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Macfarlane John, church officer of Lochee Parish Church, 60
High street, Lochee
M'Farlane Jane (Miss), milliner, 199 Hawkhill
Macfarlane John, fishmonger, 60 High street, Lochee
McFarlane Margaret (Miss), dress maker, 9 Commercial street
McFarlane Mary (Miss), news agent, 155 Victoria road
M'Farlane Thomas M.B., CM. surgeon, 170 Nethergate
McFarlane Wra. dentists' assistant, 3 Balgay aven. Blackness rd
McFarlane William, fish salesman (Cameron & McFarlane), Beach
house, Broughty Ferry
M'Gavin R. E. & Co. commission agents & merchants, 33 Cowgate;
pay day, tuesday; T A " M~ Gavin, Dundee "
M'Gavin Franci3 II. grocer & spirit dealer, 59 Murraygate
M'Gavin Robert' E. commission agent (B. E. M'Gavin & Co.),
Linden avenue, Ea3t Newport
McGavine William, confectioner, 55 Union street, Maxwelltown
McGhie Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 65 Peddie street; res.
5 Blackness avenue
M'Gill Brothers, cluthierB & drapers, 5 & 7 Victoria road
McGilvarv George & Son, tailors, 65 High street
M'Gillivray Angus M.D., CM. ophthalmic surgeon, 23 Sth.Tay st
McGinnes Agnes (Miss), draper, 42 High street, Lochee
M'Ginnes John, spirit dealer, 132 Lift road, Lochee
McGlashan David, fishmonger, 268 Hawkhill
McGovern Edward (Mrs.), grocer & provision dealer, 70a,
Blackness road
M'Grady & Christie, wholesale grocers, 8 North Lindsay street;
T N 641 ; X A " M'Grady, Dundee "
M'Grady Henry, grocer (M'Grady & Christie), Kellie castle,
M'Gregor & Balfour Lim. shuttle & picker makers & mill fur-
nishers, Loons road; T N 940; T A " Shuttle, Dundee "
McGregor & Co. manufacturers of canvas hose,Mid Street works;
TA " McGregor, Dundee "
McGregor Alexander, butcher, 45 Albert street
McGregor Alexander M.A, resident sec. & principal tutor for
Skerry's college, 2 India buildings; res. 6 Adelaide place
McGregor Daniel, tailor, 33 Logie street, Lochee
M'Gregor David, shuttle maker &c. (M'Gregor & Balfour Lim.),
North Xay house
McGregor David, supt. Shipping Federation Lim. 9 Commercial st
M'Gregor Duncan, confectioner, 123 Hawkhill
McGregor George, manufr. (McGregor & Co.), 40 Thomson st
Macgregor H. (Mrs.), bookseller, 8 Whitehall Btreet
McGregor James, butcher, 164 Scouringburn
McGregor James, grocer & spirit dealer, 160 Lochee road
McGregor James, ironmonger, 26 Murraygate; res. Duntrune
villa, Invergowrie
M'Gregor James, tobacconist & news agent, 131 Hawkhill
McGregor Jemima (Miss"*, shopkeeper, 18 St, Andrew's street
M'Gregor John, furniture broker, 199 Lochee road
M'Gregor John, grocer, 22 & 134 Ferry road
McGregor John, oil merchant, King William dock; res. Dun-
trune terrace, Invergowrie
M'Gregor Peter, Court House keeper, West Bell street
M'Gregor Walter, supt. Dundee Burgh Public Baths; res. 4
Craigie terrace, Ferry road
Macguckin John, grocer & spirit dealer, 25 Lower Pleasance; res.
Hermonhill cottage, Well road
McGuckin Peter, grocer & spirit d'.r.264 Hawkhill; res.32Tait's la
Machan W. N. ship broker & owner, King William dock ; T N
623; T A " Machan, Dundee "; res. Parkside, Broughty Ferry
McHardy Alex, chemist, 9 Cowgaie
M'Hardy Charles, grocer & wine merchant, 41 Albert street
Machen Christina (Mrs.), news agent, 51 Albert street
McHoul Hugh Miller M.B., CM. surgeon, 79 Albert street
McHuffh Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 93 Scouringburn
McHugh Jame3, undertaker, 15 Ann Btreet & 87 Scouringburn
Mclnally Hugh, spirit dealer, 58 James street
Mclnnes George, factory manager, 1 Nairn place
Mclnroy Duncan, draper, 32 Bell street
Mcintosh Agnes (Mrs.), confectioner, 109 Rosebank street
M'Intosh Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 37 Victoria street
Mcintosh Bella (Miss), refreshment rooms, 29 Teaman shore
Mcintosh David, buCfcher, 34 Dundonald street & 165 Albert st
Mcintosh David, manager of Cox Limited, Parkside house,
Marchbanks, Lochee
M'Intosh David H. meal & flour dealer, 140 & 142 Hawkhill
Mcintosh David Hill, boot maker & dealer, 161b, Albert street
Mcintosh Elizabeth (Miss), tobacconist, 19 Whitehall crescent
M'Intosh George, basket maker, 31 Overgate & 14 Bank 6treeb
Mcintosh Isa (Miss), draper, 123 Hawkhill
Mcintosh Isabella (Mrs.), nurse, 47 Annfield road
M'Intosh James, boot manufacturer, 6b, King street
Mcintosh James, tea mer. 41 Cowgate; res. Castle at. Tayport
M'Intosh James, tobacco manufr. 22 & confectioner 24, West port
Macintosh James, wholesale confectioner, 33 Watson's lane
Mcintosh John, greengrocer, 44 Dudhope Crescent road
Mcintosh John, grocer, 37 Strathmartine road
Mcintosh Bobert, furniture dealer, 13 North George street
Mcintosh Robert Gregory, Imperial P.H. 27 Blackness road
M'Intosh Thomas, rope &. ea.il maker, 51 Magdalen
green ; T N 805
Mcintosh William, spirit dealer, 44 & 46 Gellatly Btreet
M'Intosh William F. ship rigger & painter, Victoria dock; res.
Daisy bank, Forfar road
Mclntyre Bros, yarn merchants & bleachers, 10 Victoria road;
6 Baluniefield
M'Intvre & Grant, chartered accountants & Btock brokers, 13
Albert square; T N 592 & 645 ; T A " Magians""
Mclntyre, Hogg, Marsh & Co. linen collar & cuff manufacturers,
62 Commercial street
WB'Cratyre Peter Limited, agricultural auctioneers
& cattle salesmen, 6 High street; T N 1153; res.
Denfind, Monikie
M'Intvre Daniel, chartered accountant (M'Intyre & Grant) &
manager & sec. of the Caledonian Property Investment Co.
Limited, 13 Albert square ; res. Camphill, Broughty Ferry
Macintyre Fergus, merchanttMacveighjMacintyre & Co.),W.Ferry
Macintyre David, merchant (Macveigh,Macintyre & Co.),Balunie,
Bleachfield, Broughty Ferry
Mclntyre Harry, solicitor (Carlton & Mclntyre), The Haugh,
Blairgowrie, Perthshire
Mclntyre John, meat salesman; slaughter houses, East Dock st
Mclntyre John, auctioneer &c. (Peter Mclntyre Limited); res.
Boselea, Broughty Ferry
Mclver Margaret (Miss), dairy, 52 William street
McJanet Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, 115 Victoria road
Mackay Brothers, watch #, clock makers &
jewellers, 11 High street
Mackay & Irons, chartered accountants, treasurers Dundee Sick
Poor Nursing Society & joint sees. Dundee Sand & Lighterage
Co. Limited, 13 Albert square; TN 595
Mackay James & Son, decorators, 67 Nether gate
Mackay & Bobbie, carting contractors. West end, Victoria dock
Mackay Alexander C.A. accountant (Mackay & Irons), & sec. to
the Matador Land & Cattle Co. Lim. ; Dundee Eastern Club ;
''Mars" Training Ship Institution; City Property Co. Lim.
& to the Dundee High School, Bock Knowe, Broughty Ferry
McKay Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 7 Burnside street, Lochee
Mackay Charles, carting contractor, 16 Smellies lane
Mackay J. Yule M.D., LL.D. principal of & professor of ana-
tomy University college ; res. 1 Newington ter. Broughty Ferry
Mackay Jas. watch ma. (Mackay Bros.), Harcourt vil.We. Newport
Mackay Jessie (Miss), matron Home for District Nurses,l Park pi
McKay John, butcher, 46 Union street
Mackay John W. ladies' tailor (Henderson & Mackay); res.
20 Union street
McKay Julia (Mrs.), draper, 188 Blackness road
Mackay Maggie (Miss), grocer, 24 Alexander street
MKav Mary (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer, 67 Hill street
Mackay Neil, publishing agent, 8 Panmure st. ; res. Maryfield
McKay Bobert, spirit dealer, 118 Seagate
Mackay William, journalist; res. 4 Bellefield avenue
McKendrick William, joiner, 78 Eosebank street
M'Kendrick William, news agent, 96 Rosebank street
McKenna Matthew, valuator, 84 Commercial street
Mackenzie Alexander, manager Nat. Tel. Co. 11 Panmure St.;
res. Ormston, Pitkerro road
McKenzie Alexander, shopkeeper, 21 Brown street
McKenzie Charles, chimnev sweeper, 16 Main street
Mackenzie Charles, school board officer, Whorter bank, Lochee
Mackenzie Charles C. assistant School Board Officer, 32 Castle st
McKenzie David, metal mer. 10 Long wynd ; res. 142 Perth road
Mackenzie Donald, agent Royal of Scotland, 1 Victoria street;
res. 2 Albert street
Mackenzie Ellen (Miss), dairy, 9 Wolseley street
McKenzie Frederick John, house factor, 11 Barrack street
M'Kenzie George, dairyman, 44 Dura street
MacKenzie Isabella (Miss), confectioner, 77 Strathmartine road
McKenzie James, draper, 44 Wellgate
McKenzie James, draper & milliner, 94 High street
McKenzie James, grocer & spirit dealer, 126 Strathmartine road
McKenzie James, householder, 11 Janefield place, Maryfield
McKenzie James, smalhvare dealer, 32 Murraygate; res. Queen
street, Broughty Ferry
Mackenzie Jessie (Miss), shopkeeper, 102 Dens road
Mackenzie John A. manager stereo, department " Dundee Adver-
tiser," 19 Airlie place
McKenzie Eandolph Kenneth, spirit dealer, 120 Logie street
McKenzie William, fishmonger, 16 West port
Mackenzie William, stock broker & sec. to the Alliance Trust Co.
Limited, 13 Panmure street; TA" Mackenzie, Dundee;" res.
Harecraig, Broughty Ferry
McKeran John, sheriffs officer, 1 Church lane; res. 21 Dock st
Mackersie James, electrical engineer, 26 Commercial street & 2
Bellefield avenue
Mackie James & Co. Limited, provision & egg merchants, 10 &
12 Charles street; & Fwie, Aberdeenshire
Mackie David,mer.(Corrie*,Mackie & Co.),St.Katherine's,We.Ferry
Mackie David, spirit dealer, 2 North Tay street & 1 West port;
res. Briarbank, Blackness avenue
Mackie David, spirit dealer, 42 Union street
Mackie George, fancy goods dealer, 18 Watson street
Mackie James, blacksmith, 136 Princes street
Mackie James, news agent, 26 Bank street, Lochee
Mackie John, milk dealer, 22 Albert street
Mackie Peter, jeweller, 72 Nethergate ; res. 10 Whitehall street
Mackie Susan (Mi3s), baker & confectioner, 250 Hilltown
McKinnes Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 227 Blackness road
M'Kinnon Daniel John, chemist & druggist, 121 Hawkhill
McKinnon David, egg merchant, 51 Cowgate
M'Kinnon Donald, egg merchant, 51 Cowgate
McKinnon James, agent (Northern Agricultural Co. Limited),
Barnhill, Broughty Ferry
Mackintosh James, tailor, 102 Princes street
Mackison William C.E., F.B.I.B.A., F.S.A.Scot. city engineer &
survyr.9lCommercial st. ; TN 162 ; res. 8 Constitution ter.; TN 464
Mackness Clement J. solicitor (Mackness & Allard), 6 Balgillo
terrace, Broughty Ferry
McLae Jessie (Mrs.), fishmonger, 75 Murraygate
Maclagan Douslaa, local secretary Standard Life Assurance Co.
45 Commercial street
McLagan Jane (Miss), grocer & provision dealer, 67a, Lochee rd
McLagan Jessie (Mrs.), grocer, 35 Caldrum street
McLaggan J. & E. milliners, 170 Blackness road
McLaggan John, commission merchant & agent & sec. Dundee
Bonding Co. Limited, 18 Commercial street; res. Craignish,
West Newport
McLaggan Robert, blacksmith, 22 Kirk entry, Wellgate
McLaggan William, cashier Dundee, Perth & London Shipping
Co.; res. Albert crescent, Newport, Fife
McLardy David & Co. washing machine agents & furniture dlrs.
18 to "22 Cowgate
McLaren A. & Son, grain, hay & straw merchants, 10 & 12 Allan
street; T N 226 ; TA "Straw, Dundee"
McLaren J. & J. M. coal dealers, Hill street
SCOT. 48*

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