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Low Sir James kt. baker &o. (Lindsay & Low Limited), Kin-
craig house, Broughty Ferry-
Low James, agent Town & County Bank Limited, 5 Albert square;
res. Hazel villa, 22 Paton's lane
Low James, sack &c. manufacturer, 39 Cowgate; res. Ardoch,
East Newport, Fife
Low Jessie (Miss), confectioner, 1 Kinnaird street
Low John C. merchant (David Air & Co.), Inglewood.Newport Ea
Low Mary Ann (Miss), licensed broker, 86 Dudhope street
Low William, tailor, 69 Albert street
Lowden William & Son, photographers, 10 Constitution
terrace & 132a, Nethergate
Lowden Alex, upholsterer, 127 Perth road
Lowden Edwin H. spirit dealer, 181 Seagate
Lowden Ernest W. photographer (W. Lowden & Son), 10 Const!-
tution terrace
Lowden George, confectioner, 32 Alexander street
Lowden Isabella (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 8 Greenmarket & 2 Castle
lane ; res. 32 Union street
Lowden Jane (Mrs.), china dealer, 28 Eosebank street
Lowden John, draper, 41 Cowgate
Lowden Margaret (Miss), ladies' hair dresser, 18 Whitehall creBt
Lowden Mary (Miss), grocer, 28 Wilkies lane
Lowden William, coach & cab proprietor, 142 Hilltown
Lowden William, coal dealer, 16 Scouringburn
Lowden Wm. photographer (W.Lowden & Son), 10 Constitution tei
Lowdon Brothers & Co, electrical engineers & brass
founders, Temple electric works; IH 618; TA " Lowdons,
Dundee"; & at 60 Frederick street, Edinburgh; 332 Argyte
street, Glasgow & Cults Electric Supply station, Aberdeen-
shire. See advert
Xowdon Edward J. B. electrical engineer (Lowdon Brothers &
Co.), 1 Scotswood terrace
Lowdon George, optician, 65 Eeform street
â–  "Lowdon Kenneth, electrical engineer (Lowdon Brothers & Co.),
Hill terrace, Wormit
.Lowe David & Co. merchants, 2 Baltic buildings
Lowe Alexander, cornel, trvllr. 4 Norman view, Magdalen green
Lowe Frederick, solicitor, 21 Eeform street
Lowe James, architect, 104 Commercial street; Duncraggan,
Lowe James, boot & shoe dealer, 145 Ann street
Lowe M. (Miss), teacher of music, 6 Airlie terrace
Lowrie Joseph Player, clothier & draper, 293 Hilltown
Lowry George B. clerk, 5 Gowrie place, Hawkhill
Lowson Agnes (Mrs.), dairyman, 19 Elizabeth street
Lowson David, boot &c. maker, 28 Ann street; res. 1 Bucking-
ham terrace, Forfar road
Lowson David, dock master, Camperdown dock; res.l38Ferry rd
Lowson George, school board officer, Dounfleld
Lowson George M.B., CM. Burgeon, 10 William street
Lowson John, joint agent Commercial Bank of Scotland Lim.
85 Commercial street ; res. Carnoustie
Lowson Thomas, draper, 71 High 6treet
Luhrs H. & G. flax merchants, 37 Albert Bquare; T N 1353; T A
" Luhrs, Dundee "
Luhrs Hermann,mer.(H. & G.Luhrs), Cedar villas.BroughtyFerry
Luis J. H. merchant (Jaffe Bros.), Newstead, Broughty Ferry
Luke J. Laird & Co. merchants & commission agents, Eoyal
Exchange buildings; T N 276 ; T A " Eupee, Dundee "
Luke J. Laird, merchant (J. Laird Luke & Co.), Invercraig,
Broughty Ferry
Luke John Laird, jute merchant (Luke John Laird & Co.) ;
res. Invercraig, Broughty Ferry
Lumsden James & Son, plane makerB & edge tool dealers, 20
South Lindsay street
Lumsden Henry, tailor, 63 Strathmartine road
Lumsden Janet (Miss), dress maker, 91 Peddie street
Lumsden John S., D.Sc., Ph.D. assistant professor chemistrv de-
partment, University college & secretary Technical Institute
Lumsden Thomas, commercial traveller, 32 South Tay street
"Lumsden William, harbour foreman, Victoria cot. Victoria dock
Lundie Eobert H. bookseller &c. 35 Reform street & 107 Nether-
gate; res. 4 Tay terrace, Magdalen Yard road
Lunt William, music Beller, 1784 Lochee road
Lyall Thomas (Mrs.), fishmonger, 7 Greenmarket
Lynch Ann (Miss), pawnbroker,, 74 Blackness road
Lynch Margaret (Mrs.), tobacconist, 2 Scouringburn
Lynch Owen, Emerald P.H. 40 Scouringburn
Lyon James Gordon, engineer (Gourlay Brothers & Co.), Myrtle
bank, Broughty Ferry
Xyon Jane S. (Miss), school, 43 Castle street
Lyon Mary (Mrs.), furniture broker, 8 Flights lane, Lochee
Mabe Henry, coal dealer, 7 Lowden's alley
McAinsh JameB, joiner (Langlands & McAinsh),6 Baxter Pk. ter
McAllister Margaret (Miss), confectioner, 83 Strathmartine road
McAndrew Helen (Miss), furniture dealer, 15 Elizabeth street
MacAndrew Jessie (Mrs.), dining rooms, 67 Church 6t.Maxwelltn
M'Ara Alexander, coppersmith & plumber, East Dock Btreet; res.
Ellenhood, Ferry road
M' Arthur, Son & Co. bill posters & advertising contractors, 44
High street
MacArthur Hugh, dining rooms, 179 Scouringburn
M'Artney J. ironmonger, tinsmith & bakers' out-
fitter, 51, 53 & 55 West port; works, 6 Blin-
shall street
McArtney John, shopkeeper, 83 Foundry lane
McArtney Margaret (Mrs.), confectioner, 166 South rd. Lochee
McBain Alexander, hair dresser, 149 Princes street
McBain Lizzie (MiBs), shopkeeper, 27b, Park avenue
McBain Maggie (MiBs), shopkeeper, 147 Princes street
Marbeth D. & Son, plasterers, 20 Eaglan street
McBurney Andrew Bobertson, tailor, 124 & 126 Hawkhill
M'Burney William, china & glass dealer, 41 Murraygate & 12,
14 & 16 Whitehall street; res. 6 Prospect place
McCabe John, coal dealer, Gardners lane, Lochee
McCabe Peter, baker & confectioner, 55 Hawkhill; 53 & 185
Blackness road ; 77 King street & 30 Park avenue
McCafferay Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 7 Edward street
M'Caffrey Bernard, tobacconist, 78 High street, Lochee
McCaffrey Ellen (Miss), tobacconist, 169 Overgate
McCall Andrew, blacksmith, 48 Murraygate & Eoyal Exchange ct
McCallum & Duncan, spirit merchants, 20 Eeform street
McCallum Daniel, lubricator maker, 44 Cowgate
McCallum James H. commission agent, 1 Eustic place
McCann John, grocer & 6pirit dealer, 183 Scouringburn
McCann Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 33 James street
McCann Owen (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 70 Dudhope street
McCarron Kate (Mrs.), tobacconist, 95 South road, Lochee
M'Cash Eobert, blacksmith, 35 Strathmartine road
McClure Thomas, district supt. Prudential Assurance Co. Lim.
31 Albert square ; res. Station road, Invergowrie
McCluskey Thomas, wardrobe dealer, 2 Logie street, Lochee
McCombe James, manager, 12 Balgay avenue, Blackness road
MoCombie Andrew, secondhand bakers' sack dlr. 45 Constable st
MacConochie John, confectioner, 71 Church st. Maxwelltown
McCormack James, grocer & spirit dealer, 40 James street
McCormack John, furniture broker, 20 Balgay street, Lochee
McCormack Margaret (Miss), fishmonger, 17 Ann street
McCormack Eichard, dealer in jewellery ozc. 62 Nethergate;
res. 6 Whitehall crest
McCorquodale John, printer, 22 Barrack st. ; res. 12 Bank strsefc
McCourt George, oil dealer, 180 Overgate
McCrae Boyd M. solicitor (firm, Kilgour, McCrae & Strachan),
11 Murraygate ; res. Strawberry bank
M'Crone David, baker, 115 Nethergate & 64 Wellgate
McCulloch & Jamieson, civil engineers & architcts.20 Whitehall st
McCulloch Alexander A.M.I. C.E. architect (McCulloch & Jamie-
son), 20 Whitehall street
M'Culloch John W. baker, 135 Perth road
McDade Jamee, confectioner, 25 Towrie place
McDanlel Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Scouringburn
McDermott John, shopkeeper, 7 Urquhart street
Macdonald Alex. J. & Co. wholesale warehousemen, 26 Seagate
McDonald Hugh & Son, boot & shoe dealers, 8 Princes street
M'Donald John & David, ironmongers, 1244 High street, Lochee
Macdonald & Muir, cabinet makers, 69 & 71 Nethergate
Macdonald & Waterson, decorators, 108 Victoria road
McDonald Alex, dining rooms, West Dock street
McDonald Alexander, farmer, Mains of Balgay, Blackness road
McDonald Alexander, licensed broker, 45 Small's wynd
McDonald Catherine (Mrs.), dreBS & mantle ma.3Watt st.Hawkhl
Macdonald Colin, manager of the Dundee Blind Institution, 59
Magdalen green
Macdonald D. chairman Lift parish council, 24 Thomson street
Macdonald David, laundryman, 29 Millers wynd
Macdonald David Johnstone, mill furnisher .Ward road; T N 336;
TA" Ward, Dundee " ; res. 32 Forfar road
Macdonald Alexander James, warehouseman (A. J. Macdonald &
Co.), 2 DaiBy bank, Maryfleld
Macdonald Donald, manager (William Dixon Limited), Church
street, Broughty Ferry
M'Donald Elizh. (Mrs.), ladies' underclothing repos. 231 Overgate
Macdonald D. J. maker of sack cutting &c. machines, South
St. Eoque's works, Constable St.; TN 239; TA "Medalist,
Dundee "
Macdonald Elizh. (Mrs.), teacher of music, 74 Commercial street
M'Donald Hugh, coal dealer, 85 Wilkie's lane
McDonald James, spirit dealer, 45 Hawkhill
McDonald Jane (Miss), shopkeeper, 171 Hawkhill
Macdonald John, china & glass dealer, 50 Blackscroft
M'Donald John, coal dealer, Coal depot, Fairmuir station
McDonald John, grocer, 43 Gray 6treeet, Lochee
M'Donald John, spirit dealer, 17 Constable street
Macdonald John B. commission merchant & produce broker 31
Albert square; T N 188 ; T A "Macdonald, Dundee"; res.
15 Springfield
McDonald Margaret (Miss), dress maker, 69 Nethergate
Macdonald Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper, 1 Fyffe street
Macdonald Neil, fruit mer. (Geo. Fraser & Co.), 5 Erskine ter
Macdonald Thomas T. grocer & spirit dealer, 38 Dundonald street
McDonald Walter, cashier, 63 Constitution road
McDonald Walter, photographer, Lynnewood place
Macdonald William, boot maker, 65a, Lochee road
McDonald William, coal agent, 53J Perth road
Macdonald William, decorator (Macdonald & Waterson) ; res.
11 Bruce street
McDougal Eobert, shopkeeper, 202 Seagate
Macdougald George D., F.I.C. city analyst, county analyst for
Forfarshire, Perthshire, Fifeshire & Kincardineshire, 13 Shore
terrace; res. Wormit
McDougall Catherine (MisB), laundry, 72 Blackness road
McDougall James, butcher, 84 King street
M'Dougall James, confectioner, 1 Bank street, Lochee
McDougall John, inspector of works, 91 Commercial street
M'Dougall William, confectioner, 67 Ann street
Macdougall William Dunbar M.A., LL.B. solicitor, 5 Bank st. ;
res. Brotchie place, Broughty Ferry
MacDowell & Co. merchants, 4 Eoyal Exchange place; T A
"MacDowell, Dundee "
McDowoell William, boot repairer, Watson's lane
MoElwee Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 36 Kincardine street
McElwee Eobert, grocer, 14 Church street, Maxwelltown
M'Erlain John, tailor &c. 35 Cowgate
M'Ewan Thos. & Sons, drprs. tailors&clothiers.lOOHigh et.Lochee
MeEwan William & Co. Limited (Edinburgh), brewers (George
Mackay, manager), 41 Commercial street; TN 1169
MacEwan David M.D. surgeon, 15 South Tay street; T N 637
M'Ewan John, boot & shoe maker, 77 High street, Lochee
McEwen Alex. I. butcher, 173 Overgate
McFarlane Andrew & Son, coach painters, 5 Park lane
McFarlane G. M. & Co. boot lace manufactrs. 24 Queen street
McFarlane B. grocer & spirit dealer, 11 Hill street
Macfarlane Charles, hair dresser, 58 Dura street
Macfarlane Duncan, optician, 12 High street
McFarlane George, tobacconist, 54 Wellgate
McFarlane James, consulting engineer, 39 Dock street; res. Vic-
toria terrace, Barnhill
Macfarlane James, district organizer Scottish Licensed Trade
Defence Association, 32 Bank street; res. Ivybank, Balgay
terrace, Lochee
Macfarlane Jane (Miss), draper, 205 Lochee road

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