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Harris Academy (Jame3 Brebner M.A. rector), Park place
Harris John, solicitor, 23 High street; res. 9 Mary field terrace
Harris Wui.stationer (Burns & Harris), Carlogie rd. Carnoustie
Hart David, spirit dealer, 158 Hilltown
Hart John, assistant governor, East Poorhouse, Molison st.
Mains loan
Hart Michael, confectioner & pastrycook, 26 Ferry road
Harvey George, assistant traffic supt. 48 Magdalen Yard road
Harvey William, boot & shoe maker, 26 Arbroatii road
Hatch Oswald B. branch manager A. B. Fleming <& Co. Limited,
Bramblebank, Broughty Ferry
Hawkins Henry, confectioner, 191 Victoria road
Hawley Annie (.Mrs.), draper, 56 Peddie street
Haxton John, mill manager, 2U1 Scouringburn
Haxton William, shipping agent (Fleming & Haxton), 76 High
street; res. 4 Galgray place, Clepington road
Hay Charles & Son, builders &, contractors, 46 Castle street
Hay David, machinery merchant, Long wyud
Hay David, metal merchant, 42 & 44 Long wynd
Hay James, provision dealer, 23a, Bank street, Lochee
Hay John, spirit dealer, 80 Mid street, Lochee
Hay John Byers, builder, 14 Euclid crescent; T N 1270; ree.
1 Windsor terrace
Hay William, confectioner, 47 Murraygate
Hayes Catherine (Mrs.), grocer, 10 Temple lane
Hayes Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 11 Park wynd
H;iys Thomas, coal dealer, 94 Scouringburn
Hazel John u-. leather merchant, 22 brewery lane; res. Ailsa
cottage, Carnoustie
Bazell William, grocer & spirit dealer, 28 Whitehall street ; res.
4 Eeres terrace, Broughty Ferry
Headrick James, merchant &*rope maker, GO St. Andrew's st. ;
res. 3 Wellington street
Heeney John, boot & shoe maker, 77 Hilltown
Heggie Alexander, tailor, 43 Commercial street ; res. Baid cot-
tage, West Ferry
Heggie John, grocer & spirit dealer, 120 Ann street
Heiibrunn Ferdinand, merchant (Samson & Unna), 24 Springnd
Henderson Alexander & Sons, jute spinners & manufacturers,
South Dudhope works, Smellie's lane & West Henderson wynd.
T A " Westpark"; TN 909
Henderson Brothers & Co. Anchor line of steamers (William
Henry, agent), 25 Albert sq. ; T N 587 ; TA " Anchor,Dundee "
Henderson H. & Sens, tanners, curriers, leather
&. bark merchants & belting-, hose pipe & boot
& shoe manufacturers, S.adybank fearther
works, 6 Victoria road & Dudhope & Pleasance
tan yards, SmeDlie's lane; T N 4-9 ; T A "Hen-
DKRSON, Dundee " ; & at 38 King street, Glasgow & 3 King
â– street, Aberdeen
Henderson J. & W. (Aberdeen), slate mers. 1 Commercial street
Henderson John & Co. merchants, 12 Panmure street; T N 391;
T A " Midas, Dundee " ; res. 1 St. John's Wood terrace
Henderson John & Sons, jute spinners & manufacturers, Lindsay
Street works, North Lindsay st. ;TN 1261 ;T A " Tay, Dundee "
Henderson & Mackay, dress making specialists & ladies' tailors,
32 & 33 Whitehall street
Henderson Sarah & Elizabeth (Misses), fruiterers, 43 Guthrie st
Henderson a; Co. bird & animal stu.fr.ers, 84 Overgate
Henderson & Co. yarn merchants, 10 Victoria road; TN 455;
T A " Gothic, Dundee "
Henderson Alex, butcher, 4 South road, Lochee
Henderson Alexander, stationer, 125 Blackness road
Henderson Alex, tobacconist, 125 Blackness road
Henderson Alexander W. commission agent, 5 Bain square
Henderson Alexander W. merchant, 25 St. Andrew's street
Henderson Andrew, hair dresser, 5 Elizabeth street
Henderson Margaret (Mrs.), confectioner, 55 Princes Btreet
Henderson Daniel, agent, Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) &
insurance agent, High street, Lochee
Henderson David, shoe maker, 9 Milnbank road
Henderson David S. ladies' tailor (Henderson & Mackay); res.
Westlea, Worniit
Henderson Ebenezer, solicitor (Bell & Henderson), & sec. to the
Dundee Institution for the Elind, 1 Minto place
Henderson Henry, commission agent, 5 Gowrie pi. Hawkhill
Henderson Isabella (Mrs.), dairyman, 19 Charles street
Henderson James, farrner,BackHill of Balgay,Ancrum rd. Lochee
Henderson James, hair dresser, 196 Seagate
Henderson James, tanner (H. Henderson & Sons), The Gows,
Henderson Jane (Mrs.), dairy, 8 Charles street
Henderson John, caretaker Forester's Halls, 4 Nicoll street
Henderson John, merchant (John Henderson & Co.), 1 St. John's
Wood terrace
Henderson John, yarn merchant (Henderson & Co.); res. Cres-
cent house, Windsor street
Henderson Margaret (Mrs.), confectioner, 55 Princes street
Henderson Mary (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 193 Blackness road
Henderson Patrick, fishing tackle maker & bird & animal pre-
server, 32 Barrack street
Henderson Peter, chimney sweeper, 33 Strathmartine road
Henderson William, greengrocer, 52 Hill street
Henderson William, hardware dealer, 26 Dundonald street
Henderson William, jun. manager, Park place, Clepington road
Hendry Andrew & Sons, solicitors & notaries, 39 Murraygate
Hendry Andrew, jun. solicitor (Andrew Hendry & Sons), The
Shrubbery, Magdalen Yard road
Hendry David B. ship & Insurance agent, 4 India buildings: T N
01892 ; res. .o Airlie place
Hendry George B. grocer & spirit dealer, 172 Scouringburn
Hendry Helen (Mrs.), smalhvare dealer, 14 Watson Btreet
Hendry John M. solicitor & notary (Andrew Hendry & Sons),
St. Margaret's, Broughty Ferry
Hennessy James, spirit dealer, 126 & 128 Scouringburn
Hennessy James, Jan. draper, 132 Scouringburn
Hennessy James, jun. pawnbroker, 17 Meadow street; 132
Scouringburn & 8 Peter street ; res. 13 Airlie place
Hennessy James, jun. pawnbrokers' salesman, 63 Murraygate
Henry A. & 3. & Co. Limited, merchants & manufacturers, 49
Meadowsiie; TN 377; TA ''Henrys, Dundee"
Henry & Copland, carting contractors, 61 Trades lar^e
Henry Alfred, spirit dealer, 66 King Btreet Vv ,
Henry David L. laundry, 23 Mains loan
Henry John J. H. tailor, 63 Reform street; res. Clunygirrth; -
West Newport
Henry William, agent to Henderson Brothers & Co. steamship
owners (Glasgow), 25 Albert square; res. Kenny pi. West Ferry
Hepworth J. & Son Limited, clothiers, 64 Murraygate
Her Majesty's Theatre (Kt. Arthur, lessee & manager), Seagate
Herald David, butcher, 206 Seagate
Herbert William, scrap iron merchant, 80 James street
Heron Alex, dairy, 108 South road, Lochee
Heron Annie fMiss), greengrocer, 130 Princes street
rieron John White, hair dresser, 9 Clepington street
Heron Maria (Miss), draper, 86 Princes street
Herron William, boot maker, 158 Ann street
Herschell Richard, tobacconist, 17 Hilltown
Hershberg M. & Co. clothiers, drapers, dress makers & foreign
money changers, 157 Overgate
Heyde & Co. produce merchants, 10 St. Andrew's street
Heyde Julius, produce merchant (Heyde & Co.), 13 Peddie st
Higgiris Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, 2 Tannadice street
Higgins John C, consul for the United States, 31 Murraygate;
res. 1 Seaward place, Broughty Ferry
High School (George Ross Merry M.A., LL.D. rector; John L.
Stevenson, sec), Euclid crescent. For full list of masters,
see p. 725
High David, funeral furnisher, 121 Victoria road
High George, joiner & undertaker, 131 Victoria road
High John, artificial teeth dealer, 19 Bain square
High John, furniture dealer, 11 Ann street
High John, undertaker, 105 Victoria road
High William, coal dealer, 60 Dudhope street
High William, fish salesman, auctioneer & steam trawler owner,
Fish dock; TA "High, Dundee"; & retail fishmonger, 9
Hill M. & C. jute spinners, West Dudhope mill, Anchor lane ;
T N 835 ; TA" Orange, Dundee "
Hill & M'Gregor, solicitors, 18 Meadowside
Hill &. Renny f merchants, 2 Royal Exchange
place ; TW2;TA " Kenny, Dundee "
Hill Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 46 Blackness road
Hill Edward W. calenderer (Ladywell Calender Works Co.), 3
Rockfield terrace
Hill George, boot & shoe maker, 52 Ferry road
Hill George, glass & china dealer, 148 High street, Lochee
Hill George, hosier, 1 Dalhousie terrace
Hill Herbert, teacher High school; res. Wormit
Hill Howard,calenderer(LadywellCalenderWork3Co.),5 Nelson st
Hill James, billiard 6aloon proprietor, 6 Bain square
Hill James, shoe makar, 1 Lyon street
Hill James T. station master, Magdalen green
Hill Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 8 Forfar road
Hill Miller, spinner (M. & C. Hill), Craigmore, West Ferry
Hill W. Herbert M.A. teacher of french, High schl. Euclid cres
Hill William, house agent, 42 Blackness road
Hill William F. solicitor (Hill & M'Gregor), Afton bnk.Downfiela
Hill William L. house agent, 42 Blackness road
Hillbank Spinning Co. Limited, jute spinners & manufacturers,
Hillbank works, Dens road ; pay day, 3rd wed. ; T N 366
Hinchliffe John A.R.C.O. teacher of music, 93 Nethergate
Hindley, Walter H. & Co. merchants, 1 Royal Exchange place;
T N 378 ; TA" Hindley, Dundee "
Hird Jane (Mrs.), fishmonger, 61 Milnbank road
Hirst Samuel C. teacher of music, 11 South Tay street
His Majesty's Prison (Major William Stewart, governor; Alex.
M. Stalker M.A., M.D. surgeon), West Bell street
Hitchman A. J. manager Royal hotel, Nethergate
Hoare, Marr & Co. jute goods merchants (Donald Reich, agent),
14 Victoria road; TN 466
Hobin Bridget (Mrs.), grocer & general dealer, 5 Wilson street
& 97 Mid street, Lochee
Hodge Alexander, tobacconist, 33 Constitution road
Hodge David, joiner, 186 High street, Lochee
Hodge Helen (Mrs.), grocer, 200 High street, Lochee
Hodge John, chemist, 249 Overgate
Hodgkinson F. A, & Co. (London), shipping, insurance & for-
warding agents, 2 India buildings: TA " Lanac, Dundee";
TN 450
Hogan John, tobacconist, 50 Murraygate
Hogan Sarah (Miss), tobacconist, 72 Hilltown
Hogg Alfred (Mrs.), grocer, 5 Seagate
Hogg Ann (Mrs.), stationer, 34 Lillybank road
Hogg William, shopkeeper, 26 Caldrum street
Hogg William E. tailor, see Johnstone & Hogg
Holborn Hugh P. mathematical master Harris Academy, Park pi
Holburn Hugh Parker, teacher Harris academy, 10 Aberlemno
terrace, Perth road
Holt Robert, butcher, 5 Church street
Home & Colonial Stores Limited, 29 Overgate & 7 Wellgate
Home for District Nurses (affiliated with Queen Victoria Nurses'
Institute, Edinburgh) (Miss Jessie Mackay, matron), 1 Park pi
Home for Incurables (The Superior of SS. Mary &'Modwenna,
sec. & treasurer), 10 & 12 King street
Home for the Reformation of Females (Mrs. J. J. Johnstone,
sec), 35 Paton's lane, Perth road
Homo Tea Co. (Frank Taylor, manager), 2 India buildings
Honeyman Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 19 Mains road
Hood James S. & Co. coal merchants & colliery agents, 12
Whitehall crest; res. One Ash, Broughty Ferry
Hood James, brush maker, 30 & 32 Barrack street; res. 4
Bellfield avenue
Hood James Burnett, commercial traveller, 4 Nairn place
Hood William Ramage, spirit dealer, 5 & 7 Hilltown
Hooper Lionel Curtis, clerk inland revenue, 29 Bank street; res.
3 Norman view, Magdalen green
Hope James, commission agent, 81 Murraygate
Home John, laundry, 26 Bellfield lane
Howie James, spirit dealer, 2 Bell street
Horsbrough David, contractor, Laburn street

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