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Dundee Institute of Architecture, Science & Art (A. A. Symon,
president; C. G. Soutar, hon. treas. ; David L. Allan, 41
.Reform street, hon. sec), 104 Nethergate
Dundee Institute of Engineers (Donald Porteous, sec. & treas.),
29 Nethergate
Dundee Institution for the Blind (Colin Mac-
Donald, manager), manufacturers of hair,
wool & straw mattresses, -Feather bedding;,
brushes, baskets, mats & matting:, firewood &
firelighters, feather purifiers & upholsterers,
Magdalen green ; branch sale shop, 30 High st.
See advert
Dundee Institution for the Deaf & Dumb (Robert Hansell,
superintendent; Mrs. B. Hansell, matron; Miss W. N. Whit-
lock, assistant teacher; David Don C.A. sec. 104 Commercial
street), Dudhope bank, Lochee road
Dundee (The) Jute & Flax Warehousing Co. Limited (Berg, Sons
& Co. Limited, managers), 4 Panmure street
Dundee Liberal Association (Walter Baxter, hon. sec. & trea-
surer, 31 Murraygate; William Smith, organiser), 51 Beform st
Dundee Liberal Club (Peter Anderson, sec.), 51 Reform street
Dundee, Liverpool & Manchester Steam Ship Office (Bobert K.
Christie, agent), 46 Castle street
Dundee Loch Line Steam Shipping Co. Limited (Andrew Leitch,
manager; Simon Forrest, sec). Maritime buildings, East Dock
street; TN 518; TA "Loch, Dundee"
Dundee & Lochee Mission to the Out-Door Blind (John Bobert-
son, president ; David Air, vice-president ; Walker S. Mel-
ville, treasurer & sec. ; J. A. Campbell Kynoch M.B. medi-
cal attendant; John Gait, supfc.), 26 Castle street
Dundee Lunacy District (D. MacDonald esq. chairman; James
Kyd, clerk & treasurer), Board chambers, West Bell street
Dundee Meat Market Co. Limited (A. W. Carlisle, sec), Com-
mercial street & slaughter houses. East Dock street
Dundee Mission to the Deaf & Dumb (Archibald Welsh, mission-
ary), Mission hall, Dudhope park
Dundee & Newcastle Steam Shipping Co. Limited (John Plen-
derleath, manager), 6 Whitehall crest; TA " Plenderleath,
Dundee " ; TN 1060
Dundee News Agency Co. 75 Wellgate & 62 High street
Dundee & Newtyle Bailway Co. (W. T. Currie, sec. ; O. J.
Marquis, treasurer), 5 Bank street
Dundee Oil Blacking Co. blacking mfrs. King's Cross chemical wka
Dundee Orphan Institution (D. Gordon Stewart, sec. ; John M.
Watson, treasurer), Ferry road
Dundee, Perth & London Shipping Co. (James W. Kidd, mgr )
5 Shore terrace; T N 153 ; TA " Kidd, Dundee"
Dundee & Perth PaBsenger Steamboat Co. Lim. (Boyd M. McCrae,
sec), 11 Murraygate
Dundee Prices Current & Trade Beport (John W. Warden, sec),
23 Panmure street
Dundee Printing & Publishing Co. Limited, 106 Cowgate
Dundee Private Hospital for Women (Miss Walker, secretary;
Miss Menmuir, nurse-matron), 19 Seafield road
Dundee Private Nursing Home (Miss Mary Elizabeth Wharton,
principal). 33 Magdalen Yard road
Dundee Public Gymnasium (David Bannerman, sec. & treasurer;
Alexander Sturrock, superintendent; David Davidson, in-
structor), Ward road
Dundee Public Warehouse (Thomas S. Boss & Co. managers), 9
Meadowplace buildings
Dundee Bovnl District Dispensary, 51 South Tay street
Dundee Sailors' Home (Duncan Ritchie, supt.), 62 Dock street
Dundee Sand, Lighterage & Coasting Co. Limited (C. M. Mur-
doch, manager), 46 Castle street
Dundee Savings Bank (Jn. Miln, actuary; Archibald W. Sturrock,
cashier; open daily, 10 to 3; Saturday, 10 to 12; Wednesday,
6 to 8 p.m. & Saturday, 5 to 8 p.m.), 2 Euclid street. Branch
offices: 28 Strathmartine road; 67 High street, Lochee; D &
11 Arbroath road & 181 Hawkhill (each open daily, 10 to 3
& monday & Saturday, 6 to8 p. ml & 74 Fort street, Broughty
Ferry (open tues. thurs. & Saturday, 6 to 8 p.m)
Dundee School of Shorthand & Commercial College (A. W.
Paton (Honours) F.I.P.S. principal), 41 Reform st. ; TN 1294
Dundee Seamen's Friend Society (F. E. Scott, sec. & treasurer,
27 Bank street), Dock street
Dundee (The) Shipbuilders Co. Limited (suc-
cessors to Alexander Stephen & Sons), iron &
wood shipbuilders & repairers, Marine parade ;
T N 84: TA" Shipbuilding, Dundee"
Dundee Ship Owners' Co. Limited (William U. Tavlor & Co.
mgrs.), 83 Commercial st. ; TN 339 ; TA " Shipowners.Dundee "
Dundee Shorthand & Typewriting Office, 41 Beform st. ; T N 1294
Dundee Society of Musicians (William Campbell Scarlett, hon.
sec), 79 Commercial street
Dundee Societv for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(Thomas
P. Buist, sec). 16 Castle street
Dundee Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (F. E.
Scott, hon. sec. ; Bobert Murray, hon. treas. ; W. D. William-
son, officer), 2 Dudhope place & 27 Bank street
Dundee Spinning Co. Lim. jute & jute waste spinners, Bllnshall st
Dundee Spirit Traders' Protection Association (Boyd M. McCrae,
sec), 11 Murraygate
Dundee Steam Laundry Co. Limited (David Don, sec. & general
manager), 104 Commercial street & Taits lane
Dundee Steam Trawling Co. Limited (John M. Hendry, sec),
39 Murraygate
Dundee Stock Exchange Association (F. Airth Grant, sec), 1
Boval Exchange place
Dundee Supply Co. Lim. grocers & wine merchants. 80 & 82 Com-
mercial street; TN 182; T A " Supply, Dundee"
Dundee Tramway & Carriage Co. Lim. jobmasters & under-
takers (William Nicoll, iun. sec. ; John Beveridge, manager),
1S8 Perth road; TN 772; Blackness road; 29 Albert street;
66 Nethergate & Westfield avenue
Dundee Trinity House Corporation (Wm. Kilgonr, box master;
David Simpson, deputy box master; James Hunter, jun.
69 Beform street, sec.)
Dundee Warehousing Co. (W. F. Soutar & Co. managers), 8
Panmure street
Dundee Water Commissioners (George S. Baxter, engineer &
manager); office, 93 Commercial street
Dundee Weekly News (W. & D. C. Thomson, proprietor & pub-
lishers), Courier buildings, Lindsay street
Dundee Wholesale Produce Co. provision merchants, 105Nethergate
Dundee Window Cleaning Co. (Arthur McEwen & Arthur
Pagan, managers), 3 Barrack street
Dundee Wood Fibre Co. East Camperdown street; TA" Fleming,
care Timber "; TN 564
Dundee Working Men's Coffee Houses & Beading Booms Associa-
tion (Daniel Mclntyre C.A. sec & treasurer), 8 Wellgate; St.
Clement's lane; East Dock street; office, 13 Albert square
Dunlop John, hon. treasurer & investigating agent to the Charity-
Organization Society, 7 West Bell street ; res. Durham st.
Dunlop John, blacksmith, 25 Bosebank street
Dunn Isabella (Mrs.), game & poultry dealer, 27 Nethergate
Dunn John B.Sc. science master, Morgan academy, Forfar road '
Dunn Thomas Delgaty, art master, Technical Institute, Smalls,
wynd ; res. Helenbank, Lochee
Durham J., Son & Kinnoch, printers & lithographers, 13 Overgate
Durham John & Son, wholesale stationers, printers & account
book manufacturers, 49 High street; works, 13 Overgate
Durham Jas. stationer (J. Durham & Son), lWingate pi. Newport
Durkie David, baker, 78 Dura st. ; 56 Ann st. & 247 Lochee rd
Durkie David, jun. baker, 12 Hawkhill
Durlac Henry, teacher of French & German, 22 Magdalen Yard rd
Durlac M. H. officer d'academie, french & german lecturer,
University college; res. Magdalen Yard road
Duthie Agnes E. (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 24 North Tay street:;
res. 1 Airlie terrace
Duthie David, butcher, 124 Logie street
Duthie James S. butcher, 29 Lochee road
Dili hie Lizzie (Miss), confectioner, 104 High street, Lochee
Duthie Mary (Miss), draper & dress maker, 84 High street, Lochee
Diuhie Susan (Mrs.), grocer, Old Glamis road
Dye Charles, chimney sweeper, 34 Murraygate
Dye George, chimney sweeper, 15 Hill town
Dye James, chimney sweeper, 8 Victoria street
Dye Wiliiara, chimney sweep, 107 Albert street
Dye William, chimney sweeper, 25 Nethergate
Dyer John, shopkeeper, 73 Bosebank street
Dyer Lizzie (Miss), confectioner, 160 Ferry road
Eadie &, Co. jute merchants, 15 Castle street
Eadie James L. jute merchant (Eadie & Co.), Beechwood, New-
port, Fife
Easson John &. Son, cork cutters, 28 Barrack st. ; TN 1135
Eas3on David, draper, 60 Wellgate
Easson David (Mrs.), spirit dlr. Harp & Thistle, 166 Overgate
Easson James, gun & fishing tackle dealer, 40 Dock street
East Brothers, manufacturers of Windsor & cane seat chairs,
bedroom, parlour & dining-room suites, cabinet makers &
upholsterers, Lochee Cabinet works, South rd. LocheejTN 664>
East & Co. Lim. chair manufacturers, timber merchants & saw
mill proprietors, Clepington road
East of Scotland Investment Co. Limited (John W. Shepherd,
sec), 49 Meadowside
East Coast Bailway Co.'s Office (Great Northern & North-Eastern
Bailway Co.'s) (David Bisset, agent), 15 South Union street
East Albert, chair manufctr. (East Brothers), 6 Oakwood terraoe
East Frank John, chair manufacturer (East Brothers)
East Hannah (Miss), retail stationer, 50 Ann street
Eastern Club (Alexander Mackay C.A. sec), Albert square
Easton David, boot maker, 55 Peddie street; 35 Hospital wynd:;.
60 Hilltown & 64 Overgate
Easton Hugh, dairy keeper, 42 Ferry road
Edie Mary (Miss), fruiterer, 97 Ann street
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co. (D. A. Maxwell, resident sec)*.
56 Commerci al street
Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society (William L. Pattullo,
local treasurer), 31 Albert square
Ednie & Mann, drapers, 172 Hilltown
Edward Allan & Co. mers.12 Panmure st. ;T A "Edward, Dundee"
Edward James A. agent for the British Linen Company; Bank,
23 Victoria road; res. 32 Forfar road
EdwardKenrickA.mer.(AUanEdwd.&Co.),Farington hall, Perth rd 1
Edward Margaret (Mrs.), provision dealer, 45 Logie street
Edward Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Back street
Edward Bose (Mr3.), confectioner, 13 Peddie street
Edwards Archibald, dairyman, 63 Hospital wynd
Edwards David, pleasure steamboat master, 1 Commercial sfe
Edwards George, coal merchant, Fairmuir station
Edwards Jessie (Mrs.), grocer, 143 Seagate
Egan Margaret (Miss), grocer, 71 Scouringburn
Elder Alexander, baker, 33 South road, Lochee
Elder Christina (Miss), baker, 166 Blackness road
Elder David (Mrs.), shopkeeper, ISO High street, Lochee
Elder John, botanic- beer brewers, 12 Ann street
Elder Margaret (Mrs.), baker, 166 Blackness road
Elder Thomas, boot & shoe dealer, 53 Albert street
Elliot Alexander, spirit dealer, 123 High street, Lochee
Elliot Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 13 Ogilvie street
Elvin John, boot repairer, 3 Logie street & High street, Loche*'
Elvin Lizzie (Mrs.), fishmonger, 67 Perth road
Empire Theatre (F. Shelton, manager), Bosebank street
Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited (B. L.
Nairn), 33 Commercial street
Emslie J. F. & Co. linen & yarn merchants, 49 Meadowside;
T N 576; TA" Emslie, Dundee "
Emslie Samuel, gunsmith, 20 Barrack street; res. 14 Forfar rd'
Engine Boiler & Employers' Liability Insurance Co. Lim. (P.
D. Mitchell, agent), 108 Commercial street. See advert
Equitable Life Assurance Society (U. S. A.)(Johnr
Lanpr, sec), 87 Commercial street; T A " In-
cursim, Dundee "
Esplin A. Son St Clark, fire loss assessors &
house & insurance agents, 7 Cowgate; T N 203
Esposito Luica, confectioner, 21 Constitution road
Esposito Luigi, confectioner, 114 Overgate
Evening Post (W. & D. C. Thomson, proprietors & publishers),
Lindsay street

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