ; res. Oakbank cottage, Cherry bank
Macgregor Margaret (Miss), confectioner, 217 High street
M'Gregor Peter, agt. Natnl, Bank of Scotland Ltd. 5 High st
McGregor Peter F. St. John's hotel, 6 St. John's place
Mcllroy David, confectioner, 50 North Methven street
Mellwham Christina (Miss), tobacconist, 14 Atholl street
Molnroy Isabella (Miss), confectioner, 17 County place
Mclnroy John, confectioner, 153 South street
Macintosh J. & Co. cabinet makers, upholsterers,
undertakers & removal contractors, 70 George st. See advert
M'Intosh Andrew W. watch maker & jeweller & dealer in fancy
goods, 21 St. John street; res. Rosaire, Kinnoull
Mcintosh John, insurance agent, Rose crescent
M'Intosh John, stock & insurance broker, 18 South street ; res.
21 Barossa place
Mclntyre Brothers, drapers, 34 George street
M'Intyre & Stewart, bakers, 32 High street; TN 9 X
M'Intyre Alexander, draper, 53 High street
Mclntyre Charles, draper (Mclntyre Bros.); res. 25 Glover st
M*Intyre Donald, painter & paperhanger, 73 George street
Mclntyre John, draper (Mclntyre Brothers); res. 34 JameB st
Mclntyre John, joiner, James street
M'Intyre Peter C. baker (M'Intyre & Stewart), 276 High street
Mackay John & Son, plasterers, 22 Mill 6treefc
Mackay Andrew, boot maker, 144 High street
Mackay Andrew T. clothier (J. Jamieson & Co.), 16 Barossa place
Mackay Donald M. solicitor (Jameson & Mackay), & parlia-
mentary agent for the Conservative interest for Perth city,
clerk to the justices of the peace of the county of Perth, 1
Charlotte Btreet; res. 1 Barossa place
Mackay George, county sanitary inspector; office, County build-
ings ; res. Viewbank house, Craigia
Mackay Hugh, mineral water manufacturer, Milne street
Mackay Hugh, painter & decorator, 10 & 18 Main st. Bridgend
Mackay Hugh, St. Leonard's hotel, 30 Leonard street
MacKay John, clerk, 11 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend
Mackay Rt. architect (Maclaren & Mackay) ; res. 23 Barossa place
McKay Robert, boot maker, 14 Meal vennel
McKearney Edward, bricklayer, South William street
McKearney John, china &c. merchant (Keegan & McKearney),
21 Melville street
M'Kendrick William & Sons, butchers, 33 St. John st. ; TN 88
Mackenzie & Dickson, secretaries & treasurers to James Murray's
Royal asylum, 75 George street; TN 146
Mackenzie Adam,draper(Stewart & Mackenzie), Beechwood,Scone
Mackenzie Alexander, optician & photographic dlr. 42 Scott st
Mackenzie Charles (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 300 High street
Mackenzie Frederick, solicitor (Skeete, Chalmers & Mackenzie),
Comely Bank cottage
Mackenzie George A. solicitor & notary (Condie, Mackenzie &
Co.), joint agent for the British Linen Co. Bank & clerk to
East & West Perthshire Conservative Associations, 75 George
street; res. 1 Atholl place & Wood end
Mackenzie Elsie (Mrs.), spirit) dealer (Star), 36 Princes street
Mackenzie John, fruiterer, 1 Friar street, Craigie
Mackenzie John, teller National Bank of Scotland Limited, High
street; res. 19 North Methven street
McKerchar Frederick, Glencoe Bar P.H. 242 & 244 High street
M'Killop Robert, burgh surveyor & inspector of works, 12 Tay
street; res. Barnhill cottage, Kinnoull
M'Kinlay John, fishing tackle maker & bird stuffer, B\ County
place; res. 248 High street
M Kinlay John, joint proprietor " Perthshire Courier & Farmers'
Journal"; res. Proudfoot's buildings, Edinburgh road
Mackintosh Donald, burgh assessor, 16 Tay street; res. Mount
Craigie, Craigie
McLagan Annie McNeil (Mrs.), grocer & provision dealer, 51
Strathmore street, Bridgend
M'Lagan Peter, gun & fishing tackle maker, 33 County place;
res. 1 Muirton place, Dunkeld road
M'Lagan Robert, joiner (Strang & M'Lagan); res. 246 High st
M'Lagan William, merchant (Campbells, M'Lagan & Co.), Max-
wilton, Kinnoull
McLaren Janet & Ann (Misses), drapers, 29 & 31 Main st.Bdgend
Maclaren & Mackay, architects & surveyors, 56 George street
M'Laren Alexander, clerk, Rowan villa, Glasgow road
McLaren Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 65 George street
McLaren Daniel, butcher, 92 Pomarium street
McLaren Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Skinnergate
McLaren John (Mrs.) shopkeeper, 31 Mill street
Maclaren William, architect (Maclaren & Mackay) ; res. Mill-
den, Balhousie
M'Lauchlan Daniel, slater, 58 Watergate
McLauchlan Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 23 Kinnoull street
McLaaghlan Patrick, confectioner, 137 South street
McLaughlan Peter, marine store dealer, Castle gable
McLean Annie (Miss), temperance hotel, 31 St. John street &
restaurant, South St. John's place
M'Lean Donald, tailor, 115 South street
Maclean Duncan, ladies' outfitter, 41, 43 & 47 George street;
res. Muirton bank
Maclean James, builder, 9 Keir street, Bridgend
M'Lean Peter, fruiterer & confectioner, 69 South Methven st. ;
res. 7 Rose crescent, Glasgow road
Macleish, Morrison & Co. Limited, sanitary & hydraulic en-
gineers, 15 Mill street
M'Leod John, nurseryman (Dickson &. Turnbull), 3 Fairmount
villas, Barnhill
McLusky William Bouvard, manager Perth Corporation Gas
Works, Friarton; res. Grahams Lea, Craigie road
McMahon Ann (Mrs.), clothes dealer, 141 South street
McMahon Michael, drainage contractor, 141 South street
McMahon Philip, news agent, 45 Meal vennel
Macmaster Catherine (Miss), provision dealer, 12J High street
Macmaster Charles, dining rooms, 14 Mill street
McNab David, ham curer (Robertson & McNab), Friar st. Craigie
Macnab Duncan, solicitor, clerk & treasurer to Perth district
committee of county council & county collector for district,
80 George street; res. Glenearn, Glasgow road
McNab William, general dealer, Barnhill
McNaughtan John M.D. resident surgeon, General prison, Edin-
burgh road
McNaughton James & Sons, gun makers, 44 George street
McNaughton James, commercial traveller, 5 Rosslyn place
McNeil Thomas Duncan, tailor, 19 Kinnoull st. ; res. 286 High st
McNeill George, tobacconist, 278 High street
M'Neill Peter, dining rooms, 188 South street
M'Neill Peter, grocer, 286 High street
M'Nicoll James, boot & shoe maker, 8 & 10 St. John street;
res. 22 Kinnoull street
McNicoll William, temperance hotel, 18 Leonard street
McOmish John, cycle repairer, 170 High street
Maconcchie Edward, glazier, 215 South street; res. Fernbank,
Needless road
Macpherson Duncan, detective sergeant, County bldgs. South st
Macpherson Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Kirkgate
Macpherson John, chief constable of county police, County
buildings ; res. Craigdhu, Barnhill
MacPherson Thomas, solicitor, 3 Charlotte street
M'Quibban Wm. joiner & contrctr. 57 Main st. Bridgend & Shore
McRitchie Alexander, plasterer, Foundry lane
McRorrie James, coal merchant, North British depot, Glasgow rd
M'Viear & Son, painters & paperhangers, 14 York place
McWan Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 17 Gowrie st. Bridgend
McWhannel Jessie (Miss), shopkpr. 59 Strathmore st. Bridgend
Mailer Christina, fishmonger & game dealer, 54 & 56 South st. ;
X N 32 ; res. 5 Cuthbert place
Malcolm Alexander (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 64 Atholl street
Malcolm David, news agent & tobacconist, 72 South street
Malcolm Isabella (Miss), meal & flour dealer, 61 South street
Malcolm Thos.F.coach builder (Ross & Malcolm) ; res.2Murray st
Mallis & Co. boot makers, 46 South Methven street
Malloch David & Son, plane manufacturers, 50 South street
Malloch Duncan, greengrocer, 60 South street
Malloch Peter D. fishing: tackle & gun maker,
Scott street; T N 31; T A "Malloch, Perth''; res.
Almond villa, Glasgow road. See advert
Malloch Wm. commercial travllr. 17 Pitcullen cres. Bridgend
Malloch WiUiam, plane manufacturer (David Malloch & Son);
res. 17 Pitcullen crescent
Manatini Angelo, fried fish dealer, 24 Meal vennel & 51 South
street & confectioner, 55 South street
Marshall R. & J. Job & post masters & livery
stable keepers, Salutation stables & Royal George stablea
& funeral undertakers, 52 South street; TN 87. See advert
Marshall David, solicitor (Thomas & Macleish), county clerk &
treasurer, clerk of lieutenancy, clerk & treasurer Perth Dis-
trict Lunacy Board, clerk to Glover incorporation & clerk to
Munro Melvill Trust, County buildings & 52 Tay street; res.
Craigmount, Barnhill
Marshall James, architect & surveyor, 28 Scott street
Marshall Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 299 High street
scot. 73*

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