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1066 cross and burness. THE OEKNEY ISLES.
tSanday Golf Club (Robert Jarvie, eec)
Sinclair John, butcher
Sinclair Kenneth H. saddler & postmaster
Sinclair Thomas, Kettletoft hotel
Towers James, boot maker
DEliKNESS is a quoad sacra parish, in
the most easterly portion of Mainland is-
land, and -was formed from the parishes of
St. Andrews and Deerne&s : it is about
10 miles east from Kirkwall. At Scarvat-
ing, in this parish, are the graves of some
200 Covenanters, prisoners from the battle
of Bothwell Brigg, 22 June, 1679, who lost
their lives off the coast in the same year,
-when on their way to the West Indian
plantations ; a momument was erected a
few years ago to mark the place. The
population in 1891, 844, and in 1901, 743.
(Post & T. O. Benjamin Seatter, sub-post-
master. Letters arrive through Kirk-
wall. Delivery, 9.30 a.m. ; dispatch,
1.15 p.m. Postal Orders are issued &
paid here. The nearest money order
office is at St. Mary'a Holm, about 5
miles distant
Registrar of Births. Deaths & Marriages,
Andrew Skea, jun
Inspector of Poor, Edward S. Petrie
established Church, Rev. John M. Ram-
United Free Church, Rev. Jae. Whyte M.A
rSchool Board (Deerness & St. Andrews),
William P. Drever, clerk, Kirkwall
School, Magnus Spence, master
Petrie Edward S., J.P. Stonehall
Ramsay Rev. John M. (Established")
"Whyte Rev. James M.A. (United Free
Garrioch James, blacksmith, Grittle
Hourie Robert, blacksmith^ Little Millhouee
Petrie Edward S. inspector of poor
Scott John, boot maker, Millhouse
Seatter Benjamin, post office
Stove Robert, joiner
Clourston Thomas & Benj. South Keiges
Eunson James, Hadley
Horrie James, Grind
Linklater Andrew, Mossquoy
Matches James, Bu' of "Sarpha
Reid Alfred, Braebuster
Ritch John, jnn. Barnes
Skea Robert & James, Aikieskail
â– Skea "William, Mirkaldy
Taylor James, Copinsay & Upper Stove
Wallace William, Skea
DOTJNBY, see Sandwick.
EDAY, see Strossay AND Eday.
EGXLSHAY, see Rousay and
EVIE and ESKDALL form a civil
â– parish,in Kirkwall small debts court district,
and comprise Gairsay Island and the north-
eastern part of Mainland Island.
Evie is 15£ miles from Kirkwall.
Rendall is 10£ miles north-north-west from
Gairsay is a small island about a mile
from Mainland.
The area of the entire parish of Evie and
Rendall is 14,719 acres; rateable vaiue,
.£3,439; population in 1891, 1,233, and in
1901, 1,084, viz:— Gairsay Island 33, Main-
land, 1,051.
Post, T. & M. O., T. M. 0., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. Evie; Miss Sarah
Folsetter, sub-postmistress. Letters re-
ceived through Kirkwall. Delivery, 9.30
a.m. ; dispatch, 11.45 a,m
â– Post Office, Rendall ; William Keetley, sub-
postmaster. Letters received through
Kirkwall. Delivery, 7.50 a.m.; dispatch,
1.10 p.m. Postal Orders are issued &
paid here. Fin3town is the nearest
money order & telegraph office, 4 miles
Chairman, John Garrioch
Clerk, James Scarth
Registrar of Births, Deaths &. Marriages,
John Sinclair
Inspector of Poor, James Scarth
1st Orkney Royal Garrison Artillery
(Volunteers) (No. 7 Company) (Evie),
Capt. & Hon. Major W. B. Yorston V.D. ;
Drill Instructor, Sergt. -Major William
Penherman R.G.A
Established Churches: —
Evie, (vacant)
Rendall, Rev. Peter Melville M.A., B.D
United Free Church, Evie, Rev.
Roy M.A., B.D
School Board (Evie & Rendall),Jn. Sinclair,
Board Schools: —
Evie, Miss Wilhelmlna Duncan Rosie,
RendalU, William Wylie M.A. master
Gairsay, Miss Cooper, mistress
Costa, Andrew Anderson, master
To Kirkwall, a coach from Evie every mon-
day, thursday & eaturday,James Marwick,
To Kirkwall, a coach from Evie every mon-
day, James Baikle, proprietor
Brown William Brodie M.B
Rov Rev. James M.A., B.D. (United Free
Baikie James, car proprietor
Brown William Brodie M.B. surgeon
Clous ton Magnus, grocer
Corrigall William, joiner
Davidson John, blacksmith
Marwick James, wheelwright & car prptr
Miller J. & G. joiners & wheelwrights
Miller David, grocer
Rendall William, blacksmith
Robertson David, stone mason
Robertson George, tailor
Robertson William, boot maker
Sinclair John, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages & clerk to school board
Trumbland Hugh, tailor
Wood James, grocer
Clarke Thomas, Middlehouse
Laughton David, Wakerhouse
Mackay Angus, Flaws
Miller Mrs. Ann, Aikernes9
Muir James S. How
Garrioch John J.P. Tingwall
Melville Rev. Peter M.A.,B.D.(Establishd)
Baikie John S. grocer
Flett John, joiner
Garrioch Jn. jun. coach builder & wheelwgt
Muir William, boot maker
Rendall James, grocer
Wood James,, sheriff's officer
Wood John, jun. commission agent, Lyron
Work Robert, miller, Isbister
Work William, blacksmith
Balfour George, Breck
Firth David, Midland
Fraser John, Hall of Rendall
Kemp Robert, LangskaiL, Gairsay
FIRTH is a civil parish, comprising the
island of Holm-Damsay and a part of the
centre of Mainland Island.
Firth contains the village of Finstown, at
which place a fair is held on the third Mon-
day of every month ; it is 7 miles north-west
from Kirkwall and 8 north-east from Strom-
ness, and in the small debts court district of
Kirkwall. The population in 1891 was 731;
1901, was 700.
The area of the civil parish of Firth is
8,125 acres; rateable value, £1,860; the
population in 1901 was 700.
Post, M. O. & T. O., T. M. O., P. P., S. B.
& A. & I. O. ; Jn. A. Wood, postmaster.
Letters received through Kirkwall. De-
livery, 7 a.m. ; dispatch, 2.20 p.m
Chairman, William Mackay
Clerk, William Sinclair
Enspector of Poor & Registrar of Births,,
Deaths & Marriages, Firth, Wm. Sinclair
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Frederick Scott
Established Church: —
Finstown, Rev. David W. Yair
United Free Churches: —
Finstown, Rev, John P. Taylor
Firth (Chalmers), Rev. Duncan A.M'Laren
M.A., B.D
School Board, William Sinclair, clerk
Board School: —
Firth, William Mackay, master
M'Laren Rev. Duncan A., M.A., B.D.
Scarth Robert J.P. Binscarth. house
Taylor Rev. John P. (U.F)
Yair Rev. David W. (Established)
Harvey George, wheelwright
Harvey Jamea, Redland
Miller Edward (heirs of), Renniebister
Scarth Robert, Binscarth & Rosmire
Stevenson Robert, Burness
Bain Miss, Ferndale
Flett James
Stewart Malcolm
Wilson Mrs
Anderson James, boot maker
Olouston Charles, beer retailer
Commercial Bank of Scotland (sub-branch).
open on fair days ; draw on London
office, 62 Lombard street E C & Coutts &
Co. W 0, London
Davidson John, tailor & clothier
Firth John, joiner & wheelwright
Firth William B. grocer
Flett James & Sons, grocers & ironmongers
Garrioch James, blacksmith
Gunn James, blacksmith
Hume James, joiner
Isbister David, blacksmith
Sinclair David, joiner
Sinclair John M. grocer, baker & draper
Sinclair William, grocer, inspector of poor,
registrar & clerk to the Firth school
Turfus James, draper
Walls Thomas, tailor & clothier
Waters William, boot maker
FLOTTA, see Walls and Flotta.
G-AIRSAY, see Evie and rendall.
GB-ffilffiSAY, see Hoy.
HAKRAY, see Bibsay and Harray.
KCIjM is a parish, comprising Lambholm
Island and part of Mainland Island, in Ork-
ney poor combination and Kirkwall small
debt court district, and contains the village
of St. Mary's, about 6£ miles south-east
from Kirkwall. The area is 8,452 acres;
rateable value, £3,416; the population in
1901 was 818. The population of Lambholm
Island in 1901 was 6.
Post, T. & M. O., T. M. O., P. P. & 3. B. &
A. & I. O. St. Mary's Holm; John W.
Anderson, postmaster. Letters arrive
through Kirkwall. Delivery, 8 a.m. ;
dispatch, 1.25 p.m
Chairman, Alex.Malcolm Sutherland-Gneme
Clerk, James Sinclair
Inspector of Poor & Registrar of Births,
Deaths &. Marriages. James Sinclair
1st Orkney Royal Garrison Artillery (Vol-
unteers) (No. 6 Company) (Holm), Capt.
& Hon. Major A. Walls; Comp. Sergt. -
Major James T. Sinclair R.A. drill instr
Established Church, St. Mary's, Rev. Jas.
Forbes M.A
United Free Churches: —
Holm (East), Rev. Charles Runciman
Holm (West), Rev. Daniel M'Neill M.D
School Board, James Sinclair, clerk
Board Schools: —
Holm (East), Miss Esther Sheridan, mstrss
Holm (West), James I. Inkster, master
M'Neill Rev. Daniel M.D. (United Free Ch)
Runciman Rev. Charles (U. F. 0)
Sutherland-Graeme Alexander M., J.P.
Gr semes ha 11
Dunnet Alexander, harbour master
Garrioch William, wheelwright
Laughton James, joiner
Laughton John, tailor, Millhouse
McNeill Daniel M.D. surgeon
Petrie James, blacksmith
Pratt Peter, blacksmith, Greenwall
Shearer John & Co. fish curers
Sinclair James, inspector of poor & registrar
of births, deaths & marriages, Breckquoy
Wylie John, boot & shoe maker, Hilltoft

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