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Maclaren Jas. & Sons, architects & survyrs.24 Bank st.; T N 717
McLaren Alex, hay & straw merchant, William st. Forebank
'McLaren Alex. jun. hay & straw mer. William Bt. Forebank
McLaren Angelina (Mrs.), grocer, 9 Castle lane
[Maclaren Charles R. grocer & spirit dealer, 101 Albert street
McLaren David, coal dealer, 6 Ellen street
McLaren David, grocer & spirit dealer, 48 King street
MacLaren Edward, fried fish deader, 2 Coupar street, Lochee
M'Laren George A. merchant & agent, 4 India buildings; T N
12; Ti" M'Laren, Dundee;" res. Marchbanks, Broughty Ferry
M'Laren James W. grocer & spirit dealer, 8 Albert street
McLaren John, boot maker & dealer, 156 Albert street
McLaren John, wholesale confectioner, 45 Constable street
Maclaren John T. architect (James Maclaren & Sons), 4 Inver-
mark terrace, Barnhill, Broughty FeFry
M'Laren Bt. spirit dlr. 60 Princes st. ; res. Flora bank,Arbroath rd
[McLaren Sarah (Mrs.), furniture broker, 6£ Hunter street
McLaren William, boot repairer, 18 Flights lane, Lochee
M'Laren William, grocer & spirit dealer. 55 Cotton road
Maclauchan John, secretary, chief librarian & curator Free Li-
braries, Museums & Art Galleries, Albert Institute; res. 11
Douglas terrace. West Ferry
McLaughlan Matthew, china & earthenware dlr. 43 Keform st
Maclean Jas. A. & Sons, auctioneers & valua-
tors, 8 & 12 South Lindsay street; T N 69 6
M'Lean & Phillip, fruiterers, 12 Albert street
M'Lean Annie (Mrs.), corn & flour dealer, 34 Green market
MacLean Catherine (Mrs.), news agent, 140 High street, Lochee
McLean David, builder (Shield & McLean); res. 19 Kinloch st
M'Lean George, butcher, 6 Liff. road, Lochee
MacLean James F.A.I, auctioneer (MacLean James & Sons) ;
res. 24 Strawberry bank
McLean James, fruiterer, 1 Magdalen Yard road
M'Lean James (Mrs.), glass & china dealer, 3 Green market
MacLean Jas. A. jun. auctioneer (MacLean Jas. & Sons); res.
19 Strawberry bank
McLean James Stewart, tobacconist, 63 Wellgate; res.3Gibson ter
Maclean Jane (Miss), dress maker, 50 Peddie street.
McLean John Kerr, tobacco pipe maker, 61 Nethergate
McLean Peter, tobacconist, 57 Commercial street
M'Lean Peter, tobacconist, 16 High street
MacLean Eobert G. auctioneer (MacLean Jas. & Sons); res.
Hillcrest, Wormit
M'Lean Samuel, tobacco pipe manufacturer, 25 Hean's lane
M'Lean William, engineer & machine maker, Fairmuir
McLean William, grocer, 99 Victoria road
MacLean William M. auctioneer (MacLean Jas. & Sons); res.
1 Windsor terrace
McLee George, game dealer, 17 Whitehall crescent
McLeish Alex. & Eobert, confectioners, 162 Albert street
McLeish Andrew, furniture dealer, 23 Balgay street, Lochee
McLeish Andrew, watch maker, 50 Hawkhill
McLeish John, butcher 121 Ann street & 5 Albert street
M'Leish Margaret (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 66 Logie street
McLeish Thos. Cox, boot & shoe manufr. Marshall st. Lochee
McLellan Moses, boot maker, 20 Charles street
McLelland William, boot maker, 14 Hunter street
Maclennan Jane F. (Miss), matron, East Poor house, Molison st.
Mains loan
McLennan Jessie (Miss), dairy keeper, 1 Greenfield place
MacLeod Donald W. & Go. (of New York), merchants, 13 Ward
road; T A " Macleod, Dundee"
M'Leod James & Son, grocers & hay & straw dlrs. 22 Cotton rd
Macleod Alexander (Mrs.), china & hardware dealer, 91 Hawkhill
McLeod Catherine (Miss), confectioner, 35 Princes street
McLeod Daniel, confectioner, 134 Scouringburn
McLeod David M.A. French & German master, Morgan academy,
Forfar road
McLeod David C. tailor, 52 King street
McLeod Donald, furniture broker & dealer, 91 Princes Btreet
McLeod Donald, grocer & spirit dealer, 305 Hilltown
McLeod James, spirit dealer, 29 Hawkhill
M'Leod John, cooper, 49 St. Andrew's street
McLeod Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 20 Millars wynd
Macleod William, tailor, 110 Nethergate; res. 5 Eeform street
MeMahon Anne (Mrs.), grocer, 68 Blackness road
McMahon Bridget (Miss), grocer, 82 Blackness road
MeMahon Colin, shopkeeper, 168 Scouringburn
McMahon Kate (Miss), grocer, 12 St. Mary's street
McMaster D. & Co. jute spinners & manufacturers. South Anchor
works, 33 Guthrie street; T A " McMaster " ; T N 901
McMaster Danl. manufr. (D. McMaster & Co.), 4 Erskine ter
McMillan & Eobertson, chemists, 181 Blackness rd.& 177 Hawkhl
M'Millan Bernard, SDirit dealer, 6 St. Clement's lane; res.
63 Gellatly street
McMillan James, joiner, 16 William street, King street; res. 1
North Wellington street
McMorrow Margaret (Miss), news agent, 41 Ann Btreet
McNab & McLostie, joiners, 45 Nelson street
McNab David, grocer & spirit dealer, 120 Scouringburn
McNab George E. bookseller, stationer, news agent & eub-posfc-
master, 76 Hawkhill
McNab John, householder, 89 Albert street
McNab William, spirit merchant, 38 Wellgate
M'Nab William S. leather merchant, 1 Vault; res. 36 Tait's lane
McNair Andrew C. photographer, 21 Eeform street
McNair John, house agent, 3 Barrack street; res. Brewery
house, Brewery lane
McNair Thomas, painter & house decorator, 50 Logie st. Lochee
McNaughton & Co. butchers, 33 Scouringburn
M'Naughton Annie (Miss),berlin wool & fancy repos.59 Nethergt
M'Naughton Euphemia (Miss), boot & shoe depot, 58 Overgate
MaeNaughton James, grocer, 30 Court street
McNaughton James, station master, Caledonian railway station
McNaughton Matthew, butcher (Kev & McNaughton), 40 Overgt
McNee Ellen (Mrs.), milliner, 262 Perth road
McNeely M. & M. (Misses), confectioners, 8 Hill street
McNicoll John & Co. merchants, 37 Albert square; T N 1355;
T A " Yaloir, Dundee "
M Nicoll John, boot maker, 8 Perth road
McNicoll John, merchant (John McNicoll & Co.), 1 Douglas
terrace, Broughty Ferry
M'Nicoll M. (Mrs.), poulterer & reg. office for srvnts.113 Nethergi
McNicoll Eichard, grocer & italian warehouseman, 35 "Union st. ;
res. Afton place, Baxter Park terrace
Maconachie William, golf bag maker, 34 Commercial street
Macphail Christina (Miss), fruiterer, 79 Victoria road
Macphail Frederick, grocer & spirit dealer, 91 Victoria road
M Phail John, game & poultry dealer, 28 Union street
Macphail John, householder, Fairfield cottages, Clepington road
McPherson & Graham, tailors, hosiers & hatters, 110 Ann street
McPherson Alex, grocer, 65 XJre street
M'Pherson Alexander, working jeweller, 19 High street
McPherson Ann (Mrs.), dress maker, 7 North Ellen street
McPherson Duncan, teacher of music, 45 Commercial street
McPherson E. (Mrs.), general dealer, 256 Hawkhill
M'Pherson George, spirit dealer, 45 Hilltown
McPherson James, hatter, 110 Ann street
McPherson James, picture frame maker, 95 High street
McPherson Jas. tailor (McPherson & Graham), Glendevon villay
Downfield road
M'Pherson John, watch maker, 33 Princes street
Macpherson John Alex, dining rooms, 185 Seagate
Macpherson Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper, 89 Blackscroft
Macpherson Thomas, schoolmaster, 13 Janefield place, Maryfield'
McQuillan Owen, licensed broker, 10 James street
McEae Stephen, accountant, 23' Castle street; res. Heath bank,
Broughty Ferry
Macraedy James, hair dresser, 246 Hilltown
Macready Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 33 Burnside street, Lochee
McBeddie James, furn. broker & dealer, 4 Burnside st. Lochee
WRitcS-iie Alexander, plasterer & modeller, 29»
Temple lane & 11 Foundry lane, Perth ; T N 616;.
res. Almond bank, Carnoustie
McEitchie Blair Ogilvy, solicitor &, notary (Buttar & McEitchie),
155 Albert street
McEither David, tinplate worker, 9 & 11 West Henderson's wynd'
McTavish John, confectioner, 223 Perth road
McTavish John, house furnisher, 212a, Perth road
M Tavish John, packing case maker & joiner, 5 Seafield lane
& 23 Paton's lane
McTavish Mary (Miss), grocer, 31 Victoria street
Macveigh, Macintvre & Co. yarn merchants, 104 Commercial
street; T N 311;' T A " Macveigh, Dundee "
McVicar, Smith & Co. jute merchants, 3 Eoval Exchange place
Macvicar Colin M.A., M.D., CM. surgeon, 24 South Tay street
McWalter & Lennox, solicitors, 41 Reform street
McWalter Alfred, boot maker, 8 Ellen street
McWalter David, news agent, 86 Annfield road
McWalter James M. solicitor (McWalter & Lennox); res. Water-
ston, West Newport
McWalter John Stuart, solicitor. 10 Eeform st. ;res.l2 Dudhope ter
M Wee Bella it Agnes (Misses), art needlework, 36 Barrack st. ;
res. 1 Hermon hill
Magee Frances (Mrs.), woollen warehouse. 116 Overgate
Maguire John, clothes dealer. 56 North William street
Maiden David W. wholesale smallware dealer
&c. 48 Long' wynd; res. 41 Benvie road
Maiden James, butcher, 64 Hawkhill
Maiden William, butcher, 95 Albert street
Mailer John, tobacconist, 12 Hilltown
Main John, commercial traveller, 5 Blackness avenue
Ma'tland Charles B. tailor (Dunbar & Maitland), 21 Union
street, Lochee
Maitland Edward F. merchant (Baxter Brothers & Co. Lim.) r
Inchmartine, Inchture
Maitland James, news agent. 80 King street
Maitland Thomas, merchant (Baxter Brothers & Co. Limited),
Eeres cottage, Broughty Ferry
Malcolm Brothers, auctioneers & valuators. 35 to 39 Commercial
strept; T N 1075; T A " Malcolm, Auctioneers, Dundee "
Malcolm, Ogilvle & Co. Limited, jute spinners & manufacturers,
Boral Exchange place: Constable works, Dura street; TN
334; TA ' Moco," Dundee"
Malcolm Wm. F. & Co. (London), flax merchants. 9 Meadow Place
bldgs. ; pay day, tuesday ; T N 39 ; TA" Malcolm. Dundee "
MaWm .Adam, auctioneer (Malcolm Bros.). 4 Eosewood terrace
Malcolm George, manufacturer (Malcolm, Ogilvie & Co. Limited),
20 Albany terrace
Malcolm Margaret (Mrs.), dining rooms, 214 Perth road
Malcolm Willfam, drapers' warehouseman &c. 34 South Tay st
Malcolm William S-, M.B.. CM. surgeon &c. 85 Albert street
Mall William, fishmonger, 100 Albert street
MallafE Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 28 Watson's lane
Malloch John, clerk to the Harbour Trustees, Harbour cham-
bers, Custom House buildings, Dock street; res. Oakwood ter-
race, 9 Westpark road
Malloy John J. spirit dealer, 157 Scourinpburn
Malloy Mary Ann (Miss), tobacconist. 91 Lochee road
Malone Michael, coal dealer, St. Ann street, Lochee
Malone Thomas, boot & shoe maker.6 Hilltown; 101 Perth road;
115 Hawkhill ; 84 Albert street; 19 Benvie road & 24* Ann st
Malone Thomas, shopkeeper, 72 Caldrum street
Manchester Chemical Co. (Allan Muir, manager), 29 Cowgate
Manders Arthur, photographer, 156 Nethergate
Mann William & Co. merchants, 4 India buildings; TN H; T A
" Commerce, Dundee "
Mann Alex. (Mrs.), grocer, 123 Lochee road
Mann Annie (Mrs.), confectioner, 32 Hawkhill
Mann James, jun. baker, 13 Annfield street & 74 Peddie street
Mann John, butcher & fruiterer, 32 Albert street
Mann William, boot & shoe maker. 18 Strathmartine road; &
136 Hilltown & 101 High street, Lochee
Mann Alex, merchant (William Mann & Co.), Caenlochan ter-
race, Strathearn road, Broughty Ferry
Manners George, shoeing smith, 92 Dura street
Mannion Thomas, sergt. -major 1st Forfar Volunteer Artillery,
65 Commercial road
Manson David Andrew, manager, 3 Murraygate

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