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AEDOLACH is a Highland parish,
the south-east of the county, bounded on the
east by the county of Elgin, and is in gene-
ral mountainous, covered with heath, and
abounding in tracts of bleak and barren
moss; it is G miles west from Dava station
on the Highland railway, and G south-east
from Nairn, an Nairn poor combination and
small debts court district. It contains no
Tillage worthy of the name, but is a very
healthy and most pleasant resort in the
summer: .great improvements in agriculture
have taken place, the effect of which is
to increase every year the arable acreage of
this parish. The river Findhorn traverses
the parish, and the scenery along its banks
as of the most varied and interesting descrip-
tion. There is a considerable quantity of
timber along the banks of the river, which
in its course through the parish receives the
Tomlachlan, the Leonach and the Rhilean
brooks. G-lenferness House is the seat of
the Earl of Leven and Melville P.O. The
principal landowners are Alex Brodie esq.
D.L., J.P. of Lethen, the Earl of Leven
and Melville, the Earl Cawdor and Lady
Gordon-Cathcart, of Killochan Castle Gir-
van. By the " Local Government (Scot-
land) Act, 1889 " (52 and 53 Viot. c. 50),
•boundary order No. 29, part of this parish
has been transferred to Edinkillie parish
in Elgin county. The area is 37,461 acres ;
rateable value, £6,534; population in 1891
was 942, and in 1901, 772.
Post & T. 0. Glenferness; Donald Mac-
kenzie, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive
from Dunphail H.S.O. at 2.10 p.m.; dis-
patch, 7 a.m. Postal orders are issued
here and paid. The nearest money order
office is at Dunphail, 7 miles distant
Post Office, Belivat; Pindlay M'Donald.sub-
postmaster. Letters received through
Nairn. Delivery, 2.10 p.m. ; dispatch 6.5
a.m. The nearest money order office is at
Auldearn, 7 miles distant, & telegraph
office, Glenferness, 3 miles distant
â– Chairman, John Mann
Clerk, Thomas Simpson
Registrar of Births Deaths & Marriages,
Thomas Simpson
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Bates,
Thomas Simpson
Police Station, Belivat, James Porter,
officer in charge
Established Church. Bev. David Miller B.D
United Free Church, Rev. Alex. M'Donald
Chairman, J. S. Robertson
Clerk, William Murdoch
Board Schools : —
Ardclach (Ferness), John Macpherson,rnstr
Campbells, Duncan Fraser, master
Lethen, Miss Smith, mistress
Dulsie, Miss B. Cormack, teacher
(Marked thus * receive letters through
Leven & Melville Earl of, P.O. Glenfer-
ness; Roehampton house, Roehampton
5 W & Carlton, Athenajum & Travellers'
clubs, London S W
"Macdonald Rev. Alex. United Free Church
♦M'Killican James, Auchagour
•M'Killican Prvce, Auchagour
*Miller Bev. David B.D.(Estab.),The Manse
'Cattanach Alex, gamekeeper to Alexander
Brodie esq. Dunearn lodge
Cattanach John, gamekeeper to Alexander
Brodie esq. Coulmany
*Fraser Murdock, grocer & general dealer
MacDonald John, factor for Earl of Leven
6 Melville, The Cottage, Glenferness
*M'Donald Findlay, grocer &c. Post office,
•Mcintosh John, joiner & carpenter
Mackenzie Donald, grocer & general dealer
& postmaster
Mackenzie Peter, boot & shoe maker
Masson John, blacksmith, Ferness village
Murdoch William, clerk to the school board
Scott Alexander, miller
*Shaw Angus, boot & shoe ma. Little mill
* Simpson Thomas, inspector of poor &c.
Fleenasmore & registrar of births, deaths
& marriages
Anderson John, Refuple & Burnside
•Calder Hugh, Knockaneorn
*Cameron Gordon, Slagachorrie
♦Campbell Duncan & Wm. Tomnagee
'"Cobban James (Mrs.), Keppernach
"Ellis James (reprs.), New Fleenas
•Eraser Mrs. Margaret & Son, Wester
Gordon Alexander, Dalnaheglish
Grant James, Banchor
Innes Alex. Ferness mains & Dalnaheiglish
Leslie Mrs. Jane, Drumlochan
*MArthur Alexander, Tomshogle
•McArthur David, Little mill & Fleenas
*M'Bain Andrew, Keppernach
M'Donald Mrs. Mary, Meikle lyne
♦M'Donald James, Kronyhilloch
*M'Donald James, Upper Renmore
M'Donald William, Dunearn
M'Glashan Donald, Little Lyne
M'Glashan James, jun. Achnabechan
M'Glashan James, sen. Little Lyne
M'Intosh James, sen. & jun. Score
ft M'Killican Pryce, Auchagour
•McLean James, Balinriach
Mann John, Cairnglass
♦Masson George, Part of Lethen
Murdoch John, Lynemore & Wester Dulsie
♦Murray David, Fleenas-na-gael
•Rose Alexander, Daltra
Rose James, Tomnarrach
•Simpson Thomas, Fleenesmore
Stewart Robert, Bridge of Dulsie
*Tulloch John, Braevail
Urquhart James, sen. & jun. Daltullich
AULDEARN (anciently called Erin) is
a parish and village ; the latter, a burgh of
barony, is 2J miles south-east from Nairn,
with a station opened in 1895 on the High-
land railway. It is in Nairn small debts
court district and poor combination. In
the immediate neighbourhood of the village
is the scene of a victory gained by the
Marquis of Montrose over the forces of
the Covenanters in 1645. The country
around is hilly, with good agricultural land,
and the parish is bounded on the north-
west by the Moray Firth, and the east by
Elginshire. The Dunbar Memorial Hall
cost £800. The principal landowners are
Alexander Brodie esq. of Lethen, Ian Ash-
ley Moreton Brodie esq. D.S.O. of Brodie
Castle, Lady Gordon-Cathcart, of Cluny, Sir
Frederick George Dunbar bart. and Earl
Cawdor. The area is 14,035 acres; rate-
able value, £9,508 6s. 3d.; the population
in 1891 was 1,315 in the parish, and 364
m the village, and 1901, 1,292 in the parish
and 313 in the village.
Post, T. & M. 0. 0. & S. B. ; Mrs. Margrt.
Boss, postmistress. Letters through
Nairn. Delivery, 12 noon; dispatches,
3.55 a.m. & 7.20 p.m
Chairman, Bev. James Bonallo
Clerk, Archibald J. M'Intosh
CAWDOR. 1057
Forbes John, miller, Mill hill
Fraser David, threshing machine owner
GiUanders Andrew, tailor & clothier
Grant James, boot & shoe maker
Grigor James, joiner & carpenter
Grigoc Maggie (Mrs.), grocer
Lamont Malcom, beer retailer
M'Intosh Archibald J. registrar, inspector
of poor & collector of rates, session clerk
& clerk to Parish Council & school board
& insurance agent
McKay George, blacksmith
M'Kenzie Jane (Mrs.), grocer & general dlr
M'Kenzie William, grocer & general dealer
Masson George, miller, Lethen mills
Masson William, miller & saw mill owner
Rankane Andrew, grocer & baker
Ross Margaret (Mrs.), grocer & general
dealer & postmistress
Sinclair William, joiner & carpenter
Steele John, blacksmith, Lethen
Thomson Peter, boot & shoe maker
Brodie Cruickshank M.D
Medical Officer.
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates &
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages.
Archibald J. M'Intosh (& session clerk)
Police Station, William Lumsden, officer
in charge
Dunbar Memorial Hall, Rev. James Bonallo
B.D. secretary
Established Church, Rev. James Bonallo B.D
United Free Churches, Rev. John M'Neill
Moyness, Rev. Robert Kerr
Chairman, Rev. James Bonallo B.D
Olerk, Archibald J. M'Intosh
Board Schools : —
Auldearn, Thomas B. Rutherford M.A.
Edin. master
Moyness, Miss Eliza Garden, mistress
Railway Station,
Hugh Cameron, station
Baillie Mrs. Lochloy
Bonallo Rev. James' B.D. (Estab.),TheManse
Brodie Mrs. Lethen house
Dunbar Sir Frederick George bart. Boath ho
Kerr Rev. Robert (U. F.), Moyness
M'Neill Rev. John, United Free Church
Auldearn Curling Club (John Stoddart
Robertson esq. J.P. sec)
Auldearn Horticultural Society (Archibald
J. M'Intosh, sec)
Cameron William (Mrs.), blacksmith
Donald Jane (Mrs.), grocer & general dlr
Dunbar Memorial Hall (Rev. Jas. Bonallo
B.D. sec)
Adam Walter, Park, Auldearn
Allan James, Penick, Auldearn
Anderson Mrs. James, Kinnuidie, Auldearn
Anderson John, Golford, Auldearn
Arnott George, Wester Clune, Auldearn
Baillie Mrs. Anna, Lochloy, Auldearn
Bain Mrs. John, Fovnesfield, Auldearn
Barron Hugh, Broombank, Auldearn
Brandes George, Bogside, Auldearn
Brander Gordon, Bogside, Auldearn
Calder Mrs. Mary, Mains of Lethen.Auldrn
Calder William, Raitloan, Auldearn
Cameron James, Meadowfleld, Auldearn
Clark Alexander, Black park, Auldearn
Clark Mrs. Isabella, Woodfleld, Auldearn
Davidson Mrs. Agnes, NewmiU, Auldearn
Davidson Archibald, Courage, Auldearn
Davidson John, Milltown, Auldearn
Dunbar Sir Frederick George, Auchna-
cloich, Auldearn
Falconer Charles, Crachies, Auldearn
Fiddes George, Drumduan, Auldearn
Hay Alexander & Robert, Delmore,Auldearn
Henderson John, Cothill, Auldearn
Innes Alexander, Torbeggie & Garblies,
Innes Robert, Bognafouran
James Alexander, Boghead, Auldearn
James Robert, Woodend, Auldearn
Kerr John, Broomton, Auldearn
M'Arthur James, Boghole
M'Bean John, Raitcastle
M'Intosh Mrs. Jane, G-arlichill, Auldearn
M'Intosh Robert, Braeside. Auldearn
Mackie William, Newton, Auldearn
McLean Donald, Wester Hardmuir,Auldrn
Masson George, Mills of Lethen, Auldearn
Rait David, Hardmuir, Auldearn
Robertson William, Wester Golford
Rose Donald, Crook
Ross Isabella, Easterton, Auldearn
Russell Mrs. James, Blackhills & Mains of
Moyness, Auldearn
Sinclair John, Arr, Auldearn
Skene Charles C. Skenepark, Auldearn
Smith Angus, Hardmuir, Auldearn
Stewart Alex. Easter Brightmony, Auldearn
Symon Mary W. Easter Milton of Moyness
Taylor William, sen. & jun. Inshoch castle,
Tulloch Hugh, Earlseat, Auldearn
Tulloch John, Craighead, Auldearn
Walker Alexander, Brightmony, Auldearn
CAWDOR is a parish in the Nairn
poor combination and small debts court dis-
trict. The country around is hilly, with
good agricultural land. By the " Local
Government (Scotland) Act, 1889 " (52 and
53 Vict. c. 50). boundary orders Nos. 49
and 133, the part of this parish formerly
in Inverness-shire has been transferred to
this county, and a part of Moy and Dela-
rossie parish also added to the parish and a
part of Cawdor added to Nairn. The village
is 5 miles south-west of Nairn, the nearest
railway station, on the Highland railway;
and is interesting and picturesque, and
upon the banks of the burn of its name is
an excellent inn. frequented by tourists and
families, who visit the spot to contemplate
the scenery around and the towers of the
ancient castle — the seat of the Thanes of
Cawdor. The Castle, occupied in the shoot-
ing season by Earl Cawdor A.D.C. is an
ancient and interesting structure ; some of
the apartments are hung with tapestry, and
there are also vaulted chambers. From
the summit of the castle one of the most
extensive and lovely views in the county
afforded. In the vicinity is one of the
largest and oldest established distilleries
Scotland. This place, since 1796, has
afforded the title of baron, and since 1827

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