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•■-•stands at the east end of the burgh, was
•erected in 1824, and is in the Gothic style,
â– with a tower and clock, and affords sittings
tfor 1,250 persons. The "United Free church,
in the High street, erected in 1880, at a
"cost of £3,000, upon land given by the late
-Sir Robert Burnett bart. is an edifice of
;pink and white granite, in the Early Eng-
lish style, with a tower 100 feet high, con-
taining an illuminated clock : the church
"will seat 700 persons. The Town hall,
building erected in 1873, contains a large
3iall for entertainments. The Banchory
Club and Library, held in the Town hall,
was opened January, 1893 : it contains over
1,000 volumes : a small annual subscription
tfee is charged to members. A public park
â–  of about 16 acres was opened on the 3rd of
August, 1887, the land for which was pre-
sented by the late Sir Robert Burnett bart. :
â– it has beeu beautifully laid out, at a cost of
■ about £800. and there is a large sheet of
â– water, which in winter time is resorted to
ifor skating and curling. On the road from
the village to the railway station is an
ornamental drinking fountain, erected in
1870 to the memory of Col. William Bur-
nett Ramsay, of Banchory Lodge. The
parish is finely wooded and contains several
gentlemen's seats and residences. In the
'parish are two or three lochs, one of which
•was some time ago drained and brought
â–  under cultivation. The water supply for
="the city of Aberdeen is taken from the Dee
at the western boundary of this parish,
■ about 3£ miles above the village of Ban-
chory. Inchmarlo house is the seat of
'Duncan Davidson esq. D.L., J. P. and Black-
ball Castle, of James Toner Hay esq. J. P.
About half-a-mile soath of Banchory is the
â– Bridge of Feugh, a place much frequented
'by visitors. The bed of the Feugh here is
very rocky and the stream forms a pic-
turesque cascade, and afterwards falls into
the Dee The cattle shows of the Deeside
Agricultural Society are held at Banchory
in July of each year. Auction sales for
ttiorses, cattle, sheep, pigs &c. are held
fortnightly on Wednesdays'. The parish
•contains an area of 20,079 statute acres;
■rateable value, £17,553, and of the burgh,
£9,463; and in 1891 had a population num-
bering 3,193, and in 1901, 3,449, the burgh
â– â– containing 1,475.
Crathes, 3£ miles east, is in Banchory
parish and a station on the Deeside railway.
Crathes Castle is the seat of Sir Thomas
Burnett bart. D.L., J.P.
Bridge of Canny i3 3 miles west.
iPost, T. & M. O. & S. B., A. & I. O.
High street (Railway Sub-Office. Letters
should have R.S.O. Kincardineshire
â– added) : Alexander Lunan, postmaster.
Deliveries, 9.25 a.m. & 1.30 & 6.30 p.m. ;
dispatches, 7.30 & 8.20 & 10.15 a.m. &
12.40. 4.10 & 6.30 p.m
^Sub-Post Office, Bridge of Cannv ("Letters
received from Banchory R. S. O. Kin
cardineshire) ; James Sutherland, post
master. Deliveries, 1.40 a.m. & 2.55
p.m. ; dispatches, 7.30 a.m. & 3.5 p.m.
Banchory, 3 miles distant, is the nearest
mone7 order office
Post Office, Crathns (Railway Sub-Office.
Letters should have R.S.O. Kincardine-
shire added) ; William Smith, postmaster.
Deliveries, 8.50 a.m. & 1 & 6 p.m. (to
callers); dispatches, 7.45 a.m. & 1 &
4.30 p.m. Banchory, 3£ miles distant,
is the nearest money order office
Banchory; Commanding, Lt.-Col. & Hon
Colonel James M. Duff V.D. ; Majors,
P. L. Davidson & A. D. Dunbar; Adjt!
Capt. K. Dingwall D.S.O.; Quartermas-
ter, Hon. Capt. F. S. Kennedy V.D
A Company, Banchory; G-. H. Bower; Sur-
geon-Lieut.-Col. G. Cran V.D.,M.D.medi
cal officer; Instructor, Sergeant William
Ramsay, drill instructor
Established Church, Rev. James Hall
Episcopal Church (St. Ternan's), Rev,
William Watson Hawdon B.A.Durh
United Free Churches : Rev. William Cowan
& Rev. James R. Wark M.A
Clerk, Joseph Merson, High street
Public Schools: — .
Banchory (Central), Robert H. Paton M.A.
head master
Crathes, Thomas Menzies M.A. master
Inchmarlo, James W. Fordyce, master
Tilquhillie, Miss Annie Morrison, mistrss
Reid & Burnett Endowed School, Banchory,
Miss Martha Bins, mistress
Railway Stations: —
Banchory, James Clark, station master
Crathes, Alexander Munro, station master
Glassel, John Mitchell, station master
Provost, John P. Bisset J.P. Wynndun
Bailies, James M'Hardy & John Blacklaws
'Councillors , James Hunter, George Gor-
don, James B. Craigan, Alexander Ewen,
George Gardener Sharp & Alex. Boss
Clerk, Joseph Merson
Treasurer & Collector. William Sim
Sanitary Inspector, John Ferries, Watson
street, Banchory
Banchory Club & Library, Town hall, James
Enfield, librarian
Deeside Farmers' Association, James John
McKenzie, sec
.Police Station, Mount street, James Gibson,
Clerk to Parish Council, Joseph Merson
High street
Inspector of Poor, Joseph Merson, High at
. Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Joseph Merson, High 3treet
Town Hall, High street, Banchory, James
Enfield, hallkeeper
5th (Deeside Highlanders) Vol. Battalion
Gordon Highlanders ; head quarters,
Anderson Misses, Lossie bank
Barker Henry LL.D. Cleveland cottage
Barratt John Rowland, Brathay bank
Bisset John Petrie, Wynndun
Blacklaws John, Homewood
Burnett Lt.-Col. Sir Thomas bart. D.L.,
J.P. Crathes castle, Crathes
Cash J. Theodore M.D., F.R.S. Woodbank,
Connon Miss, Dunvegan house
Cowan Rev. William, United Free Church
Cran George M.D. Walbrook
Crombie R. Hill, Sanatorium
Orombie Theodore, Banchory lodge
Davidson Major Patrick L. Inchmarlo cot
Davidson Duncan D.L., J.P. Inchmarlo ho
Davidson John, Harestone, Crathes
Davidson Misses, Inchmarlo cottage
Douglas John William Edward James (of
Tilquhillie). Feugh cot. & Tilquhillie cot
Dunn Rev. Charles, Balnacraig
Edmond Misses, St. Leonard's
Farquharson John, Craig Chattan
Goodbrand Stephen, Hazlebank cottage'
Gordon John J.P. Town & County Bank ho
Hall Rev. James, The ;uanse
Hawdon Rev. Watson B.A. Ellancowan
Hay James Toner J.P. Blackhaircastle
Hcssack Archibald, Lynnwood '
Hunter James, Montague
Hutchison Miss, Woodfield
Inues Alexander B. Raemoir house
Kilgour James, Sunnvbank
Lawson David M.A., M.D. Druimdarroch
M'Hardy James L.R.C.P. Bellfield
Mackinnon Lauehlan, Kimberley
Malcolm Mrs. Arbeadie cottage
Malcolm Mrs. Woodbnurne
Merson Joseph, 10 Arbeadie terrace
Michael Lieut.-Gen. James C.S.I. Corsee ho
Michell Mrs. Glassel
Murray Alexander, Heath park
Murray James, High street
Nicol George William, Roscobie
Nicol Mrs. Roscob.e
Penrhyn Lord, Cairnton : Mortimer house,
Halkin street S W & Carlton, Travellers'
& Arthur's club*, London S W
Ramsay Misses (The), Riverston
Reid John W. Mount St. Ternan
Robertson Alexander W., J.P. Collin-Ram-
sey road
Sharp Geoige G. f J.P. Union Bank house
Shirrrs Leslie P. Dungeith
Sim Wm. J.P. North of Scotland Bank ho
Sinclair Edmond, Fernbank
Sinclair Spark Thomas Spark, Fernbank
Smith A. Duncan, Rosehill
Stewart Ian Struthers M.B., Ch.B. Sana-
Stuart Col. John Alex. Man C.B., C.M.G.
Dalvenie house
Thom Alexander, Springfield, Orathes
Thomson Mrs. Swiss cottage
Thomson Misses, Migvie cottage
Todd Gavin T., J.P. Cairntoigh
Tracy James M. Mavis bank
Wark Rev. James R., M.A. (U. F.), Ar-
beadie bank ;-
Aberdeen Commercial Co. Lim. coal, manure
&c. merchants (Alexander Low, agent)
Aberdeen Lime Co. (David C. Peters, agt.),
coal, manure &c. merchants
Abernethy Ann (Mrs.), grocer & news agfc.
High street
Abernethy Robert, wright, Bridge of Canny
Angus A. & R. boot makers, High street
Banchory Club & Library (James Enfield,
librarian). Town hall
Banchory &. Strachan Motor Car Co. Lim.
(James J. McKenzie, sec), carriers,
High street
Banchory Co-operative Society Limited
(James Ogston, sec. ; George Valentine,
mgr.), grocers, drapers & bakers, High st
Banchory Laundry Co. (Thomas Davidson,
manager), Bridge street
Banchory Meat Supply Association Lim.
(Joseph Merson, sec), Dee street
Baverstock & Cameron, tobacconists, hair
dressers & news agents, High street
Beaton Duncan, road surveyor, Beech-
grove cottage
Beattie George, saddler, High street
Berry Jane (Mrs.), Burnett Arms hotel
Black Alexander, grocer & draper, High st
Black Peter, blacksmith, Inchmarlo
Black William, miller, Raemoir
Blacklaws John, grocer, spirit dealer, draper
& tailor, High street
Booth Alexander, carpenter, Eden cottage
Brand Robert, watch maker & jeweller.
High street
Bremner William, sheriff's officer, Mount st
Bridgeford Jame3 M. tailor, Dee street
Burnett Jane (Mrs.), grocer, Drumfenny
Chrystall James, painter, High street
Coffee House(Mrs.JanetKemp, manageress),
High street
Craigen James, baker & confectnr. High st
Cran George M.D. surgeon
Cunningham John M.R.C.V.S. veterinary
surgeon, Dee bank, Crathes
Davidson Thomas & Co. plumbers, painters
& ironmongers, High street -
Davidson John, factor for Sir Thomas Bur-
nett bart. Hareston, Crathes
Donald Robert, grocer, Arbeadie
Duncan Mary Gertrude (Mrs.), timber mer-
chant & saw mill owner, Invercannie mis
Duncan Robert, blacksmith, Neuk, Crathes
Duguid Frank, blacksmith, Bridge street
Durward William A. boot maker & refresh-
ment rooms, Dee street
Ferries John, sanitary inspector, Watson st
Forrest Robert, mngr. of gas wks. Bridge st
Ftaser John Wm. grocer, High street
Fraser & Co. timber merchants & saw mill
owners, Inchmarlo
Gas Light Co. Lim. (George G. Sharp, sec. ;
Robert Forrest, manager)
Gaul James, watchmaker, High street
Gibson George, grocer, High street
Gill Edward, blacksmith, Hirn
Gordon James, coffee tavern keeper, Rail-
way station
Gray William, baker & confectioner.High st
Henderson Andrew, chemist, High street
Hosie Mary (Miss), bookseller & fancy re-
pository, High street
Hunter James, grocer, spirit dealer, tailor
& draper, New Banchory
Hunter Robert, millcr,Mill of Drum, Crathes
John Watson Guild (John Littlejohn, dean;
G. G. Sharp, sec. & treas.). Town hall
Kennedy James A. fishmonger. Dee street
Laird James, tailor, High street
Lamb Alex. & Sons, boot makers, High st
Lamb Alexander, cycle agent, High street
Legg David, blacksmith, Raemoir
Lewis Herbert H. Banchory hotel
Lunan Alex, chemist & druggist, High st
McHardy James L.F.P. & S.Glas. surgeon
& parochial medical officer, Bellfield
Mackay William, blacksmith, Loanhead
Mackenzie James John, solicitor, High st
Marchant William, coach builder, Bridge st
Masson George & Robert, market gar-
deners, Burnside of Coy
Menzies John & Co. news agents, Railway
Merson Geo. slater & plasterer.Kinneskie rd
Merson Joseph, solicitor, clerk to the school
board of Banchory-Ternan ; to the town
council of Banchory : to the Upper Dee-
side district committee &c. inspector of
poor, registrar of births, deaths & mar-
riages, High street
Meston Alexander, grocer & draper.High st
Michael George, dining rooms, High street
Milne Alexander, blacksmith, Dee bank
Moir George, grocer & draper. High street
Moir John, grocer, Bridge of Feugh
Murray Hannah (Miss), matron of Sana-
Murray James M.R.C.V.S. veterinary sur-
geon, High street
Nordrach- on-Dee Sanatorium (The) Lim.
(David Lawson M.A., M.D. phvsician;
Ian Struthers Stewart M.B., Ch.B.Ed.
chemical pathologist; R. Hill Crombie,
scot. 58*

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