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Dunlop John L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.Edin
L.F.P. & S.Glas. surgeon
Ewart Annie '(Mrs.), boot & shoe dealer
â– Gas Works (William Hutchison, sec)
Gilchrist Somerville, hair dresser
Gold A, & J. butchers, grocers & general dlrs
Grierson Thomas, coal master & merchant,
â– Glebe colliery
PCobkirk John, postmaster & registrar of
births, deaths &. marriages
Hutchison Alexander, slater, clerk to parish
•council & school board & inspector of poor
Jack James, blacksmith, Tablestone
Kelly Jane (Mrs.), draper
Lamb & Co. drapers, dress makers &
tailors, Main street
Leiper Robert, baker
.McAllister Alexander, china dealer
MacFeat George M.B., C.M.Glas. surgeon
& medieal officer to the Parish Council,
Bogueside house
.Martin Deborah(Miss), grocer & ironmonger
Martin Robert, coffee house keeper & teacher
of music
Maxwell Thnmas & Son,grocers,ironmonger8
& grain merchants
Keikle James, boot maker
Moore Thomas & Son, butchers
Moore Thomas, Douglas Arms hotel
Murray David, cycle agent
Murray Agnes (Miss), dress maker
Pairman William, saddler
Paton William, spirit dealer (Cross Keys)
Provident Co-operative Society (Hugh Hen-
derson, sec)
Rae Alex. L.F.P.S.Glas., L.R.C.P.Edin.srgn
JRae Jane (Mrs.), spirit dealer,Heather inn
Riach Charles C. schoolmaster
Russell James, boot & shoe maker
Scott John, grocer & ironmonger
Steedman John J.P. bank agent, rate collec-
tor, & clerk to the Douglas Water school
board, Commercial Bank
fiteven Thomas, boot & shoe maker
Stevenson James, miller, Earl's mills
S-wann Robert, coal master, Glespin collry
Swanson James, wright, Uddington
Taylor William, architect), Douglas estate,
Teffer Alexander, gamekeeper to the Earl
of Home, Broadlea cottage
Telfer Thomas, land steward to the Earl
of Home, Newmains
Weir John & Son, butchers
Weir Elizabeth (Mrs.), bookseller & statnr
Whitefield & Co. tailors & drapers
Wilson & Co. coach proprtrs. & horse dlrs
Wilson Jeanie (Miss), dress- ma. Bellswynd
Wilson William, painter & paperhanger
Wilson William, commercial hotel
Wood & Somerville, wrights, Tableston
Wood William & Son, tailors & drapers
Bannatyne James, Springhill
Craig William, Kennox
Cunningham Alexander, Cleughs
Bavidson William, Gateside
Derryman Nicol, Midtown
French David, Shawhead
GreenshieldS' John, Scrogtonhead
Hamilton A. Newtonhead
Hamilton James & Thomas, Poniel
Lnglis John, Weston
M'Kinlay Robert, Andershaw & Dykehead
Mitchell William, Hazelside
Murray John, Parkhall & Maidengill
Pate Daniel Buntin, Tofts & Wolfcrooks
Pater? on William, Glentaggart
Prentice Thomas, Scrogton
IProvan Andrew, West Glespin
Ritchie John French, Glespin East
Steel Thomas, John & Robert, Debog
Stevenson James, Earls mill
Willison John, Parisholm
Berrv Rev. John, United Free Church manse
Iron Co. Limited (William
Muir, manager), Douglas collieries
Douglas Water Co-operative SocietyLimited
(Thomas Gray, sec)
Scott Robert, blacksmith
Teimairt Thomas, grocer & general dealer
LRUMGELLOCH, see Airdrie.
BTJNSYRE is a rural parish and village,
on the Peeblesshire border of the county,
the -parish ie^bonnded by Dolphinton and
Walston on the south, and Carnwath on the
â– west and north-west, and is in the Upper
Ward, <with a station on the Dolphinton
branch of the Caledonian railway, about
14 miles north-east from Lanark and 15
north-Tveet from Peebles. The district lies
Brock Rev. Walter P. (Kstnb)
Dunlop Hugh Morton (U. F)
Hogg Miss
Reid John M.B., CM
Wilson William, Fairfield cottage
Agricultural Society (James Darling, presi-
dent; David Veitch, sec)
Bowling Club (James Stark, president;
Thomas Bryce, sec)
Caggiane Vincenzo, confectioner
Conservative & Unionist Association (Jas.
Williamson esq. D.L., J.P. president ;
F. P. Wellwood, sec)
Darling William, coal master, Climpy
â€ΕΎ Dunlop John, baker
high, and is chiefly devoted to pasture andlGibson John & Robert, drapers & tailors
agriculture. Col. Sir Simon Macdonald
Lockhart bart. M.V.O. of Lee, is the prin-
cipal landowner. Acreage, 10,778; rateable
value, £4,060; population in 1891 was 191,
and in 1901, 200.
Post Office; James Haddow, postmaster.
Letters received through Biggar, Lanark-
shire. IDelivery, 9.10 a.m. ; dispatch,
1.40 p.m. Postal Orders are issued here
& paid. The nearest money order office
is Blyth Bridge & telegraph office at
Chairman, Rev. Willdam Smith M.A
Clerk, John Miller
Registrar & Inspector of Poor, John Miller
Established Church, Rev. Wm. Smith M.A
Chairman, Rev. William Smith M.A
Clerk, James Haddow
Board School, John Miller, master
Railway Station, Thomas Steel, station mstt
Letters through Beggar
Smith Rev. William M.A. (Estab)
Davidson John, blacksmith
Haddow James, boot & shoe maker, Post
office & clerk to school board
Kay Mary (Miss), grocer
Miller John, schoolmaster, registrar of
births, deaths & marriages, inspector of
poor & clerk to Parish Council
Barrie Mrs Isabella, Kirklands
Oadzow Robert, Weston
Forrest John, Deanhead
Green Robert, Westhall
Jack Thomas, Easthills
Jack William C. sen. Dunsyre mains
Sanderson Adam, Dykefoot
Struthers Jame3, Anston
Wilson Thomas & Son, Easthills
EASTERHOTJSE, see Old Monkland
ELVANFOOT, see Crawford.
FALLSIDE, see Bothwell.
FLEMINGTON, see Cambuslang.
FORTH is a quoad sacra parish, formed
from the civil parish of Carnwath, on the
road from Lanark to Edinburgh, 1 mile
south from Wilsontown terminal station on
a branch from Carstairs on the Caledonian
railway, about 8 north from Lanark, and
24 from Edinburgh. The population in
1891 was 1,526, and in 1901, 1,790.
Post & M. O. O. & S. B.; Mrs. Grace
Scott, postmistress. Letters received
through Lanark. Deliveries, 7.30 &
8.50 a.m.; to callers only 6.30 p.m.;
dispatch, 3.40 p.m. The nearest tele-
graph office at Wilsontown Railway sta-
tion, 1 mile distant
Registrar o£ Births, Deaths & Marriages,
John McKendrick
Established Chnrch.Rev. WItr. P. Brock M.A
United Free Church, Hugh Morton Dun-
lop, missionary
9th Lanarkshire Rifles (E Co.), Capt. R". J.
Logan; Color-Sergeant Henry Dixon, in-
structor; Rev. W. P. Brock M.A. acting
Board School, Magnus Yates, master
Police Station, Charles Sharp, constable
Railway Station, Wilsontown, William
Dempster, master
Hepburn David, boot & shoe maker
Lindsay Alexander, wright
McCubbin Janet (Mrs.), shopkeeper
McCallum Peter, baker, grocer & carriage
McCulloch James, innkeeper (Forth inn)
McKendrick John, registrar of births,
deaths & marriages, & sec. to the public
McKendrick Philip, grocer
Orr William, grocer & general dealer
Porteous Alexander, butcher
Prentice George, grocer & general dealer
Prentice William, mason & builder
Public Library (John McKendrick, see)
Reid John M.B., CM. surgeon
Robb William, grocer, draper & ironmongr
Ross Mary (Miss), toy dealer & confectioner
Scott Grace (Mrs.), dress maker & mil-
liner & draper, & post office
Sharp Charles, police constable
Smith James T. blacksmith & cycle agent
Stark Joseph & Son, grocers & drapers
Stark Christina (Mrs.), glass & china dealr
Struthers George & Son, millers, Cleugh mill
Thomson Alexander (Mrs.), dress maker
Walkinshaw Agnes (Miss), confectioner
Wilson Charles, confectioner
Yates Mangus, board school master
GAENKIRK, see Cadder.
GARTCOSH, see Cadder.
GLASGOW (CITY), s ee Separate
GLASSFORD is a parish in the Middle
ward, and in Hamilton poor combination
and the small debts court district of Hamil-
ton, with a station on the Hamilton and
Strathaven branch of the Caledonian rail-
way, 5 miles' south from Hamilton an-d. 17
west-by-north from Lanark. Muirburn is
the seat of William Barry esq. Lady
Sophia O. Allenby Montgomerie, of Eglin-
ton and Southannan House, Fairlie, is the
principal landowner. The area is 6,442
acres; rateable value, £11,807 33.; popula-
tion in 1891 was 1,317, and in 1901, 1,321.
West Quarter 13 a village and contains
the parish church and a school. The popu-
lation in 901 was 417. At Chapelton,
another village, is a United Free church
and school, and an Established church.
The population in 1901 was 396.
Sub-Post Office, West Quarter; William
Reid, sub-postmaster. Letters received
through Strathaven R.S.O. Lanarkshire.
Deliveries, 9.30 a.m. & 3.35 p.m. ; dis-
patches, 12.15 a.m. & 3.35 p.m. Postal
Orders are issued here & paid. Nearest
money order & telegraph office,
Strathaven, distant 2^ miles
Post & T. O. Chapelton; Joseph Simpson,
postmaster. Letters received through
Hamilton. Deliveries, 8.30 a.m. & 5.25
p.m.; dispatches, 6.45 a.m. & 2.35 p.m.
Postal Orders are issued here & paid.
Nearest money order office, Strathaven*
2^ miles distant
Chairman, John Galloway
Clerk, Inspector & Collector,
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
John Hunter
Public Hall, West Ouarter
Established Churches: —
West Quarter, Rev. Robert Paterson B.A
Chapelton, Rev. William Thomson
United Free Church, Chapelton, Rev.Robt.
Chairman. John Galloway
Clerk & Treasurer, John Hunter
Schools : —
West Quarter, John Lang, master
Chapelton, Gavin Shearer, master
Railway Station,
station master
Glassford, Wm. Russell,
Barry William. Muirburn
Jack James, Hall hill
Lawcock Mrs. Burnside
Semple Robert
StTUthera Misa Julia J. Avonholm
Wilson James, Wellbrae
Russell Wiliam, station master
Marked thus * postal address, Chapelton.
Baird Andrew, Mid Drumloch
*Brown Matthew, Whitecraig
Craig James, Hairlaw
Craig John, Crutherland, East Kilbride

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