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782 * DUNDEE.
Dress Makees— continued.
Leith Misses Wilhelmine & Jemima, 27
Mains road
ILumsden Miss Janet, 91 Peddie street
McDonald Mrs. Catherine, 3 Watt street,
McDonald Miss Margaret, 89 Nethergate
McFarlane Miss Mrgt. 9 Commercial street
Maclean Miss Jane, 50 Peddie street
McPherson Mrs. Ann, 7 North Ellen street
Martin Miss Helen Bayne, 71 Perth road
Median Miss Christina, 32 Sth. Tay street
Menzies William, 62 to 72 Commercial st
"Ness Miss Sarah, 69 Hawkhill
'Ogilvie Miss H. S. 104 Nethergate
Paterson Miss Maggie E. T. 18 Albert st
Patterson Miss Jane Ann, 71 Perth road
Phillip Mrs. Ann, 56 Caldrum street
'flichardson Miss Elizabeth, 65 Nethergate
Sandeman Miss Annie, 42 Annfleld row
Seott Miss Annie, 17 Bank ttreet. Lochee
-Scott Miss Margaret, 28 South Tay street
Shanks Miss Anne, 23 Perth road
Shepherd Mrs. Edith, 332 Hawkhill
Small Miss Jemima, 19 Baldovan terrace
Smith Miss Isabella, 5 Mount Pleasant,
Hawkhill place
Stuart Miss M. 66 Wellgate
Swanson Miss Tina, 65 Commercial street
Templeman Miss Jessie, 38 Bell street
Wilson Miss Eliza, 117 Nethergate
Wilson Miss Jessie. 16 Perth road
Wright Miss Jessie, 43 Nethergate
Toung Miss Margaret, 19 Ban square
Drug: Stores.
Bonaghey John J. 185 Overgate
North Lincolnshire Drug Co. 75 Perth road
Boech Alexander T. 55a, Hawkhill & 47
See Chemists & Druggists.
Rryson David S. 43 & 45 Trades lane
Cowan J. & Sons, 14 Dock St. See advert
Johnston & Adams, 20 Murraygate
Laslcie William. 5 & 35 Commercial street
Miller James, Son & Co. 80 Cowgate
'Sturrock Thomas & Co. 87 Cowgate
Dyers & Cleaners.
Boyle John. 214 & 218 Lochee road
Campbell P. & P. Perth; 33 Nethergate
Grimond J. & A. D. Limited. 1 King street;
works, Bowbridge & Maxwelltown workF
Paterson James & Co. Lawside works,
Paterson street
Pullar J. & Sons, 47 Nethergate
Sloan George, Mains road
Stevenson Brothers, 222 Hilltown; 18 Mur-
raygate & 14 Perth road
Stevenson Francis & Sons (jute, flax, hemp
& cotton yarns), Lawside Dye works &
20 Box Exchange
â– Stevenson George & Co. Limited, Ancrum
carnet works 1 , Lochee
Strachan, Kinmond & Co. Ltd. Eastport
Callender works, 100 Cowgate
Thomson, Shepherd & Co. Limited (jute
yarn), Seafield works
Trades Lane Calendering Co. of Dundee
Limited (John G. Kinmond, manager),
Trades lane
Watson William & Co. 1 Forebank road
Earthenware Dealers.
6ee China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers.
Eating: Houses.
See Dining Rooms.
Edge Tool Dealers.
Lumsden Jas. & Son, 20 South Lindsay st
Eg-g- Merchants.
"King Brothers, 134 Victoria road
Mackie James & Co. Limited, 10 & 12
Charles street & Fyvie
"McKinnon David, 51 Cowgate
McICinnon Donald, 51 Cowgate
Moffatt John, 24 Victoria street
Northern Dairy Co. 23 Albert street
Pearson James. 82 Princes street
Thompson Bros. 20 East Dock street
Will Peter & Co. 11 George street north
Electric Bell Fitters & Hangers
STicoll G. H. & Co. 18 & 20 Bank street
Electric Light Engineers.
"Nlcoll G. H. & Co. 18 & 20 Bank street
Electrical Engineers.
Xowdon Brothers & Co. Temple electric
works; TA " Lowdon's, Dundee." See
Mackersie James, 26 Commercial street
Maxwell J. & Son, King's road
Nicol! G. H. & Co. 18 & 20 Eank .«t-ee»
Richardson Harry A.M.I.E.E. (City Elec-
trical & Tramways), Dudhope Crescent rd
Westwood A. & Son, 30 Bank street; & 21
Princes street, Perth.
Electrical Fittings Manufacturer.
Dawson Alfred Joseph, Esplanade west
Electro Platers.
Payne H. A. & Co. G-owans court, North
Tay street
Payne Harry A. 225 Overgate
Emigration Agents.
See Agents — Emigration.
Employment Agency.
Office Employment Bureau (A. W. Paton &
Co.), 41 Reform street
Engine Packing Manufacturers.
British & Foreign Metaline Co. (lubricant),
62 Murraygate
Engineers— Civil.
Baxter George S. (to the Dundee Water
Commissioners). 93. Commercial street
Blackadder Robert, 41 Reform street'
Lindsay Wm. R., M.I.M.E. 7 Ward road
McCulloch & Jamieson, 20 Whitehall st
Mackison William F.R.I.B.A., F.S.A.Scot.
(city engineer), 91 Commercial street
Ower Charles & Co. 104 Commercial street
Ower Leslie, 5 Whitehall street
Salmnnd J. & F. 6 High street.
Thompson John, jun. A.M.I. C.E. Harbour
chambers, CustomHouse buildings, Dock st
Engineers — Consulting.
Annan David Y. Stanley buildings, Lochee
Cooper George, 39 Dock street
Douglas George C. & Co. 41 Reform street
Guild James F. 83 Ancrum road. Lochee
McFarlane James, 39 Dock street
Stiven D. R. 57 Meadowside
Engineers — Hot "Water.
Davidson & Son, 22 & 24 Ward road
Keay David, 64 North William street
Engineers — Mechanical.
Adamson James W. G. 73 Victoria road
Beath & Keay, Albion foundry, Hill street
Bruce William. Victoria dock
Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co.
Limited (The) (& makers of marine &
land engines &c), Caledon yard & Lily-
bank foundry (W. B. Thompson & Grant
Barclay, managing directors)
Carmichael James & Co. Ltd. Ward foundry,
Guthrie street & Brown street
Cooper & Greig, Britannia works, East
Dock street
Fairbairn, Lawson, Coombe, Barbour Ltd.
(Fairbairn, McPherson branch) (Leeds)
(Wm. Bruce, agent), 10 Panmure street
Ferguson James, 360 Loons road
Gilchrist Alexander, 37 Benvie road
Gourlay Brothers & Co. Dundee foundry,
East Dock st. & Camperdown Ship yard
Keay David, 64 North William street
Keay Thomas C.17 Baltic street & Northern
machine works, Ogilvie street
Kennedy Alexander, 12 Watson's lano
Lee, Croll & Co. Lawside foundry
Low & Duff Limited, 9 Dock street
McLean Wm. Fairmuir machine works,
Maxwell J. & Son, King's road
Nicoll & Jack, Victoria dock
Parker Charles, Sons & Co. Victoria foun-
dry, Clepington road
Robertson & Orchar Limited, Wallace
foundry, Brown Constable street
Thomson, Son Co. Ltd. Douglas foundry,
Clepington road
Urquhart, Lindsay & Co. Limited, Black-
ness foundry
Engineers' Factors.
Halley Brothers Limited, South Ward road,
See advertisement
Stiven Robert & Co. Temple mills, 35 North
Tay street
Sturrock Thomas & Co. 87 Cowgate
Walker & Thomson, 17 West Dock 6treet
Engineers' Furnishers.
Meldrum D. M. & Co.13 & 15 Reform street
Ferguson Thomas & Co. 35 Cowgate
Engineers — Textile.
Ferguson Thomas & Co. 35 Cowgate. See
Anderson David L. 10 Whitehall street
Douglas & Smith, 26 Castle street
Girdwood George, 53 Meadowside
ICidd William, Palace buildings,, Whitehall
street; works. Couttie's wvnd
Mathew James P. & Co. 17 '& 19 Cowgate
Murdoch & Paterson, 86 Commercial street
Norrfie David, 14 Barrack street
Roy John L. & Donald. 50 Bell street
Smith David, 11 Barrack street
Murray Joseph (for the Earl of Camper-
down). Drybursh. Lochee
Ogilvie William, 15 Shepherd's loan.Perth rd
Shiell & Small (for the Earl of Dalhousie ;
Sir Reginald H. A. Ogilvy bart. of Bald-
ovan; Lord Kinnaird, of Rossie; E. A.
Baxter esq. Kilcaldrum ; William Smith
esq. of Benholm castle ; John H. Baxter
esq. of Gilston ; John Sharp esq. of Bal-
muir; David Charles Guthrie esq. of
Craigie ; trustees of John Shiell esq. of
Smithfield ; John L. Low esq. of Butter -
ston; trustees of Mfiss Mary A. Baxter,
late of Balgavies ; trustees of William
Moon esq. of Edenfield; trustees of Hy.
Burra esq. of Glenbucket; George W.
Baxter esq. of Invereighty; trustees of
John Shiell esq. of Cairney ; W. Thom-
son Currie esq. of Trynlaw & John Laing
esq. of Kellyfield), 5 Bank street
Wilson Edward & Sons (Porteous Bros.), 29
Fancy Repositories.
See also Berlin Wool Repositories'.
Anderson John, 9 Albert street
Battersby Mrs. Susan, 53 North Welling-
ton street
Bonar Miss Agnes, 226 Hlilltown
Fleming J. & J. 1 to 7 Overgate
Gallacher Mrs. Harriet, 22 Craigie street
Kinnell Miss Euphemia B. 22 Whitehall st
Lees Henry Charles, 81 Overgate
Mackie George, 18 Watson street
M'Naughton Miss Annie, 59 Nethergate
Morris Alexander, 22 Whitehall crescent
Morris G. Henderson & Co. 43 to 47 Overgt
Petrie Misses Margaret & Jessie, 144
Reis A. Louis & Co. 19 & 21 Nethergate
Robertson Mrs. Elizabeth. 217 Hawkhill
Rodger Miss Joan, 34 Hilltown
Speed Auguste, 53 Watson street
Thomson Arthur, 263 Hawkhill
Ting Tong Tea Co. 146 Hilltown
Valentine Jas. (warehouse of fine arts), 59
Reform street
Farina Merchants.
Fairweathcr John B. 127 Cowgate
Sheach William S. Laburn street
Sturrock Thomas & Co. 87 Cowgate
Batchelor F. M. & G. Craigie Home farm
Eatchelor Jumes, West Craigie
Brough & Gleig, Drumgeith
Brown J. G. Craighill
Brown John, Mill of Pitkerro
Dodds Thomas M. Baldovie
Fraser George. Midcraigie
Gibb James, East Pitkerro
Gold David, Logie farm, City road
Greig Andrew (pro prptr.), East Craigie
Isles George, Home farm. Blackness road;
McDonald Alexander. Mains of Balgay
McEwan William, Claypots
Ramsay James, Mid Craigie
Rodger James, Lawton
Soutar J. G. Westhall
Soutar James, New Mains o' Fentry
Feather Purifiers.
Dundee Institution for the Blind (Colin
Macdonald, manager), Magdalen green;
sale shop, 30 High street
Financial Agents.
See Agents — Financial.
Fire Clay Goods Merchants.
Mitchell Williiam & Sons, East Dock street
& South Union street
Taylor Brothers, Teaman shore
Will George Ltd. (agents),Fairmuir station
Fire Extinguishing Appliance
Ross James, 14 Meadowside; T A " Sham-
rock"; TN 01965
Fire Lighter Manufacturers.
Dundee Institution for the Blind (Colin
Macdonald, manager), Magdalen green
Will George Ltd. Fairmuir station
Fire Loss Assessors.
Cruickshank, Son & Co. 7 Ward road
Esplin A. A. Son & Clark, 7 Cowgate

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