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Newton Hill.
Anderson Mrs. Fairseat house
Bridgeford Robert, public house keeper
Craiginyle Alexander, baker
Kemp David, boot & shoe maker
Lamb George, joiner & millwright
Reid Wiiliam, spirit dealer
Taylor J. & G. coal mers. & cycle agents
Walker James S. tailor & clothier
Youngson George, station master
COVE, see Nigg.
CGWIE, see Fetteresso.
CEATHES, see Braxchory Ternamv
DRUMLITHIE is a village in the parish of
G-lenbervie, 23 miles south-west of Aber-
deen, 18 north from Montrose, 7 north-by-
west from Bervie and about 6^ south-
west from Stonehaven, on the road to
Laurencekirk, situated nearly in the centre
of the east side of the county, and has a
station on the Caledonian railway. The
parish of Glenbervie, which is in Kincar-
dineshire poor combination, is upwards of
6 miles in length, by a breadth of 3 in
some parts and 5 at others ; it is bounded
on the west by the Water of Bervie and
Fordoun, on the east by Dunnottar and
Fetteresso, on the south and south-east by
Arbuthnott and on the north by the hills
of Strachan and Durris. The soil of the
upper part of the district is of bluish
clay, and in the lower a dry fertile loam.
The northern portion of the parish lies
partly among the Grampian Hills. The
river Bervie bounds the district partly on
the west, and the Carron has its source
within it. The hamlet of Glenbervie, which
stands in the vicinity of the former river,
is a barony of the Douglas family. In the
churchyard of the Established church are
interred some of the ancestors of the poet
Robert Burns. The parish of Glenbervie
contains 15,041 statute acres; rateable
value, £7,899, and in 1891 had a popula-
tion of 8S7, and in 1901, 854.
Post & M. 0. 0. Drumlithie (Railway Sub-
Office. Letters should have R.S.O.
Kincardineshire added) ; George Jolly,
postmaster. Deliveries, 7.45 a.m. & 3.55
p.m.; dispatches, 11.40 a.m. & 4.30 &
5.55 p.m. Telegraph office at the rail-
way station
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates,
John J. Wallace
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
George H. Kinnear
Police Station, James Gordon, constable
Established Church, Glenbervie, Rev.
Patrick L. Gordon
"United Free Church, Drumlithie, Rev.
Robert M. Boyd
Episcopal Church (St. John the Baptist s),
Rev. George Laurence Bell
DRTTMOAK, which is partly in Kincar-
dineshire and Aberdeenshire, will be
found with the information for the latter
DUNNOTTAR. anciently spelt Dunoy-
ter, is a parish of an irregular form, the
eastern side running from Stonehaven to
the south, a distance of 5 miles, and from
thence about 5 miles north; abutting on the
parishes of KinnefE and Glenbervie, from
thence descending to the Carron Water at
the base of that hill, where Dunnottar and
Glenbervie are met by the parish of Fet-
teresso. The seaward boundary of the
parish is a continuous chain of rocks and
cliffs containing many caverns, which ren-
der Dunnottar one of the most romantic
places on the east coast. It is in Kincar-
dineshire poor combination. The principal
object of interest in the parish is Dunnottar
Castle, within the walls of which formerly
stood the parish church. It is seated on a
perpendicular rock, 150 feet above the level
of the sea, and about 3 acres in extent,
and is almost separated from the land by a
deep chasm. It was built during the con-
test between Bruce and Baliol, by an
ancestor of the Marischal family, and
withstood a long siege by Cromwell's army,
its ultimate surrender being upon honour-
able terms ; it was often used as a state
prison, and several of the nonconforming
Presbyterian clergy have been its inmates.
The castle was dismantled shortly after
the rising of 1715, when its proprietor,
George (Keith) Earl iMarischal, was at-
tainted for high treason. Since that period
the castle became by purchase the property
of the nearest heir male. Sir Alexander
Keith, cf Dunnottar and Ravelston, Knight
IMarischal of Scotland, and is now the
property of the trustees of Mrs. Ann
Katheriae Innes. The fabric is still fairly
entire. Here, during the Commonwealth,
the regalia of Scotland were placed for
John J. Wallace, clerk
Board Schools : —
Glenbervie, George H. Kinnear, master
Brae, Alexander Clark, master
Railway Station, Drumlithie, Wm. Smith,
station master
Bell Rev. George Laurence (Episcopal)
Boyd Rev. Robert M. United Free Church
Allan Alexander, boot & shoe maker
Allan Mary (Mrs.), dress maker
Barron Alexander, grain merchant & miller,
Mill of Glenbervie
Beattie David, market gardener, Temple of
Burness Edward, boot & shoe maker
Christie Thomas, tailor & clothier
Craig Alexander, joiner
Craigon David, Drumlithie hotel
Dunbar James, wheelwright
Edwards George, grocer &c. Cotbank
Gill Alexander, grocer
Gove William, wheelwright, Tannachie
Greig James, blacksmith
Greig Robert, blacksmith, Little Bogburn
Harper William, grocer & draper
Howie Alexander, blacksmith, Tannachie
Jamieson Rachael (Mrs.), grocer & general
Jolly Geo. grocer & general dlr. & post off
Kinnear Geo. H. registrar of births, deaths
& marriages
Leslie John, blacksmith
Longmuir Mary (Miss), dress maker
Mathieson James, miller, Newmill
Mowat James, boot & shoe maker
Murray Alexander, tailor & clothier
Rennie Andrew, wheelwright, Burnhead
Scott Randall, blacksmith, Upper Milton
Smith George, grocer
Smith William, station master
Thow James, grocer & general dealer
Wallace Jn. J. inspector of poor & collector
of rates for Glenbervie, & clerk ro school
Wyllie Thomas, tailor & clothier
Young John, miller, Buckies mill
safety, under the care of /the Ogilvies, but
the castle being attacked by General Lam-
bert, the regalia, by the direction of Lady
Ogilvie, were secretly removed to the
manse of KinnefE, and then concealed under
the flooring of the church, below the pulpit.
In the Established church here, stands the
Covenanters' stone. The old town of Stone-
haven is partly in this parish, which em-
braces an area of 7,783 acres; rateable
value, 1897-8, landward £7,944, burghal
(Stonehaven) £4,474; the population of the
parishes in 1891, 2,739, and in 1901, 2,533.
Letters are received from Stonehaven.
Chairman, John Taylor
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates,
William Thomson, High st. Stonehaven
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Alexander Gordon, High st. Stonehaven
Established Church, Rev. D. G. Barron
Chairman, George Finlay of Glassel
Clerk, Arthur W. Kinnear
Treasurer, Alexander Gordon
Board Schools: —
Dunnottar, James Reid, master. ; Miss
Mary Morrison, infants' mistress
Brackmuirhill, Alexander Inglis, master
Episcopal (St. James'), Miss Alice Pettie,
Barron Rev. Douglas Gordon, The Manse
Ritchie William, Dunnottar house
Mackie Alexander, miller, Mill of Uras
Moir George, blacksmith, Roslinfield
Walker William, blacksmith. Newtonleys
Webster John, vet. surg. Nether Creggie
Alcock John (repres. of), Easterside
Gordon Rev. Patrick L. The Manse-
Nicolson A. Badenach J.P
Annand William C. Upper Milton
Barron Alexander, Mill of Glenbervie
Beattie David, Greenhead
Black Skene, Moss side & Muir of Germany
Blacklaws Allan, Upper Quithel
Burgess John, Mains of Brawliemuir
Craig James, Upper Kinmouth
Davidson Andrew, Cotbank of Lawgavec^
Dickson David, Chapelton
Duncan Robert, Blairerno
Easton George & Robert, Candy
Falconer William, Bagjurgon
Gibb James, Burn of Guinea
Gillanders James, Ballgreen
Gray Thomas G. Kaebog
Grubb David, Drumlithie
Hodge David, Clearymuir
Irvine Alexander, Cowden
Low Adam, Mid Kinmonth & Bogburn.-
Mackie Joseph, Cuttiesouter
Mackie William, Mains of Inchbreak
Meldrum William, Failside
Milne David, Tannachie
Milne George, East town & Pitwathie
Milne James (repres. of), New mill
Milne John, Gowans
Mitchell William C. Nether Quithel
Nicolson A. Badenach, Inches
Pittendriech William, West Kinmouthy
Pyper James, Greenhead
Reid William, Mains of Mergie
Ross George, Waters
Scott Brothers, Backfie'.d
Scott William, Cleughead
Shepherd Hugh, Jacksbank
Shepherd John, East Kinmonth
Silver James, Hawkhill
Smith & Greig, Mains of Dillavaird 1
Smith Stewart, Pitdrichie
Symon James, Broombank
Taylor James, Buckiesmill
Taylor James, West Bogtown
Thomson Ann (Mrs.), Springing greens
Thomson Mary (Mrs.) & John, Bogincabeir
Will Alexander, Annamuick
Willocks James & Alex. Meikle Bogton
Begg William, Swinewaird
Brown William, Mains of Dunnottar
Carr William, East Mains of Barras
Clark William, Lachburn
Don David, Haily myres
Don James, Anquhire & Gaberstripes
Donald Robert (trustees of). Upper Toucks-
Falconer William, Druidsdale
Falconer William, West Newton Leys
Findlay George, Glasslaw
G-legg James, Middle Toucks
Grant Alexander, Boggatyhead
Gray George, Brackmuirhill
Gray Peter, Braehead
Hadden James, Wester Gallaton
Hogg James, Nether Toucks
Hutton Alexander, West Carmounfc.
Mason James, Hill of Uras
Maston Alexander, Chapelton
Milne David, Briggs of Creggie
Milne David, Kirkland
Mitchell Robert, Gallaton
Murray Alexander, Crossgates
Murray John, Nether Cowieswell-'
Reith John, Toucks
Smith John, Cowieswell
Smith William, Clochan hill
Stenhouse Alexander, Newton
Stenhouse William, Newton Leys-
Strachan Hugh, Brucklay ward
Stewart James, Newlands
Taylor Arthur. Slatybarck
Taylor John, Uras
Urquhart Agnes (Mrs.), Lampool
Watt Alfred & Arthur, North Gallaton-
Webster John, Nether Creggie
Wood James, Law of Lumgair
DURRIS parish, which extends about
miles in length, by Zh in breadth, lies or--
the south side of the Dee, from which the'
ground, rises, and terminates at the ridge
of the Grampian mountains. Crathes, S"
miles, and Park, 3 miles, are the nearest
railway stations to the Kirktown. The •
parish, which is in Kincardineshire poor-

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