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quarters of a mile in -width. In the village
is a granite monument, erected by sub-
scription, to the memory of Dugald
Buchanan. Gaelic poet. The Established
church, erected in 1829, was thoroughly
restored and beautified in 1893, at u cost of
£550. There are two splendid mansions
in the parish, Ball House, the seat of Capt.
Eruce-Wentworth, and Dunalastair House,
the seat of Mrs. Bunten. Sir Neil James
Menzies bart. the trustees of the late James
Clark Bunten esq. (d. 1901), the trustees
of the late Thomas F. C. Vernon-Went-
worth esq. (d. 1902), Alexander Stewart
esq. of Bunrannoch, and John S. 0. Robert-
son Luxford esq. J. P. of Croiscrag House,
Eannoch, are the principal landowners.
Eateable value, £13,863 ; the population in
1891, 514, and 1901, 807.
Post, X. & M. 0. 0., T. M. 0.. P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Kinloch-Iiannoch
(Kailway Sub-Office, tetters should have
B.S.Q. Perthshire added); Miss
Catherine Stewart, postmistress. De-
livery, 10,5 a.m. ; dispatch, 11.30 a.m. &
1.55 p.m
Post & T. 0. Dunalastair (Railway Sub-
Office. Letters should have B.S.O.
Perthshire added to them) ; Miss
Catherine Cameron, sub-postmistress.
Delivery, 10.10 a.m. ; dipatch, 11.5 a.m.
Postal orders are issued & paid here.
Nearest money order office is at Kinloch-
Itannoch, 3 miles distant
Begistrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages for
Kinloch-Eannoch district.Duncn.M'Donald
Police Station, Hugh Bose, police constable
Established Church. Eev. John Sinclair B.D
United Free Church, Eev. Hugh M'Callum
Dunalastair, Duncan Campbell, master
Kinloch-Ranuoch, Eobt. S. Grant, master
To Kinloch-Eannoch from Struan, daily
To Struan Station & Eannoch Station (West
Highland line), Duncan Cameron, from
Kinloch-Eannoch, daily
Bruee-Wentworth Capt. Dall house
Bunten Mrs. Dunalastair house
Cochrane Henry H. West-temper
Greig Thomas W., J. P. Lassentulloch
MacCallum Hugh
M'Callum Eev. Hugh, United Free manse
Eobertson-Luxford John S. 0. Croiscraig
Sinclair Eev. Jn. B.D. Established Manse
Stewart Alexander, Innerhadden
Vernon-Wentworth Bruce Canning M.P.
Dall; 2 First avenue, Hove, Brighton &
Carlton club, London S W
Bew9 John, tailor
Cameron Duncan, grocer, baker & draper
Ferguson Bessie (MIbb), laundress
Gow George, Loch Eannoch hotel
MacCallum Hugh L.E.C.P. & S.Edin. sur-
geon, parochial medical officer & public
M'Donald Duncan, blacksmith & registrar
of births, deaths & marriages
M Gregor Donald & Charles, Wrights
McGregor Jessie (Mrs.), laundress
Macgregor John, butcher
McKerchar & Co. grocers
M'Laren Duncan, boot maker
Macmillan Donald Cameron, Dunalastair
. MacNaughton Arthur, factor for Mrs.
Bunten, Dunalastair
Macrae Charles, Bunrannoch hotel
Seaton Janet (Mrs.), boot maker
Stewart Catherine (Miss), bookseller
Strachan George, road contractor ,Dunalastair
Swan Eoderick, miller
KINNAIRD is a parish in the carse of
Gowrie, and varying in distance from 11 to
12 miles east from Perth. This place af-
fords the title of Lord Kinnaird of Inchture
to the Kinnaird family, alBo barons Kin-
naird of Bossie. The church is about 6
miles north-by-west from inchture station
on the Perth and Dundee section of the
Caledonian railway. Kinnaird Castle was
built by Alexander, surnamed r the Fierce,
for thesuppression of robbers who infested
' the Carse of Gowrie from the north, and
remained in the possession of the Crown
until 1172 : James VI in the course of
his visit to Scotland in 1C17, spent up-
wards of a week at Kinnaird Castle,
arriving on the 22nd of May and leaving
for Dundee on the 30th of May : the castle,
now ruinous, belongs to William Murray
Threipland esq. of Fingask Castle. The
area is 3,498 acres; rateable value, £2,506;
the population in 1901 "was 217.
Wall Letter Box cleared 3 p.m. Nearest
telegraph & money order office Inchture,
3 miles distant
Chairman, John White
Clerk, Alexander Duncan
Inspector of Poor & Registrar of Births,
Deaths & Marriages, Alexander Duncan
Established Church, Rev. John Milne An-
derson M.A., B.D., B.Sc
Chairman, William Murray Threipland esq
Clerks, Condie, Mackenzie & Co
School, John Fairweather, master
Anderson Rev. John Milne M.A., B.D.,
B.Sc. (Established), The Manse
Clark Andrew, blacksmith
Clink John, market gardener
Duncan Alexander, grocer & general dealer,
clerk to parish council, inspector of poor
& registrar of births, deaths & marriages
Fairweather John, schoolmaster
Powrie David, market gardener
Strachan Alexander, market gardener
Bruce James, Blacklaw
Cramond Alexander, Upper Mains
Howieson John, Upper Fingask, Hoole &
McFarlane Jas. (reps, of), Nether Mains
Miller James, Flawcraig
Miller Joseph, Woodwell
Panton John (reps, of), Westmill
Reid Thomas, Woodburn head
Robertson John, Sunnyhall
White John, Guardswell & Outfield
KINNOULL is a parish, in the small debt
court district of Perth, and has ite western
extremity on the Tay, opposite Perth, ex-
tending thence in an irregular manner for
nearly 4 mileB, with a general breadth of 1
mile. The surface is hilly, but romantic
and exceedingly beautiful, being covered' to
a great extent with fine plantations. Many
villas have been erected on the rising
grounds to the east of the river, and now
form part of the suburbs of Perth. The
village is 2 miles east from Perth station.
By the '' Local Government (Scotland) Act,
1889 " (52 and 53 Vict. c. 50, sections 44
to 50), boundary order 71, part of Kin-
fauns, with a population of 42, and of
Scone parish, with a population of 39,
have been transferred to this parish, and
a part of Kinnoull added to the parishes
of Kinfauus with 28 population, St. Madoes
with 121, St. Martins 208, and Scone 46.
Kinnoull Hill is above 600 feet perpendi-
cular, and affords an enchanting prospect
of the surrounding country. The ancient
church of the parish was a rectory, in the
proprietary of the monastery of Cambus-
kenneth, "and was dedicated to St. Con-
stantine. The modern church, erected in
1826, stands on a bank overhanging the
Tay. Near this once stood the old castle
of Kinnoull. St ; Mary's, Kinnoull Hill,
is a Roman Catholic establishment, con-
sisting of the church and residence of
the Redemptorist Fathers. The house
serves also for the clergy and laity
who come here to spend a short time
in spiritual exercises. The buildings
were erected from designs by Mr. Heiton,
architect, of Perth, and are in the Early
English style of the 12th century. Murray's
Royal Asylum, on Kinnoull hill, erected
from a bequest of Mr. James Murray, a
native of Perth, and opened in 1827, is a
building of the Grecian-Doric order, in-
tended for private insane patients only :
two wings have been added for acute cases,
and two villas are in course of erection J
it is an endowed, institution and the direcr
tors are a Chartered Corporation : attached
are extensive pleasure grounds, surrounded
by the fields of the Home farm and several
villas under the same management. Kin-
currathie House and Seven Gables, Elie^
have -been acquired as Convalescent Homes.
The Perth and Perthshire Hospital .for
Incurables is on the Dundee road, and
usually contains from 40 to 50 patients.
Kinnoull Sanatorium, situated on the slope
of Kinnoull Hill, is a branch of this In-
stitution, for the treatment of pulmonary
consumption on the open air system, and
has 20' beds. â–  Kinnoull has given the title
of earl to a branch of the family of Hay
of Erroll, Sir George Hay, lord chancellor,
1622, being ennobled in 1627 as Baron Hay
of Kinfauns and Viscount Dupplin, and
elevated to the earldom in 1633 as Earl
of Kinnoull. The Earl is the principal
landowner. The area is 3,331 acres; rate-
able value, landward £3,580, burghal (part
of Perth) £20,271; population in 1891,
3,730; 1901, 3,795, of which 388 are in-
cluded in the royal burgh of Perth. The
population of the ecclesiastical parish in
1901 was 4,089. The total population in-
cluded 58 officials and 131 inmates of
Murray's Royal Asylum and 58 in Hillside-
Town Sub-Post & M. 0. 0., S. B. & A. &
I. 0. Bridgend; Robert Robertson, sub-
postmaster. Letters received through
Perth. Dispatches, 5.30, 9 & 11 a.m. &
2.45, 3.50, 6.45, b & 9.30 p.m. ; deliveries,
7 a.m. & 12.15, 4.50 & 8 p.m. Telegrams
can be handed into this office only &,
telegraph money orders are issued, but.
not paid
Town Sub-Post Office, Barnhill; Miss Gar-
vie, sub-postmistress. Letters received)
through Perth. Deliveries, 8.15, 5 & 8;
dispatches, 8.15, 11, 2.25, 3.50, 6.15 &
9.15. Nearest money order & telegraphs
office is Bridgend
Chairman, (vacant)
Clerk, Registrar of Births, Deaths Sc Mar-
riages, Inspector of Poor & Collector of
Rates, Robert Robertson, West Bridge st_
Chairman, The Earl of Mansfield
Physician, A. R. Urquhart M.D., F.B.C.F.
Assistant Medical Officer, Eric M. Thomsoni
M.B., CM
Secretaries & Treasurers, Mackenzie &
Dickson, 75 George street
Chaplain, Rev. J. W. Henderson B.D
Matron at Asylum, Misb Finch
SHIRE. Hdll Side; T N 95.
Chairman, Sir Robert Pullar
Hon. Secretaries & Treasurers, Robert B.
MoncriefE & Co
Medical Officer, David H. Stirling M.D
Matron, Mise Jane Gregorson
President, Sir Robert Pullar
Hon. Sec B . R. H. Monerieft & Co
Medical Officer, David H. Stirling M.D
Matron, Miss Jane Gregorson
Church of the Establishment, Rev. John
W. Henderson B.D
Roman Catholic Church (Our Lady of Per-
petual Succour), Very Rev. Thos. Creagh
C.SS.R. rector
House of the Redemptorist Fathers, Very
Rev. Thomas Creagh C.SS.R. rector
Office, Royal Bank buildings, Perth.
Chairman, The Hon. Morton GrayStuartM.A
Clerk & Treasurer, W. J. Wood
Board Schools. —
Kinnoull, Hugh Leslie, master
Kinnoull School is under the management
of the Perth Board
Annandale Kenneth, Garry lodge
Barr Mrs. Willow bank
Boyle Rev. Charles C.SS.R. (R. C), St.
Brand Robert, Upland
Brown William, Bromville
Brown Mrs. Laurel bank
Butter Albert J.P. Duntanlich
Cameron Angus, Melrose house
Clark Rev. P. A. Gordon (West United
Free Church), Manse
Creagh Very Rev. Thomas C.SS.R. (R. €>
Dandie MisseB, Glencaira
Dandie Mrs. 4 Fairmount villas
Davidson William S. Beech Brompton ter
Deas William, Ledlennet
Dingwall Alec, Glendoick villa
Donald John, Ramsey lodge
Donald Miss, Bankhead boose
Easson Peter, Kinnoull cottage
Gaisford Rev. Basil C.SS.R. St. Marv'*
(R. C)
Galloway David, Vine bank
Gloag Miss, Jock's lodge

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