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About four miles north-east from Dalbeattie O'Mallev Rev. Chas. (R. C), St. Peter's ho
are the ruins of Corra Castle, formerly the Paterson Mrs. 20 High street
residence of Lord Herries, but now the
property of the Maxwells, of Terregles.
Mary, Queen of Scots, it is said, passed a
night here after the battle of Langside
Moor, 13th May, 1568. Three miles north-
west is the moat of Urr. William Jardine
Herries Maxwell M.P. of Munches, Miss
Copland, of Colliston, and the trustees of
the late John William Hutchison esq. are
the principal landowners. Rateable value
of burgh, £9,680; the population in 1891
was 3,348, and in 1901, 3,670.
Post, T., M. 0., T. M. 0., E. D. & P. P.,
S. E. & A. & I. 0. ; David Halliburton
Braid, postmaster. Deliveries, 7 a.m. &
6.30 p.m.; dispatches, 12 noon & 5.40 &
10 p.m
Provost, William Davie
Bailies, James D. M'Clymont & David
Commissioners, Six
Town Clerk & Collector of Burgh Rates,
James Little
Treasurer, James Little
Sanitary Inspector, Robert Wilson
Cemetery, M. M'Sweenev, superintendent
Church Hall, Burn street
Free Church Hall, Mill street
Police Station, 2 Station road, Herbert
Henry, sergeant
Town Hall, High st. Jas. Little, town clerk
Paton Rev. James A. United Free manse,
' Alpine street
Smith Alexander, Bank square
Stephen Rev Arthur M.A. Univ.Aberd.
Christ Church parsonage
Wilson Rev. James P., M.A., B.D. (Es-
tablished), Manse, Burn street
Wilson Robert, Linnwood
Young David, Craigland
Agricultural Society (J. E. Milligan, sec)
Aitchisc-n Thos. fishmonger, 67 High st
Anderson Alford William M.B., CM. sur-
geon, Craigland
Armstrong Walter (Mrs.), confectioner, 61
High street
Austin James M. assist, registrar of births
&c. & clerk to Urr parish council, High 6t
Banaghan Michael C. china &c. dealer, 294
High street
Beed Thomas, draper, 40 High street
Bell Joan (Miss), grocer, 244 High street
Bell John C. dogger. 102 High street
Biggar Thomas & Sons, manure manufac-
turers & oil cake &. grain merchants,
Dalbeattie manure works; TA "Biggar,
Dalbeattie "
Blyth Robert, ironmonger & furniture dlr.
&c. Mill street
Bowling Club (James Jack, sec)
Boyd Thomas, cartwright, Isle Croft mill
Brown John, tailor & draper, 77 High st
Brucciani Dominico, confctnr. 30 High st
Water Works, James Little, clerk to the 5 ry °- ^ m * ^l^ ma ^r, 55 High street
Burme James, tobacconist & hair dresser.
Galloway Rifles (H Co.), Armoury, Burn st ;
Capt. Wellwood Maxwell ; Rev. James P.
Wilson M.A., B.D. acting chaplain ;
Colour-Sergeant Jonathan Firth, drill
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Rt. Maxwell; James M. Austin, assistant
Established Church, Craignair street, Rev.
James P. Wilson M.A., B.D
United Free Church, Mill street, Rev. Jas.
A. Paton M.A
Christ Church (English), High street, Rev.
Arthur Stephen M.A. Univ.Aberd
United Free Church, John street, Rev.
David Kinnear B.A
Evangelical Union (Mount Zion) Church,
William st. Rev. Jabez LivingstoneGower
Roman Catholic (St. Peter's), Craignair st.
Rev. Charles O'Malley, priest
Southwick road, Alex. Baxter M.A. master
8 Maxwell street
Burnet John, hair dresser & tobacconist,
High street
Callan Ivie, printer & publisher of
the *' Stewartry Observer," 38 High st
Carswell James & Son, millers & manure
manufrs. Barbridge mill & 8 Mill street
Caven Adam, butcher, 69 High street
Caven Samuel, draper, 63 High street
Chisholm James, draper, 64 High street
Clark David, joiner, Burnbank, John street
Clark John, joiner, 9 Burn street
Clark John James, ironmonger, 60 High st
Clark Samuel Hyslop, grocer, 56 High st
Commercial Bank of Scotland Lim. (branch)
(James Little, agent), High street; draw
on London office, 62 Lombard street E C
& Coutts & Co. WC, London
Conservative Club (James Little, sec),
Southwick road
Cowan Margt. (Mrs.), grocer, 5 High st
Craignair Lawn Tennis Club (Dr. S. A. D.
Gillespie, sec)
Craik John, shipping & emigration agent,
84 High street
Creighton Jane (Mrs.), draper, 21 High st
Orosbie James, Crown inn, 36 High street
Curling Club (Robert Thomson, sec)
Craignair st. (Roman Catholic), Edward Cuthbert Jas. M. road srvyr. 26 Maxwell st
Douglas, master
Railway Station, Castle Douglas & Dumfries
line, W. B. Kirkpatrick, station master
To Auchencairn, on Wednesday & Saturday
To Colvend Shore, daily during summer
Rockliffe & Kippford to Dalbeattie, daily
during summer
Anderson Alford Wm. M.B., CM. Craigland
Brown John, Brownville, High street
Brown Misses, 77 High street
Cowan Ralph Montgomery, Craigland
Dalglish Robert Pollock Hosie, John street
Erskine Robert, Beechniont
Erwin Mrs. Craigland
Ewart Charles H. Millbush
Gillespie Henry, 5 Albert street
Gillespie Samuel Archibald David M.B.,
CM. Alma, Mill street
Gower Rev. Jabez Livingstone (Evangelical
Union), William street
Grey Robert, Strethurr
Kerr John, Lily Bank villa
Kinnear Rev. David, Burnside, U. P. manse,
John street
Little James, Commercial Bank ho. High et
M'Cartney Rev. David, Bellevue cottage
Mackerchar Robert M.B., CM. Newton ho
Craignair street
M'Skimming Mrs. Strethurr
Maxwell Mrs. Rosebank
Milligan John Edward, Belmont
Milligan William, 34 Maxwell street
Newall David, 4 Craignair street
Newall Mrs. Woodburn. Burn street
Newall William, Woodburn
Cnthbertson Margaret (Mrs.) & George,
horse & carriage owners, Maxwell street
Dalbeattie Cemetery M. M'Sweeney, supt)
Dalbeattie & District Co-operative Society
(George Wood, manager), general dlrs.
66 High street
Dalbeattie Gas Co. Limited (James Little,
sec; Wm. Spowart, mngr.), High street
Dalbeattie Junior Liberal Association (John
Jack, sec)
Dalglish Robert Pollock Hosie, veterinary
surgeon, John street
Dalling Andrew, saddler, 31 High street
Davie William, draper, 7 High street
Dickson J. McK. & Co. thread manufrs.
Burn street
Donaldson Agnes (Miss), temperance hotel,
22 Station road
Dundee Equitable Boot Depot (Benjamin
Young, manager), 27 High street
Dnnn Robert, clog maker, 57 High street
Edgar Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 141 Cop-
land street
Edgar Robert, tailor, 21 High street
Erskine Robert, blacksmith, Water street
Ewart & Halliday, drapers, 22 & 24High st
Ferguson Josiah, boot maker. 42 High st
Ferguson William, grocer, 52 High street
Ferguson William, tailor, 20 Maxwell st
Firth Color-Sergt. Jonathan, drill instruc-
tor to H Co. Galloway Vol. Rifle Corps,
Burn street
Forsyth John, paper manufacturer, Dal-
beattie paper mills. Mill street
Forteath Bella (Miss), draper, 86 High st
Fraser & Young, crushed granite manu-
facturers, Railway station
Gass Agnes (Miss), milliner, 72 High st
Gibson James, tailor, 109 High street
Glendinning William & John, bakers &
confectioners, 16 Mill street
Gillespie Samuel Archibald David M.B.,
CM. surgeon, & parochial medical officer
for Urr & certifying factory surgeon,
Alma, Mill street
Golf Club (R. M. Halliday, sec & treas)
Gowans James, tailor & clothier. Bank sq
Halliday James, watch maker, 51 High st
Halliday Janet (Mrs.), grocer, 117 High st
Halliday John, master mariner, Alpine st
Hamilton Alex, cart owner, Southwick rd
Hamilton Maxwell, plasterer, Mill street
Henderson James, King's Arms hotel;
posting in all branches, High street
Henry Herbert, police sergeant,2 Station rd
Howie Bros, grocers, 94 & 96 High street
Irving Janet (Mrs.), grocr. 41 Copland st
Jack William, baker & confectioner, 76
High street
Jackson Archibald & Francis, bobbin
manufacturers, Mill street
Kerr Margaret (Mrs.) & Jennie (Miss),
grocers, 65 High street
Kirk John, saddier, 39 High street
Kirkpatrick John, draper, 37 High street
Knox Margaret (Miss), fancy goods dealer*
91 High street
Lawrence Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, 99*
Southwick road
Lawson & Henderson, bobbin manufacture
ers, Burn street
Lindsay Robert, stone mason, 14 Albert sb_
Liudsay John, china &c dealer â– & grocer,-.
90 & 92 High street
Little James, solicitor & town clerk, collec- -
tor of burgh rates & clerk & treasurer to
Urr school board, High street
M'Cartney Jn. butcher, 54 & 56 Copland st,-
Macauley Bros, plumbers, 19 High street
M'Clymont JamesD. bookseller &c.38High st
McFarlaue John, tailor, Burn street
McGill Alexander, refreshment rooms, 53 -
High street
M'Innes Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer & spirit
dealer, 12 Maxwell street
Mackerchar Robert M.B., CM. surgeon,.
Newton house, Craignair street
M'Kie John, draper. 3 Maxwell street
M'Kinnell Robert Gibson, boot ma.l4High st:
M'Laurin Dugald, grocer & spirit dealer,.
81 High street
M'Minu Jessie (Miss), milliner, 48 High st'.*
M'Minn Margrt. (Mrs.), cnfctnr. 46 High st
M'William Jn. manure mer. Carantyne vil
Maxwell & Sons, butchers, 62 High street
Maxwell Robert, bookseller, insurance agent
& registrar of births, deaths & marriages,
78 High street
Mechanics' Institute & Library (William
Jardine Herries Maxwell M.P. presi-
dent; J. E. Milligan, sec. ; Robert
Walker & R. L. Smith, librarians)^
High street
Milligan John E. solicitor, High street
Mllligran Robert:, grocer &
bacon curer, 194 Hig-h street
Milligan William,, factor, 34 Maxwell st
Moffat Elizabeth (Miss), laundry, 266;
High street
Morris Cassandra (Miss), dress maker,
High street
Morris Daniel, granite merchant, Spy- .
craig quarry
Morris George, granite merchant, Wood- .
side quarries
Morrison James, watch maker & cycla
agent, 10 High street
Morrison William, blacksmith, Bridge .
End smithy
Mundell David, painter & paperhanger, 47
High street
Murdoch Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker,
14 Station road
Murdoch Jas. monumental mason, Albert st
Murdoch Samuel, master mariner, Oakland ,.*
cottage, High street
Murray Matthew D. chemist & mineral water
manufacturer, 68 High street
Newall D. H. & J. granite quarry owners,
workers & polishers; & at Peterhead;"
TA" Granite, Dalbeattie." See advert
Newall David, chemist, aerated
watir manufacturer & photo-
graphic goods dealer, 28 High
Newall David, Craigrowan granite quarrip3
& polishing works; office, 4 CraigDiir
street. See advertisement
Nutini Firezze, confectioner, 230 High st
Paterson George, boot maker, 17 High st
Paterson John, baker & cnfctnr.lStation rd
Peacock Matthew, boot maker, 172 High st
Porteous Isabella (Mrs.),grocer,281 High st
Rae Walter, baker, 110 High street
Rain Andrew, joiner, 17 Union street
Robson John, burgh officer, John street
Seggie Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, Union st
Shaw George, brick & tile manufacturer,
New tile works
SCOT. 60

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