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Wilkie Alex, cycle maker & dealer, 88 Albert street
Wilkie Annie (Miss), fruiterer, 204 BlacknesB road
Wilkie Charles, confectioner, 45 Wellgate
Wilkie David, firewood dealer, 3 Well road
Wilkie Edward, draper, 297 Hilltown
Wilkie George, confectioner & pastrycook, 44 i &183Strathmartine rd
Wilkie Helen (Mrs.), dairy, 30 Peddie street
Wilkie Isabella (Miss), confectioner, 70 Ferry road
Wilkie James, confectioner, 24 Bell street
Wilkie James, grocer & spirit dealer, 173 Hawkhill
Wilkie James, leather merchant, 211 Hilltown
Wilkie John R. watch & clock maker, 132 High street, Lochee
Wilkie Joseph, solicitor & clerk to Three United Trades(Masons,
Wrights & Slaters), 18 Meadowside; res. Hillbank, Broughty
Wilkie Louis D. butcher, 6 Strathmartine road
Wilkie Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 10 Airlie terrace, Perth road
Wilkie Marv (Mrs.), general dealer, 26 Dudbope, Crescent road
Wilkie Robert, butcher, 314 Hawkhill
Wilkie Stewart, spirit dealer, 30 Seagate
Wilkie Thomas, boot maker, 36 Hill street
Wilkie William, butcher, 34 Overgate
Wilkie William, coal dealer, 103 Hilltown
Wilkie William, spirit dealer, 18 & 20 Blackscroft
Wilkie William Fleming, architect (Thorns & Wilkie), 18 Com-
mercial street & Kingoodie house, Invergowrie
Wilkie William (Mrs.), confectioner, 28 Castle st. & 44 Murraygt
Wilkie Wm. S. grocer & spirit dealer, 76 Church st. Maxwelltown
Wilkie William S. solicitor & notary public, 3 Constitution rd. ;
res. Thrums villa, Wormit
Will George Limited, coal merchants & contractors, colliery &
fireclay goods agents, Fairmuir station; TN 282; depots,
Tay bridge, Fairmuir & Newtyle stations
Will Peter & Co. egg merchants, 11 George street north
Will Adam, builder & contractor, Park place
Will Adam, quarry owner, Camperdown quarry, Lochee; office,
11 Park place
Will Alexander, shopkeeper, 20 Small's wynd
Will George (of George Will Limited), coal merchant, Oxford
drive, Downfield
Will Jessie (Miss), fruiterer, 8 Cowgate
Will Mary A. (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 122 Princes street
Will Peter, cashier, 10 East Somerville place
Williams John E. clerk to School Board, 32 Castle street
Williams Mary (Mrs.), laundry, 17 Church st. & 46 Blackscroft
Williamson William & Son, yarn merchants, 1 Boyal Exchange pi
Williamson Alexander, tailor, 2 Commercial st. Maxwelltown
Williamson David, schoolmaster, 33 Ancrum road, Lochee
Williamson David P. decorator, 65 & 67 Victoria street
Williamson Grace (Mrs.), butcher, 73 Peddie street
Williamson James, station master, Lochee West, Lochee
Williamson John, butcher, 115 Perth road & 73 Peddie street
Williamson John Henry, merchant (William Williamson & Son),
Ardvaar, Wormit
Williamson Joseph, chemist & druggist, 167 Albert street
Williamson Robert Hodge, bookseller, stationer &c. Post office,
125a, Nethergate
Williamson Thomas P. painter &c. 153 Princes street
Williamson William Donald, officer for the Dundee Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 2 Dudhope place
Willison Andrew, insurance broker, 21 Panmure street; T A
Willison, Dundee " ; res. The Laurels, East Newport
Willock Charles M. artificial teeth maker, 62 Commercial street
Wills James, boot & shoe maker, 19 Victoria rd. ; res. 66 Wellgte
Wills Robert, boot & shoe maker, 56 Princes street; 138 Albert
st. & 24 Bank street, Lochee; res. Norman villa, Arbroath rd
Willsher George & Son, wine & spirit merchants, Seagate, &
spirit dlrs.12 & 14 Greenmarket; res. Pitpointie.Auchterhouse
Willson William, furniture dealer, 4 William street
Wilmerding & Bisset, mere. (W. B. Morrinon, agt.), 10 Panmure et
Wilson D. & Co. merchants, 54 Commercial street
Wilson Edward & Sons i Porteous Brothers, suc-
cessors), upholsterers, carpet warehousemen,
cabinet makers, interior decorators & ship &
yacht furnishers, estate & property agents &
valuators, removal contractors &c. 29 Nether-
grate. Telephone No. 666 ; re*. 61£ Perth road
Wilson J. & A. wire workers, 27 North Lindsay street
Wilson John & Archibald, wire workers, 164 Overgate
Wilson, Paterson & Co. flax merchants, 7 Boval Exchange court;
T N 1003 ; T A " Consul, Dundee "
Wilson Bobert & Co. warehousemen, 3 Baltic street
Wilson & Sons, seed crushers & cake & oil manufacturers, Cale-
donian oil mills, Blackscroft
Wilson William & Son, coal merchants, Ea?t Dock street
Wilson A. (Miss), artist, 6 Whitehall crest
Wilson Adam M.A., LL.D. classical master High school; res.
Vine cottage, Broughty Ferry
Wilson Alexander, dining rooms, 167 Hawkhill
Wilson Alexander, joiner, glazier &c 17 St. Peter's street,
Perth road ; res. 4 Gowrie street
Wilson Andrew, umbrella maker, 234 Overgate
Wilson Archibald, wire worker (J. & A. Wilson), 2 Eastwood
place, Clepington road
Wilson Archibald C. provision merchant, 9 Exchange street
Wilson David, merchant (Wilson D. & Co.), 54 Commercial
street & 4 South Wellington street
Wilson David, stationer «* news agent, 16 Arbroath road
Wilson David A. (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 52 Scouringburn
Wilson David Low, butcher, 85 Arbroath road & 116 Victoria rd
Wilson Eleanor (Mrs.), householder, 1 West Bell street
Wilson Eleanor (Miss), pawnbroker, 68 Lillybank road
Wilson Eliza (MiBs), dress maker, 117 Nethergate
Wilson Gavin L. draper, 2 to 10 Murraygate; res. Netherfield,
Wilson Helen (Miss), grocer, 176 Blackness road
Wilson James, ammonia manufacturer, 18 Victoria street
Wilson James, carting contractor,53 Trades lane & 10 Malcolm st
Wilson Jas. draper, 127 Overgate; res. 2 James pl.Broughtv Frrv
Wilson Jessie (Miss), dress & mantle maker, 16 Perth road
Wilson Jessie (Miss), shopkeeper, 38 Union place, Lochee
Wilson John, builder & painter & decorator, 48 Ferry road
Wilson John, ship broker & owner, Maritime buildings, East Doct-
street; TA •'Stella, Dundee"; res. 8 Newington terrace,,
Broughty Ferry
Wilson John B. district manager to the Norwich Union Fire &-
Life & to the London & North British Plate Glass Insurance-
Offices, 16 Meadowside; res. Helen bank, Carnoustie
Wilson John Kobertson, district agent for the Marine & General)
Mutual Life & Northern Accident Insurance Co. Limited
(Glasgow), 18 Commercial street; res. Eockville, West Newprfc
Wilson Maggie (Miss), news agent, 52 Blackness road
Wilson Mary L. (Mrs.), draper, 62 Hilltown
Wilson Robert, confectioner, 40 Polepark road
Wilson Bobert, painter (Eussell & Wilson), 155a, Hawkhill'
Wilson Thomas, general & furnishing; ironmonger &.
tinplate worker, 90 & 92 Annfield road
Wilson Walter, watch maker, 5 Reform street
Wilson William, butcher, 16 Alexander street
Wilson William, coal merchant, East Dock street
Wilson William, greengrocer, 150 Hawkhill
Wilson William B. (Mrs.)* flax merchant (see Wilson, Patersoia
& Co.), 7 Boyal Exchange court; res. Seafield terrace,.
Broughty Ferry
Wilson William F. boot & shoe dealer, 6 Albert street
Wilson's Advertising Co. 5 Reform street; head office, Glasgow-
Winter, Duncan & Co. stationers, printers &c. 12 Castle street;
works, 22 Castle street: TN 136
WinterDavid,stationer&c.(Winter,Duncan&Co.),Relugas,Forfar rei>
Winter George, china &c. dealer, 313 Hilltown
Winton Thomas Limited, timber merchants, Seabraes saw mills,
Magdalen "Yard road
Winton Alexander, mill managerâ€ΕΎ3 Craigie Bank place, Pitkerro r<3
Winton Alice (Mrs.), licensed broker, 282 Perth road
Winton Edward, boot maker. 274a, Perth road
Winton James, bird dealer, 25 Nethergate
Winton James, corn & flour merchant, 77 Princes street
Winton James, wholesale confectioner, 41 Blackness road
Wishart Isabella (Miss), draper, 208 Blackness road
Wood George & Son, drapers, 116 Hawkhill
Wood Alexander, teacher of navigation, nautical assessor for
Board of Trade inquiries, for Court of Session & for Sheriff
courts, Glasgow, 33 Dock street
Wood Alexander (Mrs.), hair dresser, 18 Bell street
Wood Charles, butcher, 60 Ferry road
Wood Charles, householder, 13 Janefield place, Maryfield
Wood J. K.,D.Sc. assistant professor chemistry dept'llniversitv col
Wood Robert, restaurant, tea & dining rooms, 86 Commercial
street; TN 1094: res. 56 Fort street, Broughty Ferrv
Woodward John, fishmonger, 112 Hawkhill
Wooler James & Andrew, coal dealers, 33 Camperdown street <£
Railway station, Lochee
Wordie & Co. general carriers & agents to the Caledonian Rail-
way (Hugh F. Pollock, manager). South Union street
Working Boys' Home (George Rankine. supt), 3 West Bell street:
Working Girls' Home (Miss Milne, sec), 25 Forebank road
Working Men's Coffee Houses & Reading Rooms (Daniel M'Intvre-
C.A. sec. & treasurer; office, 13 Albert square), 8 Wellgate &â– 
St. Clement's lane
Worrall Samuel, hackle & gill maker, Blinshall street -
TN 916
Wotherspoon Alexander, tobacconist. 7 Hawkhill
Wright Alexander, ironmonger, 109 High street, Lochee
Wright Jessie (Miss), dress maker, 43 Nethergate
Wright John, boot maker, 22 North Tav street
Wriuht Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper. 77 Lochee road
Wulff Albert & Co. jute & linen merchants, 2 India buildings ,-
pav day, tuesday; TA "Wulff", Dundee": TN 677
Wulff Albert, merchant (Albert Wulff & Co.), 13 Clarendon terrace-
Wulff Max, sack & bag manufacturer, 17 Bell street; T N 370 r
res. Craigard, Broughty Ferry
Wylie David, music seller (Paterson, Sons & Co.), 1 Duntoune-
terrace, Broughty Ferry
Wynd Alexander, grocer, 14 Scouringburn
Wyse Henry, agent Royal Bank of Scotland, 36 West port &
Perth road: res. 19 Shamrock street, Maryfield
Tannetta Francis, confectioner, 180 & 181 Scouringburn
Teaman James, shopkeeper, 37 St. Peter's street
Teaman John B. merchant (Turnbull & Co.), 3 Gowrie place-
Teaman William, spirit dealer, 196 Overgate
Torkshire Fire, Life & Accident Insurance Co. (John Meikle,.
local sec), 79 Commercial street: TN 1167
Tost Typewriter Co. Limited (Charles F. Atkin, district mgr.y,
21 Panmure street; T N 13 x
Toung (Miss Mary) & McNab (David), dining rooms. 86 Nethergt
Young Men's Christian Association (William Stewart, sec), 10'
Constitution road & 149 High street, Lochee
Young Women's Christian Association (Miss A. Scott, sec), 33;
35 & 37 South Tay street & 40 Albert street & (Mrs. E. Ken-
nedy, sec. & Miss Ellen Peattie, supt."). High street, Lochee
T. W. C. Association Boarding House (Miss Coghill, supt.), 65-
High street
Toung Women's Christian Association, restaurant for women,.
38a, Nethergate
Toung, Zoller & Co. linen & lute merchants, 4 India buildings;
TN 1025; TA " Fabrica, Dundee"
Toung Alexander, ioiner, 28 Isles lane & 10 Small's wynd
Toung Alexander Wynd, registered plumber &c. 85 Hawkhill <£-
188 Perth road
Young Chas. chemist & druggist, 46 & 150 Ann street ; T N 441
Toung Charles P. stockbroker. 4 Panmure street; TN 1506;
TA "Stocks, Dundee"; 11 Richmond terrace
Toung Charles Stewart L.S.A.Lond., M.B.C.S., L.R.S.S.Edin..
surgeon, 21 South Tay street
Toung David, assistant registrar St. Peter's district; res. West-
field avenue. Perth road
Toung David, boot maker, 229 Lochee road
Young David, confectioner & fruiterer, 61 Logie street, Lochee
Young George, grocer, 11 Castle lane
Young George H. grocer, 39 Angus road, Lochee

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