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at the point where the Steinchol water
falls into Staffin Loch. Staffin House
stands on. the shore of the loch; the cliffs
of which are similar to that of Staffa and
abound in basaltic columns. The popula-
tion of this ecclesiastical parish in 1901
was 1,185.
Post, T. & M. 0. 0. Staffin; Ewen Mae-
kinnon, sub-postmaster. Letters through
Portree. Delivery, 9.15 & 11.40 a.m.
(alternate days) ; dispatch, 3.15 p.m.
daily (not on Sundays)
Post Office & T. 0. Culnacnock; Mrs. Jessie
Mackenzie, sub-postmistress. Letters
through Portree. Delivery, 11.3 & 11.35
a.m. (alternate days) ; dispatch, 1.45 &
1.50 p.m. (alternate days). Nearest
money order office is Staffin, 4 miles
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
John Mackinnon, Stencholl
Established Church, Rev.DuncanMacKenzie
Clerk, John Mackenzie, Uig
Public 'Schools: —
Staffin (vacant)
Voltas, William Mackenzie, master
Digg, Miss Christina Mackinnon, mistress
Livingston-Macdonald Capt. Ranald Mac-
donald J.P. Flodigarry, Staffin
Mackenzie Rev. Duncan (Estab.), The
Manse, Staffin
Campbell James, tailor, Staffin
Graham James, grocer, Staffin
Macdonald Catherine (Miss), innkeeper &
grocer, Staffin
Mackenzie Jessie (Miss), post office, Cul-
MacKinnon Donald, grocer
MacKinnon Ewen, miller, Post office
MacKinnon John, registrar of births &c
Macleod Alexander, boot maker, Staffin
Macleod Roderick, blacksmith, Staffin
MacPherson Murdo (Mrs.), grocer, Staffin
Ross Donald, grocer & draper, Culnacnock
Gillies John, Sartle, Staffin
Livingston-Macdonald Ranald Macdonald
Flodigarry, Staffin
Macdonald Archibald, Staffin
Nicolson Murdo, Lonfearn, Culnacnock
STRATH (or Strath sword le) is a parish
in the south-east portion of the island' and
contains the villages of Eroadford, Kyle
Akin and Torrin, the first of these being
24 miles south-east of Portree, at the head
of Small bay, and steamers call here as
well as at Kyle Akin; the parish is in the
poor combination of Skye and small debt
cturfc district of Portree, and 16 or 17
miles hi length from east to west, by 10
from north to south; it includes Pabbay
and Sculpay Islands, and is bounded south
by the parish of Sfeat and north by Portree,
the Inner and Cuchullin sounds forming
the boundaries east and west. A little
east of Kyle Akin are the ruins of Castle
Moil; the kirktown is 7 miles north-west
of Broadford, and there is a ferry from
here to Kyle Inn, in the district of Loch
Alsh, on the mainland. Lord Macdonald,
of Armadale Castle, R. L. Thomson esq.
and Sir Donald Currie G.C.M.G. of Garth,
Aberfeldy, Perthshire, are the principal
landowners. The area comprises 71,411
acres; rateable value, £4,498 5s. 7d. ; the
population in 1901 was 2,152, of whom
Sculpay Island had a population of 35.
Broadford. is a considerable fishing vil-
lage. The number of boats registered as
belonging to the port, December 31st, 1902,
was 661, of 2,298 tons, employing 788 men
and boys.
Post, X. & M. 0. 0. & S. B. Broadford
(Railway Sub-Office. Letters should have
R.S.O. Inverness-shire added); John
Macinnes, sub-postmaster. Delivery,3.50
p.m. ; dispatch, monday, Wednesday &
friday, 9.15 a.m. & tuesday, thursday &
saturdav, 8.15 a.m
Post, T. & M. 0. 0. & S. B. Kyleakin;
Donald Macpherson, jun. sub-postmaster
(Railway Sub-Office. Letters should
be addressed R.S.O. Inverness-shire).
Delivery, 2.35 p.m.; dispatch, tuesday,
thursday & Saturday, 9.30 a.m. & mon-
day, Wednesday & friday, 9.55 a.m
Post Office, Breakish; Alexander Mackin-
tosh, sub-postmaster. Delivery, 5.20
p.m. ; dispatch, 6.50 a.m. Letters re-
ceived from Broadford R.S.O. 3 miles
distant, which is the nearest telegraph
& money order office
Post & M. 0. 0. Elgoll; Miss Mary Ann
Mackintosh, sub-postmistress. Delivery,
8.30 a.m. ; dispatch, 2.10 p.m. (tues.
thurs. & sat.). Letters through Broad-
ford R.S.O. which is the nearest tele-
graph office, 15 miles distant
Inland Revenue Office, Kyleakin, William
Arthur Birket, officer
Fishery Board Office, Broadford, Andrew
Munro, officer
Harbour Officer, Broadford, Chas. Maclean,
harbour master
Chairman, Rev. Thomson Mackav B.D
Clerk, William Elliott Beid, Broadford
Medical Officer, Colin Macdonald L.F.P.S.
Registrar of Births &c. Donald Logan,
School house, Broadford
Inspector of Poor, William Elliott Reid,
Established Churches: —
Strath, Rev. Thomson Mackay B.D
Breakish (Mission), served from Strath
Kyleakin (Mission) (vacant)
United Free Church, Strath (vacant)
Baptist, Broadford, Rev. Allan Macdougall
United Free Church Mission, Kyleakin
School Board, Ronald MacDonald, Portree,
clerk & treasurer
Public Schools: —
Broadford, Donald Logan, master
Dunan (Broadford),MissChristina Douglas,
Breakish", Robert J. Stitt, master
Kyieakin, John D. Gunn, master
Heaste, Miss Maggie Macinnes, mistress
Torin, Miss Christina Maclean, mistress
Elgoll, Miss Jane Garden, mistress
Ferguson George, Kyleakin
Macdonald Colin, Broadford
Macdougall Rev. Allan, Harrapool, Broadfrd
Mackay Rev. Thomson B.D. Kilbride house,
Mackinnon Donald, Broadford
Mackinnon Farquhar, Kyle ho. Kyleakin
Mackinnon John, Liveras, Broadford
McLean John, Kyleakin
Thompson Robert Lawrie, Kilmorie
Anderson John, baker & refreshment rms.
Birket William Arthur, inland revenue
officer, Kyleakin
Broadford Hotel (E.Ross, lessee),
boarding? family & tourist ac-
commodation, river & loch
fishing, posting &c. Broadford
Caledonian Banking Co. Limited (sub-office
to Portree) (David Munro, agent; Alex-
ander Macpherson, sub-agent), Broadford!
Campbell Donald, grocer & draper, Harra-
pool, Broadford
Campbell Ellen (Miss), temperance hotel,
Campbell Samuel, grocer & draper, Broadfrd
Fraser John, carpenter, Broadford.
Gibson Robert J. grocer & draper & drug-
gist, Broadford
Grant Donald, blacksmith, Kyleakin
Highland Railway Co. (Donald MacPherson,.
agent), Kyleakin
King's Arms Hotel (Mrs. Donald
Macinnes, proprietress), Kyleakin
Logan David, school master & registrar oi
births, deaths & marriages for the parish
of Strath, Broadford
Macdonald Alexander, boot & shoe maker,
Macdonald Colin L.F.P.S.Glas. surgeon &
medical officer to the Parish Council of
Strath, Broadford
Macinnes Donald (Mrs.), King's Arms htL
Macinnes Donald, carpenter, Kyleakin
Macinnes James, carpenter, Broadford
Macinnes John, grocer & draper & black-
smith, Broadford
Mclnnes John, grocer & draper, Mill bdg.
Mackay Angus, boot & shoe ma. Broadford
Mackinnon Colin,boot & shoe makerjTorrin,
Mackinnon James, tailor, Kyleakin
Mackintosh Archibald, postmstr. Breakists
Mackintosh Mary Ann (Miss), postmistress,
Maclean Alexander, fish curer, Broadford"
Maclean Charles, harbour mstr. Broadford
McLennan Murdoch, joiner, Kyleakin
Macleod Donald, grocer, Broadford
Macleod Dugald, boat builder, Kyleakin
Macleod Jn. builder & contractor, Broadfrcl
Macpherson Donald, fish curer & grocer &
draper & agent for Highland Railway
Co. Kyleakin
Macpherson Dnld. hin. postmstr. Kyleakin
Macrae Farquhar, fish curer, Broadford
Morrison Donald H. inn keeper & grocer,
Dunan, Broadford
Munro Andrew, fishery board officer,.
Munro Duncan, fish curer & grocer & dra-
per, Kyleakim
Munro Robert, fish curer, Kyleakin
Reading Room & Library (James Camp-
bell, hon. sec), Broadford.
Reading Room & Library (Alexander Mac-
kenzie, hon. sec), Kyleakin
Robertson Neil, boot maker, Kyleakin
Reid William Elliott, clerk, collector &
inspector to the Parish Council of Strath
& insurance agent, Broadford
Ross E. lessee Broadford hotel, Broadford
Anderson John, Kilbride & Torrin
Currie Sir Donald, Isle of Scalpay
Macinnes Malcolm, Liveras
Matheson Brothers, Strolomus
Murchison Florrie (Miss), Old Corry
Ross James (reps. of). Swordale
Thompson Robert Lawrie, Kilmorie &
THESE isles, forming a parish, consist
of the islands of Canna, Eigg, Muck, Rum
and Sandy ; of these Eigg only was origin-
ally in this county, the other four having
been transferred from Argyllshire by Boun-
dary Order No. 91, under " Local Govern-
ment (Scotland) Act, 1889;" these five is-
lands lie off the coasts of Moidart and Skye
in a curved line extending from north-west
to south, and are divided from the large is-
land of Skye by the Cuchullin sound. Rum
and Eigg can) only he approached by boat
from the eastern side, the heavy swell from
the Atlantic rendering the western coasts
inaccessible. The parish church is on Eigg
Island, where there is also a Roman Catho-
lic church, and a United Free Mission
church : here also is the post office.
CANNA lies 5 miles to the north-west of
Rum, and is 18 miles in circumference; at
the east end rises Compass hill, a bold
headland with perpendicular cliffs. It is
the property of Robert Thorn esq. The
population in 1891 was 40 and in 1901, 42.
EIGG is an island lving 4 miles south-east
of Rum and 7 south-west of the Promontory
of Sleat, in the Isle of Skye; the island con-
sists of a mass of trap rock, slightly higher
at the northern extremity and sloping to the
south, where there is a singular columnar
rock of porphyry, about \h miles long,
running east and, west, rising about 470 feet
in height and narrowing at the top to 10
feet in width. There is also in this part of
the island a cave, 225 feet long, in which in
the 16th century the MacDonalds, who then
inhabited the island, took refuge when it
was invaded by the Laird of Macleod, who
by lighting fires at the entrance suffocated
the whole 200 to death; there are also
remains of an old Culdee monastery. The
area comprises 7,275 acres, and is wholly
the propcrtv of R. L. Thompson esq. ; the
population 'in 1891 was 233, and in 1901,
MUCK is a small island lying 4 miles south-
west from Eigg and 15 mifes north from
Ardnamurchan point; it is about 3 miles
long by 1 in breadth, and is more level than
the other islands and affords pasture for
cattle; the principal occupation of the in-
habitants is fishing. There are remains of a
small monastery, planted by St. Columb3
early in the 7th century. This island is
also the propertv of R. L. Thompson esq.
The population" in 1891 was 48, and in
1901, 42.
RUM island, the largest of the group, lies
about 9 miles west of Sleat point and 15
north of Ardnamurchan point, and is moun-
tainous, the two principal peaks being
Haskeval, 2,667 feet above sea level and
Benmore, 2,300 feet; the landing place is
in Loch Scresort on the eastern coast, and.
the island belongs to Sir George Bullough
kt. The population in 1891 was 53, and
in 1901, 116.
SANDY is a small island lying to the south
of Canna, close under Compass hill ; the
population in 1S91 was 62, and ia 1901, 44.

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