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Doyle Patrick, grocer &, spirit dealer, 30 Watson street
Draffen & Jaxvie, drapers, milliners, silk mercers &c Nether-
gate.; IN 104; TA " Draft'en, Dundee"
Dralfen George, draper (Draffen & Jar vie), Eiverleigh, Pertb
road; TN 1016
Brow Thomas, clerk, 9 Ward road
Drummond George, ship & insurance broker (William Kinnear &
Co.l Woodside, Newport, Fife
Drummond Henry, decorator, 108 Nethergate
Drummond James, shopkeeper, 6ti Alexander street
(Drummond William (Mrs.), fruiterer &c. 209 Perth road
Dryden Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 57 Alexander street
Dryden William E. fruiterer & greengrocer, 37 Victoria road
Drysdale David, baker tfc confectioner, 74 Blackscroft
Drysdale David, saddler, 6 Castle street; res. 74 Murraygate
Drysdale Robert, officer inland revenue, 29 Bank street ; res.
2 Links place, Broughty Ferry
Duchene Jean, teacher of f rench, 3 Seagate
Dudhope Bakery Co. bakers, 21 Dudhope street
Duff John S.&Co.coal mers.7GHigh st. ; res. Oakdene, Blairgowrie
SDuff Thomas & Co. Limited, merchants (David Stewart, sec), 2
Meadow Place buildings; T N 18
Duff Alex, coal merchant, Yeaman shore
Duff, John, pawnbroker, 188 & 190 Scouringburn
Duffus Mary (Mrs.), midwife, 34 "Victoria streeet
Duffy Andrew, hair dresser, 49 Blackness road
Duffy James, hair dresser, 7 Charles street
Duffy Joseph, spirit dealer, 57 & 58 Dock street; res. 2Seafield rd
Dunbar & Maitland, tailors, 5 Castle street
Dunbar Andrew, shopkeeper, 78 Blackscroft
Dunbar Marguret (Mrs.), draper, 9 Church st. Maxwelltown
Dunbar Thomas S. tailor (Dunbar & Maitland), 50 Seafield road
Duncan Alexander & Co. -wholesale boot & shoe factors &
merchants, 22 & 24 Bank street; TN 71G ; TA "Keltic,
Dundee " ; retail branches, 21 Murraygate ; T N 716a ; 119
Hawkhill ; 106 Ann street ; 15 Strathmartine road & 129
Perth road; TN 713
Duncan Alexander & Sons, reed & comb makers, 30 Hilltown
Duncan Bella. <&. GeorEina (Misses), drapers, 94
Annlield road
Duncan Brothers & Co. merchants & spinners & manufacturers,
20 Panmure street; pay duy, tuesday; T N 204; T A
" Calender, Dundee "
Duncan David & Co. blouse manufacturers, 9 Bain square
Duncan David & Son,Bolrs.& notaries public, 41Beform st;TN 781
Duncan George & Co. varn merchants, Royal Exchange build-
ings; TN 475; TA "Lodestar"
Duncan James & Co. merchants (New York), 20 Panmure street
Duncan P. M. & Son, ship owners & managers for the Dundee
Gem Line Steam Shipping Co. Lim. 39 Dock street
Duncan R. & Co. house furnishers, 19 Bain square
Duncan Ritchie & David, butchers, 11 South road, Lochee
Duncan & Co. boot makers, 127a, Perth road
Duncan A. B. manufacturer (Don & Duncan), Rockfield crescent
Duncan Alexander, hoot factor (Alexander Duncan & Co.).
22 Windsor street
Duncan Alexander, butcher, S8 Dura street
Duncan Alexander, clerk, 10 Forfar road
Duncan Alexander, fruiterer, 267 Hawkhill
Duncan Andrew James M.D. 158 Nethergate
Duncan Annie (Miss), draper, 2 Strathmartine road
Duncan Charles, house factor, 55 Victoria road
Duncan Chas. Clark, solr.(D. Duncan & Son),Inglefield, Dalkeith rd
Duncan Christian, clerk, 4 Gowrie place, Hawkhill
Duncan David, blouse manufacturer (David Duncan & Co.), 80
Ferry road
Duncan David, confectioner, 33 "Union street; res.4Rosemount ter
Duncan David, slater, 33 Rosebank street
Duncan David, solicitor (D. Duncan & Son), Eellfield, Ferry road
Duncan Euphemia (Mrs.), milliner, 284 Hi lit own
Duncan Euphemia (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 6 Mid street, Lochee
Duncan George, builder, 41 Annfield road
Duncan George, butcher, 159 Perth road
Duncan George, dairyman, 29 Kincardine street
Duncan George, editor " Weekly News," 10 Louise terrace,
Broughty Ferry
Duncan Geo. merchant (Geo. Duncan & Co.), The Towers. Wormit
Duncan James, assistant librarian, 50 Magdalen Yard road
Duncan James, baker, 36 King street
Duncan Jas. btchr. 148 Hilltown: 25 Victoria rd. & 63-65 Wellgate
Duncan James, painter & paperhanger, 221 Hilltown
Duncan James, ironmonger & oil dealer, 91 Perth road
Duncan James, ship manaeer (P. M. Duncan & Son), 4 Caen-
lochan villas, Broughty Ferry
Duncan James, shopkeeper, 55 Main street
Duncan James Scobie, slater. 72 James street
Duncan James T. butcher, 42 Watson street
Duncan JenniefMiss), dress mak?r&milliner, 21Strathm3rtine rd
Duncan John, builder, 59 Constitution road
Duncan John, dining rooms, 6 Hunter street
Duncan John, fruiterer, 242 Overgate
Duncan Jn. merchant ("Duncan Eros.& Co.),13Windsor et. Perth rd
Duncan Jn. stationer (Winter .Duncan & Co.)»Kilnburn pi. Newport
Duncan John Forbes (Donald & Duncan), upholsterer &c. 41
Nethergate: res. Brook Btreet, Bromrhty Ferry
Duncan John K. pawnbroker, 131 Cowgate
Duncan Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 31 Milnbank road
Duncan Peter, cabinet maker, 29 Constable street
Duncan Thomas, joiner, 57 Milnbank road
Duncan William, grocer & spirit dealer, 96 Hawkhill
Duncan William M. (Mrs.), spirit dealer. 58 Strathmartine road
Duncanson Alexander, mill manager, 10 Milnbank road
Dundas David, upholsterer, 45 Milnbank road
Dundee Adult Free Breakfast Mission (Alex. H. Moncur, presi-
dent: Charles Morris, treasurer & sec), 3 West Bell street
Dundee Advertiser Newspaper OfRce (John Leng
& Co. proprietors), 7 to 25 Bank street. Tele-
phone 654. 655 & 656
Dundee Aerated Water Manufacturing Co. Limited, mineral water
manufacturers (Hy. Blackwood, manager), 21 Magdalen, Yard rd
Dundee Arcade Hall (Mrs. Scott, hall keeper), 46 King'£ : road
Dundee & Arbroath Joint Railway Offices (George G. Hamilton,
manager & sec), Maritime buildings, East Dock street
Dundee Association tor the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
(Francis E. Scott, sec.), 27 Bank street
Dundee Athletic Club (Alexander Gow, sec), 67 Murravgate
Dundee Boiler Covering- Co. (John M. inches, man-
ager), 21 North Tay street
Dundee Bonding Co. Limited (John McLaggan, sec), 18
Commercial street
Dundee Boys & Girls' Religious Association (Alex. Murray, sec),
21 Union street, Charles street
Dundee & Broughty Ferry Parcel Express (George Mackie, pro-
prietor,), 50 High street
Dundee & Broughty Ferry Parcel Express (Duncan Stewart, pro-
prietor), 40 High street
Dundee Burial Society (Robert Fulton, sec), 2 Bain square
Dundee Calendering Co. Lim. (James O. Adams, manager), 48
St. Andrew street; TN 202
Dundee Canine Club (.Forbes Grant, sec), 3 Barrack street
Dundee Canister Co. Limited (The), sheet metal workers &
camster & silver can manufacturers, Dens road
Dundee Catholic Herald (.diaries Diamond, proprietor; pub-
lished friday), 82 Bell street
Dundee Celtic Society, 12 New Inn entry
Dundee Cemeteries (John Carnochan, superintendent), 93 Com-
mercial street; T N 12U9 ; cemeteries : Constitution road;
Barrack street; Arbroath rd. ; Balgayhill; burying grounds :
King street; Perth road & Ferry road
Dundee Cemetery Co. Limited (ituberb G. Rae, superintendent,
sec. & treasurer), Perth road
Dundee Chamber of Commerce (George C. Keiller, sec. &
treasurer), Royal Exchange buildings
Dundee Chess Club (11. A. Uorrie, lion, sec), Whitehall crescent
Dundee Church of Scotland Ultice Bearers : Association (Leslie
Ower, president; Christopher J. Bisset, sec), 23 High street
Dundee City Tramways (Peter Fisher, manager); office, 4 Vault
Dundee Conservative Association (Col. Smith, president;
Christopuer J. Bisset, hon. sec), 23 High street
Dundee Corinthian Boating Club (William Gouldie, sec); boat
sheds, Esplanade; res. 16 Maryfield terrace
Dundee Courier, Courier buildings, Lindsay street; W. & D. C.
Thomson, proprietors & publishers
Dundee Day Nurseries (Mrs. Margaret Nicoll, matron), 33
Lily bank road
Dundee Day Nurseries (Mrs. Jane Robertson, matron), 52
Cotton road
Dundee Day Nurseries (Mrs. Helen P. Young, matron), Isles la
Dundee & District Co-operative Coal Supply Association Limited
(William Allan, sec), 13 South Union street
Dundee & District Dairymen's Association (Boyd M. McCrae,
sec), 11 Murraygate
Dundee <fe District Economic Building Societies (1st, 2nd, 3rd &
4th) (James Cram, sec), 16 Euclid crescent
Dundee & District Female Rescue Home (Mrs. Henderson, The
Gows, Invergowrie, president ; Mrs. Buist, Reres mount,
Broughty Ferry, hon. vice-president ; Miss Walker, Sunny-
bank, Lochee, sec. ; Miss Macdonald, matron), 18 Union
place, Lochee
Dundee & District Liberal Unionist Association (Thomas Little-
john, lion, sec & treae.), 32 Bell street
Dundee & District Master Butchers' Association (Boyd M. McCrae,
sec), 11 Murraygate
Dundee & District Mill & Factory Operatives' Union (Miss
Margaret Smeaton, sec), 14 Ireland's lane
Dundee & District Mutual Glass Insurance Association Limited
(Andrew J. Murdoch, manager), 46 Castle street
Dundee & District Trade Protection Agency (Charles Beatts,
manager), 54 Commercial street; T N 01885
Dundee" & District Total Abstainers' Club Hall (David Pit-
kethly, caretaker), 6 Bain square
Dundee & East Scotland Photo Club, 47 High street
Dundee Eastern Co-operative Society Lim. (The) ; registered office,
31 Albert square (William Phillips, manager); branches, 1-7
Erskine street; 133-7 Ann street; 4-8 Main street; 82 & 153
Hawkhill; 6-8 Glebe street; 1 Polepark road; 65-67 Consti-
tition road; 214a, Perth road; 23 Peddie street; 14-18 Tan-
nadie.e street; 207J Hilltown; 3 Temple lane; 62 Provost
road; 20 South road; 21 to 27 High street, Lochee; West
Clepington road; 2 Forfar road & 39 Benvie road
Dundee Fishing Co. Lim. (A. D. Cameron, sec), 31 Reform st
Dundee Floorcloth oe Linoleum Co. Limited (The), floorcloth &
linoleum manufacturers, South road, Lochee ;T A " Lochee " ;
TN 1G07
Dundee Football Club (William Wallace, sec), 67 Murraygate
Dundee Fur Co. (J. B. Cleghorn, proprietor). 65 Commercial
street; T N 1197; T A " Furs " & Drumour, East Newport
Dundee Gas Commissioners (Alexander I. Strachan, treasurer;
Alexander Yuill, engineer & manager) ; offices, 89 Commercial
street & Perrie street, Lochee; TN 335; works, Peep-o'-Day
lane & East Dock street ; T N 559 ; electric light station
(Henry Richardson, electrical engineer), Dudhope Crescent
road; TN 1254
Dundee Gem Line Steam Shipping Co. Limited (P. M. Duncan
& Son, managers), 39 Dock street; T N .71; T A "Duncan,
Dundee "
Dundee Grocers' Benevolent Society (Horatio T. Eaxter, sec.
& treasurer), 87 Commercial street
Dundee Hide, Skin & Tallow Co. (John E. Mungo, manager),
Slaughter houses. East Dock street
Dundee Highland SocietyfJohn Alrach Mackay,sec),2Euclid cres
Dundee Horticultural Society (James S. Ritchie, treasurer, 3
Commercial street; William F. Hill, sec), 13 Meadowside
Dundee fee & Cold storage Co. Ltd. (James E.
Baxter, manager), Carolina, port, Dundee— T A
"Ice, Dundee"; T N 780 & (Ales. Fordyce Burke,
sec.) ; registered office, 32 Union street
Dundee Industrial Schools (Boy.?' Home) (David Richard, supt. ;
Mrs. Richard, matron), 7 Park place
Dundee Industrial Schools Society (Girls) 1 (William M. Dickson,
sec & supt.; Robert C. Thomson, treasurer; Mrs. Christina
Mitchell, matron), Balgay, Blackness road

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