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Chairman, Uapt. "William A. H. Drum-
mond-Moray D.L., J.P
Clerk, Malcolm Finlayson
Schools : —
Fowlis Wester, Joseph R. Martin, master
Buchanty, Miss Ann McRaw, mistress
Andrew Y.
Railway Station, Abercairny,
Martin, master
Fowlis Wester.
Drumraond-Moray Capt, William Augustus
Home- D.L., J.P. Abercairny
Graham Anthony Maxtone J.P. Cultoquhey
Hardy Rev. Thumas, Established manse
Anderson Peter, miller, Mill of Cultoquhey
Berry James, spirit dealer, Fulford
Comrie James, cartwright, New Foulis-
Dakers Peter, grocer
Douglas William, blacksmith, New Fowlis
Elder William, blacksmith, G-othy
McOmish Thomas, contractor
McWhannel Thomas, spirit dealer
'Martin Andrew Y. station master, Aber-
Martin Joseph R.schoolmaster, session clerk,
clerk to the Parish Council, inspector of
poor & registrar of births, deaths &
Stratton Thomas, boot' maker
Allan Peter, Green of Keillour
â–  Berry James, Fulford
Buchan David, Blairmore
Cameron Mrs. William, Bellnollow
Carmichael Robert, Drumphin
Chapman Alexander, West Buchanty
Christie William, Tofts
Comrie Andrew, Drummie
Craig William, Corriemuckloch
Dickie David, Newbigging
Drummond William, Burnside
Elder William, Gothy
Forrest Alexander, Auchloy
Gallatly Robert, Channoehar
Goodwillie David, Buchan
Graham Anthony Maxtone, Cultoquhey
Hunter Alexander, Pittencleroch
Lamond Robert, Oarsehead
Lyle D. Stewart, Craigend
McCullum James, Crofthead
McLean Robert, South Buchanty
McRaw John. Connachan
Ritchie John M. The Tail
Rogers Wil Ham, Auchelhangie
Rogerson James & John, Fendoch
Strang Gavin & Alexander, Kintocha
Taylor James, Linfield
Aitken Archibald, Craigentore
Henderson Rev. George, United Free
Church manse
Cowan Wm. boot & shoe maker & grocer
Davidson Janet Adam Russell (Mrs.), sta-
tioner, & postmistress
Graham Janet (Miss), grocer
McLeod John, joiner
R.S.O. Perthshire. Delivery, 9 a.m. ;
dispatches, 7.30 a.m. & 3 p.m. (summer)
& 2 p.m.. (winter)
Gartmore Free Library, Robert Thomson,
Established Church, Rev. J. Christie John-
United Free Church, Rev. Malcolm M'Lean
(Consisting of Five Members).
Chairman, Andrew Wood. J.P
Clerk, Robert Thomson
School, James A. Menzies, master
Railway Station, Thomas Ferguson, station
Cayzer Sir Charles William M.P. Gart-
more house
M'Lean Re v. Malcolm, United B ree
Church Manse
Johnston Rev, James Christie (Estab.),
The Manse
Ferguson John, blacksmith
Ferguson Thomas, postmaster & station
master, Railway station
Free Library (Robert Thomson, librarian)
Eerr James, Black Bull P-H
Little Thomas, grocer
M'Farlane Walter, grocer & general dealer
Mair J. & A. grocers & provision mers
Murray John, joiner & cartwright
Patrick James, boot maker
Thomson Charles, Gartmore hotel
Thomson Robert, clerk to school board
GILMERTON, see Fowlis-Wester.
GLENALMOND, see Methven.
GLENCARSE, see Kinfauns.
McFarlane John, grocer
Young Andrew, postmaster
Young Mary (Miss), schoolmistress
GARTMORE is a village and a quoad
sacra parish, formed from the parish of
Port of Menteith, in Perthshire, and Dry-
men, in Stirlingshire, and has a station
about a mile east, on the Aberfoyle branch
of the North British railway, and is 19
.miles west from Stirling and 15 west from
•Dunblane. Mr. John M'Donald, a Glasgow
merchant (who was born here), built and
.presented a library to the village, together
with the rent of a house adjoining as an
endowment. The population in 1901 was
Post Office, Railway Station, Gartmore
(Railway Sub-Office. Letters should have
R.S.O. Perthshire added); Thomas Fer-
guson, postmaster. Deliveries, 8 a.m. &
4 p.m. &. 5 p.m. (winter); dispatches, 8
a.m. & 3.30 p.m. (summer) & 8.5 a.m. &
2.45 p.m. (winter). Postal Orders are
issued here & paid. The nearest money
order & telegraph office is at Gartmore
Village, 1 mile distant
Post, T., M. 0., T. M. 0., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Gartmore; Mrs.
Jessie Farquharson, postmistress. Let-
ters received through Gartmore Station
GLENDEVON is a village and parish
the small debt court district of Dun-
blane, about 34 miles north-by-west from
Rumbling Bridge station on the Alloa and
Mawcarse junction of the North British
railway, 14 miles north-east from Alloa and
15 south from Crieff. By the " Local
Government (Scotland) Act, 1889 " (52 and
53 Vict. c. 50, sections 44 to 55), boundary
orders 120 and 135, a part of Blackford
parish, without population, and of Fossoway
and Tulliebole parish, with a population
of 32, have been transferred to this parish,
It is pleasantly situated in a glen, the
Ochil hills bounding it on the north and
south. The Devon runs through the
village, and in the neighbourhood there
are some very beautiful falls ; the
river also abounds in trout, and in the
season anglers have good sport. The Es-
tablished church here is about a mile
from the village. There is a mill for wool
spinning in the parish, in which also are the
Dunfermline and Inverkeithing waterworks.
Glendevon Castle, now in a good state of
preservation, was formerly an outpost of
the Douglas family. The Earl of Cam-
perdown, David C. R. Lindsay esq. of
Glendevon House, William James Haig esq.
of Dollarfield, Dollar, William L. Lawson
esq. Major James S. Robertson of Edrady-
nate, and Col. John B. Harvey, of Tor-
maukin, are the principal landowners.
Acreage, 11,097; rateable value, £5,122:
population of the parish in 1891, 109, and
in 1951, 147 civil, and 109 ecclesiastical.
Post Office; Mrs. Annie Sinclair, sub-post-
mistress. Delivery, 10.20 a.m. ; dispatch,
4.5 p.m. The nearest money order office
is at Dollar. The nearest telegraph office
is at Rumbling Bridge, 5 miles distant
Letters for Glendevon should be addressed
"Dollar R.S.O. Clackmannanshire'
Chairman, William James Haig
Clerk, Walter Nicoll Russell
Medical Officer, John Strachan M.D. Dollar
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages.
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates,
Walter N. Russell
Established Church, Rev.James TaylorM.A
Dayton Mary Ann (Mrs.), spirit dealer, &
public house, Tormaukin
Russell Walter N. clerk to the Parish:
Council, inspector of poor, collector o£
rates & registrar of births, deaths &;
marriages, & clerk, treasurer & officer
to school board & schoolmaster
Sinclair William, cattle dealer
Cairns John M. (reps, of), Frandyr
Cameron John, Whiteridge
Cram James, Glensherup
Cram John, Downhill & Wester Downhill
Forbes George, Glenhead
Guild William, Glenquey
Johnman Mrs. William, Myerhaugh
Kirk John, Kaimknowe
Lindsay David C. R. Castle & Whitens
Paterson John, Boreland
Scott John, Coulsknowe & Fannyhill
GLENFARG, see Arngask.
GLENSHEE (or Spittal of Glenshee) is?
a scattered district and quoad sacra parish,,
formed from the civil parish of K rk-
michael, in the poor combination ef Kirk-
michael and the small debt court district off
Blairgowrie, 20 miles north from Blairgow-
rie terminal station on a branch from*
Coupar Angus on the Perth and Forfar sec-
tion of the Caledonian railway. The sur-
rounding country is mountainous and very-
picturesque. The population in 1901 was
Post & T. O. ; Mrs. Mary Lamond, sub-
postmaster. Delivery, 1.5 p.m. ; dis-
patch (to Blairgowrie), 9.40 a.m. Postal
OrderB are issued & paid here. The
nearest money order office is at Bridge
of Caliy, 12 miles distant
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages &
Sub-Ispector of the Ponor, William
Established Church, Rev. George Veitch
United Free Church, Cray, Rev. Charles-
Board School, William Richmond, master
Hunter David, Corydon cottage
Shaw Rennald, The Hut
Swanson Rev. Charles, United Free manse?
Veitch Rev. George (Estab.), The Manse-
Lamond Mary (Mrs.), postmistress
Richmond William, schoolmaster, regis-
trar of births, deaths & marriages &
sub-inspector of the poor
Spittal Hotel (Alexander & John Gunn)
Duff James, Tnveredrie & Broughdarg
Grant Donald S. Broughdarg & Hill of"
Hutchison Andrew, Reidoroch & Old Spittafi
Keay Mrs. Catherine, Dalhenzean
Lamond Donald, Runavy
Lamond Mrs. Robert, Slochnacraig
Lamont Charles, Finegand
Mcintosh James & John, Tomb
Mcintosh David, Corrydon
Chairman, William James Haig esq
Clerk, Treasurer & Officer, Walter IN".
Board School, Walter N\ Russell, master
Harvey Col. John B., J.P. Tormauk ; n
Lindsay David C. R. Glendevon house
Taylor Rev. James M.A. (Estab.), The
GRANT TILLY (or Grandtully) is a
district and quoad sacra parish, formed
from Dull and Little Dunkeld civil
parishes; it is entirely agricultural anoT
grazing, and commences 1 mile east from
Aberfeldy, and ends at Balnaguard, T
miles distant, and has a station on the
Aberfeldy branch of the Highland railway..
Grantully Castle, 2 miles south-west of the-
railway station and 15 north-west fromi
Dunkeld, is the residence of Lady Douglas
Stewart, and Edradynate, of James Stewart
Robertson esq. D.L., J.P. W. T. J. Scrym>-
soure-Steuart-Fothringham esq. of Murthly
Castle, is the principal landowner. The
population in 1901 was 293.
Post, M. O. & T. O., T. M. 0., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Strathtay (Railway
Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.O.
Perthshire added) ; James Stewart, post-
master. Delivery, 10 a.m. ; dispatches,
1.30 & 4.30 p.m. & 9 p.m. sat. excepted
Letters for Grantullv should have Strathtay-
R.S.O. Perthshire* added
Established Church, Grantully, Rev. John
Established Church, Strathtay, Rev. James
Inglis Birrell
United Free Church, Strathtay, Rev.Donald
R. C. M'Laggan
Episcopal Church, Strathtay. Rev. William
John Tillbrook M.A. St. John's College,
Roman Catholio Church, Strathtay, Rev.
Thomas Brophy

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