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Glass William, inspector of poor, collectoi
of rates, registrar of births, deaths &c.
clerk to the Pariah Council & school
board & insurance agent & land surveyor,
Wester Balgedie
Law Matthew, carpenter & saw mill
owner, Wester Balgedie
Low Kate (Miss), grocer, Wester Balgedie
Normand Robert. Blacknowe3
Parish Library (James Miller, sec)
Reid Frank, blacksmith, Wester Balgedie
Sharp William, innkeeper, Wester Balgedie
Wilson David, echool board officer
Arnot James, Middle Bowhouse & East
Barclay John, Pittendreich
Barclay Patrick, Manorleya
Gibson John, Lochend
Glass William, Wester Balgedie
Grieve Alexander, Glenvale
Harley Andrew, Arnot mill
Heatherwiek Alexander, Bogside
Heggie Robert, Scotlandwell & Birks of
Keay John, Butterwell
Kerr Robert, Greenhead of Arnot
Lindsay David, Ryelaw
M'Cathie Henry, Woodmarch
Moodie Andrew, West Bowhouse
Paterson James & William, Newtanda
Paterson Thomas, Glen Lomond
Paton John, Kirkness
Rattray David, Carsehall
Rattray William. Wester Balgedie
Reid David, Channel of Pittendreich
Reid James, Livingston | cottage
Ritchie Thomas, Scotlandwell
Robertson John, sen. & jun. Balncathel
Small Robert, Easter Balgedie
Taylor John, Levenmouth
Wells Thomas, Wellburn & Portmoak
Toung Robert, Wester Balgedie
Merry James X
Curtis James & Sons, vermin destroyers-
Hay Thomas, stone mason
M'Leish John, boot & shoe maker
[slater's directory.]
Michie David, innkeeper & wagonette prpr
Tanish Manon (Miss), grocer & tobacconist
Taylor Kate (Miss), grocer & postmistress
Beath John
Blyth Jean (Mrs.), draper
Blyth John, sanitary inspector
Brown Andrew, grocer
Kinnesswood Water Co. (Jas. Miller, collctr)
McLaren Marjory (Mrs.), Lomond inn
Miller David, tailor
Miller George, boot & shoe maker
Miller Stewart, draper
Mills Duncan, slater & plasterer
Paterson Maggie (Miss), dress maker
Playfare Mitchell, grocer
Robertson Allison (Mrs.)i Bishops tavern
Sharp David, grocer
POWMILL, seeFossowAY.
SCOTLANDWELL, see Portmoak.
TTJLLIEBOLE, see Fossoway.

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