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Smith Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 28 Dudhope Crescent road
Smith E. B. commission agent, 13 Exchange street
Smith Richard, coal merchant, 54 Commercial street
Smith Richard D. commission agent, 3 Coupar's alley
Smith Bobert, chemist, 140 Blackness road
Smith Robert, dairyman, North lodge, Blackness road
Smith Robert, furniture dealer, 29 Guthrie street
Smith Bobert, joiner, 19 West Henderson's wynd
Smith Robert, solicitor & notary, 9 Ward road; T N 394; res.
Bengarth, Camphill, Broughty Ferry
Smith Robert, tobacconist, 194 Seagate
Smith Robert R. hay, straw & corn merchant, Exchange street
Smith Robert Bain, spirit dealer, 96 High street, Lochee
Smith Sophia (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 60 Rosebank street
Smith Thomas, butcher, 6 City road
Smith Thomas, fishmonger, 13 Scouringburn
Smith Thomas, spirit dealer, 27 Barrack street
Smith Thomas, tailor & clothier, 51 Reform street
Smith Thomas H. merchant (Henry Smith & Co.), Aystree,
Broughty Ferry
Smith Thomas W. teacher of music, 29 High street, Lochee
Smith Wm.boot & shoe mnfr.8 Bank st. ; res. Myrtle vil.Downfield
Smith William, cowkeeper, G-tenagnes lane
Smith William, merchant, 7 Royal Exchange court; T N 577 ;
TA" Ashbank, Dundee;" res. Tay grove, Newport
Smith William, organiser Dundee Liberal Association, 51Reform st
Smith William, wine & spirit merchant, 5, 9 & 11 The Vault &
proprietor of Queen's hotel, 160 Nethergate ; res. Binn cottage,
352 Perth road
Smith William, spirit dealer, 57 & 59 West port
Smith William C. sec. Thomas Bell & Sons of Dundee Limited,
Belmont works, Hawkhill ; res. 2 Lea bank. West Ferry
Smith William Doig, hair dresser, 12 Tally street
Smith William Kennedy, principal of the Remington College,
Reform street; res. G GarlSnd place
Smith William L. clerk, 4 Norman view, Magdalen green
Snadden William, tailor, 76 High street; res. Ely bank, Hermi-
tage, Broughty Ferry
Soave Nicola, confectioner, 143 Ann street
Soppit William, shopkeeper, 34 Cotton road
Soutar W. F. fit Co. jwte merchants, 8 Panmuro
street ; T N 254 ; T A " Soutar, Dundee "
Sou tar Alex, boot repairer, 2 South Mid street, Lochee
Soutar Charles, solicitor, 30 Whitehall street; res. 161 Hawkhill
Soutar Charles Geddes, architect, 30 Whitehall st. ; res. Park pi
Soutar David, decorator (Morrison & Soutar), 73 Perth road
Soutar George, blacksmith, 125 Lift road, Lochee
Soutar Isabella (Mrs.), fruiterer & greengrocer, 18 Bank st. Lochee
Soutar James, farmer, New Mains o' Fentry farm, Clepington rd
Soutar John M. tobacconist & news agent, 72a, Hawkhill
Soutar John McArthur, solicitor, 20 Reform street ; res. Elm
bank, West Newport
Soutar Wm. F. mercht. (W. F. Soutar & Co.), Annfield, Carnoustie
Souter Alfred, watch maker & jeweller, 76 Nethergate ; res.
Bay view, Wormit
Souter Carrie (Miss), ladies' tailor, 8 South Tay street
Souter George, tinsmith, 23 Mains road
Souter Mary A. (Miss), draper & milliner, 78 & 80 Nethergate;
res. 9 Springfield
Soutter Samuel, rope & twine manufacturer, Olepington road
Spalding & Valentine, manufacturers of linen & juto goods &
hessians, Anderson's lane & Pitalpin mill, Lochee; T N 896
Spalding Alex. Langlands, builder, Taylor's lane, Perth road;
res. Homestead, Stannergate
Spalding Andrew, linen manufacturer (Spalding & Anderson),
Coupar Angus road, Lochee
Spanish Vice-Consulate (Isaac J. Weinberg, vice-consul), 2 India
Spankie Magdalen & Helen (Misses), drapers, 3 City road
Spankie James M. assessor of income tax, 29 Bank street; res.
2 Blackness crescent
Sparks Alexander, confectioner, 87 Princes street
Sparks Robert, cashier, 6 Chalmers street
Speed Alexander, solicitor & notary, 45 Commercial street; res.
Salisbury house, Perth road
Speed Alexander, Bpirit dealer, 9 Crichton street
Speed Auguste, fancy goods dealer, 53 Watson street
Speed James, spirit merchant, 169 & 171 Perth road
Speed William, hair dresser, 23 South road, Lochee
Speedie Peter, tobacconist &c. 1 Castle street
Speedie William, janitor Morgan academy, Forfar road
Spence A. & Co. forage contractors & hay & grain merchants,
19 & 20 West Dock street; T N 142; T A " Forage, Dundee "
Spence & Downie, weighing machine makers &c. 38* Castle street
Spence J. & D. drapers & clothiers, 97 to- 101 Hilltown
Spence Alexander, forage contractor (A. Spence & Co.), 5 Airlie
place, Perth road
Spence George, fruiterer & florist, 9 Union st. ; res. 2 Hawkhill pi
Spence Jessie (Mrs.), draper, & post office, 156 Lochee road
Spence John, forage contractor (A. Spence & Co.), Holmbrae,
Spence Robert, draper, 25 Mains road
Spiegelberg, Irving & Co. merchants, 28 Cowgate ; T N 218 ; T A
" Spiegelberg, Dundee "
Spiers & Pond Limited, refreshment rooms, Tay Bridge station
Spiller William, pawnbroker, 7 Cowgate
Spindler James G. H. artist, 8 Bank street ; res. 6 Garland place
Spreull Andrew, veterinary surgeon, 39 Teaman shore & 78
Ward road; res. 53 Magdalen green
Sprunt John G. draper, 1 Seagate & 47 Commercial street; res.
Fern bank. West Ferry
Squire Forrester, shopkeeper, 7 Arthur street
Stalker Alexander M., M.A., M.D. surgeon, 156 Perth road
Standard Life Assurance Co. (Douglas Maclagan, local sec),
45 Commercial street
Standard Mineral Water Co. mineral water mfrs. 33 Rosebank st
Star Life Assurance Society (John Ewan Dow, district manager),
10 Victoria chambers
Stark Andrew & Co. coal dealers, 8 Campbell street, Lochee
Stark Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Blackness street
Stark John, confectioner, 39 Victoria street
Stark John, hair dresser, 24 Stirling street
Stark Richard, hair dresser, 18 Panmure street
State (The) Fire Insurance Co. Limited (of Liver-
pool) (James Rattray, district manager), 10 Panmure street;
X N 565
Stead & Simpson Limited, boot & shoe makers, 70 Murraygate
Steamship "Den of Airlie" Company Limited (Charles Barrie
& Son, managers), 49 Meadowside
Steamship Lewis Port Co. Limited (B. L. Nairn & Co. mngrs.),
33 Commercial street
Steel E. (Mrs.), Crown family. & commercial hotel, Greenmarket
& Shore terrace
Steel James, tea dealer,34 Bank st. ; res. 4 Victoria pi. West Ferry
Steel Jn. grocer & spirit dlr. 1 Tannadice st. ; res. Lynnwood pi
Steel Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 20 Dallfield walk
Steel Robert, boot maker, 277 Hawkhill
Steele James, confectioner, 34 Caldrum street
Steele Jas. Turnbull, merchant,10 Panmure st. ; res.Fowl.es Easter
Steele John Anderson, china & glass & hardware dealer, 73
Strathmartine road
Steele Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 156 High street, Lochee
Steele William, joiner, 45 & 47 Elizabeth street
Steggall John E. A., M.A. professor of mathematics, University
college; res. 9 Park place
Stenhouse David, Gun P.H. 29 Ann street; res. 129 King street,
Broughty Ferry
Stephen, Fraser & Co. merchants, 5 King Btreet
Stephen George & Son, ironmongers & iron merchants, 29 Castle
street ; T N 199 ; T A " Rae, Dundee "
Stephen William, Sons & Co. tanners & curriers of seal & por-
poise skins, Arctic tannery, Marine parade
Stephen Charles, chemist, 46 Wellgate
Stephen Jessie (Miss), teacher of music, 12 Panmure street
Stephen William W. solicitor & notary (Fergusson & Stephen), 4
Norwood crescent
Steven Peter F.R.C.S. surgeon, 11 Tay square
Steven Robert, solicitor (Rollo & Steven), & clerk 1 to Monikie
school board, Invermark terrace, Barnhill
Stevens Grace (Mrs.), laundry, 29 Dura street
Stevens William, cashier, 5 Buckingham terrace, Forfar road
Stevenson A. & J. bookbinders, 10 New Inn entry
Stevenson Brothers, dyers & cleaners, 222 Hilltown; 18 Murray-
gate & 14 Perth road
Stevenson Brothers, launderers, 79 Rosebank street
Stevenson Francis & Sons, dyers, bleachers & finishers of jute
yarns & cloth, Lawside dye works; T N 426; TA" Stevenson,
Dundee; " 20 Box, Exchange
Stevenson George & Co. Lim. carpets, mattings,
squares, rug-s &c<; manufacturers, dyers,
printers & caEendercrs, Ancrum carpet works,
Lochee; T N 892; T A "Anckum, Lochee"
Stevenson Hugh & Sons Limited, cardboard box mfrs. Sea wynd
Stevenson James & Son, booksellers, 8 Crichton street; res.
1 Bellfield avenue
Stevenson & Johnston.solicitors & notaries, 46Reform st. ;TN765
Stevenson Alex. P. stationer (A. & J. Stevenson), 43 Castle street
Stevenson David, wine & spirit dealer, 8 & 10 North Tay street
Stevenson Francis, dyer (Francis Stevenson & Sons), 1 Nelson
terrace, Forebank; T N 330
Stevenson Frank, jun. dyer, see Francis Stevenson & Sons
Stevenson George, manufacturer (George Stevenson & Co. Lim.),
Homefield, Lochee
Stevenson George, pawnbroker,130 Hilltown & 1 Rosebank street
Stevenson James, bookseller, 8 Crichton street; res. 1 Belle-
field avenue
Stevenson James, dyer (Stevenson Brothers), 2 Nelson terrace
Stevenson James, manufacturer (George Stevenson & Co. Limited),
Balgay terrace
Stevenson James M. stationer (A. &' J. Stevenson), 14 Forfar rd
Stevenson John, rag merchant, 49 Forebank road
Stevenson John, retail stationer & tobacconist, 87 Hilltown
Stevenson John L. solicitor & notary, & sec. of High school
(Stevenson & Johnston), Homefield, Lochee
Stevenson Roderick, dyer (Francis Stevenson & Sons), Law Mill
cottage, Lawside
Stevenson William G. bookbinder & stationer, 19 High street
Stewart Alexander & Son, wine merchants, Castle street & Ex-
change street; bonded warehouse, No. 2 customs, Seagate;
Telephone 01945; Telegrams, "Sherry, Dundee"
Stewart Brothers, manufacturers, Kinnaird works, Ogilvie rd. ;
TN 469; TA "Stewart, Dundee"
Stewart David & Co. iron, steel & metal merchants, 62 Murray-
gate; TN 978
Stewart Francis & Son, coal dealers, 55a, Watson street
Stewart J. & A. timber mers. SmalPs wynd ; T N 644 ; &at Glasgow
Stewart, Kennedy & Co. merchants, 4 Panmure street
Stewart & Taylor, joiners, Gowans court, North Tay street
Stewart Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 29 Benvie road
Stewart Alexander, butcher, 26 Polepark road
Stewart Alexander, joiner & builder, 9 Sea wynd; res. Cross-
mount, Wormit
Stewart Alexander C, grocer & spirit dealer, 187
Perth road
Stewart Andrew A. draper (Robertson & Stewart), Craigower,
320 Blackness road
Stewart Catherine (Mrs.), coal dealer, 35 Kincardine street
Stewart Charles, clerk, 24 Shamrock street
Stewart Charles, commission agent, 31 Murraygate; res. 36
Park avenue
Stewart Chas. manufacturer (Stewart Bros.). 3 Grosvenor terrace
Stewart Charles, tailor & clothier, 157 High street, Lochee
Stewart D. Gordon, solicitor & notary, & assessor & clerk of
Dean of Guild Court, 10 Meadowside; res. Falcon vil.Wesfc Frry
Stewart Daniel, cashier, 2 Bellefield avenue
Stewart David, merchant, 2 Meadow Place buildings; TN 18;
res. Chelhvood, Monifieth
Stewart David, painter & decorator,34 Castle st. ;res.l37 Seagate
Stewart David, solicitor, 61 Reform st. ; res. 6 Constitution ter
Stewart David, spirit dealer, 61 Overgate ; res. 19 Perth road
Stewart Ellen (Mrs.), eating house, 143 Perth road
Stewart Emily (Miss), shopkeeper, 59 Strathmartine road

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