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Harper Mary Gardiner (Mrs.), Moulin hotel
Howse Alexander E. inland revenue officer,
Jack George, blacksmith
Johnston Hugh, mole catcher
M'Intosh John, distiller, Edradour
fMackenzie William, factor to A. E. Butter
esq. of Faskally, Faskally
M'Laren Alex, cattle dealr.Knockendarroch
McPherson Angus, grrocer, pro-
vision merchant & hardware dealer
Michie Thomas, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages, Straloch
Reid Janet (Miss), dress maker
Robertson James, inspector of poor, Craig
Scott Jessie (Miss), grocer
Stewart Donald M. innkeeper, Straloch
"Walker Gilbert, butcher
Balfour Frank, Kindrogan
Buchanan Michael, Leckscriedan
Caddel John, Coilvoulin
Cameron Peter, Balchandy
Davidson Thomas, Balnadrum
Duff Alexander, Easter Orchilmore
Farquharson Alexander, jun. Bridgend
fFerguson Peter, Old Faskally
Fergusson Donald, Daleapon
Forbes Alexander. Mains of Dunfallandy
Fraeer James, Balnacraig
Harper Mrs. Mary G. Moulin
Jamieson Robert, Auchnahyle
M'Beth William, Mains of Orchill
McDonald John, Shealoch
McGIashen John, Balrobbie
M'Intosh John, Kinnaird
Mcintosh John, Pittarig
M'Intyre John, Lettoch
Mclntyre William, Ooppagach
M'Kenzie Peter, East Aldour
McKenzie Thomas, Tombay
M'Lagan Alexander, Dunfallandy
M'Laren Alexander, Knockendarroch
McPherson Donald, Fanvoick
Marshall Robert, Croftchuirn
Mechie Thomas, Clunckea
Panton John, Upper & Lower Glenfernate
Pearson William, Wester Auchlatt
Reid Peter, Pitfourie
Robertson Angus & Sons, Tomdochoille
Robertson Charles, Balnacree
Robertson James, Drummin
Stewart Alexander, Middleton of Fonab
Stewart Alexander Blair, Balnakeilly
Stewart Donald, Dalnagairn & Baddo
Stewart Donald, Drumchorry
Stewart Donald, Knockbarrie, Moulin
Stewart Duncan, Ballyonkan
Stewart John, Edradour
M'Glashan Thomas, registrar of births
deaths & marriages, School house
M'Intosh Archibald, joiner, refreshment
rooms & guide to Pass of Killiecrankie
M'Lean Margaret. (Miss), grocer
Marshall Robert & Sons, coal, manure &
timber merchants & saw mill owners ; &
at Pillochry
MUCKHART is a village and parish in
the small debt court district of Dunblane,
about 2 miles north-west from Rumbling
Bridge station on the Alloa and Mawcarse
Junction section of the North British rail-
way, 11 north-east from Alloa and 18 south-
east from Crieff. It is triangular in shape,
about 5 miles in length from east to west,
its greatest breadth from north to south
being about 2i miles. The Devon forms
its principal boundary, separating it from
Fossoway on the south and east, while on
the north and west two small streams res^
pectively divide it from Glendevon and
Dollar. A branch of the Ochil hills runB
east and west along the northern boundary
of the parish, terminating on the east by a
conical-shaped hill called " Sea-mab," 1,442
feet above eea level. The Devon in this
neighbourhood creates a number of in
teresting waterfalls, amongst which are the
falls of Rumbling Bridge, Devil's Mill and
Caldron Linn. The water passes through
fissures in the rocks, which in many places
present the appearance of having been rent
asunder. When viewed from the parapet
of the Rumbling Bridge, 120 feet above the
level of the river and over 500 feet above
the eea level, the scenery beneath, on both
sides, is very striking, and since the
opening of "the Devon Yallev branch
of the North British railway, for
which there as a station at Rumbling
Bridge, this locality has become much
frequented. In 1645, every house in
Muckhart parish, including the church, was
burnt by the Marquess of Montrose, when
he sacked and destroyed Castle Campbell,
at that time belonging to the Earl of Argyll.
Besides the parish church, which is at the
small village of Pool, there is also a United
Free church. Miss Christie of Cowden
Castle ; Alexander Price Haig esq. of
Blairhill; John James Moubray esq.
M.A., J.P. of Nae Moor; John Hutcheson
Kerr esq. of Harviestoun C'astle, and James
McArthur Moir esq. of Lawhill, are the
principal landowners. The soil of Muckhart
is in general light and gravelly, but in some
parts it is more retentive. The area is
4,028 acres; the rateable value, £5,316;
population in 1891, 542, and in 1901, 475.
Post Office; John Young, sub-postmaster.
Letters received through Dollar R.S.O.
Clackmannanshire. Delivery, 10.30 a.m. ;
dispatches, 11.30 a.m. & 4.25 p.m. Postal
Orders are issued & paid here. The
nearest money order office is at Dollar &
telegraph office at Rumbling Bridge, 2
miles distant
Chairman, James McArthur Moir
Medical Officer, John Strachan M.D. Dollar
Clerk, Registrar of Births, Deaths & Mar
riages & Inspector & Collector, David
M. Hall
Cemetery, David M. Hall, clerk & treas
urer ; Samuel Younger, superintendent
Police Station, Charles McWilliam, constable
Established Church, Rev. George Paulin
United Free Church, Rev. William C.
Dickson M.A
Chairman, John James Mowbray
Clerk & Treasurer, David M. Hall
Board School, David M. Hall, master
Christie Miss, Cowden castle
Dickson Rev. William C, M.A.,U.F.Manse
Douglas Archibald Sholto, Birkhill
Lander Thomas, Blairhill
Moubray John J., J.P. Nae Moor house
Paulin Rev. George (Established), The Manse
Blyth Mary (Miss), ironmonger
Cairns Andrew, joiner & cartwright
Cemetery (David M. Hall, clerk & trea-
surer; Samuel Younger, superintendent)
Davidson Peter (Mrs.), spirit dealer &
public-house keeper
Grassie Alexander, factor to John Christie
esq. J.P. of Cowden castle. Thorn
Hall David M. inspector of poor, collector
of rates, clerk & treasurer to school
board & to the Parish Council, session
clerk & register of births, deaths & mar-
riages, School house
Hall Jessie (Miss), grocer & general dealer
McAllister Robert, coal master, Law hill
Maeara Neil, Rumbling Bridge hotel
Menzies Mary & Ann (The Misses), dress
makers, grocers & general dealers
Nerval Alexander, wheelwright, Rumbling
Ritchie Maggie (Mrs.), dress maker
Young John, grocer & boot & shoe maker
Younger Samuel, builder & mason
Dickie John, Shelterhall
Dodds Peter, Westerhall
Harley William, Drumburn
Howie Robert, Linbank
Mitchell Alexander, Cowden
Moir James M'Arthur, Lawhill
Nerval Joseph, Nether Moss
Norwall Joseph, Moss
Scott Alexander & James. Middlehall
Smith Thomas, Kelly bank
Steven William, Middletown
Wilson Robert, Lerp
MTJRTHLY, see Little Dunkeld.
MTJTHILjL is an extensive parish, in
Upper Strathearn poor combination and
small debt court district of Crieff, on the
borders of the Highland district.on the right
bank of the Earn. The village is on the great
military road from Dunblane to Inverness
by Tummel Bridge,19 miles north from Stir-
ling, 16 south-west from Perth and 3 south
from Crieff, with a station on the Crieff
junction and Crieff branch of the Caledonian
railway, one and a half miles east from the
village. By the " Local Government (Scot-
land) Act, 1889 " (52 and 53 Yict. c. 50,
sections 44 to 50), boundary order 98, a part
of Crieff parish, with a population of 12,
and of Monzievaird and Strowan parish,
with 13, have been transferred to Muthill,
and a part of Muthill parish, with a popula-
tion of 35, added to Comrie. There is a
church, in ruins, said to have been built in
1419 ; the tower appears to be of an earlier
date, and is doubtless of Pictish origin.
Culdees Castle, finely seated on a rock at
the head of the vale of Strathearn, is the
seat of Robert Thomas Napier Speir esq.
D.L., J.P. Drummond Castle, the ancient
seat of the family of Perth, is now the resi-
dence of the Earl of Ancaster P.C. who is
lord of the manor and principal landowner.
Muthill parish has an area of 26,188 acres;
rateable value, £14,241 ; population in 1891,
2,123, and in 1901, 1,401 in the civil, and
1,490 in the ecclesiastical parish.
Post, T. & M. O. O., T. M. 0., P. P., S. B.
& A. & I. 0. (Railway Sub-Office. Let-
Deliveries, 7.15 a.m. & 3 & 6.40 p.m.
ters should have R.S.O. Perthshire added
to them); James Morrison, postmaster.
Deliveries, 7.15 a.m. & 3 & 6.40 p.m.
summer; 9 to 10 p.m. (callers only);
dispatches, 6.50 a.m. & 1.15, 4.20, 7.15
& 6.30 local & 9.25 p.m.; Sundays, 9
a.m. & 3.10 p.m
Chairman, George T. McEwen
Clerk, William Miller
Inspector of Poor, William Miller
Collector, James Haldane
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
William Miller
County Police Station, James McGregor,
Freemasons' Lodge (St. John's), William
McRobbie, keeper
Library, Hamish Smith, keeper
Session Clerk, James Haldane
Established Church, Rev. Andrew Mutch
United Free Church, Rev. John LaidlawB.D
Episcopal Church (St. James'), Rev. John
Hampton Shepherd M.A. Aberdeen Univ.
Clerk, Malcolm Finlayson
School, Thomas A. Donald, master; Miss-
Lily Clark, mistress
Episcopal School (St. James), Miss Harriet
E. Simpson, mistress
Coach to Crieff, daily, & to Railway station
to meet all trains
Railway Station, Jas. Taylor, station master •
Ancaster Right Hon. The Earl of P.C,
J.P., D.L. Drummond castle; & 12 Bel-
grave square & Carlton club, London S W "
Cameron Mrs 1 . Annaht
Comrie Miss, St. Margarets
Edington Mrs. Ashfield
Ewing George T. Pitke'.lony
Greig Rev. George M.A. Beechlea
Irvine John Charles Davidson M.B., CM".
Laidlaw Rev. John B.D. United Free
Church manse
McAllum Miss, The Palace
McEwen John, Thornhill
Mutch Rev. Andrew, Established manse
Shepherd Rev. John Hampton M.A. (Epis.),-
Sime Mrs. Agnes, Na'rne bank
Speir Robert Thomas Napier J.P., D.L.
Culdees castle
Bayne Alexander, tailor
Blake Alex. J. Drummond Arm-j
Hotel & posting establishment
Brown Robert, shopkeeper
Campbell Daniel, coal dealer
Campbell Duncan, blacksmith, Bennybegg
Co-operative Society Lim. (Wmi-
Thompson, manager)
Donald Thomas R. schoolmaster
Duff James, watch maker
Ellis Euphemia (Miss), draper
Ewing George T. architect & factor for the"
Earl of Ancaster, Pitkellony
Ferguson James, joiner & insurance agent
Galletly John, baker
Goodfellow John, blacksmith.Mill of Drum-
Graham James, boot maker
Haldane James, session clerk & collector
of rates
Haldane Mary (Mrs.), news agent
Horticultural Society (William Finlayson,
Irvine John Charles Davidson M.B., CM.
surgeon & parochial medical officer &
medical officer of health for Muthill,
King Archibald, shopkeeper
Library (Hamish Smith, keeper)
Lindsay William, grocer
M'Ara Alexander, land steward for Robert
Thomas Speir J.P., D.L. of Culdeea
house, Murrayfield

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