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Evening: Telegrraph Newspaper Office (John Long
& Co. proprietors), 7 to 25 Bank street
Eye Institution (A. J. Duncan M.D. & Angus McGillivray M.D.,
CM. ; William Arthur Bell, treasurer & sec), 86 Nethergate
Faculty of Procurators & Solicitors in Dundee (Walter Baxter,
treas. & sec. 31 Murraygate), Court House bldgs. West Bell st
Fagan Peter, clothes broker, 86 Overgate
Fair Alexander, wood carver, 55 Trades lane
Fair James, grocer & spirit dealer, 33 Blackness road
Fair John, grocer & spirit dealer, 96 & 98 King street
Fairbairn, Lawson, Coombe, Barbour Lim. (Fairbairn Macpher-
son branch), engineers (Leeds) (William Bruce, agent), 10
Panmure street
Fairley Jane (Miss), milliner, 153 Scouringburn
Fairley Peter, Golden Lion P.H. 43 Ann Btreet
Fairley Polio, spirit dealer, 31 High street, Lochee
Fairweather & Gilchrist, solicitors, 9 Ward road
Fairweather J. &, J. ,F, teachers of shorthand & typewriting,
Perth road
Fairweather & Son, hair dressers & perfumers, 213 Overgate
Fairweather & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, 1US Seagate; T N 508
Fairweather & Sons, tobacconists, 61 Murraygate; res. 1 Rock-
field terrace, Perth road
Fairweather & Co. glazier, 23 Kincardine street
Fairweather George I. solicitor (Fairweather & Gilchrist), Ravens-
craig villa, Wormit, Fife
Fairweather Helen (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 37 Princes street
Fairweather Jas.C.printerlD. R.Clark & Son),Ferrier st. Carnoustie
Fairweather John B. flour & farina merchant, 127 Cowgate
Fairweather John S. merchant (J. F. Emslie & Co.). 16 Bank st
Fairweather Joseph, monumental sculptor &
polished granite [merchant, 222a, Perth road
(near St. Peter's), Established over 30 years.
Telegrams, " Fairweather, Sculptor, Dundee"
Fairweather William G. printer (D. R. Clark & Son), 7 St. Fil-
i lan's place, Newport
FairweatherWm.W.tobacco mfr.(Fairweather&Sons),lRockfield ter
Faithful George, messenger to the Board of Trade Office, Dock st
Falconer Charles M. rope merchant <fc manufacturer, 14 Shore
terrace; res. Hyndford street
Falconer James, furniture dealer, 14 Ann street
Falconer James B. stock broker (Andrew Ogilvie & Co.), Wood-
haven, West Newport
Falconer Robert, gas inspector, Perrie Btreet, Lochee
Falconer Sarah (Mrs.), confectioner, 189 Lochee road
Farley James, hair dresser, 145 Hawkhill
Farley Thomas, hair dresser, 32 Overgate
Farmer James, joiner, 61 Nethergate
Farquhar Jane (Missl, confectioner, 173a, Hilltown
Farquharson John & Sons, plumbers, brass founders & Iron-
mongers, 38 & 44 Barrack st. ; TN 770; & 151 Perth road
Farquharson Annie (Miss), school of dress cutting, 132a,Nethergt
Farquharson David, greengrocer, 7 Constitution street
Farquharson David, shopkeeper, 2 Alexander street
Farquharson Margaret (Mrs."), milliner, 126 Nethergate
Farquharson Thomas, marine insurance broker (Joseph Gibson &,
Co.), Abercraig, West Ferry
Farquharson William, house agent, 26 Castle street
Farquharson William, shopkeeper, 30 West Henderson's wynd
Farrell Lewis & Co. pawnbrokers, 23, 25 & 27 Scouringburn
Farrell Alfred R. hair dresser, 3 Castle street
Farrell Annie (Miss"), dairy keeper, 45 West port
Farrell Edward, coal dealer, 10 Jnmaica street
Farrell Michael, hatter, 44 Albert street
Faulds John, boot maker, 54 Constable street
Faulds Margaret (Miss), confectioner, 17 Middle street
Fawns David, hair dresser, 78 Annfield road
Fawns John, hair dresser, 112 Logie street, Lochee
Fawns Joseph, hair dresser, 12 Bank s'reet, Lochee
Fearns James, merchant (Thomson, Fearns & Co.), Monifieth
Fearns Robert, grocer, 67 Victoria road & 1 Watson street
Feathers George r'. & Small, merchants, 2 Meadow Place bldgs
Feathers Peter A. & Son, opticians & nautical instrument mas.
43 Dock street
Feathers George F. merchant (Feathers G. F. & Small), 2
Meadow Place buildings: res. Lynedoch, Wormit
Feathers James, optician (Peter A. Feathers & Son),The Rowans,
Feathers Peter, optician & dealer in photographic materials, 6
Castle street; res. 1 Windsor place, Broughty Ferry
Feathera Peter A. optician (Peter A. Feathers & Son), Somerviile
house, Broughty Ferry
Feely Lawrence, grocer, 67 Main street
Fehrenbach Charles J. watch maker & jeweller, 24 Murray-
gate; res. Seafield road. Broughty Ferry
Feldman George, cap maker, 18 Scouringburn
Feldman Peter, cap maker, 1G8 Overgate
Fender George D. tobacconist, 58 South Tay street
Fender Joan (Miss), shopkeeper, 25 Constitution street
Fenton David, representative of W. Willson, Cobbett Lim.
(London"), 35 St. Andrew's street
Fenton John, coal dealer, 32 Union street, Charles street
Fenton William S. inspector of postal telegraphs (engineers' de-
partment), General Post office. Meadowside
Fenwick Bathia (Miss), dress m^ker, 39 Wilkies lane
Fenwick Margaret (Mrs.), fruiterer, 50 Victoria road
Fenwick Peter, spirit dlr. Fenwick's bar, 103 & 105 Nethergate
Fenwick Stewart, householder, 13 William street
Fenwick William, plumber & gasfitter, 11 North Lindsay s%;
res. 9 Balfour street
Ferguson & Davidson, coal merchants. Ferry road
Ferguson Robert & Co. ship owners & brokers, 39 Dock street
Ferguson Robert & Sons, merchants & mill furnishers, 11, 13 &
15 Royal Exchange lane ; T N 94 ; T A " Ferguson, Dundee "
Ferguson Thomas & Co. textile engineers, mill & fac-
tory furnishers & oil merchants, 35a, Cowgate; res. Fountain
Brae, East Newport. See advert
Ferguson Alex, clothier. 6 King st. : res. 14 Louisa ter. We. Ferry
Ferguson Alexander J. butcher, 60 Dura street
Ferguson Andrew, furniture dealer. 79 Hilltown
Ferguson Henry, butcher, 112 Ann Btreet
Ferguson Andrew M. solicitor, 45 Commercial st. Dundee &
Commercial street, Alyth; res. Heston, Alytb
Ferguson David, sec. (Gilroy, Sons & Co. Limited), Tay works ;
res. East Newport
Ferguson James, engineer & machine maker, 360 Loon's rod
Ferguson James A. Royal P.H. 48 Scourinrburn
Ferguson John, assistant agent National Bank of Scotland L:na.
71 Reform street
Ferguson John, butcher, 34 Ann street
Ferguson John, confectioner & greengrocer, 113 High st. Lochee
Ferguson John, oil mar. (R. Ferguson & Sons), Seafield lodge
Ferguson John M. collector of inland revenue, 29 Bank street;.
res. St. Andrews
Ferguson Peter, ironmonger (G. H. Nicoll & Co. The Hermitage,
Broughty Ferry
Ferguson Robert, district inspector London Assurance Corpora-
tion, Norwood, East Newport
Ferguson Robert, representative of Allan Line Steam Ship Co. 4
India buildings ; res. Fernbank, Maryfield
Ferguson Robert (Robert Ferguson & Co.), ship broker; res.
Tay mount
Ferguson Thomas C. oil merchant (Robert Ferguson & Sons),
3 Oakwood terrace
Ferguson William, watch maker, 58a, Wellgate
Ferguson William M. veterinary surgeon, 32 Bell street
Fergusson & Stephen, solicitors & notaries, 20 Whitehall street - r
TN 126
Fergusson William & Sons, jute manufacturers. Dudhope works-,
Douglas street; TN 359; TA *' Forum, Dundee
Fergusson Robert A. manfr. (W. Fergusson &. Sons;, Ethiebeaton
Fergusson Robert M. solicitor (Ferguison & Stephen), 20 White-
hall street
Fergusson William H. manufacturer (W. Fergusson &, Sons), The
Buchties, Broughty Ferry
Ferrar William (Harry Tulloch's successor), jeweller, 70 High et
Perrie Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 169 Blackness road
Ferrier &. Anderson, chemists, 14 Strathmurtine road
Ferrier David H. & Son, chemists &c. 2 Hilltown; res. 2 Eas-t
Sommerville place
Ferrier, Hunter & Co. flax & jute merchants, 7 Royal Exchange
court; T N 1032; T A " Laconic, Dundee "
Ferrier & Co. coopers, 18 Greenmarket
Ferrier Charles, jute merchant (Ferrier, Hunter & Co.), 7 Roya-l
Exchange court & Rosevene, Carlogie road, CarnouBlie
Ferrier Gibson C. merchant (Thomas Taylor & Co.), Brae cot-
tage, Broughty Ferry
Ferrier William, photographer, 1 Tally street.:.
re3. Broughty Ferry
Fettes Charles, cashier, 50 Seafield road
Fettes Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 15 & 18 Dud-
hope street
Fichlie James, butcher, 43 Blackness road
Fichlie James, dining & refreshment rooms, 60 South road. Lochea-
Fidler T. Claxton M.I.C.E. professor ot engineering & drawing.
University college
Fielding Thos. E. collector & surveyor H.M. Customs, Dock st
Flndlay Andrew, p'umber, 31 Sirathmartine road
Findlay George, merchant (A. Reid & Co.), Clcpington road
Findlay George P. ironmonger, 38 Overgate
Flndlay J. L. commission agent, 20 St. Andrew's street
Findlay James, architect, 33 Albert square; res. Hill st. Alytn,
Findlay James, boot maker, 5 Pitfour street
FiDdlay James, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 146 Perth road
Findlay John, carting contractor, 13 South Church street, Lochee-
Findlay John (Mrs.), grocer, 20 & 22 Malcolm street
Findlay John, jun. house factor, 63 Gellatlv street; TN 560;
res. Elmslea, Seafield, Broughty Ferry; T N 36
Findlay John M. manager for William Murray oc Son, of Aber-
deen, Bakownie, Pitkerro road
Findlay Margaret (Miss), milliner, 171 Princes street
Findlay Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Clepington road
Findlay William, clerk, 1 Forebank terrace, Forebank road
Findlay William, greengrocer, 28 Commercial road '
Findleton David, fishmonger, 286a, Hilltown
Finlay Crawford, tailor, 14 South George street
Finlay Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Clark street
Finlay Sarah (Mrs.), confectioner, 27 Arbroath road
Finlayson Georgina (MiBg), draper, 38 Albert street
Finnegan Anne (Mrs.), furniture broker, 8£ Daniel street
Finnegan Edward, spirit dealer, 1 Powre place, Forebank road'
Finnegan John, hair dresser, 86 Scouringburn
Finnigan Andrew, spirit dealer, 147 Hawkhill
Finnigan John, spirit dealer, 15 Scouringburn & ale & porter
merchant & bottler, 31 Kincardine street
Finnigan Patrick, spirit dealer, 74 Hilltown
Fish Market (who.), (James Walker, aupt.), Craig st. ; T N 101D--
Fisher Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, 19 Hilltown
Fisher James, hair dresser, 166 High street, Lochee
Fisher John, hair dresser, 37 Perth road
Fisher John, merchant, 6 Panmure street ; T N 15; T A "' Fishery
Dundee " ; res. 3 Park place
Fisher William D. stockbroker, 49 Meadowside; TA" Progress,.
Dundee"; res. Woodlvn, Perth road
Fisher William M., L.D*S.Eng. dental surgeon, 136 Nethergate-
Fitchet James F. grocer, 38 Small's wynd
Fleming A. B. & Co. Lim. oil mers. & manufacturers (O. B.
Hatch, mgr.), Carolina port; TN 539: TA " Batching,Dnndpe"
Fleming & Barry Limited, timber merchants & creosoting works,
Camperdown saw mills; T N 564; TA" Timber, Dundee "
Fleming Brothers, clothiers, 1 Bain square
Flemintr Brothers, tailors & clothiers, 14 to 18 Cowgate &
drapers, 127 High street, Lochee
Fleming D. H., Sons & Co. jute & twine spinner?, sack & big*
manufacturers; also paper lined goods, Gray Street work;,
Lochee; T N 878 ; T A " Fleming, Lochee "
Fleming, Douglas & Co. flax, hemp & jute merchants, 2 Balric-
buildings, Meadowside
Fleming & Haxton, shipping & emigration agents, 76 Hteh str^ir
Fleming J. & J. hardware & fancy goods mers. I to 7 Oversrnte
Fleming John & Sons, wholesale grocers, 165 Seagate; T IT 553 ^
TA" Flemingson, Dundee "

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