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Morris Bernard, boot & shoe maker, 107 Hilltown
Morris Charles, merchant, 19 Colgate
Morris David, clerk, 8 Hermon hill, Perth road
Morris George, bookseller dec. 72 High Btreet
Morris George H. stationer (Geo. H. Morris & Co.), 12 Airlie pi
Morris John, baBket maker, 15 Long wynd
MorriB John, cabinet maker, 42 West port
Morris John L. coach proprietor, 48 Strathmartine road
Morris Jonathan E. (Mre.J, grocer & spirit dealer, 25 Wilson
street & 25 Balgay street, Lochee
Morris Robert, coal dealer, 21 Kinnaird street
MorriB Eobert, confectioner, 30. Commercial Btreet, Maxwelltown
MorriB Stewart, Bpirlt dealer, 59 Albert street
Morris William, fruiterer, 36 Strathmartine road
Morrison & Philip, carpet manufacturers, 93 Commercial st. ;
T If 542; TA "Advance, Dundee"
Morrison Quarry Co. 20 Whitehall street
Morrison & Soutar, decorators, 73 Perth road
Morrison Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 73 Albert Btreet
Morriaon Christopher Seaton, tailor, 23 Barrack street ; reB. Crag
villa, Monifieth
Morrison David, confectioner, 16 Church street, Maxwelltown.
Morrison David, manager, 50 Seafield road
Morrison Frank Halley, solicitor & notary public (firm, Stur-
rock & Morrison), 43 Nethergate
Morrison Jessie (Miss), tobacconist, 79 Nethergate
Morrison John, grocer & spirit dealer, 72 Scouringburn
Morrison John, householder, 22 West Albany terrace
Morrison John, Joiner, 16 High street, Lochee
Morrison Margaret (Miss), art teacher, 16 Castle street
Morrison Richard, antiquarian repository, 130b,
Nethergate ; res. 11 Reform street
MorriBOn Robert B. merchant & manufr.10 Panmure st. ; IS 268
Morrison William, butcher. 90 Hawkhill
Morrison William, surveyor (Lloyd's), Maritime buildings, East
Dock street ; res. Ardwell, Wormit
Morrison William B. merchant, 10 Panmure Btreet; res. Linden
avenue, East Newport
Mortimer Robert, packing ca6e maker, Queen street
Morton George Lim. wine & spirit merchantB, 24 to 31 Dock st. ;
TN 785; TA." Spirits, Dundee"
Morton George, draper, 21 Cowgate
Morton James, tailor & clothier, 76 & 78 Commercial Btreet;
res. Darvel lodge, East Newport
Morton JameB (George Morton Limited), wine & spirit mer-
chants, Duneaves, Broughty Ferry
Morton Robert, clerk, 5 Paradise road
Mosgrove Thomas, coal dealer, 68 Rosebank street
Moug Joseph, boot & shoe dealer, 66 Dura street
Muckeraie David, schoolmaster, 8 M'Gill street
Mudie R. A. & Sons, ship owners, Maritime buildings, East Dock
street; T N 517 ; T A " Mudiesons, Dundee "
Mudie Agnes (Mrs.), confectioner, 5 Tay terrace
Mudie David, fishmonger, 7 Main street
Mudie Elizabeth (Mrs.), clothier, 36 Hawkhill
Mudie Georte, dining rooms, 45 Guthrie street
Mudie George Alexander, butcher, 22 Dudhope Crescent road
Mudie George Gray, draper, 12 Strathmartine road
Mudie James, boot & shoe maker, 353 Loons road
Mudie James, grocer & general dealer, 51 Pitalpin st. Lochee
Mudie John Stanley, solicitor, 62 Commercial Btreet; reB. Tin-
tagel, East Clepington road
Mudie Maggie (Mies), confectioner, 70 Hawkhill
Mudie P. Spence, jute spinner & manufacturer, Bank Mill works,
Milnbank road; TN 888; res. Yewbank, Broughty Ferry
Mudie Rt. ship owner (R. A. Mudie & Sons), Corona, West Ferry
Mudie Robert A. ship owner (R. A. Mudie & Sons), 3 Fintry
place, Broughty Ferry
Mudie William, butcher, 18 Cleghorn street
MuirThos. Son & Pattom Ltd. (Edwin A. Watson,
managing director), coal merchants, colliery
agents & shipowners, 26 Yeaman Shore,
Dundee & Railway Stations, Lochee & Fair-
muir; T N 186 &132J T A " Muir, Dundee"
Muir & Weir, sack & bag makers, 3 Royal Exchange court
Muir Allan, manager for the Manchester Chemical Co. 29 Cow-
gate ; res. Wormit
Muir Huch, fruiterer. 22 Ann street
Muir J. B. coal merchant (Thos. Muir, Son & Patton Limited),
1 Craigie terrace
Muir John, schoolmaster. 7 Blackness avenue
Muir John, shopkeeper, 27 Peddie Btreet
Muir John D. bank teller. Clifton bank. East Newport, Fife
Muir William, cabinet ma. (Macdonald & Muir), 47 Seafield road
Muirfoot Peter, grocer & Bpirit dealer, 109 Nethergate
Mulholland Elizabeth (Miss), furniture broker, 67 Scouringburn
Mulligan Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 6 Watson Btreet
Mulligan Peter, boot repairer, 21 South road, Lochee
Munro Agnes (Miss), laundry, 21 Benvie road
Munro Emily (MisB), provision merchant, Ward road; res. View
mount, Rockfield creBcent
Munro John, agent North of Scotland Bank Limited (branch)
& insurance agent, 93 High street, Lochee
Munro Lizzie (MisB), draper, 116 High street, Lochee
Murdoch & Paterson, stationers, printers & lithographers, 86
Commercial street; TN 346
Murdoch Alexander, cabinet maker, joiner & undertaker, 63
Princes street; 6 Crescent lane & 13 Crescent Btreet; res.
Myrtle villa, Arbroath road
Murdoch Andrew J. commission & house agent & insurance
broker, 46 Castle Btreet; TN 1057; res. Comely bank, East-
haven, Carnoustie
Murdoch Euphemia (Mrs.), confectioner, 111 Albert street
Murdoch James, stationer (Murdoch & Paterson), Woodmuir
park, West Newport
Murdoch James A., C.A. accountant (Thomson Robert C. & Mur-
doch). 11 Reform street: res. Foxmount. Broughty Ferry
Murdoch Robert, agent National Bank of Scotland Limited, 71
Reform street ; res. Foxmount, Broughty Ferry
Murison Jamea, jute merchant, 5 Panmure street ; T K 578 ; T A
" Murison, Dundee "; res. 6 Windsor place
Murdoch Thomas J. P. merchant (Boase Spinning Co. Limited),
cc consul for the Argentine Republic, 39 St. Andrew's street;
res. Ravenswood, Broughty Ferry &. BLairmounfc, Blairgowrie
Murdoch William (Mrs.), news agent, 79 High street, Lochee
Murphv Hugh, news agent, 21 Burnside Btreet, Lochee
Murray Thomas & Son, carvers & gilders, 104 & 106 Nethergate
Murray William & Son (Aberdeen), hide & tallow merchants,
Cattle market, Ea»t Dock street
Murray Agnes (Mies), rag merchant, 12 Sessions street
Murray Alex, carver (Thomas' Murray & Son), 10 Hermon hill
Murray Alfred Ernest, jun. butcher, 63 Provost road
Murray Annie (Mrs.), grocer, 165 Overgate
Murray David (Mrs.), dairy, 324 Hawkhill
Murray Frank, grocer, 9 Benvie road
Murray George B. provision dealer, 102 Hawkhill
Murray George F. representative of Robert Brown Lim. (Glas-
gow), wine & spirit merchants & of Henry Thomson & Co.
(Newry), irish whisky merchants, 16 West Dock Btreet; res.
183 Brook Btreet, Broughty Ferry
Murray Ialay B. commission agent, 42 Barrack Btreet
Murray James, registrar of births & deaths, Fourth district, 16
King street, Oakgrove, West Ferry
Murray James, shopkeeper, Stobbs Muir cottage, Pitkerro road
Murray John, butcher, 301 Hilltown
Murray Jsph. factor for the Earl of Camperdown,Dryburgh,Locbea
Murray Mary (Mrs.), furniture broker, 97 Lochee road
Murray Peter, manager, 1 NelBon street
Murray Richard G. architect, 74 Commercial street ; res. 3
Bellfield avenue
Murray Robert, agent North of Scotland Bank Limited, 24 High-
street; res. Edgehill, West Park road
Murray ThomaB S., D.Sc. science master, High school; res.
1 Nelson street
Murray Wm. grcr. &z Bpirit dlr. 36 Commercial st. Maxwelltown
Mutter, Howey & Co. (Alexander Cameron, manager), railway
carriers, contractors, & agents to the North British & East
Coast railway & to Dundee & Arbroath joint railways. Tay
Bridge & East stations ; offices, Esplanade buildings ; T Nos.
223, 168 & 670
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York (Duncan Howie, district
manager), 3 Seagate
Myles & Stewart, jute, flax & hemp manufacturers, 20 St. An-
drew's street; TN 1529: TA "Bagging, Dundee"
Myles & Co. wholesale woollen merchants, 22 Commercial street,
Myles Alexander, joiner &o. 17 Dudhope street
Myles Andrew B. jute manufr. (Myles & Stewart), 9 Nelson street
Myles George, woollen mer. (Myles & Co.), Bay view, Monifieth
Myles Jamea, grocer & spirit dealer, 41 Peddie street; res.
2 Hyndford terrace
Mvles JameB', watch maker, 33 Hawkhill
Myles Jessie (MrB.), tobacconiBt & news agent, 118 Overeate
Nairn B. L. & Co. ship & insurance brokers &
forwarding agents, 33 Commercial street j T N
25; T A "Nairn, Dundee"
Nairn B. L. ship broker (B. L. Nairn & Co.), & vice-consul for
Denmark & Belgium, 33 Commercial st. ; res. Rockfield cres
Nairn George N. jute merchant, 2 Baltic buildings
Nairn Wm. jute 6pinner, Balgay wks. Low. Pleasance ; T N 908
Nairn William C. ship broker (B. L. Nairn & Co.), Ardgour,
Newport _
Napier G. & J. provision merchantB & fish & ham curers, Horse
wynd ; T N 1068 ; T A " Napier, Dundee "
Napier Alexander, dining rooms, 1 William street
Napier George, provision merchant (G. & J. Napier), Craigielea, .
Ferry road
Napier Maggie (MiBS), confectioner, 18 Hilltown
Napier Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper, 2 Dens road
Nardell Thomas, refreshment rooms, 168 Ferry road
Nardelli Carmine, confectioner, 128 Mid st. & South rd. Lochee
National Alliance House Purchase & Investment Co. Limited
(Andrew Ramsay, district manager), 62 Commercial street
National Bank of Sco*and Limited (branch) (Robert Murdoch,
agent; John Colville & John Ferguson, assistant agents), 71
Reform street & (David P. Scott, agent), 115 Hilltown; draw
on 37 Nicholas lane EC; Bank of England; Glyn, Mills &
Co.; Coutts & Co. ; & Union of London & Smiths Bank Lim
National Benefit Trust Limited, 79 Commercial street
National Cash Register Co. Limited (Alex. Gray, agent), 4
Whitehall crest
National Gas Engine Co. Limited, 65 Nethergate; 164 Over-
gate & 10 South Union street
National Insurance Co. of Great Britain Limited (ex-Provost
Brownlee D.L., J. P. resident director; Archibald F. Rae,
resident sec), 25 Albert square ; T N 179
National Telephone Co. Limited (London) (William Brown, dis-
trict manager), 13 Panmure street
Naulty Elizabeth (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 96 Scouringburn
Naworth Castle Steamship Co. Limited (J. P. Bruce, manager),
6 Whitehall crest
Neave John & Sons Limited, brewers, 16 & 18 Victoria road
Neave David, baker, 22 Bank street, Lochee
Neave Jessie (Mrs.), dairy, 129 Victoria road
Neil Margaret (Mrs.), confectioner. 2 High street, Lochee
Neill David Watt, butcher, 30 & 127 Victoria road
Neill William, school master, 11 Balgav aven. Blackness road
Neilson Alexander, sculptor, 12 Ward road; res. Woodend,
West Newport
Neilson Andrew Phin, draper, 22 Forebank road
Neish James L. & Sons, drapers & clothiers, 129 to 133 Hill-
town ; res. 9 Shamrock street
Neish Alexander, house agent, 41 Reform street
Neish Alexander, house factor, Scott's place, High st. Lochee
Neish Francis W. butcher, 100 Princes street
Neish James (Mrs.), draper. 27 Princes street
Neish James L. draper & clothier (James L. & Neish & bon) ;
res. 9 Shamrock 6treet
Nelson & Co. Limited, tea merchants, 74-76 Bell street
Ness Catherine (Mrs.), grocer, 1 Glebe street; res. 4 Cragie-
bank place. Pitkerro road
Ness Elsie (Mrs.), fruiterer. 32 Dundonald street
Nsbb Sarah (Miss), dresB maker, 69 Hawkhill

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