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Bodger William, hair dresser, 87 Blackscroft
Eodger William D. hardware dealer, 109£ Logie street
Rodgers William, tailor, 73 Hurraygate
Koech Alex. T. chemist, 55a, Hawkhill & 47 Scouringburn
Roger John, photographer, 42 South Tay street
ilogers James Samuel Yeaman M.B., CM. surgn. 7 Wellington st
Rogers John, bank teller, Walnut cottage, West Newport, Fife
Rogers William X. coal merchant, 1 Commercial street; res.
9 Craigie terrace
Bollo & Steven, solicitors, 7 Ward road
Hollo David, coal dealer, 12 Session street
Eollo David, coal dealer, 43 Scouringburn
Hollo George, merchant, resident sec. to- the London & Lan-
cashire Fire Insurance Co. 8 Panmure street; TN 533; TA
" Nomique, Dundee"; res. Struan place, East Newport
Bollo James, baker, 97 High street, Loehee
Eollo James A. solicitor (Kollo & Steven), Argyle ho. Argyle at
Booke Agnes (Mrs.), grocer & confectioner, 19 South rd. Loehee
Rookes William, boot repairer, 75 Loehee road
Eooney John, confectioner, 7 Peddle street
Eooney Mary (Mrs.), tobacconist, 169 Scouringburn
Eorie Thomas Handyside Baxter C.A. chartered accountant, clerk
to Liff, Benvie & Invergowrie school hoard, auditor Dundee
gas commissioners & sec. & treasurer of New club, 33 Albert
square: res. Westgreen house, Lift", near Dtndee
Eosati Michele, confectioner, 33 Loehee road
Rose James, grocer & spirit dealer, 87 Arbroath road
Eose John, grocer & spirit dealer, 218 Blackness road
Rosen Deborah (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 19 Overgate
Rosen Isaac, pawnbroker, 55 Hilltown & 3, 5, 7 & 9 Powrie place
Rosenstern F. & Co. merchants, 73 Cowgate; TN 201; TA
" Eosenstern, Dundee "
Eoss T. S. & Co. merchants, 9 Meadow Place buildings; T N 39;
TA" Eoss, Dundee "
Ross Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 23 Lilybank road
Eoss Alexander, solicitor, 30 Whitehall street; res. Daisy cot-
tage, Forfar road
Eoss Alexander H. chemist, 13 Strathmartine road
Eoss Alfred, secretary & treasurer People's Palace Theatre;
res. 20 Airlie place
Eoss David E. merchant (T. S. Eoss & Co.), 3 Balgillo ter-
race, Droughty Ferry
Eoss David L. scrap iron dealer, 190 Overgate
Eoss G. T. (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 42 High street
Eoss Hugh, confectioner, 14 South Union street
Eoss James, bird dealer, 84 Loehee road
Eoss James, burgh & sheriff's officer, 87 Commercial street
Eoss James, merchant, 14 Meadowside; res. 16 Shamrock st. ;
TN 01965; TA "Shamrock"
Ros3 James, yarn merchant, 16 Shamrock street
Eoss Jane (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 20 Commercial st. Maxwelltown
Eoss John, cabinet maker, 65 Nethergate
Eoss William, spirit dealer, 320 Hawkhill
Eoss William F. M. merchant (T. S. Ross & Co.), 3 Balgillo ter-
race, Broughty Ferry
Rossi John, confectioner, 96 Dudhope street
Rossleigh Cycle & Mocor Co. Lim. (The New^; depot,132 Nethergt
Rough & Fraser, bakers. 17 Hospital wynd
Eowan Edward, pawnbroker, 65 Overgate
Rowan John Leo, spirit dealer, 204 Perth road
Eowbottom George H. tailor & clothier, 78 Murraygate; res.
Vandlebury, Wormit
Eowntree & Co. Lim. (William Finlay Jackson, agent), cocoa
manufacturers. 10 Whitehall street
â– Roy John L. & Donald, engravers & die cutters, 50 Bell street
Roy John L. engraver (John L. Boy & Donald), 3 Constitution rd
Royal Bank of Scotland (William Stewart, agent). High street;
branches: (James Walker, agent), 51 Murraygate; (Robert M.
Brodie, agent) King street: (Henry Wyse, agent) 36 West
â– port & 260 Perth road; (Dan. Henderson, agent) High st.
Loehee & (William R. Scott, agent) Strathmartine road; draw
on London office, 123 Bishopsgate street within; Coutts &
Co. & Bank of England
Roya! Exchange Assurance (fire, life, sea, acci-
dents & employers' liability) J. A. Tombazis,
branch manaerer), 8 Panmure street
Royal Exchange Reading Room (George C. Keiller, sec. & trea-
surer), Royal Exchange buildings
Royal hotel, James T. Russell, 54 Nethergate
Royal Infirmary (H. E. Fraser M.D. medical superintendent; D.
Gordon Stewart, sec; George Keiller, treasurer). Barrack road
Royal Insurance Co. (branch office) (John LesMe,
res. secretary), 97 & 99 Commercial street ; TN
1357 ; TA" Royal* Dundee "
Royal Insurance Co. (The) (W. & R. Ritchie C.A.
agents), 6 Panmure street
i'coyal Liver Friendly Society (J. L. Beswick, district manager),
73 Murraygate
Royal London Friendly Society (John Guthrie, supt.), 74Murraygt
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. (London) (Morison. Pollexfen &
Blair, agents ; G. E. Crabbe, manager), 84 Commercial street
Eoyal National Lifeboat Institution (Dundee branch) (James'
Nicoll. hnn. treas.), 26 Commercial street
"Russell D. & Son, chemists, 111 Nethergate: T N 657
Russell Jas. druggist (D. Eussell & Son), 5 Kilnhurn nl. Newport
Russell James T. Eoval hotel. 54 Nethergate & 15 Union street
Eussell John W. chemist, 135 Nethergate; T N 630
Russell Margaret (Mrs.), laundry. 30 Arbroath road
Russell Thomas, blacksmith. S Victoria road
Russian Vice -Consulate (Henry W. Benny, vice-consul), 2 Eoyal
Exchange place
Rutherford Alexander C. sec. & manager Glasgow & "West of
Scotland Guardian Societv, 87 Commercial street
Rutherford David Coutts. butcher. 203 Hilltown
Rutherford James, wine & spirit merchant, 12 Murravgate; res.
18 Springfield
Rutherford John, butcher, 9 Ann street & 36 Dudhope street
Ruthven John, butcher, 32 & 157 Hilltown
Ruxton "William, spirit dealer, 50 Dock street
-Ryehill JJ. F. Church Hall & Institute. Mid wvnd
=>acco Giuseppe, confectioner, 50 Blackness road
Saccrena Andrae, confectioner, 175 Hilltown
St. Mary's Rest (Home for Aged Women) (Mrs. Agnes Cochrane,
matron), Ferry road
Salmond & Fleming, wholesale grocers & provision merchants,
55 & 57 Gellably street; TA" Salmond, Dundee "; TN 1058
Salmond J. & F. surveyors, architects &, civil engineers, 6 High st
Salmond Frank, civil engineer (J. & F. Salmond), Woodmuir
park, Newport
Salmond Isabella (Mrs.), confectioner, 50 Princes' street
Salmond James, surveyor (J. & F. Salmond), 3 Lansdowne place
Salmond Win. grocer (Salmond& Fleming), TheElms, We. Newport
Salomon Julius & Co. merchants, 79 Commercial street
Salvation Army Divisional Head Quarters, 47 Magdalen green
& Women's hotel. Ward road
Salvation Army Life Assurance (Albert Norton, district supt.),
2 Tullideph road
Samnuggur Jute Factory Co. Limited (David Stewart, sec), 2
Meadow Place buildings; T N 18
Sampson Ales. Bay Horse P.H. 2 Polepark road; res. 258
Blackness road
Samson & TJnna, merchants, 51 Meadowside; pay day, tuesday;
T Ni 285 ; T A " Unna, Dundee "
Samson David, cabinet maker, Gowans court, North Tay street
Samson John, earthenware dealer, 170 Ann street
Samson William, mineral water manufacturer, 1 TJrquhart street
Sandeman Frank Stewart & Sons, merchant spinners & manu-
facturers of jute goods & cotton spinners, 2 Baltic buildings;
T N 319 & 483; T A " Sandeman, Dundee " ; mills, Manhattan
works, Clepington ; & Stanley mills, Perthshire
Sandeman A. N. Stewart, spinner &c. (Frank Stewart Sande-
man &, Sons), 17 Erskine terrace
Sandeman Andrew, jun. grocer & spirit dealer, 161 & 163 Perth rd
Sandeman Annie (Miss), dress maker, 42 Annfield row
Sandeman Fred D. Stewart, spinner &c. (Frank Stewart Sande-
man & Sons), Benchil, Broughty Ferry
Sandeman George, baker, 1 Strathmartine road
Sandeman James, coal dealer, 8 James street
Sandeman John, commission agent, 23 Panmure street; T N
444; res. Braeside, West Newport
Sanderson Georgina (Mrs.), fishmonger, 85 Princes street
Sang William M.D. physician & surgeon. 125 Nethergate
Sangster Richard, spirit dealer, 64 & 66 Ferry road
Sanitary Protection Association (Alexander Tosh, local sec. ;
George Tudhope, resident engineer), 11 Reform street
Saunders DavidH.mer.l3Panmure st. ; TN 265 ; res. 19 Albany ter
Saunders Robert Mercer, managing director of the Dundee Floor-
cloth & Linoleum Co. Limited, South road, Loehee; res. 10
Adelaide place
Saunders William P. printer, 51 Overgate; res. 147 Albert street
Savings Bank (John Miln , actuary ; Archibald W. Sturrock,
cashier), Euclid street; branches, 28 Strathmartine road; 67
Hicrh street, Loehee; 9 & 11 Arbroath road & 181 Hawkhill
Scarlett William, undertaker, 28 Hunter street; 8 Ann street
& 51 Lotrie street, Loehee
Scarlett William Campbell, solicitor, 79 Commercial street; res.
6 Hermon Hill terrace
Scobbie Charles, coal dealer, 23 Polepark road
Scobie Brothers, butchers. 49 Mains street
Scobie Charles, coal merchant, 20 Peddie street
Scotland Alexander, messenger, 13 Albert square
Scotland E. J. boot & shoe depot-. 95 Nethereate
Scott Alex. M. & Co. sxocers, 203 Hawkhill
Scott David & Co. merchants & manufacturers, 13 Albert square;
T N 520; T A "Meadowside, Dundee"
Scott David & Son, stvp & insurance brokers, 62 Seagate; TN
793; TA " Scotts, Dundee"
Scott & Graham Limited, auctioneers. 7 Vault
Scott H. & A. manufacturers of hessians, sackings &c. Tayfield
works, Seafield lane; T N 874; T A "Scott, Tayfield. Dundee"
Scott James & Sons, manufacturers of power loom linen, hes-
sians, tarpaulins, canvas, shoetincs &c. Eoyal Exchange build-
ings' & Mid Wynd works, Hawkhill: & jute 6pinners, Dura
works & Hillbank linen works: London house, 10 Bow
churchvard, Cheapside EC; pay day, tuesday; TN 862; TA
* Mayflower, Dundee "
Scott John & Son, joiners, 10 to 16 Fyffe street
Scott Peter H. & Son, china & glass dealers, 5 & 7 Arbroath road
Scott, Sons & Co. jute spinners & manufacturers, North Dud-
hope works. West Henderson'* wvnd; T A "Wept, Dundee"
Scott's Stores, grocers, 74 & 76 Kinc street
Scott Alexander, survevor, 79 Commercial street
Scott Alex. W. manufacturer (H. & A, Scott), Riversdale,Perth rd
Scott Andrew, butcher, 125 Albert street
Scott Andrew, ship rigeer & pamter. Victoria dock; res. Wormit
Scott Ann (Mrs.), dairy keeper, 73 C^drnm street
Scott Annie (Miss), dress: maker, 17 Bank street, Loehee
Scott Commander Augustus Lennox, superintendent of the train-
ing ship " Mars," Eiver Tay; res. Woodhaven, Newport
Scott Bella (Mrs.V shopkeeper, 78a, Kine street
Scott Catherine (Mrs 1. dining rooms, 117 V'o'oria road
Poott Catherine S. (Miss), tobacconist, 88 Nethergate
Scott David, mnfetr. (James Scott&Sons).2Clarendon ter.Perth rd
Scott David, mer. (D. Scott & Co.), 1 Melville ter. Westpark rd
Scott David, organ builder ; res. 22 Airlie place, Perth road
Scott Dwirt, p'umber. 39 Dura street
Scott David, ship broker (David Scott & Son) & consular agent
for Greece, Eoseangle terrace, 62 Seagate
Scott David P. agent, National Bank of Scotland Limited (Hill-
town branch), 115 Hilltown ; res. Greenbourne, Monifieth
Scott Edward, furniture broker, 42 & 58 Dudhope street
Scott Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, 127 Ann street
Scott Francis E. solicitor & notary & sec. to the Dundee Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Dundee Prison Aid
Societv & Dundee Seamen's Friend Society (D. S. Littlejohn,
Son & Scott). East Newport
Scott George, butcher, 5 Mains road & Downfleld
Scott George, dining rooms, 9 Hilltown
Scott George, flax & jute waste merchant. 30 Dens road
Scott George, hair dresser, 154 Ann street
SroH Georce Anderson fruiterer. 17 Constitution road
Scott George Eobert. tailor. 79 Hawkhill

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