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Fleming Jessie & Annie (Misses), drapers & milliners, 49 Albert st
Fleming, Eeid «& Co. Liin. spinners of scotch fingerings &c. ;
depot, 82 Nethergate
Fleming It. E. & J. saddlers & general ironmnc:rs.31Yeaman shore
Fleming Alexander D. merchant, 7 Panmure street; res. Broom-
knowe, W est Ferry
Fleming Alex. M. ta;ior(F!emingBrothers), Woodbine eot.Birkhill
Fleming Andrew P. manufacturer (D. H. Fleming, Sons & Co.),
5 Union bank, Lochee
Fleming Ann (.Mrs.), confectioner, 2-1 Campbell street, Lochee
Fleming Chas.P.manufactr.(D.H.Fleming,Sons&Co.),2Adelaide pi
Fleming D. M'Grigor, solr.38 Whitehall st. ; res.41Constitution st
Fleming David Nicoll, mill furnisher & machine merchant, 26
Willison street; res. Garland place
Fleming Edward A. wholesale stationer, 20 Gellatly street
Fleming Jas. ironmonger (B. E. & Jas. Fleming), 2 Park place
Fleming James, ironmonger, 26 & 28 Victoria road
Fleming James, merchant (J. & J. Fleming), 41 Constitution at
Fleming James P. (J. & J. Gray), 142 Nethergate
Fleming John, commercial traveller, 101 Magdalen green
Fleming Jn. wholesale grocer (Jn.Fleming & Sons),9 Panmure ter
Fleming John D. timber merchant (.Fleming & Barry Limited)
Hill cottage, Broughty Ferry
Fleming John S. grocer & spirit dealer, 215 Hawkhill
Fleming John W. grocer (Salmond & Fleming), Dalhousie ter-
race, Balmyle road, West Fern-
Fleming Lizzie H. (Miss), teacher of music, 142 Nethergate
Fleming Mary Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 11 Main street
Fleming Patrick Philip, jute merchants Meadow Place buildings;
Fleming Peter, shipping agent (Fleming & Haxton) ; res. Brae-
side, West Newport
Fleming Philip, manufacturer (D. H. Fleming, Sons & Co.),
Ingleside, Coupar-Angus road, Lochee
Fleming E. E. & J. saddlers & general ironmongers & im-
porters of american & continental ware, 31 Yeaman shore
Fleming Eobert, merchant, 13 .albert square; T K 597; T A
" Fleming, Dundee "
Fleming Hobert E. ironmonger (E. E. & J. Fleming), 2 Eeres
terrace, Broughty Ferry
Fleming Wm. wholesale grocer (Jn. Fleming & Sons), 165 Seagate
Fleming William P. teacher of music, 104 Nethergate
Fletcher Catherine (Miss), dress ma. 1 Mt. Pleasant, Hawkhill
Fletcher Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 8 Eosebank road
Fletcher Patrick James, hair dresser, 138 Overgate
Fletcher William, news agent, 163 Hieh street, Lochee
Flett Peter G. grocer, 184 Strathmartine road
Fieuchar Craig Aerated Water Co. Limited, mineral water manu-
facturers, Glenagnes lane & Scott street
Flight Alexander Cathro, auctioneer & valuator, 5
Eeform street
Flight Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, 106 Victoria road
Flockhart Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 31 Craigie street
Flockhart Eandall, spirit dealer, 10 Victoria street
Flynn Gilbert, grocer, 100 Blackscroft
Flynn Patrick, grocer, 22 St. Mary's street
Foggie James & Son, architects, 45 Commercial s*reet
Foggie James, baker, 152 Lochee road; 32 Guthrie street &
37 Cowgate
FoggieJohn, assistant teacherDundeeTJniversitv; res.4Bellefield av
Foggie Jn. F.C.S. teacher Technical Institute'; res.4 Bellefleld av
Foggie John, merchant, 31 Murraygate ; res. 9 Sprinehill
Foegie Thomas Kilgour, architect (Foggie James & Son); res.
17 Janefield place
Foggie William, joiner, Whitton street, King's road
Foggie William Edward M.B., CM. physician & surgeon 30
Springfield, Perth road
Folley Thomas, furniture broker & dealer, 79t Lochee road
Foote Alex, blacksmith, 16 Flights lane, Lochee
Foote Andrew, joiner, 57 Dura street
Foote Andrew A. joiner & undertaker. 33 Eosebank street
Foote James, boot maker, 41 Polepark road
Foote Thomas, grocer, 14 Flights lane, Lochee
Foran Eose (Miss), shopkeeper, 2 Watson street
Forbes & Christie, sack manufacturers & packers, 4 Forebank
road & 80 Victoria road; pay day, first wednesdav in the
month; TN 307
Forbes P. & Co. wholesale grocers & provision merohants,4 Allan
street & retail grocers, 30 Polepark road: 96 Princes street-
24 Strathmartine road; 40 Ann street: 242 Blackness road •
314 Perth road : 51 Hawkhill : 48 Watson street & 163 Albert
street: T N 439 : TA "Forbes & Co"
Forbes Eev. Alex. B.A. classical mastMorgan academv.Forfar rd
Forbes Alexander, sheriff's officer, 51 Hieh street
Forbes Archibald, tailor, 17 North Wellington street
Forbes David, grocer & spirit dealer. 53 Hospital wvnd
Forbes David, manager. 3.U Seafleld road
Forbes Ellen (Mrs.), fish dealer, 93 Hilltown
Forbes George D. calendered 13 Duff street, Marvfield
Forbes Isabel (Mrs.), confectioner, 98 Annfield road
Forbes James Thos, music seller. 44 King's road
Forbes John, furniture dealer. 187 Lochee road
Forbes John, plumber, 33 Union street, Maxwelltown
Forbes Jonathan, provision merchant, 45 Yeaman shore
Forbes Marenret (Miss), news acent, 13J Mains road
Forbes Matthew, tobacconist, 17 Overgate
Forbes Melville W. grocer, 81 Peddie street
Forbes Peter, who. grocer, Longhaugh, Midmill, near Dundee
Forbes Peter, shopkeeper, 5 Eose street
Forbes Steven, painter, 78 Ann street
Forhes Thomas (Mrs.), flshmoneer. 191 Princes street
Forbes William, news acent, 177 Hilltown
Forhes William, retail stationer & tobccst. 94 Strathmartine road
Forbes William E. grocer & spirit dealer, 53 Mains road
Ford Aenes (Mrs.), shopkeener, 226 Lochee road
lord James, hair dresser. 16 Ferrv road
Ford Jn men. spirit donler. 75 & 77 rhnrch st. Maxwelltown
,*;,« Kincardine Masonic Hall (John Macgregor, hall keeper),
13 Meadow street
Forfarshire Buildi
ning Societv I'D. S.
managers & sees.), 27 Bank street
Littlejohn, Son & Scott,
Forrest Agnes (Miss), dining rooms, 32 Dock street
Forrest William, architect, 31 Keform street ; res. Scotia ter-
race, Downneld
Forrest Simon, steamship broker (Andrew Leitch & Co.), & sec.
to the Dundee Loch Line Steam Shipping Co. Lim. Maritime
buildings, East Dock street ; res. Craig-Ard, East Newport
Forrester Ernest, provision dealer, 2 South road, Lochee
Forresters Halls (John Henderson, keeper), Nicoll street
Forsyth Alexander (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 151 Overgate
Forsyth Jesse (Miss), dress maker, 258 Blackness road
Forsyth Jn. chemist, 17 High st. ; res. Moray pi. Magdalen grn
Forsyth Eobert, boot maker, 104 Blackscroft
Forte Angelo, confectioner, 145 Victoria road
Forte Philip, fried fish dealer, 61 Dura street
Forte Poalo, confectioner, 127 Nethergate
Fortes D. confectioner, 53 Eosebank street
Forwell William, biscuit manufacturer & confectioner, Stirling st
Poulis Alexina (Mrs.), Victoria P.H. 136 Victoria road
Fowler James, french polisher, 107 Viotoria road
Fowler James, spirit dealer, 129 Princes street
Fowlis John, boot & shoe maker, 58 Arbroath road
Fox Anne (.Mrs.), furniture broker, 20 Hunter street
Fox John, marine store dealer, 64 James street
Fox Hobert D. milliner, 56 & 58 Wellgate
Fraenkl Victor J. P. merchant (Jaffa Brothers & Co.), Taypark,
Broughty Ferry
Fraiu William o; Son, china, glass & oriental goods merchants,
Frain's buildings, 11 to 21 Castle street; TN 143 ; II" Edis-
wan, Dundee "
Frain William, china merchant (W. Frain & Son), 4 St. Johns-
wood terrace, West park
Franchi Antonio, confectioner, 49 Overgate; 8 King street; 44
West port; 5 Ann street; 112 Eosebank st. & The Esplanade
Franchi Joseph, confectioner, 308 Hawkhill
Franchi Peter, confectioner, 93 Strathmartine road
Fraser George & Co. fruit & potato merchants,
5 & 33 Commercial street! T N 51
Fraser Alan, coal dealer, 16 Charles street
Fraser Alexander, carver & gilder, 58 Bell street
Fraser Alexander Paterson, managing partner (W. Keith Webster
6 Co.), 7 Ward road; res. Eocklea, Maryfield
Fraser Atister Stewart, local manager Commercial Union Assur-
ance Co. Limited, 12 Victoria chambers ; res. 332 Blackness rd
Fraser Allister James, bank manager, 65 Commercial street
Fraser Ann (Mrs.), seed dealer, 12 Arbroath road
Fraser Donald, coal dealer, 56 Gellatly street
Fraser Hugh E., M.D. res. medical supt. Eoyal Infirmary, 11
Adelaide place
Fraser James, clothier & draper, 153 & 155 High st. Lochee
Fraser James, printer, 13 & 15 Peter street ; res. 24 Nelson st
Fraser James C. spirit dealer, 104 Blackness road
Fraser John (Mrs.), art needlework designer, 51 & 53 Nethergate
Fraser John, bird dealer, 40 Forebank road
Fraser John, householder, 4 Logie bank, Eankine street
Fraser John, news agent & tobacconist, 240 Overgate
Fraser John, picture frame maker, 46 & 48 Barrack street
Fraser John, picture frame maker, 4 Caldrum street
Fraser Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 182 Ferry road
Fraser Hobert, baker (A. G. Kidd & Son Limited), 15 Baxter
Park terrace
Fraser Hobert, sheriff's officer, 51 High street
Fraser Eobert B. baker, 146 Albert street
Fraser Walter Hall, fancy draper, 63 Nethergate
Fraser William, draper, 96 Ann street
Fraser William J. printer, 62 Murraygate; res. Lilac
walk, Monifleth
Free Gardeners Hall (Eobert Nicol, hall keeper), 31 Overgate
Free Libraries, Museums & Fine Art Galleries (John Maclauch-
lan, librarian, curator & clerk), Albert Institute, Albert sq.. ;
(branches) (David Scott, librarian ; John Leighton, assistant
librarian), High street, Lochee & Dudhope Park Museum of
Mechanics, Archaeology &c
French Vice-Consulate (James M. Gray), 30 Eeform street
French Annie (Miss), baby linen dealer, 123 Perth road
Friedheim Otto, merchant (F. Eosenstern & Co.), 16 Douglas
terrace, Broughty Ferry
Friend George, produce broker & commission agent, 81 Com-
mercial street ; res. Laurel bank, Broughty Ferry
Fry J. S. & Sons Limited, chocolate manufacturers (W. H.
Horswell, representative), 84 Commercial street
Fullerton James & Co. merchants, 51 Meadowside; pay day,
tuesday; TN 384; TA '-Fuller, Dundee"
Fullerton James, merchant (James Fullerton & Co.), Viewbank,
Dudhope terrace
Fulton Angus H. assistant professor engineering & drawing
dept. University college
Fyfe David, fruit merchant, 6 Shore terrace
Fyfe John, painter & paperhanger, 11 Marshall street, Lochee
Fyfe William Guild', grocer & spirit dealer, S8 Mains road
Fyfle Jas. & Son, plumbers & gasfitters, 89 Nethergate ; T N 109
Fyffe John W. & Co. slaters, 14 Bank street
Fyffie Andrew, stationer, 162 & 164 Ann street
Fyffe George, warehouseman, Greenlaw place, Clepington road
Fyffe John, confectioner, 33 Eosebank street
Fyffe John W. slater (John W. Fyffe & Co.), 16 Bank street
Fyffe Peter, furniture broker, 21 Union p'ace, Lochee
Fyffe Hobert, upholsterer & cabinet maker, 185 Hilltown
Fyffe Thomas, grocer & general dealer, 94 South road, Lochee
Fyffe Thomas G. dining rooms, 80 Overgate
Fyffe Thos. L. plumber (Jas. Fvffe & S'on), 1 Eichmond terrace
Fyffe William, cashier Gourlay Brothers & Co. 38 Park avenue
Gabrelli David, refreshment rooms, 53 Forebank road
Gaertner Hans, teacher of music, 41 Eeform street
Gaffery Thomas, furniture broker & dealer, 11 North Ellen street
Gaffney Thomas, hair dresser, 17 Albert street
Gagan Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 97 Eosebank street
Gagnon John, shopkeeper, 50 King street
Gahan Brothers, painters & paperhangers, 57 Hilltown
Gahan Thomas, furniture broker, 61 Hilltown
Gaiety Theatre of Varieties (James M. Creighton, general mgr.),
86 Victoria road

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