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Young James, butcher, 20 & 49 Strathmartine road
Young James, confectioner & dining rooms, 86 Nethergate &
5 Murraygate
Young Capt. James, superintendent Taj ferries, Craig pier
Young James Russell, grocer & provision dealer, 31a, Hawkhill
Young James Taylor, draper & tailor, 165-167 Hilltown
Young Jessie (Miss), tobacconist, 19 South Union street
Young John, coal dealer, 12 Balfour street
Young John, householder, St. Mary's terrace
Young Margaret (Miss), dress maker, 19 Bain square
Young Peter M. clothier, 20 Overrate
Young S. Robertson, merchant (Young, Zoller & Co.), Inverpark
.cottage, Maryfield
Young Thomas G. commission agent, 1 Rustic place
Young "William, assistant inspector of poor, 15 Blackness street
Young William, cashier, 2 Forebank terrace, Forebank road
Young William, plumber, 68 Hieh street, Lochee
Young William, tobacconist, 63 High street; res. 22 Airlie place
Youngson James (Mrs.), grocer, 55 Rosebank street
Yuill Alexander, gas engineer & manager, East Dock street
Yule Capt. Charles, harbour master, Harbour chambers, Dock st
Yule G-eorge, master mariner, 13 Blackness avenue
Yule Richard C. confectioner, 43 Victoria road
Yule William, shopkeeper, 14 Union street, Maxwelltown
Zoller L. Fr. jute goods merchant & german consul, 10 Victoria
chambers; TH 458; TA "Leopold, Dundee"
Account Book Makers.
"Durham John & Sons, 40 High street;
works, 13 Overgate
G-irdwood George, 53 Meadowside
Clark William Lawcon, 11 Whitehall street
Cram James, 16 Euclid crescent
Don David, 104 Commercial street
Guthrie Archibald W. 84 Commercial st
Grant Frederick Airth (MTntyre & Grant),
13 Albert square
Keith Robert Davie Lawson, 14 Barrack st
Kydd William Robertson C.A. (Moody-
Stuart & Robertson), 9a, Ward road
Mclntyre & Grant, 13 Albert square
M'Inytre Daniel C.A. (M'lntyre &. Grant),
13 Albert square
JMaekay & Irons, 13 Albert square
.Mackay Alexander (firm, Mackay & Irons),
13 Albert square
McRae Stephen, 23 Castle street
Marquis Cecil J. (firm, Nicholson & Mar-
quis), 32 Castle street
Martin James, 30 Reform street
Mills James S. 10 High street
Moodv-Stuart & Robertson, 9a, Ward road
-Nicho'lson & Marquis, 32 Castle street
Ower Stephen, 4 Royal Exchange place
iPattullo William Langlands F.S.A.A. 31
Albert square
Ritchie W. & R. 6 Panmure street
Robertson Frederick J. 26 Castle street
'Robertson James C, C.A. (Moody-Stuart
& Robertson), 9a, Ward road
Storie T. H. B. 33 Albert square
Shepherd Robert, British Linen Co. Bank,
35 Murraygate
'Stiven W. & A. W. 61 Reform street
fitiven Alexander W.-, C.A. (W. & A. W.
Stiven), 61 Reform street
Thomson R. C. & Murdoch, 11 Reform st
Tosh Alexander & Son, 11 Reform street
Warden John W. 23 Panmure street
Watson H. Hayes, 5 Whitehall street
Advertising Contractors.
.MacArthur, Son & Co. 44 High street
Aerated Water Manufacturers.
fiee Mineral & Aerated Water Manufacturers.
Agents— Advertising.
Wilson's Advertising Co. 5 Reform street;
head office, Glasgow-
Agent— Chemical.
.Rankin James (for the United Alkali Co.
Limited), 13 Albert square
Agent — Coal.
-McDonald William, 53£ Perth road
Agents— Colliery.
Hood James S. & Co. 12 Whitehall crescent
â– Smith, Hood & Co. Limited; head offices,
48 Union street; depots, North British
Railwav station & Maryfield goods sta-
tion, Pairmuir station & 157 Albert street
"Will George Ltd. Fairmuir station
Agents — Commission.
Barrie Joseph J. & Co. 10 Panmure street
Bates James, 1 Commercial street
Baxter & Co. 1 Baltic buildings
Butchart John, 9 Blackness avenue
Clark John (successor J. S. Clarke), 45
Yeaman shore
Uswbriongh James, Rustic place
rfSrichton George M. 37 Exchange street
â– Crighton Jawies, 3 Seagate
'Crow John Edward, 13 William street
(Crowley William, 31 Murraygate
£)ingwall Alexander, 72 Bell street
©odds & Bathie, 19 High street
IFindlay J. L. 20 St. Andrew's street
IFriend George, -61 Commercial street
Gibson Robert, 74 Commercial street
Henderson Alexander W. 5 Bain square
Henderson Henry, 5 Gowxie pi. Hawkhill
Hope James, 81 Murraygate
Kidd Thomas B. 31 Albert square
Kirk Robert, 4G Castle street
Lees James G. 74 Commercial street
Leitch Andrew & Co. Maritime buildings,
East Dock street
Luke J. Laird & Co. Royal Exchange
buildings, Meadowside
McCallum James H. 1 Rustic place
M'Gavin R. E. & Co. 33 Cowgate
Mclntyre Peter Lim. 6 High street
McLaggan John, 18 Commercial street
M'Laren George A. 4 India buildings
Marshall & Johnston, 14 St. Clement's lane
Marshall Thomas, 15 Castle street
Martin James, 9 Bell street
Melville & Halley, 46 Bell street
Milne David K. 20 Peddie street
Moir Philip, 65 Trades lane
Murdoch Andrew J. 46 Castle street
Murray Islay B. 42 Barrack street
Nicoll William, 20 St. Andrew's street
Paulsen Max, 62 Commercial street
Pettersen & Buik, 46 Castle street
Prain James K. 20 Castle street
Rankin James, 13 Albert square
Reddie Alexander, 13 Thomson street
Reich Donald, 14 Victoria road
Robertson, Ireland & Co. 14 Victoria road
Robertson Charles, 36 Seagate
Robson John, 75 Annfield road
Sandeman joun, 23 Panmure street
Simpson James, 13 Ward road
Smith John C. 4 India buildings
Smith R. B. 13 Exchange street
Smith Richard D. 3 Coupar's alley
Stewart Charles, 31 Murraygate
Strong William & Co. 20 Dock street
Taylor David, 104 Commercial street
Thorns Robert Shand, 2 India buildings
Turnbull & Co. 8 Panmure street
Vanderydt Christian, 5 Exchange street
Wdlison Andrew, 21 Panmure street
Young Thomas G. 1 Rustic place
Agents — Cycle.
Baxter James Chalmers, 96 Nethergate
Bell D. S. 147 High street, Lochee
Bruce George, 106 Ca'drum street
Coults David, 149 Perth road
Jackson Peter Thomson, 31, 33 & 35 Vic-
toria road
Meldrum John, Esplanade
Milne William, 6 Clark street
Monaghan Peter. 185 Victoria road
Reilly Patrick, 55 Perth road
Small John A. 312 Hawkhill
Wallace Andrew, 25 Arbroath road
A g ents — E migration.
Fleming & Haxton, 76 High street
Fleming Peter, 76 High street
A gents — Financial.
Donald & Co. 15 Castle street
Agents — Forwarding.
Bisset David (for East Coast railway), 15
South Union street
Cameron J. & P. (for the North British
Railway Co.) (John Wallace, manager),
17 & 18 South Union street
Conachar David (for Caledonian Railway
Co.), South Union street
Dundee & Arbroath Joint Railway (James
Guild, goods agent), Maritime buildings,
East Dock street
Dundee & Broughty Ferry Parcel Express
(twice daftly) (Duncan Stewart, proprie-
tor), 40 High street
Dundee & Broughty Ferry Parcel Express
(George Mackie, propr.), 50 High street
Globe Parcel Express (George Montgomery,
agent), 64 High street
Hodgkinson F. A. & Co. 2 India buildings
Mitchell James, 39 Dock street
Moffat's Parcel Express, 43 Castle street &
5 Thorter row
Morison, Pollexfen & Blair (G. B. Crabbe,
manager), 84 Commercial street
Mutter, Howey & Co. (for the North British
Railway Co. & East Coast Railway Co. &
the Dundee & Arbroath Joint Railway
Co.) (Alexander Cameron, manager), Tay
bridge ; South Union street ; offices,
Esplanade buildings
Nairn B. L. & Co. 33 Commercial street
Sutton & Co. (James Cant, agent), 26 Green-
Wordie & Co. (for the Caledonian Railway
Co.) (Hugh F. Pollock, manager), South
Union street
Agents — House.
Bayne William, 11£ Ann street ; office, 51
High street
Buchan T. & J. 17 & 19 Barrack street
Calder John Gray, 20 Castle street
Colville John Alexander, 3 Larch street
Esplin A. Son & Clark, 7 Cowgate
Farquharson William, 26 Castle street
Findley John, jun. 63 Gellatly street
Hill William L. 42 Blackness road
Lawson Thomas G. 12 Bank street
M'Nair John, 3 Barrack street
Rattray Andrew, 119 Blackscroft
Wallace Charles, 18 Cowgate
Watt William, 62 Blackness road
Wilson Edward & Sons (Porteous Bros.),
29 Nethergate
Agents — Manufacturers. '
Dawson John, 11 Crichton street
Ramsay James H. 20 St. Andrew's street
Agents — Mercantile.
United Mercantile Agency (London & Glas-
gow) (James Cram, agent), 16 Euclid cres
Agents — Property.
Cameron Augustus S. & Son, 31 Reform st
Kidd John, jun. 19 Ward road
Lickely Robert & Son, 220 Perth road
Martin William A. 22 Bell street
Miller James, 9 Ward road
Agents — Publishers'.
Mackay Neil (Cassell & Co. Lim. London),
8 Panmure street
Stevenson James, 8 Crichton street
Agents — Ship & Shipping.
Alexander David & Sons, 17 King street
Anderson James A. 29 Panmure street
Bruce Robert S. 17 Dock street
Christie Robert K. 46 Castle street
Fleming & Haxton, 76 High street
Gibson George & Co. 17 Dock street
Henderson Brothers & Co. 25 Albert square
Hendry David B. 4 India buildings
Henry William (for Henderson Bros.& Co.),
25 Albert square
Hodgkinson F. A. & Co. 2 India buildings
Kinnear William &. Co. 18 Commercial street
Mitchell John M. 37 Dock street
Morrison William B. (for Wilmerding &
Bisset & the White Star Line of steamers
to U.S.A.), 10 Panmure street
Nicoll James & Co. 26 Commercial street
Robertson Brothers, 18 Dock street
Taylor \v Uliam O. & Co. 83 Commercial st
Agent — "Wine.
Tarteton Lieut.-Col. J. H. (for Cockburn &
Campbell, Edinburgh), 90 Commercial st
Agents— Miscellaneous.
Bruce William (for Fairbairn, Macpherson
branch of Fairbairn, Lawson, L'oombe,
Barbour Ltd. engineers, Leeds), 10 Pen-
mure street
Burridge George (carting for the Cale-
donian railway), South Union street
Crichton George M. (for Charles Cammell &
Co. Limited, Cyclops Steel works, Shef-
field). 37 Exchange street
Gibson William (traffic for the West Coast
Railway), 2 India buildings
McLardy David & Co. (washing machine),
18 to 22 Cowgate
Parker S. C. (felts), 4 Douglas street
Turnbull & Co. (for P. Moir Crane & Co.
oil mnfrs. Manchester), 8 Panmure street

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