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Grant Mrs. Ann, 2 Glebe street
Grant Mrs. Isabella, 62 Upper Eessock st
Groat Andrew, 70 CastLe street
Gunu Charles, 20 Friar's lane
Hughes Mrs. Christina, 22 Innes street
â– Johnston Charles, 1 Hill street
â– Johnstone George, 9 Glebe street
Ledingham Mrs. Jane, 47 King street
Macallan Mrs. Mary Ann, 11 Glebe street
Macaulay Angus, 42 Rose street -
Alaccachrane Mrs. Mary, 30 Madras street
Macdonald Miss Barbara, 47 Innes street
jMacdonald Mrs. Christina, 12 Friar's lane
Macdonald Miss Isabel, la, George street
Macdonald Mrs. Margaret, 31 Chapel street
Macgillivray Miss Katherine, 1 Lochalsh rd
.McGillivray Miss Margaret, 84 Castle st
Mackay Mrs. Christina, 63 Huntly street
Mackay Mrs. Deillah, 48 King street
Mackenzie Mrs, Margaret, 24 Duff street
Mackenzie Miss Sophia, 41 Haugh road
Mackintosh Miss Catherine, 2 Montague row
JMsckintoshMiss Catherine, Muirtown bridge
McLean Henry, 1 Lower Kessock street
Maclennan Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 Huntly street
^MacLeod Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Tomnahurich st
Macloy James, 7 Glebe street
Morrison Mrs. Mary, 27 Shore street
M!orrison William, 57 Crown Btreet
Mcr.ro Mrs. Ann, 103 Church street
Munro Mrs. Isabella, 4 Ardconnel street
Noble Andrew, 7, 9 & 11 Haugh road
Olsen Johan, 8 & 10 Tap lane
Psmilin Miss Lizzie, 7 Charles street
Robertson Mrs. Ann, 14 Glebe street
Ross Duncan, 1 Crown avenue
Ross James, 4 & 6 Tomnahurich street
IRoss Miss Jane, 43 Wells street
"Roy Mrs. Margaret, Grant street
Sinclair James, 32 Waterloo place
Skinner Mrs. M. 73 Academy street
Smith John Alexander, 2 Duff street
Smith William, 36 Denny street
Stewart Mrs. Catherine, 28 Waterloo place
Stewart John, 56 Huntly street
Thompson Andrew, la, Hill street
Tolmie Miss Lizzie, 31 Grant street
Tulloch Mrs. Ann, 50 Grant street
Silk Mercers.
Grant Benjamin, 12 High street
Thomson Robert Dick, 19 Church street
Young &, Chapman, 29 Church street
Ferguson & Macbean, 41 Union street
Wilson P. G. 1 High street
Chisholm John A. & Co. 17 Gilbert street
Singer Alexander, Citadel
Slate Merchants.
Gray James & Son, 8 Friar's lane
Reid John, Maryville cottage, Kenneth st
Fraser Alexander, Craigielea, Abban street
Gray James & Son, 8 Friar's lane
Reid John, Maryville cottage, Kenneth st
Taylor Adam, 13a, Ardconnel terrace east
Societies & Associations.
See Official.
Marked thus * are also Notaries.
Anderson & Shaw, 15 High street
*Anderson James (Anderson & Shaw), 15
High street
AndersonWm. (Anderson & Shaw),15High et
*Black Frederick A. 59 Academy street
Boyd Herbert Cameron (James Ross &
Boyd), Queensgate chambers
Burns William, 1 Lombard street
Critchley Edgar Godsell, 29 High street
*Davidson & Scott, 42 Union street
Forsyth James, 39 Union street
Fraser & MacCallum, Queensgate chambers
*Fraser Alexander, 63 Church street
Fraser John Sinclair, 22 Union street
Fraser John Smith M.A. (Fraser & Mac-
Calluml, Queensgate chambers
Gibson Thomas, 36 Academy street
Hugonin Etienne, 11 Queensgate
*Innes & Mackay, Union street
Macandrew & Jenkins, Royal Bank build-
ings, Drummond street
Macbean William Charles, 20 Church street
MacCallum Henry Vary (Fraser & MacCal-
lum), Queensgate chambers
♦Macdonald & Grahdm, 51 Church street
Macdonald Andrew Edward (Macdonald &
Graham), 51 Church street
MacDonald Donald Forbes (Macandrew &
Jenkins), Royal Bank bldgs. Drummond st
•Macdonald Kenneth, Town hall. High st
*MacEwen Alex. Malcolm (Stewart, Rule
& Co.), Church street
Macgillivray & Munro, 42 Union street
Macgregor Alex. 3 Ardross terrace
Mackay William (Innes & Mackay) .Union st
Mackenzie Alexander J. Queen's house, 29
Academy street
MacKintosh John, Queensgate
Macpherson William F. 1G Union street
MacRitchie Andrew J. 52 High street
Mactavish & Gibson, 36 Academy street
*Mactavish Patrick Duncan (firm, Mac-
tavish & Gibson), 36 Academy street
Morris & MacDonald, 22 Union street
*Munro David (Macgillivray & Munro), 42
Union street
fi Ross James & Boyd, Queensgate chambers
Ross David, 6 Church street
*Ross George, 12 Lombard street
*Ross James, Queenssrate chambers
*Rule William Taylor (Stewart, Rule &
Co.), National Bank buildings, Church st
Scott Roderick H. G. (Davidson & Scott),
42 Union street
Shaw Duncan M.A., W.S. (Anderson &
Shaw), 15 High street
*Squair & Middleton, 20 Church street
*Stewart, Rule & Co. National Bank build-
ings, Church street
Sutherland John Reid, Queen's house, 29
Academy street
Wallace John Davidson, 29 High street
*Watson James Stuart (Macandrew & Jen-
kins), Royal Bank bldgs. Drummond st
Spirit Dealers.
See also Grocers.
Cameron Mrs. Margaret, 2 King street
Cameron-Beddfielding Mrs. M.2 King street
Cameron Roderick, 2 Lochalsh road
Campbell R. 50 Eastgate
Clark John, 89 Church street
Clark Robert, 53 Eastgate
Forsyth John H. & Co. 18 Inglis street
Fraser J. 34 Baron Taylor's lane
Fraser Robert, South Kessock
Golightly George, 21 Baron Taylor's lane
Jacobs George, Eastgate
Laidlaw William, 16 Church street
McAllister Thomas, Culcabock
M'AUister William, 70 Academy street
Macarthur James, 65 Shore street
Macbean A. 70 & 71 Huntly street
Macdonald W. 49 High street
Mackay Bros. 17 Inglis street
Mackay Mrs. Christiana Mary,Clachnaharry
Mackay Donald, 25 Castle street
Mackenzie A. & J. 25 & 27 Inglis street
McKenzie R. 19 Friar's lane
McKerrell Alexander D. 14 Tomnahurich st
Mackintosh James, Kessock road
McLennan Donald, New Market entry
Maclennan Hugh, 9 Grant street
Morrison J. G. 26 Waterloo place
Munro Robert, 19 Young street
Paterson Misses M. & G. 61 Innes street
Thomson Donald, 19 Celt street
Spirit Merchants.
See Wine & Spirit Merchants.
S ta tione rs — "Whole sal e .
Finlay H. W. & Co. 7 Castle street
Keith Charles & Co. 41 Church street
Cameron John, 2 Union street
Clegg Joseph, 23 Inglis street
Cornet & Son, 21 Lombard street
Finlay H. W. & Co. 7 Castle street
Fraser Finlay G. 2 Greig street
Fraser Mrs. Isabella, 17 Kingsmills road
Johnstone Miss Isabella, 23 Bridge street
Keith Charles & Co. 41 Church street
Mackay William, 27 High street
Mackenzie James H. 35 High street
Maclaren Thomas, 17 Union street
Melven Brothers, 29 Union street
Munro William, 9 Eastgate
Simpson John Alexander, 51 & 53 Grant st
Tait Gavin, 28 High street
Taylor Miss Mary, 99 Academy street
Thomson Thomas Martin, 5 Chapel street
Stock & Share Brokers.
See Brokers — Stock & Share.
Stone Mason.
See also Monumental Masons.
Fraser Roderick, 33 Kingsmill road
Stove & Range Makers.
Rose Street Foundry & Engineering Co.
Limited, 2 to 20 & 3 to 15 Rose street &
62 to 68 Academy street
See Medical List.
See also Architects; also Land Surveyors.
Black Robert(Board of Agriculture surveyor
& surveyor for the first district of In-
verness-shire roads), 22 Union street
Cameron & Burnett, Academy buildings,
Academy street
Hendery Chas. A.(architectural),39 Union st
Mackenzie John A. (burgh), Castle wynd
Manners Charles R. 12 Lombard street
Munro Thomas J. 36 Academy street
Pond-Macdonald John, Queen's house, 29
Academy street
Reid David J. 20 Church street
Beaton Donald, 27 Church street
Fraser John & Son, 15 Union street
Fraser Robert & Sons, 22 Church street
Fraser James, 22 High street
Gibson Daniel, 25 & 27 Eastgate
Hall George H, 8 Union street
Harrison Angus, 22 High street
Holloway John, 21 Argyle street
Jamieson John & Co. 44 High street
Macbean Alexander & Sons, 35 Union street
Macdonald John C. cc Co. 28 Bridge street
Macdougall & Co. Limited, The Royal Clan
Tartan warehouse, 25 High street
M'Innes William, 4 Innes street
Mackintosh Alexander, 4 Lombard street
Munro & Jenkins, 3 Market brae & 9
Bridge street
Murray & Watson, Station buildings
Patterson Donald, 38 High street
Sutherland Kenneth, 49 Academv street
Tindall Thomas, 72 Castle street;
Urquharb George, 13 Ardconnel ter. east
Urquhart George, 63 Church street
Tallow Merchants.
Gray's Company, Lotlands
Murray Wm. & Son, depot, Shore street
Chisholm John A. & Co. 17 Gilbert street
Singer Alexander, Citadel
Tea Dealers.
See Grocers & Tea Dealers.
Tea Merchants.
Gillandera Kenneth A. Queensgate
Young George A. & Co. 45 Eastgate
Teachers of Music.
Cameron Miss Sophia, 6 View pi. Haugh rd
Park Patrick, Queensgate
Roddie William S. (& singing), Roseleigh
cottage, 9 Southside road
Taylor Tom, Victoria terrace
Whitehead Frederick W. 1 Ardross street
Telephone Company.
National Telephone Co. Limited (William
Macdonald, district manager), 22 Union st
Temperance Hotels.
Dallas Mrs. ^Isabella, Kenneth street
Davidson Miss Isabella, 39 Union street
Grosvenor Mrs. Hannah Fraser-Sutherland,
2 & 3 Ness walk
Macdougall Lauchie, 16 Union street
Macgilvray Mrs. C. 52 Church street
Mitchell Miss Caroline H. 56 Academy street
Queensgate John Macgregor, Queensgate
Kankin Mrs. Ellen, 21 & 22 Hamilton st
Robson Mrs. Ann, 4 Inglis street
Watts Mrs. Mary, 25 Bridge street
Waverley Hotel.Donald Davidson, 25Union st
Inverness Theatre Royal Limited (J. W. C.
Burgess, sec. & treasurer), Bank street
Timber Merchants.
Armstrong, Addison & Co. 36 Academy st
Campbell John, Glenalbyn sawing & bobbin
mills & 4 Lombard street. See advert
Macdonald John, Citadel
MacDonald John, 3 Union street. See advt
Mackenzie James,Alva vil.OldEdinburgh rd
Robertson & Gillies, Longman road
Waiker James & Co. Shore street
Tinplate Workers.
Kennedy Andrew, 9 Baron Taylor's lane
Shaw Hugh & Co. 34 Castle street
West Thomas, 60 Grant street
Tobacco Pipe Makers.
Forbes & Co. Abban street
SCOT. 57

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