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Learmonth Hy. boot ma. 44 Princess st. ;res.Riverview,Clepngtn.rd
Lecky F. B. & Co. Limited (London), merchants, Trades lane
Ledington David, fishmonger, 8 Hawkhill
Lee, Croll & Co. engnrs. & iron fndr6. Lawside fndry. ;T N 882
Lee Annie (Mrs.), news agent, 199 Blackness road
Lee Georgina (Miss), householder, 51 Meadowside
Lee Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 178 Ann street
Lee Robert, shopkeeper, 43 Larch street
Lee Thomas, boot maker, 12 Cherryfield lane
Lee William, iron founder (Lee, Croll & Co.), Oakhurst, Newport
Lees Hy. & Chas. hardware & fancy goods mers. SI Overgate
Lees Charles, merchant, Murrayfield, West Ferry
Lees Henry, merchant, 2 Springfield
Lees James G. agent, 74 Commercial street
Leeson Edward A. general manager Blackness & Wallace
foundries. Craigmore, Perth road
Legg George, steam tug master, 1 Commercial street
Leggatt Henry, merchant, 23 Panmure street; res. 4 Windsor
terrace, Broughty Ferry
Leggat Jn.J.coal dlr. & chimney swpr. 3 East Henderson's wynd
Leighton Ales. M.A., B.Sc. second master & mathematical
master Morgan academy, Forfar road
Leighton David, spirit merchant, 76 Seagate
Leighton John, librarian. Free library, High Btreet, Lochee
Leighton Martha Lizzie (Miss), laundry, 32 Ferry road
Leighton Stewart, dairv keeper, Marshall street, Lochee
Leitch Andrew & Co. steamship brokers & coal exporters, Maritime
buildings, East Dock st. ; T N 518; T A " Leitch, Dundee "
Leitch Andrew, news agent, 4 Alexander street
Leitch Andrew, ship broker (Andrew Leitch & Co.), & manager
to the Dundee Loch Line Steam Shipping Co. Lim. Maritime
buildings, East Dock street ; res. Netherlea, West Newport
Leitch Rt.T.ship broker(Andrew Leitch & Co.),Hill crest,Newport
Leith, Hull & Hamburg Steam Packet Co. Lim. (D. Alexander &
Sons, agents), 17 King street
Leith W. F. & Co. warehousemen, 35 Exchange street
Leith Wilhelmine & Jemima (Misses), dress makers, 27Mains rd
Leith David, confectioner, 18 North Tay street
Leith William, milk dealer, 56 Blackness road
Leith William, tailor, 44 Blackscroft
Lcng John & Co. publishers & proprietors of the
"Dundee Advertiser," " Even ing; Telegraph " &
"People's Journal" newspapers & "People's
Friend" (weekly miscellany), general printers
&c. 7 to 25 Bank st. ; Telephone 654, 655 & 666
Leng Sir John M.P., J.P. managing proprietor, editor & pub-
lisher of the " Dundee Advertiser " &c. newspapers (John Leng
& Co.); res. Kinbrae, Newport; London address, 186 Fleet
street E C & House of Commons
Leng William C, J.P. journalist "Dundee Advertiser," Bed-
croft, Blackness road
Lennie & Thomson, opticians, 47 High street
Lennie Charles D. optician (Lennie & Thomson), 47 High st. ;
res. 5 Grange terrace, Broughty Ferry
Lennox Charles, solicitor (McWalter & Lennox) ; res. 42 High
street, Lochee
Lennox Charles J. solicitor, 42 High st. Lochee & 41 Reform st
Lennox David M.D. physician, 144 Nethergate
Lennox James K. surgeon, 42 High street, Lochee
Leonard Catherine (Mrs.), confectioner, 4£ Wilson street, Lochee
Leslie Alexander J. paper box maker, 6 Hose lane
Beslie David, fruiterer, 140 Hilltown
Leslie John, herbalist, 38 Blackscroft
Leslie John, resident secretary Eoyal Insurance Co. 97 & 99
Commercial street; res. 6 Youngsdale place, East Newport
Leslie Joseph, hat & cap manufacturer, 3 Sea wynd; res.
Norman terrace, Downfield
Leslie William, hair dresser, 206 Perth road
Leslie William M. overseer composing department " Dundee
Courier," 80 Hawkhill
Lesslie Alexander, jun. hair dresser, 23 Wellgate
Lesslie Andrew J. hair dresser, 12 Barrack street
Lesslie Ann (Miss), berlin wool dealer, 18 Castle street
Lesslie David K. hair dresser, 46 King street
Lesslie Findley, draper & outfitter, 132-134 Hilltown
Leuchars Jn. blacksmith & wheelwright, 136 Strathmartine road
Levie W. & G-. painters & paperhangers, 174 High street, Lochee
Levie Peter Bisset, commercial traveller, 6 Bellefield avenue
Lewis Jeanie (Mrs.), draper, 286b, Hilltown
Lickely Robert & Son, builders, property agents & valuators, 220
Perth road
Lickely Alex, architect, 39 High street; res. 8 Rosewood ter
Lickley A. & R. joiners & builders, 51 Reform street; works,
14 Rose lane; TN 552
Lickley Alex, joiner (A. & R. Lickley), 18 Constitution terrace
Lickley Hugh M. wholesale cabinet mas. Gray street, Lochee
Lickley Robt. mer. 51 Reform st. ; res. 16 Constitution terrace
Liddle Grindley, picture frame maker, 32 King's road
Life Association of Scotland (George William Balfour Kerr,
district sec), 5 Reform street; Tel. No. 734
Life & Health Assurance Association Limited (J. A. & T. Gra-
ham, sees.), 41 Reform street
Liff & Benvie Parish Council (Joseph Murray, chairman; James
Kyd, inspector & collector; Alexander McCaskie, Liff,registrar
of births & deaths) : offices, West Bell street
Lilburn Jane (Mrs.), grocer, 23 Union place, Lochee
Linder Luke, builder & contractor, 126 Blackness road
Lindsay J. & R. merchants, 6 Panmure street; T N 3; T A
" Lindsays, Dundee "
Lindsay John & Son, slaters, Soapwork lane
Lindsay & Lew Limited, manufacturing confectioners, fruit pre-
servers & bread & biscuit bakers. East Dock st. & branches ;
preserve & confectionery works, Carolina port; TN 568; T A
" Linlow, Dundee"
Lindsay & Scott, glass merchants, glaziers & zinc & lead window
makers, 24, 26 & 28 Bank street
Lindsay Acnes (Mrs.), confectioner, 15 Mains road
Lindsay Alexander, provision merchant, 36 & 38 South Tay st
Lindsay Charles (Mrs.), draper, 167 High street, Lochee
LindBay Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 229 & 231 Hawkhill
Lindsay Charles Baxter, clerk, 1 Rattray street
LindBay George, coal & potato dealer, 31 Wellington street
Lindsay Graham, plumber, 7 Blackness road
Lindsay James, baker &c. (Lindsay & Low Lim.), Milton bank,
West Ferry
Lindsay James, grocer & spirit dealer, 22 Cleghorn street
Lindsay Jane F. (Miss), shopkeeper, 7 Benvie road
Lindsay John, bank teller. Bank house, 51 Murraygate
Lindsay John, joiner, 76 Rosebank street
Lindsay John, merchant (J. & R. Lindsay), 8 Dudhope terrace
Lindsav Robert M. chemist, 41 Dens road & 140 Albert street
Lindsay William, coal dealer, 19 Elizabeth street
Lindsay William, grocer & spirit dealer, 58 & 60 Blackscroft
Lindsay William (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 55 Albert street
Lindsay William R., M.I.M.E.engineer,7Ward rd. ; res.lLorne ter
Linn David, dairy keeper, 2 Agnes villas, Clepington road
Lipton Limited, provision dealers & wine & spirit merchants,
13 Murraygate & grocers & provision dealers, 1 Hawkhill
Littlejohn D. S., Son & Scott, solicitors & notaries public, sees. &
solicitors to the Forfarshire Building Society & the Scottish
House Property Investment Co. Limited & insurance agents,
27 Bank street
Littlejohn E.& Co. booksellers & newsagents, ThePillars,14High st
Littlejohn & Co. solicitors & notaries, 32 Bell street; T N 01888
Littlejohn David, grocer & spirit dealer, 199 Princes street
Littlejohn David Harrower M.A.Oxon. solicitor (D. S. Littlejohn,
Son & Scott), Sidlaw view, Broughty Ferry
Littlejohn David S. solicitor & notary (D. S. Littlejohn, Son &
Scott), hon. sheriff substitute, 27 Bank street; res. Balgillo
cottage, Broughty Ferry
Littlejohn Elizh. bookseller &c(E.Littlejohn & Co.), 5 Windsor pi
Littlejohn George Hale3, organist & tchr. of music, 119 Nethergt
Littlejohn Thomas, solicitor, notary & commissioner for taking
caths for the Courts of Manitoba (Littlejohn & Co.) & hon.
sec. & treas. to the Dundee & District Liberal Unionist Asso-
ciation & to the Church Establishment Association, 32 Bell
Btreet ; res. 4 Douglaa terrace, Carnoustie
Livingstone David, tailor, 23 Crichton street
Lloyd's Agency Office (W.O.Taylor & Co. agts.), 83 Commercial st
Lloyd's Register of British & Foreign Shipping (William Mor-
rison & Robert Howie, surveyors), Maritime bldgs. Ea. Dock st
Local Marine Board (Alfred Smith, supt.& sec); office, 63 Dock st
Lochee Day Nursery (D. Henderson, sec), Flights lane, Lochee
Lochee Literary Association Reading Rooms (Robert H. Brown,
sec), 133 High etreet, Lochee
Lochee Saw Mills Co. Limited, builders, contractors & saw mills,
South road, Lochee
Lochee Union Weavers' Lodge (George Whitton, sec), 130 High.
street, Lochee
Locke Robert, Bchoolmaster, 14 Paton's lane
LoRic James & Co. agents to the Marine Insur-
ance Co. Limited of London, to the Maritime
Insurance Co. Limited (Liverpool )& to the Union
Marine Insurance Co. Lim. (Liverpool), 67
Reform street; T N 504 ; T A "Logie, Dundee"
Logie Hall (William Younger, hall keeper), 44 Scott street
Logle James, insurance agent (James Logie & Co.), 11 Nor--.
wood, East Newport
Logie Jessie (MrB.), dairy keeper, 162 Strathmartine road
London Assurance Corporation (Robert Ferguson, district in- .
spector), 20 Panmure street
London, Edinburgh & Glasgow Assurance Co. Lim. (Martin
Cairns, district supt.), 74 Commercial street
London Guarantee & Accident Insurance Co. Limited (John
Ewan Dow, district sec), 10 Victoria chambers. For list of
Agents, see Insurance Offices & Agents in Classification of
London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. (George Rollo, resident
sec), 8 Panmure street
London & Newcastle Tea Co. 40 Wellgate; 75 Overgate & 111
High street, Lochee
London & North British Plate Glass Insurance Co. Limited (John
R. Wilson, district manager), 16 Meadowside; T N 172
Longair William, manufacturer (J. Paterson & Co.), Rockfield:
east, Perth road
Lord George H. & Son, machinerv merchants, 13a, Ward road;.
T A " Lord, Dundee " ; T N 1252
Lord George H. auctioneer &c. (George H. Lord & Son), 23
Magdalen Yard road
Lorimer James, milliner, 71 Murraygate; res. Sandridge cot-
tage, Monifieth
Lorimer Robert, milliner, 52 Murraygate; res. 84 Commercial st
Lorimer William K. baker, 50 Polepark road
Lorrimer Adolphus, commercial travllr. 2 Park ter. Blackness rd
Loseby H. E. teacher of music, 37 High street
Lovell Caroline (Miss), draper, 47 Union place, Lochee
Low & Bonar, merchants, 5 King street
Low Brothers, coach builders, 31 King street & Whitton street,
King's road; res. 8 Janefield place, Maryfield
Low David & Co. jute spinners, Ann Street work3, 2 North
William street; pay day, tuesday; T N 306
Low & Duff Limited, engineers & confectioners' machinists, 9
Dock street; TN 669; T A " Albert, Dundee '*
Low George & Andrew, joiners, 31 Overgate
Low John & Co. drapers, 25 to 31 Wellgate
Low R. H. & Co. tailors, 103 Ann street
Low William & Co. wholesale grocers, bacon curers & provision
mers. 22 to 36 Blackness rd. ; retail grocers & bottling stores
9, 11 & 13 Hunter st. ; 304 Perth rd. ; 87 Ure st. ; 115 Over-
gate ; 29 Victoria rd. & 115 Albert st. ; & 56 & 58 South rd. &
i.0 Logie street, Lochee; & butchers, 48 Blackness road; TN
868; T A "Willow "
Low Alex, clerk, 19 Blackness avenue
Low Alex, teacher of music, 5 Whitehall street
Low Alex. Petrie, practitioner, 3 Strathmartine road
Low David, spirit dealer, 1-3 Stirling street
Low Henry D. clerk, 3 St. John's Wood terrace
Low Isabella (Miss), grocer, 4 Thorter row
SCOT. 48

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